Thinking About Espadrilles

It is hot outside. So hot, in fact, that even the finest Italian leather sandals are bound to promote the growth of those inevitable heel blisters that seem indigenous to summer — when else is it even possible the bottoms of your feet can contract that much puss? — and always make walking, historically both healthy and enjoyable, frustrating and stressful.

I know this to be true because my feet found themselves in a pair of the aforementioned “fine Italian leather sandals” just yesterday and within just two city blocks — count that, two — the heels of my hooves were no longer hooves. Not that they are ever technically hooves. They were the victims of what seemed like ancient plague lucky #6: boils.

I refuse to allow this to become a new normal. All sorts of weird things are happening to my feet at the ripe age of 25. There are bunions reading to grow out of every direction and sometimes my big toe gets hairy (what?) but if you can’t count on the soles of your feet — the very foundation of your literal ability to stand — what can you count on, really?

In lieu of leather sandals and even sneakers and definitely boots, but in addition to clogs at large, this summer, I’m putting my money on espadrilles.

Reference points to construct the full look will include: Alexa Chung in denim shorteralls and again in jeans plus a striped t-shirt, one Italian man Charlotte showed me on Pinterest dressed in blue linen suiting, any version of a Riviera that de facto calls itself a Riviera and the fact that if I just wear them with my most reliable pair of denim cut offs with some version of a t-shirt every single day, that will be totally, totally okay.

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  • Caroline

    I’ve had the peach pair by Soludos sitting in my shopping cart for at least a month. I still love them and now here they are again!!! Ahhh.. I need them, right? I’m about to be in Paris for 6 weeks.

  • I need a new pair of espadrilles. Mine are getting grungy. :] // ☼

  • How timely! Just getting back into my pairs of espadrilles — both flat and slightly wedged — that I wore religiously like 7 years ago. I kinda have to REALLY force my foot into them, but I’m also convinced that my foot is generally shrinking.

    I bought my first pair of espadrilles many years ago because of my obsession with Grace Kelly, particular in “High Society.” She wore them with high-waisted khakis and spent the time in that Breakers mansion swatting random things in the air with a colorful neckerchief and stomping her foot at the actions of a certain Bing Crosby.

    Rita Hayworth looks bomb in the first pic. She was hot hot hot.

    • aha, here’s an image of G.K. shoutin’ at Bing.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        Love this look!!!!

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Love them! I have 2 pairs, I wear them with everything! Very comfortable and effortlessly chic. A CLASSIC

  • Tonia Rose

    Love espadrilles <3. Perfect for the summer, they're classic and as comfortable as slippers. Really chic 🙂

    I love the tie dye ones; they are bright and colorful, but no too loud as to detract attention from the rest of the outfit, definitely my favorite summer shoe at the moment 🙂

  • Sybil

    There’s a new spanish brand, Act Series, which is, in my view, sooo worth a try. There’s life after Castañer!

    • ElizabethGray

      I eagerly googled after reading your comment like the dutiful shopper I am 🙂 but I unfortunately couldn’t find anything online about them. Do you have a suggestion of where to look? Thanks girl- now you’ve got me curious!

      • derrp

        Just Google “ACT SERIES ESPADRILLE.”

        • espadrilldo

          As a bereft Castanerdo I was happy to find this website too… and loved the look of ’em… until I realized they needed to be sent from Germany….Glarp! Did anyone actually do this?

      • Sybil

        Sorry for the lack of information @disqus_Fk6FSeiryo:disqus, silly me! it totally slipped my mind. Thank you @derrp this is it! I’m really digging these corded double sole espadrilles right now.

  • Dominique
  • Love wedge espadrilles! They’re so comfy and add a little height!
    xo Tia |

  • Zoe Holt Angell

    Ugh, the big toe! Don’t worry, your body has a fresh crop of insults awaiting you in your 30s!

    • elisabeth quinn

      And 40s. Just wait, just wait….

  • maud.schellekens

    My fav accessory of Summer!

    XOXO Maud


  • Tara Edie

    I kinda love the Loeffler Randall pair even though I kinda think they’re ugly.

  • Carolina

    If you like espadrilles, there is a spanish website, they have beautiful “alpargatas” made in Spain

  • We think espadrilles can be very chic when worn appropriately. Chanel has some amazing espadrilles that they have shown in the past.

  • Espadrilles are beautiful but best for miniature women…

  • Perry

    Is the ad placement just under the banner new? It’s blinding.

  • Andres Poiche
  • Sassique

    Espadrilles are a great choice for this summer, you can wear it with almost everything, a very casual look or even with a more classy one, they add a pretty touch to an outfit, and plus they are so comfortable!

  • Kelly’s Gross-o

    I too have big toe hair. And second-knuckle finger hair (which is apparently a genetic rarity — thanks mom)!

  • Classic! Love the images, too. Nice touch adding the Grace Kelly pic from the film @disqus_GHltfAMGT2:disqus Okay, I’m so over the Tom’s so getting back to the Espadrilles sounds fantastic.

  • Emilie

    Did you ever have a look on the Naguisa one? They are fabulous!

  • Sara

    I love Alice & Whittles espadrilles! Super cute and ethically made. They should be on your list!!

  • Rey Abadi

    Love Castana


  • RRKS

    The best espadrilles bar none (even the real deal spanish ones) were made by LL Bean (Signature) five years ago. In my mind they will forever be the ideal, what espadrilles will attempt (and fail) to live up to…. They were splendid shoes, exquisite in their utilitarian beauty. The shape was perfect, long and elegant as a sailing sloop; the canvas was really strong; the front toppy part thing came back to the most flattering place on the top of the foot; and (sine quo non in my estimation) the toe was reinforced in a way that added durability, authenticity and maybe, weirdly vague echo of a pointe shoe. ust the perfect classic elegant shoe, . Oh my they were yar.

    Here is a related SAT-style math problem: I bought two pairs of these ideal espadrilles four years ago, I wear one or the other of them on average 3 days a week for 9 months out of the year. Maybe three years ago, they stopped making them. I wrote two lovely letters to LL Bean trying to convince them to bring these espadrilles of yore back. I received two lovely responses, telling me no. How much do I still hope they will bring them back someday? (Answer: 100%)

  • john
  • amg

    Last summer while in Barcelona I made a pilgrimage to La Manual Alpargatera….inexpensive handmade espadrilles that I adore, but I haven’t been wearing because I treasure them….time to break them out and just enjoy! This store is awesome if anyone is headed to Spain this summer!