When Hemlines Rise

Long skirts can be so dense, don’t you think?


You might remember a story titled A Wedding Outfit that Doesn’t Suck which ran at the beginning of the unofficial wedding season a.k.a. the artist formerly known as Summer, and suggested that you pair your longest gingham (optional) organza (optional) skirt with a white button down blouse.

Whether or not you took that advice (which also included sunglasses no matter the time of day/state of circumstance and a marigold lunchbox) is irrelevant so long as you could empathize with owning a really long skirt. One, ideally, that you like a great deal but also understand serves a fairy futile function, which is to sit in your closet and collect dust 364 days a year (65 on a leap year!), save for the one day it is being worn, when there is also an understanding that for the duration of that wear, the skirt will moonlight as a broom and sweep floors so efficiently that you might actually question your de facto cleaning supplies.

What a shame, right? To love a garment so much but find that you can barely wear it? Don’t be a victim of mendable circumstance. Here’s what I suggest. Either hightail it da fuq over to a tailor (Hong Kong Jack in the West Village is practically my dad away from dad) or trust yourself enough to exercise a fairly simple DIY and snip, sew and wear. As you can see in the images chronicled above, the long gingham organza skirt is now a duty-length gingham organza skirt and provides the appropriate ratio of cloak to bikini top and panama hat. (As, yes, worn in New York City.)

Because you know what they say, right? If you can’t get to the beach, don’t fall victim to idiocy and try to prove that “the beach will come to you.” That’s geographically impossible. Do, however, dress like you’re going to the beach and play a fun dislocation game we will henceforth call Continental (or in this case, is it Coastal?) Confusion. You won’t be sorry, unless you will be, in which case, we’re sorry.


Kiini bikini top, CH Carolina Herrera skirt, Proenza Schouler sandals, Olympia Le-Tan handbag, Steven Alan hat, Karen Walker sunglasses.

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  • Jamie Morton

    Love that skirt! Great summer outfit. I like it!
    Office cleaning Kingston

  • Christina Storm

    Love this look!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  • ee_by_cc

    Something about this outfit says “Havana Hottie” to me. Love it.


  • Bee Nguyen

    HAHA– LOVE this post!! Seriously well-written and humorous. Plus, I love what you did with the skirt and the outfit! Bravooo.

    Xx Bee

  • GapToothedGirl

    I love that skirt, the ensemble is stunning, so holliday style!!

    XOX, Gap.


  • Natali

    Only you can look so chic and stylish in this outfit 😀


  • Beautiful outfit! Love the top and the skirt!!



  • I like the adaptation of the skirt – hopefully it means you’ll get many more wears out of it!

    • Yes! What’s so great about the length is that you can play with it so much.

      Leandra, I’m getting this vibe that it’s gonna be a fun lil pair of shorts within the next few summers, is that transformation at all plausible?

  • omg so beautiful! Love so much!

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    love the skirt! been reading your book, and I have to tell you it is hilarious!! please do more! ahah

  • mihaela

    I think you look so great Leandra!!


  • Mami, mami, mami, you look like one of those tan goddesses of Capri, as captured in the late 50s by a certain Slim Aarons.

  • madison
  • Paulina Villalpando

    I am always very keen on alterations, but always regret them in the end. This skirt looks pretty cool long and short though! http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  • freeseries

    You are a daily dose of fun.


  • THis is awesome. I am totally bringing the beach to me this week. Do you think it’s work-appropriate? Eh, screw em if they don’t like it

    -Shannon at http://www.strippedchic.com

  • monkeyshines
  • TonyLGrossmen

    This skirt looks pretty cool long and short though! http://moourl.com/wqd5o

  • Rifka

    Did you really use the phrase “duty length”??? never thought I’d see that in the secular press. Fabulous (as is the skirt…)

  • puherock

    el conjunto està agradable.

  • Anita
  • interesting post

  • Yes! I use scissors a lot, too – mostly to make long blouses/tops out of dresses I like but wouldn’t have worn anyway because I am more into pants with long tops :-). And since raw edges are a trend right now, I don’t even hem all my “short coutures”

  • So often I just avoid skirts altogether because they’re inevitably made for people with much longer legs (for pants, I usually go for “cropped” which usually translates to the right length for me). Glad to see other people have similar issues but know how to address them more properly 🙂 Will now have to give the maxi skirt trend a whirl and see how hemming improves my life!


  • Victoria

    that bikini though. what material is it? it looks like it doesn’t take water very well, but it doesnt seem like it will become transparent, that has happened to me too many times

  • That skirt is gorgeous <3

    Sweet Madame Blue

  • lavieenliz

    you look amazeballs


  • This post is hilarious. Oh Summer and its devilish wedding schedule. http://mystilettolife.com/style/2014/7/28/getting-gingham-with-it

  • Ari Camacho

    That’s the kind of outfit I will wear on my favorite beach Tulum… Love every peace of it! xx-Ari

  • Emma McLaughlin

    I bought a floor length skirt from Eddie Bauer two years ago because somehow my mother convinced me that it would be so hip and appropriate for my year abroad in Turkey. Since then I have learned so much (don’t buy skirts and flashlights from the same establishment, don’t wear such skirts when you are trying to make friends) But a little trim might make it cool and one of the many bikini tops I bought in Turkey might make it [weather] appropriate?

  • Anna Louise

    LOL. You likely wouldn’t be aware, living in NYC, that the maxi is also a bitch for driving. (My mother warned me!)

    • MippysMom

      I just hike them up around my knees to drive.

  • Grace

    Great outfit! I have to say though, I own multiple long skirts, and I pretty much live in them. They’re great all year round. I wear them in the warmer months as they are light and flowy, and I wear them with leggings underneath to keep me warm in the cold seasons.

  • Benedetta Burchiellaro

    Leandra, I know it’s a little bit off topic but I want to ask you this question anyway. As a blogger/journalist how can you find something to write about every single day? Would you advice to go out and take inspiration, or stay inside and concentrate? I’m at my first experience with writing for others than myself and I need some inspirational…
    I have the greatest admiration of your work as a writer (so hard to find your book here in Italy), and for your personal style as well OF COURSE!!!
    xox B.

  • applebenefits

    great outfit! love your flatlays, you’re getting better every time
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  • I love that skirt. Big Bucks though.