Ain’t No Party Like an Anchored Boat Party!

So you want to look like you frequent boats, right? What do you wear?


Two weeks ago, on a particularly spectacular Monday night, I played volleyball at Pier 25 by the West Side Highway. It was when I saw a yacht anchor itself  just 20 feet from the sanded courts by TriBeCa that I realized I was in a fracture of someone else’s alternative universe.

See, on this boat, this anchored, large sized boat replete with strobe lights and loud music, there were no people save for one DJ who was wearing sunglasses in spite of the simple, irrefutable fact that it was past sundown. There were also several bottles of alcohol positioned across a wooden plank on the second level of the boat and crudité for days — days, I tell you, hours upon hours of gas. Incidentally, a party was going to start.

The water that surrounds Manhattan was twinkling like a shiny-ass diamond — offering the city an especially angelic facade. The sun set over the river and Rihanna was preaching love in desolate locales from a stereo system. It all seemed so serendipitous.Chiefly, I should add, because I was wearing a pair of dangerously high waist white linen pants, complete with brushed gold buttons and pockets so huge you’d think they were deliberately put there to host scores of anchors. With these pants (by Chloe, purchased during SSENSE’s giving shit away sale), I paired a — what do you know — nautical striped shirt, which I had knotted at the waist to create the allusion of a Daisy Duke who may or may not at some point during her tenure as belle found herself on the wrong side of the right island. (As in, Gilligan’s.)

The fringed linen sandal mules I subsequently completed the sentence with provided no rhyme, reason or place on a boat deck but man, they good. The scarf around my wrist could have been used for my neck or my head, or to help a drowning passenger up, while the sunglasses on my face spelled out the only definitive word that matters this time of year: S-U-M-M-E-R.

Of course, I never got on the boat — I was there for volleyball, dammit — but all this is to say one thing in the event you find yourself headed toward a nautical themed party in an urban city and aren’t quite sure what to wear but know that you’d like to allow room for someone to ask if you’re a fan of Annie Hall, look no further than here. As in, here. Also, you’ve only got one more weekend to find a boat so I suggest you do it. If not for yourself than certainly for the pants.

Do it for the pants.

Christina Lehr blouse, Chloe pants and shoes, Illesteva sunglasses, Anna Coroneo wrist scarf and Khai Khai necklaces.

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  • Haha, loved this Leandra! Those are some pants! And love a good boat….sailboats over yachts any day, though.

  • Amelia Diamond


    • You coulda saved the keyboard clicks, honey. You’re Ms. Nantucket, after all.

    • Nat Way

      Is Amelia’s ubiquitous style rubbing off on Leandra?!

  • You never let me forget for one second why I love this website.

  • ee_by_cc

    Spot on! I hope you participated in a merry rendition of either “I’m on a boat” or “Boats and hoes”.

  • That is indeed a perfect outfit for a boat! But how did you manage to not get it dirty while playing volleyball?

    • Leandra Medine

      Sand is a close cousin of laundry detergent, did you know? i stayed so clean! the whole time!

  • brunetteletters

    omg!! hahaha this is why I love MR!!

  • Loving the bangles- and of course the pants!

    Warm Regards,

  • claritt

    so, say i spend a lot of time in the tropics, and I’m tired of the “basic” stripe/white combo- what do i wear? say I’m an “advanced” boaters? lol… this look is boring for me already!!!

  • If I wear pants with such a high waist + pleats in front, I’d look like I’m having ginormous amount of bloating. But that’s the main purpose right?!

  • Now I know my outfit inspiration for tomorrow! 😉

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  • Between the Blondes

    I can never get enough of nautical inspired looks, even if I’m nowhere near a boat 🙂

  • katrina

    It must be great to have a party on the boat.

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    lol I love the pants, I would do it for the pants 😀

  • Now I want sunglasses that tell me the season! I love the nautical look and I’m rarely on a boat…

  • Vey cute post. I love the pants and top.

  • Amy Havins