Easy Approximations

Because I’m out of dressing ideas


The paradox of summer ease is in how difficult it becomes to remove yourself from the black hole that is comfort.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I understand that comfort can be a tremendous thing in that it can, if prompted to, remove pain from an equation or make you feel safe when nothing else does. On the other hand, though, it can also propel laziness and you know what laziness propels? Atrophied limbs on the one hand and bad outfits — or worse, passive outfits — on the other.

I’ve been doing that thing I tell you about approximately every three months where I stare into a full closet and state the inevitable if not entirely false: I have nothing to wear.

At this point, I will typically revert back to wearing what lackadaisically makes me feel the most like myself, which is often some version of a striped shirt with denim bottom. But what’s been interesting about this most recent tango with the trivial, unfounded lament is that instead of combining reliable looks that I may, though more likely may not have at some past point combined, I’ve been relying on copying myself and re-wearing two or three YOLO-dressing style outfits that I’ve previously put together, verbatim.

So, what gives? Is my mind is so indolent that I can’t move past knocking myself off, or do my limbs just feel too tired to move past the “recently used” section of my closet? Either way, I blame laziness and believe it must stop — life is too short to leave a closet full of goods pristinely folded and unworn. Should you, too, find yourself falling victim to the same cycle, I say that together we use the above five outfits to cull tips and get the wheels of our closets in motion and bounces back in our steps (or, you know, hair).

From outfit #1, tip #1: Forgo blue denim and consider white denim. Pair it with meme-non-colored sneakers.

Outfit #2, tip #2: Participate in the aftermath of Spring’s plunging neckline trend. That and, why don’t I ever try slicking my hair back tight and complimenting it with funky sunglasses for funky women in North America?

Outfit #3, tip #3: Do not think I am above Birkenstocks just because they are au courant. By combining them with a purse so fancy it is almost alienating, they are elevated. By tying a scarf around my ankle, they’re no longer just another pair of Birkenstocks. The handbag also becomes vaguely more approachable as a result of said ‘stocks and the easy dress buffering the disconnect serves as a welcome reprieve.

Outfit #4, tip #4: Part a) wear a damn sarong around New York, Leandra! Part b) combine navy with white and don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you look like the kind of sailor Amelia aims to marry.

Outfit #5, tip #5: Tie a shirt around your waist but don’t wear pants so that the anterior shirt kind of looks like a skirt. Also, ballet flats, man. They’re so back.

Still confused as to what to wear this week? How about approximating this look! Or, let some Friends of MR guide you through a week of outfits: Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Claire Beermann, right this way! 

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  • Alena Höldrich

    Amazing text Leandra, so many stylish ideas!

    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

  • When I look at my closet and feel I have nothing to wear I try something out of my comfort zone… let’s wear white culottes? or that leather full midi skirt my mother gave me? … It works for me…

    x Nina


  • mywhiteT

    Love this look, super cute!

  • maria beneventano

    I love all of your ideas! You are very funny and creative




  • Amelia Diamond

    I wanna be girl 1, 2, and 4. I’ll marry them all.

    • Leandra Medine

      so you’re saying you have sex with yourself?

      • Amelia Diamond

        Leandra have you seen me lately? OF COURSE.

  • Fashion Follows Her

    Summer is so tricky when it’s hot- looking smart is the hardest thing! http://fashionfollowsher.com/

  • monkeyshines
  • ClaraMMurray

    I’ve been relying on copying myself and re-wearing two or three YOLO-dressing style outfits that I’ve previously put together, verbatim. http://qr.net/Fh7J

  • Bonnie Garner

    I live in Dubai, it’s summer all year round. Needless to say, comfort clothes are all over my closet.
    I’m screwed! Give me my elegance back, please! 😉

  • Tara Edie

    Ballet flats & Birkenstocks…my feet are so grateful for a heel hiatus. That’s one comfort zone I’m happy to relish in, the physical kind.


  • Alma

    This is great! In summer my brain gets overheated and can’t see the ‘sartorial’ light! But anyway, I figure NY’s summer is not like the south of Spain… uhggggg I’m baked here and have no idea what to wear. You should really post something about dressing for hell! 😛 If you look at my last post you’ll see what I mean.
    xx, Alma

  • Love your ideas! Thanks for inspiration!!



  • girlinmenswear

    Nothing looks more stylish than someone who looks comfortable…or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!


  • Great post, I don’t reach for my white skinnys often enough, mainly because I’m paranoid about staining them, but this post has inspired me to dig them out!

    – Grace


  • Vanessa Basanta

    love this selecction
    Visit my blog: Tu Nuevo Look

  • When I look into my wardrobe and decide I have nothing wear, I usually just have a little cry…your ideas seem much more productive, especially the “don’t wear pants” tip. Great post as always.

  • Paulina Villalpando

    My laziness is particularly acute when I have to wake up at 6:30 to go to the gym. Getting into gym clothes while choosing an amazing outfit (all in a rush) is too much for my brain to handle. Hence, I always go for the same combo: harem pants, flats and different t-shirts – usually stripped. My lazy outfit choices are starting to feel like a uniform, but I cannot make myself wake up earlier or plan outfits at night… Help! http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  • Tracy

    All your picks are so stylish, love that bucket bag!


  • Victoria

    I have fallen into the vortex of comfort this summer and wear nothing but a baby pink “Esprit” shirt and some old cotton shorts. I only change when I leave the house because the people of France are very judgy when it comes to that

  • Whitney V

    What great tips, must implement them for comfort without compromising style… Wonder if Alexa Chung really wasn’t wearing any pants..? Hmmm…


  • Amazing post,I liked the first pant bedazzled,you were talking of comfort and summer and first thing came in to my mind is bikini wax Gosh pain!!!

  • mercy
  • Mina Yolenski

    Thanks for the tips, I will def.ly try Alexa’s style,,, Getting out of my comfort zone is tough especially for summer season.

  • yeah exactly thats what the point is., in summers i dont feel like indulging in tight and unbreathable clothes, i hae this section divided in my wardrobe of ease wear which is only for summers .
    Checkout my latest post on monsoon hair care.

  • Kleidmo

    Absolutely love the girl on the beach, and her shirt! Have to get a shade like this. http://www.kleidmo.com/

  • Love these tips. White denim is something I’ve recently started getting back into – always thought it was so impractical and stuck to black, but I love my white jeans now! And outfit/tip #5 is basically my day-to-day summer look.


  • I feel like I’m the only woman on earth who haven’t found a REALLY comfy pair of ballet flats?!!!

  • jonh

    awesome , like them style

    jam tangan pria