Cape Coats, Not Scape Goats

Drunk on life, high on non-arm holes.


As far as I’m concerned, the only real heroes of our times are those who wear capes. Think Antonio Banderas as Zorro in Zorro, Christian Bale in post-American Psycho Bat-gear and the pink plaid cape-laden models of Delpozo’s most recent runway show.

The three characters listed have so much in common, right? Full heads of hair, great thighs, a stoicism about them and, of course, a divine appreciation for coats that come not with arm holes, which are incidentally coming back faster than Amelia jets toward to bathroom after her morning coffee — oh, who am I kidding? During her morning coffee.

But we’re still in the throes of 80 degree, blue sky bliss, so why are we talking about capes, right? Wrong. If you learn one thing about New York, let it be this: surreal weather gets pulled from under us like a rug in that saying about rugs and physics faster, again, than Amelia runs to the bathroom. So when that inevitably happens we will presumably think: what now? Unless we don’t, because we’ll be flourishing in comfort in the safety of the glorified, overpriced blankets that our personal fortune tellers a.k.a. computers have, through the vast e-commerce websites that populate the world wide web, showed us.

I, for one, am thrilled.

I have dressed up as Zorro at least three times for Halloween (chiefly because I appreciate not being questioned for carrying around a sword but also because I love a good cape just as much as the next fashion editor loves wearing her coat-proper around her shoulders like it is a cape even though it is not [a cape]). And though the surfacing capes are far more Navajo than they are black panther, I like to think of myself as a bipartisan.


Runway images via Feature image credit: Left, courtesy of, photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. Right, courtesy of W Magazine, photograph by Craig McDean.

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  • Jenna Calderone

    I’ve been thinking about these since I saw a few capes (?) at Prabal Gurung F/W RTW 14…they look so comfortable I want to cry

  • Jane S
  • I love the Chloé cap so much!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Emilia Petrarca

    Proud member of the cape coven! The Row blanket/cape is my favorite.

  • I love a good cape! I had one I wore quite often in the winter months, actually. And then I had a few patterned, Mexican wool ponchos that went down past my knees. They draped really well. I was looking for them the other day and couldn’t find them, which probably means they were “accidentally” thrown into the Salvation Army/Goodwill pile by another member of the family.

  • Claudia

    I never fell in love with the cape. They were ubiquitous in London while I was studying abroad there in 2009, and even then I hoped the trend would slip away. While some capes are admittedly beautiful, I still find them to be a bit too reminiscent of Halloween characters, like Dracula or Little Red Riding Hood.

    That said, I’m crazy about the blankety Navajo ponchos you mention (which I think are decidedly distinguished from capes). Burberry has a titillating selection for FW14.. I’m surprised you left these out. For fall I’m envisioning the Burberry graphic motif blanket poncho paired with an oversized pant of leather or wool, the fringed Saint Laurent bucket bag and a simple ankle boot (I’m still in love with my Saint Laurent Chelsea ankle boot from last winter, those or their new season Western-inspired counterpart). Perfection!

    And I agree, it’s definitely never to early to begin styling fall outfits.

  • Dionnnn

    HA! Got my cape coat a few months ago on sale from 2013’s winter. Past season but current trend!

  • Elizabeth Murdock

    The majority of teenage girls in my town all wear skin tight leggings and crop tops,safe to say I’m the only one who goes round wearing trench coats and capes.

  • This reminds me of a post I did a while back begging the question is it a cape or a poncho? Answer: poncho

  • (juste curieux: will there be another edition of Office Apropos in the near future? Fiendin’ for some o’ dat.)

    • Jenna Calderone

      i second this motion

      • Salutations! See ya on the next Office Apropos post 😉

        • Leandra Medine

          August 4th, my friends!

  • MSCFBeeches

    LOL! @ the title. I brought a cape (err-ah more of a pleated cape vest…) to the dry cleaners earlier this week and the old man was utterly perplexed trying to figure out what the hell it was suppose to be. On my ticket it’s listed as “top”. (Shrugs) Capes are cool.

  • monkeyshines
  • I love a great cape! Although, will have to wait until Fall to get into that look! Love the title of this piece!

  • Anita

    capes are just awesome! I think especially for tall girls
    xx Anita

  • Lindsay Wells

    Never experimented with capes, but now I just might have to try!

  • Sophia

    I thought I was the only other person of the female persuasion who dressed up as Zorro for Halloween. 🙂


    just kidding


  • lavieenliz

    such a badass trend

  • Love those capes! I can’t see capes though now without thinking about one of my favourite red carpet looks ever by the one and only Tom Ford.

  • Is it fall yet? I’ ready for my superhero moment!

  • Sweet Leilani

    The cape idea is not really my friend I am quite tall however living here in Hawaii there really is no need for a cape the only thing I really would use would end up being a pashmina or a scarf if anything.

  • Between the Blondes

    Very into Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 🙂

  • 黄明

    As long as the line is never too hot

    Armani hot sale

  • Tracy

    These cape coats are like the most stylish thing ever!

  • Frankie Griffen

    Love the Black Panther reference

  • jonh

    i love it so much

    jam tangan pria

  • They are new in design but seems really comfortable are they out?

  • Dani Eaton

    I need a cape right now. Well technically I don’t…I live in Texas and that would be just ridiculous.