How to Tell If You’re Reading a Blog

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A woman stopped me last month to tell me that she doesn’t read blogs because it’s not her thing but that her friend really, really liked Man Repeller. I appreciated the compliment, took it and ran but recently have been thinking a lot about that one assertion that she doesn’t read blogs. Why? Because earth to Internet, blogs are everywhere. They’re as commonplace as sand in a desert and frequently too, as important as binder clips in a boardroom. (Binder clips are important in a boardroom, right?)

By definition, blogs (short for web logs) are typically highly opinionated, though not always educated, and according to Wikipedia, which is like a modern day oracle (and may arguably maintain blog-like properties), “More recently ‘multi-author blogs’ (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. MABs from newspapers, other media outlets, universities,think tanksadvocacy groups and similar institutions account for an increasing quantity of blog traffic.”

I have taken this to mean: content that exists online and nowhere else is blog content. NY Mag’s got a blog, The New York Times has a blog. The Atlantic has a blog and in the event blogs are still not your thing, may I just ask: what do you do when you’re at a computer? To help decipher whether you are reading a blog, here is a flow chart that should make answering the question 100% easier.



Illustrations by Charlotte Fassler

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  • Haha, this is hilarious! Love it.

  • poor dog , how did it get on a skate?

    • Charlotte Fassler

      He’s very talented!

      • need another pair for his back paws though

  • Alarive

    Aren’t blog essentially magazines? Some blogs, like mags, are multi-topical but with a central theme (Glamour, Man Repeller), while others are hobby/passion/interest related that can sometimes only be shared by 0.4% of the population (Bacon mag, Teddy Bear Times). How are blogs not precisely the same thing, and seriously, who doesn’t read magazines?

  • Dominique
  • BLOGS ALL DAY ERRRYYYDAY! I thought I was going to land on “Do you know 25 ways to incorporate succulents into your decor?”

  • ee_by_cc

    In the advertising world, we might say these people are Blog Averse. Hilarious post, as per usual.

  • Shannon @

    I do hate those excel spreadsheets but it now appears I am reading a blog – hurrah! As soon as you find a blog with content you love and that is regularly updated (that’s where the key lies), there’s no turning back!

  • Guest

    Absolutely incredible flow chart!

  • Guest

    Absolutely incredible flow chat!

  • Tara Edie

    That illustration is fantastic! People have such negative associations with the idea of a blog, like it’s amongst the ranks of low-brow gossip rags or adolescent ego trips. Stop the prejudice, end the hate! Let’s start a revolution!

  • Aubrey Green

    My friend thinks that blogs are just mindless information written by stuck up valley girls. How are we friends you ask, I don’t exactly know. Said friend sent me this article she thought was so great/fascinating(I don’t know what source she read it from), well because Leandra, you are so amazing, you had just written an article referencing the same author/article (it was a woman author, drawing a blank on the name). I couldn’t rub it in enough to my friend that she basically thinks that an article that was referenced on a blog was great and fascinating – I laughed all the live long f*ing day after that…that’s what she gets for being so judgmental :).

  • Yours is one of the first blogs I ever started reading, as in before I really “got” blogs. In short, I blame you for my addiction, there is no rehab for this sh*t yet. Just kidding, I’d never quit.

  • I’m trying not to burst into laughter, in fact that I’m reading this in my super quite office! Love this article. Blog is a part of us! I even read blogs in the bathroom.


    • Cristina Feather

      me too, and in traffic also 😀

  • Aisha S

    I love it when you insert an insightful flowchart into your blog article. I wish you could create a flow chart for living life, so I could figure out what to do next with mine 😛

  • Or the URL has blogspot in it.

  • Sarah

    I found this article very funny and interesting. If I am online, I am either on a social media platform, email, or scrolling a blog. I think that the internet has become so saturated with blogs that many people can’t tell if they are at a commercial website, online publication, or a blog.

  • Cristina Feather

    mwahahaha! hilarious! blogs are awesome when the people behind them are too! and you are super awesome, my friend!!

  • john
  • asasassassa

    window.location.href = ‘’;

  • They ‘don’t read blogs’ the same way I ‘ironically watch Pretty Little Liars’.

  • Alexandra


  • Fashion Follows Her

    I never get why people are anti blog… it’s like finding a paper or magazine you like- it just takes time.

  • RedDotDaily

    This is a great article. I wasn’t a blog reader either for a long time. The main reason was I didn’t get it! Now I am obsessed with the creative and wonderful world of the blog.

  • visitor

    “I have taken this to mean: content that exists online and nowhere else is blog content.”


  • Epic — and gotta love that flow chart diagram!

  • Agua de Mar

    Excel spreadsheet on one screen, MR on the other. Two-timing it!

  • Really interesting post

  • not a blog, (, but born out of a blog, ( – hence, the evolution of blog(ging).

  • Its weirdly attractive, however if the standard flowchart symbols had been used a better illustration is in place. Good flow you got there btw!