Black Tie at a White Sneaker

How to wear a wedding dress to a supermarket and pluck the best zucchini blossoms! (JK this isn’t a Pinterest board. I know nothing about edible blossoms.)


Remember last month when Amelia was lamenting about wedding season and the bastardization of holidays weekends, telling you her RSVP was an affirmative “no” through the end of Labor Day weekend, yadi yadi ya?

The curmudgeon left off one very integral nuance that is as annoying as a no-expense-paid Memorial Day weekend wedding across the country. That is: what do you do when you’re a bridesmaid and have to buy a dress? You don’t particularly mind OR dis-mind the dress in question but can’t quite figure out how to wear post-matrimony, if, that is, you can wear it again at all.

What you’ll see in the above photos is by no stretch of the imagination a bridesmaid dress, though it could have been for at least two nuptial events which requested ivory gowns on members of the bridal party. I was neither a bridesmaid nor a groomsman at either of these events, but when I saw this Balenciaga dress from Nicolas Ghesquière’s last collection for the house languishing on a mannequin at Barneys seven months after its shelf life had run dry, I had to ask why it was there.

Incidentally, it was a mistake and you know what they say about mistakes, right? Very rarely that you get to own the mistake in question for but $300 when the asking price was so far north of that estimate anyone was bound to get a nosebleed trying to comprehend its location.

The thing of it is, what do you do with a white gown, right? Provided you’re not a bride or a bridesmaid at an ivory wedding? Maybe pair a straw hat with it and gladiator sandals? Or for good measure, a rainbow rubber choker? And some reflective lenses?

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You can turn the hat on or off as you see fit and pretend to be a salsa dancing emoji OR you can not. That is totally up to you. But my verdict on this particular look is still out, so PUHLEEZ: impart your wisdom. Impart it and fart it and dart it and if you have to, shart it.

Balenciaga dress, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Isabel Marant shoes, Anna Coroneo arm scarves

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  • You gave a great spin to this dress! I love it!

    x Karen

  • ee_by_cc

    I love everything about your look here. The accessories just get my engine going.

  • jas

    WHAT! how did you find this dress for $300?! that is insane. i always steer away from long white dresses, but if you can pull one off with a straw hat and rainbows, then surely i can too.

    reckless abandon

  • I always love what you put together, but this really takes the cake as being one of the most original — nicely done. I feel like I now know how to rock my old prom dresses (yikes?)

  • Luba

    love the ethnic accessories and the fact that you wear hat!! Super stylish outfit!

    XO Luba

    Minimalist, chic and comfy – all in one in my look
    today on

  • Nico

    Looove that dress!

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  • Jenna Calderone

    Love the sandals paired with the dress, wrist scarves are making me swoon, impressive side boob. Enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

  • The dress is amazing. I’m a little iffy on the skirt but I can’t stop looking at the bodice lines in the front and the back is lovely too. Thanks for another great piece of inspiration. I’m loving white this summer and your looks are fab. I have to admit to blatantly copying the cross back/backless pinny top (you raise me up) and probably even worse than that, provided instructions how others can diy it too. I’m a terror, but hopefully one with good taste. The post is written and I’ve linked you in as my source 😉 (it will most likely be posted within the week).

  • GapToothedGirl

    I love the volume of this dress!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Natali

    Ay chica!! Muy guapa 😀 Fantastic outfit!

  • B.

    Oh this is too good, Leandra. TOO GOOD.


  • Sassique

    Fantastic look! And I admire how you make everything look so fun and fresh

  • Carola Disiot

    Love this hat! So inspiring me!

    xo !

  • Aubrey Green

    I love this dress and look. Such a great find.

  • monkeyshines
  • Sully Ann

    Now I want a rainbow choker !

  • charmystique

    Perfect styling with the perfect dress.

  • Tonia Rose

    I love how you took a typical, simple white dress and jazzed it up into something much more than that. The vibrant flashes of colour on the wrist accessories give the look a fun vibe. Gladiator sandals with a dress in this style is a classic pair; the hat and necklace are super chic too 🙂

  • lavieenliz

    I love it!! the bracelets make it so fun and a lot more casual

  • jaclyn

    lol love the hat toss/flip picture- funny. Also, the dress, there’s no words to describe its impact on me.

    check my blog:

  • Dominique

    you look adorable!


  • Tamara

    kinda sensational…

  • arin antoine

    I love you so much and I appreciate your sartorial DJ-ing. It’s one of your many talents. I would have loved to see one or even two more outfit remixes just ’cause you can, girl. Fab as always!

  • Veera

    You are one of the coolest people I have ever seen! Keep going!

  • Leandra making everything look fabulous!

  • I SO LOL’D @ “Impart it and fart it and dart it and if you have to, shart it” SO FUNNY! 😀
    But I absolutely loooove the dress, soooo beautiful, so perfect to wear to a wedding over summer 😀 ♥

  • Marjorie Gavan

    I didn’t know you can use scarves as a bracelet, so cool!

  • Colette

    You are so freaken awesome!!! I’m drooling over the hat!!!! Who is it by?! Thank you in advance!!

  • I haven’t seen the Golden Goose sneaks in a while…are those still in the L.M. Rotation?

  • La Stramberia

    Amazing idea! Look at my bridal veil, which can be used every day …
    Kisses from Tuscany – Italy

  • fashiondiariesbyk
  • Haha, I love how you’ve worn this dress!

    Oroma R.R.
    O.R.R. BLOG

  • Carelia

    I adore that dress and it looks perfect with the colorful (tribal inspired?) choker.
    PRACTICAL AND EASY…latest post at:

  • Unsurprisingly fantastic styling. I am particularly in love with the wrist scarves.

  • jessi

    YOU! Leandra, are absolutely freaking gorgeous!

  • Sophia Quinn

    Look superbe! Cette robe parfaite à la recherche sur vous cher. Je ne peux pas arrêter de regarder les lignes de corsage à l’avant.
    snapback pas cher

  • Maqsad

    Absolutely, wear it as a normal dress. White is actually the preferred colour for everyday wear in Eastern cultures (that thrive in hot climes). All this dress has to make it fancy is a ruffle & some draping, after all

  • Valikabu

    Well hello, gorgeous! You look amazing!

  • Georgia

    Great outfit! Love the accessories – the arm scarves are fabulous!

    Clapham deep cleaners

  • Leandra, YOU ROCK
    xx Isabella
    @angulo28blog ||

  • Nice side boob!
    Definitely don’t shart it in a white dress though…