What To Do When You’re Bored

Boredom is a function of a lazy mind. Be the 11-year-old dancer in Sia’s “Chandelier” video equivalent of not-lazy.


1) Play hide-and-seek with your boss, but don’t tell her/him you guys are playing.


2) Pretend to steal things from a nearby store, get caught, then tell them you were just pretending! This will add a little bit of excitement to everyone’s day.

3) Put on all your winter gear and sit in the sun with a friend to see who can last the longest. (But make sure to stay hydrated.)


4) Tell everyone you just got acid in your eyes and see how they react.

5) Tell your mom you’re pregnant. (If you are pregnant, tell your mom you’re in love with a cat. If you are in love with a cat then #1, me too and hopefully it’s not the same one because, awkward, and #2 — hope you don’t have allergies!)


6) Go to a playground. Get on the swings. When children approach the swing next to you shout: “YOU WANT THE SWING? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE SWING.”

8) See how many people on the subway or bus you can get to sing along to a Bruno Mars song. Now is not the time to be a music elitist, by the way. Pick one everyone knows.

9) Pick your eyebrow until it is completely eliminated from your face. This is good for extended non-boredom: afterwards you’ll either be busy explaining that you’re promoting the beauty of asymmetry, or, you’ll be figuring out a source of fiber that is most similar to hair so you can glue it over your now-bald spot. If you’re still bored after this, try plucking the opposite eye’s lashes.

Ed note: Instead of gluing, sewing said fibrous materials will take a lot more time.

10) Stand in your lobby and tell everyone you’re lobbying for lobbyists.

11) Help us figure out the missing number, where it went, and what it possibly could have suggested to eliminate boredom.

12) BONUS ROUND! Count the number of toe hairs on the man to your left. Guess what, this is super fun to do if you followed #1 and you’re hiding under your boss’s desk.

You guys are weird. Bye!

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  • BethanyBeach

    You can always take inspiration from my dog and force people to play fetch with you (regardless of if they like fetch or dogs) haha

    • george22

      If you are willing to do the right thing (what will help you the most and hurt you the least from all the other options you have) no matter what it is, google “truthcontest” and click on “The Present”. This is truth you can check in real life.<

  • kaitlyn conway

    this came up on my feed at JUST the right time. to the lobby i go. #refreshments

  • I think you guys need to watch this video for a temporary and perhaps future boredom cure. Do we think it’s time for man repeller to get a man servant?


  • GapToothedGirl

    Force people to look at funny puppy videos!!
    XOX, Gap

  • ee_by_cc

    So obsessed with that girl in the Sia video, partly because she’s on Dance Moms (which is my not-at-all-guilty pleasure). She’s so deliciously manic in the video!


  • Kandeel

    13) Start a beyonce concert in your room complete with dance moves. Invite your best friend over because its way more fun. (Include songs like freakum dress, beautiful liars, crazy in love, irreplaceable, XO, Halo, Flawless, Yonce etc.)

  • Tara Edie

    I do #1 with the two toddlers I babysit for at the mall on Saturdays…SO MUCH FUN.


  • Kirsten S.

    It must be slow day, huh?

  • Victoria

    Or Tumblr

  • Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing about #3 for some reason. So silly!

    — Michelle | http://mxpstyle.com

  • lavieenliz

    I binge-watch how I met your mother…or get my nails done


  • this is hilarious!!!
    my only critique is that you need to make the list longer so i can sustain my boredom while still sitting on my bed.

  • Tracy

    This is way too funny! Loved reading it!


  • Are you guys on the tequila diet again?

  • For me, boredom usually turns into baking. Boreking. Especially when I shouldn’t actually be bored because I have stuff to do. Cookies.

  • mercy

    LOL , great GIF
    tas ransel wanita

  • Manpreet

    I must say those are some really ‘bad’ ideas 😛 That eyebrow one.. it would be a nightmare for me if I did that. LOL
    And that pregnant one.. I have tried that and it is really fun. Once I got myself tested for malaria disease and the testing strip looked just like the one used for pregnancy test and I ended up clicking pictures of that and having fun. 😛
    BTW nice blog. I also have a blog based on Indian fashion. Check it out : http://www.sareeguide.com

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  • Awesomesauce

    U could make cookies!

  • Gyani Nepal

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  • Shpak Olesia

    i have a personal way to beat a boredom blues.
    it consist of 3 parts. at first, i take a warm shower or a bath and put on my favourite white fluffy slippers. then i make a cup of hot cocoa and turn on some music. and the last thing i do i take my laptop and play cool relaxing card games. and then, believe me, i feel great!

  • lisa radke

    i dont like thes

  • Victoria Allison Vccaris

    I’m more bored than the most bored person on Earth.. I don’t want to do “any” of these things. 🙁

  • Hairtyson

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