Fashion Is Getting Dangerously Close to the 2000s

A plea to designers to pretend this decade didn’t happen


Cropped pastel polos were the thing. We can probably thank Marissa Cooper for that.

You know what else was cool? Peasant skirts — low slung, white, eyelet peasant skirts that hit directly at the knee or fell all the way to the floor, and sometimes you’d wear it with a white ribbed tank. Or maybe you were more of a BP spaghetti-strap top kind of girl.

Either way you definitely had a short denim jacket that you paired with your velour sweatsuit bottoms on casual days and with your three-tiered miniskirts for parties. And belts. There were so many belts arbitrarily slung around hips that never once considered their predecessors were created to hold up pants.

If you were of the Taking Back Sunday persuasion, you relied instead on a diet of cargo pants and rubber bracelets, nostalgic cartoon references and black t-shirts with pop-tinged misanthropic statements (“I see dumb people”) in white writing.

It didn’t matter if you considered yourself Aberpreppy or Emo. Unlike the holy ’90s, there was no real sartorial divide when considering the nuances of cafeteria geopolitics — in the year 2000, everyone’s style was generally bad. It was as if an entire decade of clothing had deferred its acceptance to college and instead retreated into its parent’s basement, and what once had been cool finally started to weather, like a ’99 hangover turned chronic Millennium migraine.

Even the decade’s name sucked: “The 2000s.”

There was no ring to it.

I feel like I can say all of this because it was the first 10 years of my life where I was actually present for the outfit decision-making process. Those of us born around ’88 are always taking credit for the Blossom or Zach Morris references in our TBTS, but let’s be real. That was our parents’ beautiful insanity — they got dressed in the ’90s; we were just being dressed.

Meanwhile the 2000s were our responsibility. I knowingly spent my allowance at Hot Topic, admit to purchasing pseudo-punk bondage pants and a few years later, kitten heels. In 2005 I made multiple conscious decisions to layer different polo shirts over one another to coordinate with my flip flops, so like a little sister that no one else is allowed to talk shit about, regarding “the 2000s,” I can.

And I will. At least for a moment longer, because what this all boils down to is a plea: a plea to beg designers to pretend like 2000 – 2008 didn’t happen.

We know fashion loves nothing more than subculture nostalgia, and everyone has exhausted the ’20s flapper. Mod’s been done. So has punk. The hippie influence has become omnipresent. The ’80s have been usurped by Urban Outfitters, and the three ’90s ideals — grunge, Gap and minimalism — are all currently defining what it means to get dressed.

Which means we’re running out of decades.

We’ve even lapped some of the aforementioned twice.

The only untapped genre is whatever you call the years bookmarked by Lizzie McGuire/late Buffy/early True Blood/The O.C. It was a golden age for television but the dark age of clothing. So please, Miuccia. Karl. Phoebe. Nicolas. I beg you. Pretend it never happened. Redux the redux of the ’90s, for all I care. Bring back mullets and poodle skirts.

Anything’s better than a Marissa Cooper baby polo.

Illustration by Charlotte Fassler.

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  • Olivia

    The nostalgia is REAL, and I definitely want it to remain a hazy past…I totally rocked a bright blue polo, three tiered yellow skirt and a gold belt – with a photo to prove it. It’s a modern day Jersey Shore except that I had my hair in butterfly clips, ewwww.

    • Jamie

      OMG, butterfly clips.

    • THE TIERED SKIRT. YES. I actually found it very flattering haha

    • short denim jacket that you paired with your velour sweatsuit bottoms on casual days and with your three-tiered miniskirts for parties. And belts. There were so many belts arbitrarily slung around hips that never once considered their predecessors were created to hold up pants.

  • BEST.POST.EVER. But also the scariest. I’m not sure what I’ll do if a combo of tall uggs paired with a denim mini and double popped collar waltz down the runway.All held together by a ribbon belt of course. I’m trying to dig up photos now. Let’s see yours, amelia! (andfitch)

    • Also: Charlotte, A++++++++ illustration. NAILED IT.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        i love you.

        • i love you more than my steve madden wool clogs

  • Charlotte Fassler

    I shudder thinking about low-slung, belted, asymmetrical jersey skirts (occasionally adorned with diagonal stripes)

  • Linds

    OMG I love this! 2001-2005 were my college glory days and OH MAN did I rock every last one of these trends. Cropped polo? CHECK. TIERED MINI SKIRTS IN A WIDE RANGE OF PASTELS?! You KNOW THIS. Satin ANYTHING (especially inappropriate things like cargo pants). Done. Oh man.

    • Amelia Diamond

      so many satin lingerie tops

      • Linds

        So many. Standard “going out” outfit consisted of a denim mini, satin lingerie top (or of course tubs too with built in bra, naturally), chunky platform sandals of some sort. If I was feeling extra fancy I would throw in a fringed belt. So tacky. So on point for a Texas college town. Hottie alert!

        • Linds

          Tube Tops, I mean. Not tubs too. What the hell.

          Also, platform leather Reef sandals. Those were huge at my university in the early 2000s.

  • omg. and those loop-de-loop black chokers. even worse if it had rhinestones.

    • Amelia Diamond

      or even BETTER.

      • WAT. my puppy’s collar is exactly like that.

    • kimberly miller

      Those are already back in fashion! I just about died when I saw the Jenner girls wearing them, and I’ve seen TONS of teens with them on. Crazy!

  • Mafalda

    My go-to in 2006: Denim mini skirt over cropped leggings and a matching tank top. And never forget: the metallic gold purse.

    • Amelia Diamond

      so. many. denim skirts.

      • Jess

        The sad thing is. Every other female in Holland still wears denim mini skirts. With leggings (preferably white) and Uggs. Or Birkenstocks (and nothing but love for Birks, but not with white leggings and denim mini’s..). I remember one of my English friends being genuinely surprised that women over the age of 40 wear them.

    • THE DENIM SKIRT OVER THE LEGGINGS. omg i forgot about that.

      this is literally the 2000s in a nutshell (or would it be a pooka shell?)

      isnt it funny how universal this look was?

    • katiedid13

      Add those suede buckle clogs (not sure what they were actually called– my friends and I called them “potato shoes”).

      I had a really small friend in middle school who used to wear little boys’ pajama bottoms under her denim skirts.

      • Cilla

        I believe you are talking about Birkenstocks. My sister had three pairs in varying shades of tan.

        • Betty

          “varying shades of tan” lmaoooo. I’m proud to say that I hated those from day 1.

        • Maria

          I like Birkenstocks. Even the clogs.

  • I quite understand the sentiment though I don’t remember the 2000s fashionwise because I was simply doing what I’d done before: wearing jeans and tees.
    Oh, OK, I do remember havin bought my first low jeans in 2000 and being confused about it … Jep. My first “used” jeans falls into that period as well. Not a fan of any of it now. I want normal height jeans and no “used” effects, thank you (luckily, my favorite organic clothing shop is quite … obliging in this department. Laser designs, organic cotton, normal form and stuff 🙂

    By highlighting the trend towards borrowing from periods not that past, you also made me dread the time some of the 2010s things will be fashionable again … animal prints 🙁 mullet skirts/dresses/tops :-((( faces, flowers and landscapes as prints 🙁 …

    Luckily, I am still wearing jeans with cotton tops, mostly 🙂

    • Amelia Diamond

      no faces alcessa?!

      • Nope. One of my pet peeves …

        Well, apart from owls. I love owls.

  • Amelia Diamond


    • Yes! So bad haha

    • Those bags were nasty ass!

    • Lucy

      omg omg omg omg YOU READ MY MIND. Had I not noticed this comment I would have posted about the exact thing. I had it in white, then silver AND gold..super heinous.

    • ee_by_cc

      Two things: 1) omg, yes I remember that. Bring back Laguna and their overly plucked eyebrows 2) very happy you chose to deliberately say LC and not Lauren Conrad. Thanks.

    • Chazie

      I was 12 and bought a F21 version of this purse in pink!! I felt so grown up and used that bag till it broke.
      When I think of the early aughts, I am also reminded of bad outfits worn by three of Destiny’s children and how I wore matching skirt/shirt combos. I too was obsessed with the low-slung prairie skirts. I still have one in the back of my closet . Geez, everything was low slung. Remember the visible thong-peeking out of jeans trend? #glorydayz

      • mar

        Nicki Minaj is actually sporting the peeking thong in her new video. Oh no! This may be a sign of the times. WE ARE DOOMED.

        • Lucy

          Oh gods… Now I’m scared…

        • Maria

          yeah, but …look at the source.

    • soniadelvalle

      I had a similar one in black… *shudders*

    • Oh yes, I spent the $70 on the stupid Melie Bianco purse that LC had, and I also had a disgusting mushroom brown version. *so ashamed*

  • Alma

    hahahhaha hilarious! It’s true it was sort of a bad decade! But hun, try being born 1978! That means your parents (and I mean my mum) dressed you on the 80s… and that was horrid!!!!!! And the hairdos! I would research for a pic and send it to you just so you don’t feel so bad about the 2000s! 😛 But yes, lets not do it again! xx, Alma

    • MippysMom

      Ick — big shoulders, bigger hair . . . must wake up from the nightmare . .

    • Hodgko

      Also born in 1978. Coming into adolescence in the late ’80s was horrifying. Putting big hair, ultra-high waisted jeans and massive eyeglass frames on a puberty-ridden body should have been a criminal offense. Grunge, oddly enough, saved my self esteem.

  • Bella

    I couldn’t agree more. As a 90s toddler, I always wish I had been born a little earlier.

  • Cat Coule

    THIS. I’ve been scared of this for a while. It was so terrible. And we should never have to relive the oddly-colored, inappropriately-bright, terribly unflattering clothing of the 2000s. Scully from the X-Files is the only one that gets away unscathed, because she wore black suits with white button-downs. I’d actually be okay if clean, minimal suits came into the spotlight.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahaha scully. she had a great haircut too

      • Cat Coule

        It really was a great haircut – always wished I could pull that off. I still wish that, actually.

  • This is hilarious, my thoughts exactly. I cringe to think of some of my fashion decisions in the 2000’s. You forgot to mention all of the awful highlights and low lights that just made hair look dirty haha.

  • ee_by_cc

    As long as JNCO jeans don’t come back in style, I’ll be pretty hyped.

    • Amelia Diamond

      those are back my friend

      • ee_by_cc

        Wait, so wide legged jeans yes…but the actual brand???

        • Amelia Diamond

          hahah no…

          • I was legitimately frightened for a second.

  • Amanda

    If they bring back velour can they bring back Erik von Detten???

    • robynsanasa

      Oh god you just reminded me of the von Dutch caps! Shudder

      • Amelia Diamond


      • Charlotte Fassler

        Ashton Kutcher made me want a Von Dutch so badly.

    • Charlotte Fassler


  • robynsanasa

    I’m proud to say by 2005 I was wearing jet black skinny jeans, vans slip ons and band tshirts. That was the emo scene in England. Previous to that it’s all a blur of tammy girl with an awkward transition into river island. Thank eff it’s 2014!

  • rachxoxo

    I spent 04-08 in college, rocking the satin mini dress in every color. I just donated my entire collection last week as I did a major overhaul of my closet and came to terms with the fact that 2008 was the last time I wore them. Let’s not revive it please, thanks for the post!

  • Quinn Halman

    Best-worst case scenario is that the music comes back. We belong together by Mariah Carrey is still my jam and frankly 2014 Avril Lavigne is really not doing it for me

    • Amelia Diamond

      it was a great time for music.

      • dashboard confessional had the best lyrics to put in AIM profiles.

        • kimberly miller

          Your hair is everywhere……..

  • dustUP

    I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s and wore totally different things than the ones you mentioned. If you were interested in fashion in named decade, you wouldn’t even come close velour bottoms and denim skirts. You guys were young and wore the things your pop idols wore, not your fault.

  • stephania

    This is a theory in fashion history. Anything fashion from 10 years is remembered as awful but 20 years prior is remembered to be amazing. I recall 10 years ago people remembering the 90s fashion as horrid and the 80s as ideal. Give it another 10 years and the 2000’s fashion will be recycled to the 2020’s.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahah so true

    • Jelly

      Yes! These are the lawz!

    • Maria

      Except that they didn’t really do the 80’s at all ten years ago. The 80’s and 90’s trends are actually just becoming main stream combined.

  • Maria

    Did anyone else wear mini skirts over jeans or was it just me?

    • Amelia Diamond

      Maybe Leandra

      • Maria

        Man repelling since 2004

    • plin

      Yeah I did. I used to wear a tartan mini skirt over rolled up jeans with boxer boots. That was my 2004 signature look.

    • ihavenobones

      Wasn’t just you.

    • Eva Rinaldi

      I didn’t but a lot of girls did because the skirts were so short they were pornographic without jeans or leggings.

  • This was absolutely hilarious. It was great looking back but also very terrifying what we permitted all of that.


    – kuyeek on Instagram –
    – kuyeek’s Style Blog –
    – kuyeek on Bloglovin’ –

  • LilyKat

    Oh my god, Charlotte! You have just expressed my feelings over the last seasons and the shaking fear I have come to bear when it comes to what is going to be seen on the streets within the next few seasons.
    Maybe a 2000’s revival would suck that much for us because we have been there as the creators and followers and its not yet far away enough to call it nostalgia – rather embarrassement.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Those poetic words were all Amelia’s doing!! My credit is for drawing numbers on that ass!

      • Amelia Diamond

        that ass tho

  • Jas

    NOOOOO!!!! Too soon. Too damn soon! I am cringing at the very thought of metallic-coated hip huggers and gauchos and trucker hats and asymmetrical everything.

    If it is more glam-ealryAughtsMeisel-JLo-Donatella, I may reconsider.

    • Dear god those flowy gauchos! With the folded down waistband. They were EVERYWHERE at my college. *shudder*

  • Stacie


    • Amelia Diamond

      and those cropped cardigans that tied under boobs

      • Stacie

        Shrugs, all the cool girls wore them.

      • Lucy

        Confession: I wore one of these in 2009 (3 years too late) to a dinner with my friends. I still have the picture and I still want to barf when I see it.

      • Eva Rinaldi

        I love those and still wear them with my hippie inspired layers and I am not ashamed.

  • Ah yes! I’m dreading the imminent comeback of the corset and I’m hoping the peasant top doesn’t reemerge either 🙂

  • mollie blackwood

    Thank you for acknowledging that EVERYONE was dressed badly in the early 2000s. I’ll stop retroactively being ashamed of what I wore…. short destroyed denim skirt, spaghetti strap tank, and UGG boots, oh my.

  • Emilia Petrarca

    Confession: my preppy high school made trucker hats and I bought one.

  • Alexandra Puffer

    Thank you for this. I want to vomit everytime I see a pair of Old Navy flip flops. & I was a Hot Topic regular – and even still kind of love my Care Bear tee – but then I see photos of me in sunglassses with square blue lenses and it’s over. Like, I LOVE the writing that went into Gilmore Girls, but it’s so hard to take those characters seriously with the styling that happened. 🙁

    Warm regards,

  • Throwback to when David and Goliath tees were really really cool. Or was that just me?

    • Amelia Diamond

      yes yes yes

    • I owned this very t-shirt.

    • Ahlys

      I also owned this shirt in my pre-teen years

  • Pia Bergman

    Ugh, I remember being sooo stoked when I finally found a neon green C&C tank top at the thrift store for only like, $20! Unfortunately, I still couldn’t compete with the rich girls at my school who wore up to 3 $80 tank tops layered to create a strange rainbow effect over the tops of their extremely low-rise Juicy jeans. LA in the 2000’s was truly the epitome of gross. Although I do sort of miss low slung peasant skirts…

    • Amelia Diamond

      C&C was sooo cool

  • Jessica

    SO interesting. But remember–in the 2000’s every1 thought the *90’s* were the most hideous thing 2 happen to fashion.

    For my career may I analyze cycles of re-birth + re-interpretation in fashions??

  • Wut.

    Uh… Tom Ford at Gucci, Phoebe Philo at Chloe, and Dior in the early 2000’s with the pink logo was EVERYTHING. And there was so much more amazingness in the early 2000’s. Come on now.

    • Wut.

      Also: Satin cargo pants with the Gucci bamboo heels >>>

    • Amelia Diamond

      15 year olds didn’t know that though. at that age I thought Chanel designed for Chanel.

      • Wut

        Oh, well fashion in the early 2000’s was more than just what 15 year-olds wore (and i was also 15 in 2000. #memz) And I don’t think teenagers defined the fashion of that time, but I see what you’re saying. I still think there were a lot of good fashion moments back then. :T

  • Stephanie

    It is crazy how decades have repeated itself many times on the runway and like you say, we are running out these decades.

    Time to come up with something NEW!


  • Jamie

    After I was finished being “goth,” I was the girl in the peasant skirt, spaghetti straps, knit bolero. Credit to Seventeen for that gem of an outfit. I was soooo boho.

  • Jamie

    This reminded me of how in season 1 (?) of Sex and the City, Carrie buys these fuzzy feather shoes from D&G. A couple of seasons later, Sam takes her to a lingerie shop where Carrie rejects similar footwear because she doesn’t wear fuzzy shoes.

    Fuzzy shoes were so #ephemeral.

  • Guest

    This whole situation.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahahahaha YES. tell me you just took that now

  • Maria

    Five years ago we would all be like “oh no, the 90s are too terrible a decade to be fashionable again !”. And ten years ago we were like “The eighties style was so BAD, ewww NEVER AGAIN”…
    So now I refuse to say things like that!!

    Of course today I want to burn the pictures of me in the 2000s, but I guess it will change. Fashion is cyclical; our perception of clothes evolves slowly but radically. Let’s consider jeans. In my life (I was born in 1992), since I started to participate in my dressing choices, I started with bootcut, and skinny jeans were the most horrific thing I could think of. And now skinny jeans are my favorite…
    Same thing with, I dunno, leggings. I wore them as a little girl in the 90s, then I thought it was the worst thing in the world, and now I LOVE leggings.

    So I refuse to say that “2000s were ugly”! The media will slowly make our vision change and make us consider as “cool” things that we used to love and then used to hate. There is a good, good probability that in five years we all want to look like 2003. With flare low-rise jeans and a big wide belt and a cropped top and Buffalo shoes. And superpositions of T-shirts. And skirts or dresses over pants. By the way there are already skirts over pants on the runways and even on this blog!

  • Ana Lu Garro

    A few years ago I used to think that the 90´s were the ugliest of all
    decades in regards to fashion however you are right on this. I remember
    wearing flared jeans with ugly ass shoes and on top of that, a skater
    shirt on top of another shirt so that it would look “cool”. There were
    so many wrong things going on in the 2000´s fashion. Thank you for
    putting all that together and let´s convince people not to bring that
    idea up again.

    Ana Lu from Thins&Crowns

  • Ana Lu Garro

    Let’s see pictures of this!! Pleaaassssse! 🙂

  • Munnazza Khan

    Have we forgotten ponchos? Ponchos and baquette bags. Cringe.

  • Gabriela Yareliz

    @olivia the nostalgia is real. This post made me smile.

  • Yes, golden age of tv shows, and yes dark ages for clothing. No body needs to go back to that Boho/ Preppy/ Emo/ Britney Spears stuff. Please god no.

    Keeping it real, I like it.
    xx Jenelle

  • The horror of the three-tiered miniskirt! Those weird slap bracelets, those supposedly invisible “clear” bra straps. Bad, so bad.

    Otis Unfiltered

  • I just realized we’d be back in the 20’s again in 6 years..

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  • Guest

    While I was only born in 94′ my mother still managed to dress me horribly throughout the 2000’s, at one point I had a purple shag rug mini skirt.

  • morgs

    Just remembering this stuff embarrasses me. My list includes:
    – those weird cropped bolero sweaters
    – conversely, those awful “duster” sweaters that went down just past the knees with just a tie at the waist to fasten them (essentially sweater robes)
    – the colorful mesh mule shoes with sequins and flowers 🙁
    – logos on everything
    – I may or may not have bought a Lacoste polo from the children’s section because it was way cheaper (it was wayyy too boxy – not flattering)
    – I went through a baaad Holister phase. Awful. (The irony that Hollister is a small agricultural town near San Jose and is no way related to the beach bum image the clothing store was/is trying to sell was lost on me).

  • I was born in ’82 and I couldn’t agree more with this post! I dressed myself in both the 90s and the 2000s and I can definitely attest to the 2000s being godawful in terms of clothing and accessories.

  • All Day She Plays


  • When I think of the 2k’s I always see the popular girls from Never Been Kissed in my head. SO GOOD. I went through a severe Avril Lavigne stage where every skirt I wore was pleated and plaid, with knee socks and chucks and usually a tie. Hilarious.

  • txc84

    Completely agree that the clothes were bad, but I just wanted to point out that the 2000s does have a cool name. the decade is called the aughties or the aughts.

  • Sasha

    What about the girls who went on tropical vacation overwritten break and came back with their hair half braided, with beads on the ends? Good Lord. And hair wraps, and those horrifying half bandana things with ties to go under your otherwise perfectly straight hair..

    • Sasha

      Over winter*

  • Hallie

    I sewed heart patches in contrasting colors onto between 5-7 brightly colored cable knit sweaters and then wore said sweaters over contrasting colored polos with the collar unpopped. everyday.

  • starryhye

    OH GAWD! I felt like such hot sh– walking around in my Juicy sweats that had “juicy” blazoned across the butt. Ribbon belt? check. Cropped polo? check. Cargo capris? check… So glad social media didn’t exist then like it does today! Can I get an AMEN!?!

    The upside is that I had just graduated college in ’03 and had to wear “real clothes” for my real job. Never mind that it only fueled the purchase of the above mentioned items 😛

  • Gok Wan is still doing the belt thing :/

  • LoriRaMa

    Bubblegum pants. In every color. Worn with a tube top, those platform slides with the thick black elastic band, and tiny butterfly clips in each twisted row of hair. That was my club gear, despite the fact dancing to awful electronic music made those pants stick to my legs and I could barely pull them down to pee. At that time, my entire wardrobe was made of synthetic materials.

  • cDs

    Pink camo satin cargo pants. Courdouroy minis with hoodies and skate shoes. My head hurts.

  • The 2000s give me nightmares. I have an actual physical reaction of disgust when I think of the things I was wearing in the 2000s. It’s like the style decade where there was a complete absence of style. Maybe it was 9/11 that had us swearing that velour tracksuits were not just appropriate off the couch and out of the house, but TRENDY!


  • Great post, so much fun reading this!

  • Darqe

    This is such an entertaining article. I am always pleasantly surprised with the amount of information-laid sarcasm that makes me giggle softly and nod unconsciously in agreement with your well argued opinions. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind with us, and for saying what we could not even lay a finger to saying for ourselves, but were all feeling. Your’s Truly,

  • ShanIsRad

    Amelia, are we the same person? I totally bought “bondage pants” at Torrid (when it was a plus-size offshoot of Hot Topic), and combined those with my rubber bracelets, and band tees, haha. I really hope the 2000s doesn’t come back, that was just a rough decade. Capri-length leggings/tights with lace trim, anyone? I actually wore a bright blue pair with a shimmery black skirt, and a Fall Out Boy shirt to one of their concerts in 07, hahaha. I am so glad I only have pictures of me from the waist-up from that night (the only thing that hasn’t changed is that I still go to FOB shows).

    One of my ballet costumes in 07 actually had a tiered skirt, but it is was one of my favorite costumes, it looked beautiful on stage.

  • karmiii

    Yes, to this whole article.

  • Polly Daszkiewicz

    Oh god. The belts. ALL OF THE BELTS. I don’t think I’m ready.

  • Brittany

    WAIT this though……


  • EdibleMittens

    i read this post a couple of days ago, and what did i see TODAY? the most perfect illustration of EVERY SINGLE POINT you made in this article. there could not be a more vividly detailed reminder than this:

  • Patricia Mello

    Classic Marisa Cooper

  • omg. and those loop-de-loop black chokers.Beauty Tips For Face even worse if it had rhinestones i love this post .

  • and so many uggs, uggs with the velour or the jean mini skirt. they are never ok tho, never!

  • lamodasoy

    I need a little of the 2000!!! hahaha but realy I think we’r really close to it!

  • LJIS

    Welcome to not being a teenager anymore. This is how people in their mid to late 30s feel about 90s fashion. 🙂

  • Lindsay

    Judging by Katy Perry’s outfit at the VMAs, I think our worst fears are confirmed: the 2000s are coming back. #bringingbackbabyphat

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Maui

    Oh God. That feeling of guilt in every trend you mentioned. I did ALL of that. Shit…

  • Dominique Hobdy

    Whew this hit home. My favorite outfit consisted of my lowrise Mudd jeans with white and red adidas, a crisp white t-shirt and….

    Red Suspenders.

    I wore up or hanging down depending on how I was feeling and accompanied this with a red and white purse from Spencer’s that was shaped like a chinese food takeout box. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t killing the game.

    Lawd thank you for the deliverance from that phase and the name plate belts, polo and cami combos and pointy toe kitten heels of the time.

  • I mean I was technically still being dressed/ influenced by my parents for clothing choices for the most part of the 2000s but I still remember purposely layering my tank tops all the time…oh the shuddering at the past…

  • Nadine

    knee length jeans and pumps with socks…

  • ihavenobones

    I do kinda miss my JNCOs, tbh. :/

    I kept ALL of my “candy” and still wear it from time to time. But now rave culture is back like it never left and it’s… uncomfortable for me, to say the least. Cringe.

  • tonyhost

    I love to read this type of material Good and
    attractive information I take from it..Thank you for posting such a good


  • Ronni

    Any mention of layered Polos or trips to Hot Topic brings back a flood vivid memories and bitter-sweet nostalgia…If there is a God I am almost certain that he will not let velour happen again…almost.

  • Good lord, I cannot agree with this post enough. Everyone was a mess in that decade. Smh.

  • Lucy

    cinch bottomed shirts. always extra ties on there too. i just cried a little. :/

  • Candidly Catrin

    This post made my day xo

  • Oui Capitan

    You haven’t even touched on the beauty aspect!
    – Stick straight, frosty highlights on overly layered hair
    – Tanning beds + St. Tropez + Body Bling (I had to Google the name)
    – Glitter lipgloss, glitter/frost everything, skinny brows, edible body sprays, black pencil liner all around the eye, french manicures, AGH

    Some designer’s gonna put some extra low slung jeans on Aymeline Valade and it’s gonna look perfect. Isabel Marant’s going to make trucker hats. All these models are going to get layers and it’ll be fresh and versatile and we’ll all overdose on Viviscal trying to grow out our blunt bobs.

  • Oh lord gypsy skirts and three tiered minis- vile! Never want to see those in fashion again!

  • Madison

    IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING! Have you seen the Moschino s/s 2015 stuff?? It’s like Elle Woods and Barbie had a horrible baby. I’m so scared…

  • mazzimademe

    Believe it or not, some people are saying butterfly clips are making a comeback?!

  • soniadelvalle

    I was very Michelle Branch-oriented: sleeveless graphic tees, super low rise flared jeans or denim minis with skeaners. And obviously, bracelets with spikes and studs.

  • I’ve been thinking this same thing for the last couple months. If we’ve already appropriated 90’s fashion what the hell is next, and please please tell me it won’t be juicy track suits, weirdly washed jeans and tube tops. No one looked good then. I blame The Simple Life. If Nicole Richie can realize the error of her ways, we all should be able to.

    But what if it happens? I mean people are into joggers / sweatpants. They’re only a fabric change away from being what we dread.

  • Rachael Forster

    I agree that I do not want to end up in the 00’s but technically, designers show collections but WE have the power to choose to wear it. If all of us just decide not to go there and keep it out of our street style then the design won’t be picked up. It can only be a trend if it is, in fact, trending. We actually have a lot of power as the consumer.

  • Lilly

    No one is forcing you to dress a certain way – just because Miuccia declares something fashion doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.

  • simon

    The “2000s” do have a name. That period is commonly referred to as the “aughts”.

  • Julie Meowmeows

    Two words to strike fear into your hearts: Ed. Hardy.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    None of these ideas are really as stuck in one era as you seem to think. All people in the 80’s did not wear color blacked sport jackets and leggings. Nor was there much minimalism in the 90’s, except for in the magazines. Nor was everyone in the 00’s wearing raver pants and baby shirts. When designers try to reference an era they simply start with the most crude and obvious hallmarks, and then refine. So you are not actually seeing the time line correctly, i think. I am pretty sure that some parts of the 00’s will be here. But I doubt is will be baby t’s, or super low rise jeans. It will probably be something far more subtle. And mullets are already back… why even go there? They are pretty sharp when done well, too.

  • caca poo poo

    von dutch hats

  • CARGO PANTS forever!

  • Becky Addis

    Thank you for verbalising what every woman is thinking right now as they wander down the high street or flick through the glossies!

  • I know this was posted originally a year ago and maybe it’s being re-posted on Facebook exactly because of it, but I’m afraid it’s already happening, i.e. the revisited polos at Stella McCartney. I’ve been reliving through my teenage hell (aka the 90s) for a while now, so it’s only natural. We bear the consequences of our actions. And whilst you might have thought it was vacuous and pretentious, there you go: fashion can give amazing life lessons.

  • Could not agree more! Especially as a tall girl, the low waisted jeans (that look good on nobody) and shirts that were supposed to leave only an inch of skin showing was a nightmare haha

  • oh sweet jesus the baby polo. I never wore one, but I remember cringing at other girls in high school from within my flared, lace-up crotch jeans and extra-long knit scarf.

  • missxiola

    You just noticed? This horror show is at least a year in the making.

  • erin

    “If you were of the Taking Back Sunday persuasion, you relied instead on a diet of cargo pants and rubber bracelets, nostalgic cartoon references and black t-shirts with pop-tinged misanthropic statements (“I see dumb people”) in white writing.”

    Amelia. You just *get* me.

  • Liz

    Re-discovering this post: no one has mentioned Von Dutch hats. They paired so well with the velour Juicy track pants. (full-body shudder)

  • Amelia Champion

    I thought I just dressed like an a*hole in the 90s I didn’t realize it was the entire population. Ugh baby polos.

  • xtyb

    At times like this I feel super old. in the 2000s I was a new mom. I was dressing my kids in Oilily (and had some pieces I loved from there), and I spent the time in leggings and long shirts, just like I did in the 80s in junior high. I had a juicy couture sweatsuit that I got in Vegas. But my signature item in the 2000s was a huge Helmut Lang sweater with sleeves that were about 175% the length that sleeves need to be. I got it at Century 21 in 2000. Wore it this winter too!

  • Pia Sophie

    all! those! belts!

  • gumdrop

    “Even the decade’s name sucked: “The 2000s.”” They were called the “Noughties” and they were awesome.

  • I just wanted to immortalise that yesterday I re-watched Blue Crush, and your words Amelia are growing stronger by the year.

  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Great post! I agree!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Julia

    Shiz. I just bought a jean jacket (and kind of cringed as I purchased it). What’s happening? If I bust out the 2002 Tiffany’s necklace, I give my permission here and now for one of you to come beat the sense back into me with it. ALSO I loved that TIERED skirt. You know it was real love hate with that fashion generation. I’M embarrassed to say it but IM TORN- (just like those torn leather belts hanging off my hip circa 02.)

  • s_negin

    I totally agree!

  • Sarah

    Great post! I agree.

  • s_negin

    I agree 100%

  • Avery

    Crocs, Juicy velour, Ed Hardy anything, tramp stamps, LV monogrammed bags, over-bleached hair, PINK.. oh my god way to much pink, overly ripped denim, tricked out flip flops, omg thongs! (nothing more comfy than a string between your cheeks), pretty much everything The Buckle still offers, polos and pooka shell – amazing combo, and the Paris Hilton ensemble.. pleated micro minis paired with a tiny tube top.

    Let’s bring it all back!

  • kevynryan

    I look back at photos of me in college between 2005-09, and the only person to blame for the blind-drunk-chic I was shooting for is one, Cory Kennedy.

  • Alma Mahler

    The pattern is usually for young designers in their twenties to resuscitate what was glamorous in their childhood, what their moms wore. So we have a few more years of 90s yet. I for one am super excited to wear the velvet monochrome sweatsuit outfits that I was too cool for as a teenager.

  • Lanatria Brackett Ellis

    Mudd, L.e.i., Bongo those multiple thin rubber bracelets (that had moms on Oprah telling other moms they were code for sexual activity, does anyone else remember that?)

  • somoroccan

    Caftan are very trendy right now. Check out celebrities in moroccan caftan:

  • HH

    This is what all people think of various decades depending how old they are. If you are a young person buying their clothes from one or two brand names with no sense of personal style then of course you are going to look back and think all fashion was terrible: No, it was just you. (Not trying to be mean! I’m just in my 30s and recognise the mistake ur making!) Also, ‘the noughties’ has been the best decade name for AGES!

  • Caitlin Wilson

    If only the 2000’s fashion choices I made were just a bad dream. It gives me comfort to think I was just trying to fit in at the tender under thirteen stage though, and that the idea of pairing stretchy black kickflare leggings with beaded cuffs underneath a miniskirt paired with wedge sandals and a sports jacket with naff layers of bangles wasn’t my brain child. Oh wait, it totally was. We had bad taste, cheap clothes and total freedom because nobody knew what the hell was meant to define that fashion era at all. *put on all the things*

  • Simeon Morris

    It’s funny but at the end of the 80’s, everyone hated the 80’s. Then, at the end of the 90’s no-one could stop saying that the 90’s were the decade that fashion forgot. And now it’s the turn of the noughties. Just as in fashion the cycle spins back to previous decades to mine them, so too, it is absolutely part of the cycle to diss the decade just previous.

    In 20 years, there will be a huge nostalgia for the noughties.

  • Erin

    great seeing this after Juicy Couture for Vetements. The time has come

  • Cecily

    I read this a few months back and thought it was brilliant. I also read the piece on Vetements which was also totally right on and even more funny when you recreated the sock heel! Then, Vetements sent the juicy sweatsuit down their catwalk during fashion week and I thought “wow, are they F-ing with LM and MR or is this purely coincidence?”

  • Kit

    Since people keep saying we are running out of decades, and every decade has been recycled now at least 2 times, why not go back another century or more? If we ran out of decades to re-trend then just stop thinking about the 20th and 21st century because there were many centuries before that, that could be covered. But modern society would never see the day of anyone wearing full huge gowns or going totally formal in various suit outfits ever again probably since downgrading clothes down to just mass produced polyester plain shirts and jeans seems to have an unreversible effect.

  • Ikhtary

    i like this, very creative designers, visit my blog for many info.

  • Monique Vanni

    as long as we get by with a mild reinterpretation I can deal. But seriously if people go back to bootleg jeans I’m going to flip out and break shit.

  • Maria

    Tru dat. I did it in high school. Don’t make me do it again. I won’t. I wore jeans from the Gap with a three inch rise, and they popped off my butt during a school rally. I still have nightmares.

  • Michelle B

    2000’s fashion was reminiscent of the ’60’s albeit a toned down version. While the fashions wasn’t to every ones taste, nor complimentary to each body type, the shoes, being the exception. Those stiletto heels (black, natch) were “hella sexy’ and empowering. Brought forth the badass every woman is born with. For those with gym honed bodies, the 2000’s it was by comfortable and playful. Surely that must count for something.

  • Aurora

    the progress of the fashion world is getting rapidly from today kehari, selektiflah to select a fashion which is perfect for us OhDroid

  • Isa