MR’s Guide to the Best Iced Coffee in NYC

Need a break? Grab an ice cube.


Monday mornings can be hard. Especially on the heels of a restless (or is it reckless?) summer weekend, where the sole saving grace moonlights as the pursuit and subsequent location of a satisfying cold brew coffee. Of course, there is a flip side, and in that scenario, the iced coffee is lukewarm and your temper is hotter than Satan’s ass in the Maldives.


Incidentally, the cold brew should not be confused with a plebeian iced coffee. The latter tends to mean hot coffee poured over ice while the former serves as the far superior and more intricate process wherein beans are coarsely ground and soaked in cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. The finished product is significantly less acidic and tends to taste vaguely of chocolate, which is perhaps why when that first sip of a cold brew transports itself from plastic cup to human throat by way of tunnel-constructed-by-straw, that overarching sense of not just I can do this but I will do this overcomes the lingering Sunday Scaries and ba da bing, ba da boom, the week has started.

In a city like New York, though, where so many of us are transplants who still spend their mornings trying to find their Spots, the result of trial and error can manifest in different ways. Sometimes, you might find complacency in the coffee served cold at your temporary haven, noting that the hints of smoked or nutty favor aren’t all that bad in spite of the lack of plant-based milk. Other times, though, you might simply lose your temper, having hoped for a libation that would revive you, not discourage you, only to find that when you asked for cold coffee, someone mistook your request for dishwater.

This is precisely why, as an act of kindness, the Man Repeller team — interns, employees, UPS delivery man* et al have banded together to bring you our guide to the best iced coffee in New York City.

You can thank, or condemn, us later.

Leandra: Lead Vagina

What: Lenny’s New York

Where: Casual Frequenter at 77th Street location on 2nd Avenue and 9th Street location on 6th Avenue.

When: The sweet tooth comes a-knocking, you’re craving — though not entirely in need of — a jolt of caffeine.

Why: The unassuming deli serves what I will call the best hazelnut iced brew in New York City. I like to think its iced coffee — still spectacularly priced under $3 — is the McDonald’s Big Mac equivalent of an artisanal meal. Minus one point for an almond milk deficiency — but there is soy milk, and lots of it.


What: My Apartment (as in, where I live)

Where: On the Bowery

When: I’m up early to finish a story, up late to finish a story, at home…presumably to finish a story

Why: Because I stock a New Orleans cold brew called Brooklyn Diamond Coffee which, with its pungently nutty flavor and its even more effusive caffeine content, tastes like dessert, particularly when paired with Almond Breeze’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Add chia seeds if you, like Christopher Columbus, are an explorer with places to go and little time to think about depleting energy levels.

Amelia: Editoral Director, Pant Pooper

What: Cafe Angelique West Village

Where: 49 Grove Street

When: Saturday treat-yo-self

Why: For the cinnamon almond milk iced latte, which is the best date ever to accompany you in a hungover stoop-sitting session. Note: it’s pretty sweet, so you have to be in the mood and prepared to cut it with something salty, like their whole wheat croissant.


What: Sant Ambroeus Soho

Where: 265 Lafayette

When: When you have time to chat

Why: The best iced latte I have ever had. Plus it’s strong. Plus I feel like I’m in Europe while waiting for it at the bar. Plus Alireza and homemade almond milk.

Charlotte: Photo Editor, Model Dater

What: Blue Bottle

Where: 450 w. 15th St & Williamsburg (there are other locations but these two are “mine”)

When: On your way to work, from work.

Why: Their New Orleans style is cold-brewed for 12 hours with roasted chicory, sweetened with organic sugar, and cut with whole (or non-dairy) milk. Also, their sweets rule.


What: Stumptown

Where: The ACE Hotel; 20 w. 29th St & Washington Sq; 30 w. 8th St

When: When you’re missing Portland(ia)

Why: The baristas wear tiny vests and sometimes silly hats. Minus one point because they take cash only, plus one, though, because, hello! Portland!


What: La Colombe Soho

Where: 270 Lafayette

When: You’re exhaustred — their cold brew is actually what some might call a “red eye” because it is iced coffee topped with a shot of espresso

Why: They encourage you to use half and half — which is out in a pitcher — and raw sugar, which is in a bowl, and force you to ask whether you’re willing to taint their product with something as vulgar as sKiM mIlK.

Krista: Photo Intern, Purported Nordic Wunderkind 

What: Irving Farm 

Where: 224 w. 79th St

When: You want to hang out with friends, are not just looking for coffee, kind of hungry, too.

Why: There was once a Game of Thrones joke on their beer menu about winter coming.


What: Gasoline Alley

Where: 325 Lafayette

When: You need to take a walk

Why: They use Intelligentsia beans which are damn goooood.

Emilia: Editorial Intern, 5 Things to Talk About Pioneer

What: Grandaisy Bakery

Where: 250 W Broadway

When: In a hurry

Why: Their tiny to-go window is perfect for when you’re running late in the morning. Wheel your bike up alongside it, or heck, you could even roller blade there. If you have time to go inside though, it always smells great.


What: Cafe Integral at American Two Shot

Where: 135 Grand Street

When: While you shop

Why: A great coffee shop and a fun store merging is the real definition of a power couple. Don’t spill on the clothes.

Esther: Editorial Intern, Vegan Snack Connoisseur and High Waist Denim Enthusiast

What: Kaffe 1668 

Where: 401 Greenwich street

When: Lunchtime for the variety of vegan salads and raw food entrees, which also come with a FREE COLD BREW. Need I say more?

Why: Freedom, the diverse selection of individually brewed coffee which I will not try to pretend I understand, but is impressive nonetheless and the cozy wood interior, and random fluffy sheep figurines splattered across the space, which make me happy.


What: UR Cup 

Where: 293 Mercer street

When: Afternoon pick me up for a cold brew or a 72% dark chocolate latte

Why: The owner is seriously passionate about his product and will explain his craft to you if you, like me, are interested in the difference between sourcing beans from Brazil and Honduras. Also, their coco latte is made by pouring 85% dark chocolate onto dark brown sugar and is an ideal refuge from the summer heat.

Amina: Summer Intern, Re$ident Fact Checker

What: Balducci’s

Where: W 56th and 8th Avenue

When: Before, during, and after long days at my other internship.

Why: Balducci’s iced lattes and iced coffee have frequently been my saving grace. While I am not a coffee connoisseur, I have narrowed this down to three possible explanations –

A. I frequently pair my latté with chocolate chip cookies that taste like butter and angels.

B. The company I work for gives me 10% off the whole restaurant (chaa-CHING).

C. The coffee is actually really good.

* Our UPS Delivery man, Cool Dad Keith, prefers Gatorade to coffee.

But what do we know, right? Tell us, please! About your best iced coffee experience in this great city we call home. Or as the French say, hôme.

Looking for another cold, sweet treat in this muggy city? Check out our smoothie guide! Also, since it’s the season, check out which kind of beach-goer you are. You may want some swimsuits to go with it.

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  • Christina Storm

    LOVE this guide! I am going to have to check out some of these spots next time I am in the city!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  • GapToothedGirl

    I love iced coffee, even during winter!!

    XOX, Gap.

  • Cay

    Not to be THAT person, but NYC isn’t just Manhattan. Just one place in Brooklyn? Home of the “I roasted this in my backyard from beans my sister grew in her greenhouse in Dutchess County” cold brew? Reaaaalllly?

    • Leandra Medine

      Charlotte’s the only one of us who currently live there. Also precisely why we opened up the floor to suggestions!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      This list was limited to Manhattan (and this is an abridged version!) And Brooklyn is so massive I feel my knowledge only covered such a small radius of North Brooklyn so we tried to keep it Manhattan centric this go around.
      I really love Little Skips which has a great atmosphere and makes their own almond milk, their brew in general has a nutty flavor to it so I highly recommend!

  • Caroline

    I’m obsessed with Maison Kayser to begin with (it’s my Jack’s Wife Freda), and their iced lattes are amazing!! (Especially when paired with one of their croissants.. and tarte aux framboises.. and sugar chouquettes.. etc.)

  • Luba

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

    XX Luba

    Special occasions dress
    outfit, today on

  • threddies

    no. cheese store in cedarhurst. it comes in a bucket.

  • nicole

    Stumptown at the Ace DOES accept cc: visa or mastercard *** love their cold brew aka rocket fuel

    • Charlotte Fassler

      OhhH good to know! I knew they took credit if you sat down and ordered but the counter used to be cash only.
      Thanks for the tip!

    • and the Momofuku bday truffles….

  • Gen

    Grady’s cold Brew is a rreeeaaally great New Orlean-style coffee concentrate and it’s a Brooklyn-based company 😉

    • Esther Levy

      Always have a bottle of Grady’s in my fridge

  • Luc

    Visit New York is my big dream and this is what I write to my diary as “What to visit in New York.” Thank you.

  • Sarah Kuchar

    Check out Pennylane coffee near the UN on 45th! Simple interior and great coffee!

  • Gah these all sound so yummy! I’ll be in NY for a day or two before I head to college, and I think it would only be fair if I tried one suggestion from each of the above humans.

    I’ll mask my caffeine-induced seizures as a series of interpretive dances, and grace the efficient NY’ers with my presence.

  • Ashleigh

    Also loving Saturdays in SoHo. Always fun to make it a Saturday morning ritual… Saturdays on Saturday 😉

  • Emily

    Aaaand here I was trying to avoid coffee. OH. WELL.

  • Corrado on 70th and Lex. Their pastries–yes, more than one at a time–and iced coffee are a *yes*. I think there are a few other locations, as well.

  • Tara Jayne

    I live in Canada, NYC is an eight hour drive from my house. Growing up, moving there was some fantastical pipedream, but I have never wanted to live there more than I do right now. Maybe I’m just thirsty. Thanks for the guide ladies, I effing love this blog.

  • yes to blue bottle omg now i need a new orleans immediately

  • MSCFBeeches

    sooo…am I the only one who loves Dunkin Donuts’ iced coffee?? have i just admitted to having a low grade palette…

  • Fair Folks and a Goat in Soho offers a coffee membership for $25/month and that means unlimited…..which is kinda awesome.

  • Noelle

    Have you been to Oslo on the UES? 75th between 1st and York. Best iced americano & amazing hibiscus tea.

  • alexiada

    hey Leandra, you no videos for channel anymore?

  • BasketCase

    Kaffe 1668!!! Extra points because their website is almost as good as the coffee!

  • maud.schellekens

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    XOXO Maud


  • Struggling Hipster

    Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg has been my go-to coffee place recently. Great people watching as well. Tres Chic!

  • Meg

    I recommend the Iced Long Black (Australian version of an Americano) with one sugar in the raw or a splash of soy/almond milk at Bluestone Lane, 30 Broad St in FiDi, 805 3rd Ave. atrium at 49th St. and the new BSL Collective Cafe location at 55 Greenwich Ave.

    Better than Stumptown and served up by Aussie coffee experts with a side of smart ass humor!

  • Gabby Alleyne

    You must MUST hit up Happy Bones on Broome. The almond milk iced latte has been known to change lives. Also, the Mast Brother’s mocha iced latte with almond milk at Stumptown; my heart almost exploded. It was healthy because it was coffee, right?

    Well done! We <3 you. -Gabby,

    • Krista Lewis

      HAPPY BONES!! How could I forget? This is another one of my favs! Their beautiful cups and tortoise shell spoons give it many more +++ in my book.

      • Emilia Petrarca

        I just got a coffee and a peanut butter cookie from Happy Bones and it made my day. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • That cinnamon almond milk iced latte sounds insanely delicious. If anyone knows where I can find one in SF, please let us know!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think Martha & Bros!

      • OMG thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to check it out. 🙂

  • Rissy Woods

    Birch on Columbus and 98 too! Beer AND coffee takeaway 🙂 and the The Sensual Bean on 69th and Columbus because it’s just so Seinfeld 80s..and smells like heaven. Every flavour coffee ever.

  • OMG…A post after my own heart! Iced coffee is an accessory in NYC, not a beverage.

    • I have to disagree with Leandra on the best Hazelnut iced coffee…it is without a doubt: Bonsignour in the WV. SJP has been known to grab an iced coffee to go there. Just saying.

  • Gimme! Coffee at 228 Mott St. (NoLita), 495 Lorimer St., or 107 Roebling St. (both in Williamsburg) – Snobby, elitist espresso joint from Ithaca, New York, that made it’s way (thankfully) down here for us godless heathens to enjoy (and is somehow less snobby with super friendly staff); their simplicity is appreciated in this economy of “options,” and I know the Soho location gets donuts from a nearby bakery that are out of this world tasty.

    4 & 20 Blackbirds at 439 3rd Ave, Gowanus, BK – I used to work in a print studio down the street, and holy crow, that place has amazing pie and incredibly delicious, strong coffee. You won’t need to make more than two trips to get your fix.

  • katbernie

    Just to expand your lovely map: Taszo Espresso Bar in Washington Heights makes a delicious cold brew- plus it just feels right to support local business!

  • I was in New York last month, I would totally have sampled these!

    Mountain Province in Williamsburg, and a place in SoHo I can’t remember the name of!!


  • Oh man. La Colombe. The Noho location was not far from my apartment in the city this summer…it was dangerous. The best and snottiest baristas around. They don’t even have a menu. The lady behind me asked for a vanilla latte and all the conversation in the shop came to a dead halt while the cashier told her, “This isn’t Starbucks. We don’t /do/ flavors.”

    I can only vouch for their latte–which is extraordinary–because I was too afraid to try ordering something else.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  • johnn

    ice coffee , i love it , one of my favorite
    jam tangan pria

  • victoria

    gregory’s – iced latte. every. day. yum.

  • Inside You

    The finished product is significantly less acidic and tends to taste vaguely of chocolate, which is perhaps why when that first sip of a cold brew transports itself from plastic cup to human throat by way of tunnel-constructed-by-straw. pembuatan desain web desain web jasa pembuatan website jasa pembuatan website

  • Talks Over Latte

    Great list! Would love to know if you agree with ours.
    Coffee anytime / anywhere in New York 🙂

    Talks Over Latte

  • Ali Pinckney

    Bittersweet in Brooklyn (Fort Greene on Dekalb). They have HOMEMADE almond milk lightly sweetened with honey. I should really just order a glass of almond milk but their cold brew is just as good. They use la colombe beans, I believe. It’s just lovely. Also the pastries are delicious: homemade choc. chip cookies, gluten free muffins (corn cheddar is so good!), croissants, Dough doughnuts, and moreeee. Also sandwiches and salads. The only downfall is it’s a super tiny space. I see Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde and their spawn in there almost every weekend! extra points!

  • yummmm I am OBSESSED with iced coffee til it gets cold. I also vote for Cup & Cup at 31st & Mad.