Are Legs Out?

There’s no skirting this issue


Things of paramount importance between the months of May and August: watermelon juice, sunglasses, swimming pools and denim shorts.

Denim shorts in particular are like a second domestic dwelling center (or, the artist formerly known as “a house”) in that we (we, right?) live in them. The vintage kind known to flourish behind much better-known brands at fast-fashion depots like Urban Outfitters are typically favored, though not unanimously accepted as The Best Shorts Ever.

Make no mistake though, the BSE exist. This is understood. Some of us have located them while others haven’t. If you haven’t, you know that the pursuit is often relentless, and if you have, the supposition is your life is perfect.

They’re just easy, you know? And as reliable as a good therapist. They’ll likely never fail you nor will they fight with you. They’ll watch you grow older and more mature and therefore less interested in the debauchery of denim underwear but they’ll also remain loyal and faithful, optimistic for their day of redemption.

Or that’s the hope at least, because something unusual is happening. As I sit here and type in black high waist jeans from H&M and a sparkly ass top from the same place, I look out the window at clear blue skies and hear from my left that it is “so hot outside.” This news is thrilling but it makes me wonder why in the good name of Levi Strauss I’m wearing long pants. Furthermore, I should ask why I’ve been wearing them, or long dresses or skirts or culottesnot short-shorts — almost everyday for the past two months. Does this just come to show that the perfect cut-offs also fall victim to the plague of Want What I Can’t Have Syndrome, or is there a larger mechanism about the way we’re currently experiencing fashion at play?

Are legs out of style?

Designers who have seen substantial success from their young brands such as Rosie Assoulin, Isa Arfen and Tome have all surreptitiously renounced the proliferation of minis in favor of larger-than-life balloon pants, skirts and dresses. Even those famous for their leggy threads — think Balmain or Anthony Vaccarrello — have spent the last few seasons testing the trouser waters, and if the resort presentations of June were an indication of anything to come from the imminent Spring season of September, the likelihood is high that the Best Shorts Ever might very well be on their way to a state of hiatus. Only festival season will tell.

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  • Lil

    Everyone (me!) is sick of seeing strangely shaped and contorted asses on the subway. A poorly fitted high-waisted denim short can do strange and mysterious things to a posterior. On the other hand, a ballooning cullotte conceals the ass to the point that we wonder whether the veil is for the sake of fashion or if a deformed cheek still remains. Maybe this new trend isn’t revolting against legs but against butts.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I saw a girl yesterday with ass-cheeks out Coachella style sauntering down the street like it was no big deal. I am all for more fabric a return to flattering shapes and forms.

      • I saw a girl like that last Thursday. The amount of ass that was in my face as I walked up the steps of broadway-lafayette was disconcerting.

  • monkeyshines
  • Christelle

    Lightbulb moment: realizing that biking with covered bum is absolutely comfortable, yet comfortable. Never going short again !

  • Sophie

    I think that denim shorts will always be a wardrobe statement, but now
    that is simply because they are comfortable, practical and go with
    everything. However, this summer they are not “in” as such. Personally I favour items that are either more interesting or more simplistic (e.g. black skinny jeans) and, in that respect, trousers and longer skirts have a lot more to offer.

  • Legs are always in style, but I am so feeling trousers lately. It is just much harder to find a great pair of pants versus a great pair of denim shorts.

  • Tara Edie

    I’m not necessarily over legs but denim cutoffs need to take a breather, please. If I see one more pair, I may just get violent…

  • GapToothedGirl

    Yes please!’ I’m so shy about my legs out! It would be so comfort-zone to me!!
    XOX, Gap.

    • MippysMom

      Me too! No lovin’ my legs (hyperextending knees,etc.) so I’ve always been a long-skirt/trousers/crop pants girl. No minis or short shorts, please! Others can, and look fantastic, but I’m glad for options.

  • Victoria

    Yeah, I’ve lived in short-shorts and minis year round (adding tights and boots for winter) for my entire life, but have recently realised that I’m exclusively gravitating towards relaxed trousers and tea-length skirts and dresses this year. A strange, but welcome change. I feel comfortable and oddly more adult now.

  • Sharon

    For me, I guess the transition for having more staples in my wardrobe made me noticed that having a long pants or skirts with appropriate length give me more versatility in dressing up for various occasions as compared to shorts. Also rather than showing more legs, the exposure is heading upwards where there’s more crop tops than usual.

  • Mariah

    Have you heard the correlation between the economy and hemlines? There’s about a 3 year gap for the designers to really respond, but the worse the economy, the longer the hemlines and vice versa. Therefore, why you’re wearing long things when it’s a bajillion degrees out.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  • Alexandra Puffer

    I just want a pair of loose legged, tight ass shorts that fall 7-8 inches above my knee, please. Thanks for inspiring my vision.

    Warm regards,

  • nick

    nice post !
    kemeja pria

  • jonh

    yes, i love it

    sepatu pria

  • sprinklesofstyle

    I think fashion is a wonderful way to experiment and I quite like seeing all the variety available – there’s nothing wrong with high-waisted or huge trousers…it’s all fun and even though in 10 years time you might think ‘oh gosh what was I wearing?’ it’s always fun! 🙂

    Layla xx

  • Blue Labels Boutique

    I live in Texas and it is currently 101 degrees. Yet, I’m wearing denim super tight skinny jeans and a short sleeve top. What aren’t my legs out?!

  • Cool! I love long trousers and long skirts!

  • Anina

    I kind of hate shorts. It never really feels appropriate, it feels kind of slacker-ish. Basic maybe?
    But on a really hot day, my thighs are too fat for skirts.