How to Pack for Labor Day Weekend on Your Person

Who needs a suitcase when you’ve got a rack of bones?


There are only two variables that contribute to my vehement disdain for long distance traveling. First, I am deeply irrational, hugely narcissistic but desperately empathetic, and as a result of these three character traits I am also paralyzingly afraid of anything going not-as-planned while in transit. Second to this, I hate packing. The thought of a mobile, micro closet sits really poorly with me — chiefly because I don’t have a steamer, and when things get wrinkled they make like Rihanna and go bad forever.

It should then come as no surprise that when the establishment of The Quick Summer Getaway rears its head in May and little travel bags get packed all across the country on a near weekly basis until the 24th hour in August, I recoil. The constant loading and unloading, outfit planning and squandering and further coming to learn that my favorite [insert linen garment here] has been obliterated presents a load of emotional turmoil that only those frivolous enough to use summer as a verb can truly get behind.

But there is a solution! And though I’m discontented that it has taken me until the last days of Weekends-Away-Season to come to this conclusion, I am glad I’ve come to it at all. I call it: how to pack for Labor Day Weekend without using anything but the body your parents gave you on day 1 of your life, amen.

Figure you’re going to, say, Montauk, right? What do you really need? A sarong (item #1) for the beach? Maybe a button up (item #2) that could both serve as formal wear and your alternative beach look? Add a pair of denim cut offs (item #3) so that when night falls, you have them for your shirt. Wear clogs (item #4) — or your favorite summer heels — on your way out. Tie a pair of sneakers (item #5) around your shoulder. You can pack your wallet and phone and keys and a razor and toothbrush (items 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, should you so please) into the sneakers, which will look great whilst Donald-ducking in a shirt sans shorts when you arrive at Ditch Plains.

Take a headscarf (item #11) for your head, or for your wrist (or ankle, or neck!) and wear a bathing suit (item #12). What’s that, you say? You need underwear? LOL!

Did you even know your body was as resourceful a suitcase as it is? Humans, man.

Hermes headscarf, Lem Lem sarong, Steven Alan shirt, Levi’s shorts, Rochas clogs, Missoni bathing suit Adidas sneakers, Armani sunglasses and for good measure and The Late August Chill, a blazer, by Atea.


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  • Lux

    Lol thats hilar. I basically look like this everyday going to work during the “transitional” seasons. Read: Chilly mornings, freezing office, hot afternoons and fresh evenings = so much layering I leave a trail.

  • ee_by_cc

    Yup, that’s definitely one day to do it!

  • brunetteletters

    LOL you are too funny!! That is the way to do it! haha…

  • Packing makes me genuinely nervous. I try to avoid it at all costs because it fucks severely with sartorial spontaneity. Packing for college was an emotional roller coaster not because it meant leaving my family but because it meant leaving my vintage hat collection. I never wear any of them, but still.

    • Lua Jane

      Don’t you feel like tiny part of you stayed there with them? Cheesy, I know, but I can totally relate.

  • Great idea, but I am sort of attached to my mega suitcase.

  • Trente Chic

    Leandra that blazer is everything! I was just on their site and it’s on sale..psyched!

  • LOL leandra

    linen garments obliterated? been there done that i dont ever want to buy 100% linen ever again ugh

  • But a girl just can`t have too many clothes! lol that 9th pic is hilarious, Leandra! Too cute x

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz

  • You kill me. But like why doesn’t a Mary Poppins bag exist yet?

    Warm Regards,

  • olive

    The idea is so great, yet the idea of not having a bag to carry a bunch of clothes and stuff I wont even use makes me nervous for some reason….ehh i’m probably just a control freak that likes to be prepared

  • Toothbrush + smartphone. You’re hilarious!

  • You look too cute. Awesome tips. Have a great weekend. Erin

  • Make it Rainn

    If packing for a weekend in a sensible sized bag isn’t a rational reason to have a panic attack, I don’t know what is.

  • Sassique

    Funny and stylish look! You are stunning

  • I’ve been searching for those Adidas Stan Smith’s everywhere. One minute they are back in stock, the next they are not, especially in my size. Grrrr. Maybe I will try next week when I am in New York. *le sigh*

  • Tracy

    This is so funny!

  • Mon

    this is what being a man repeller is all about.

    & i love it

    mon |

  • Paula

    LOL, that might be a good idea? I love your outfit, by the way.
    xx, Paula

  • LOL this is too funny! Love the idea. I hate packing too, wrinkled clothes are such a Debbie-downer.


  • Juliet

    Man, I love packing for trips as much as I love your blog, but I applaud you for traveling baggage-free. I’d have to at least turn the sarong into a hobo bag and add ten things which I will not use but will make me feel prepared and relaxed just by having them on my person.

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  • Very good suggestions, I used to have to ppack this way sometimes when on the road.
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  • Lua Jane

    “First, I am deeply irrational, hugely narcissistic but desperately empathetic, and as a result of these three character traits I am also paralyzingly afraid of anything going not-as-planned while in transit.” this sentence explains everything about me and packing for a short trip, or any trip whatsoever. What’s the point of having that many clothing items if your choice is painfully limited in the moments you want to look your best.