You’re Going to An Outdoor Concert After Work…

…What Do You Wear?


Dressing for work in the summer is like trying to seductively eat an ice-cream cone: nearly impossible and always a sticky mess. Dressing for work and then for an outdoor concert in Prospect Park is like trying to seductively eat an ice-cream cone hands free, contradictory in essence and again, nearly impossible in feat. Also prone to violent tongue lashing.

Considering that you have exactly 45 minutes in between work and what’s left of a social life, you’ve got to ride that F train like Lance Armstrong on one Trek TTX and guess what! You’ve got no time to change. You really don’t want to be the girl in the black slacks again, straining to see the band because you can’t afford to ruin your best (and possibly) only pair of pants by sitting indian style on the ground. There’s always the Anthropologie floral dress you’ve worn at least once a summer for the past seven summers, but the thought of getting mistook for a Park Slope mom isn’t striking yo fancy.

Not tonight, at least.

Have you considered the culottes? This seasons hottest trend is a walking, talking identity crisis, but its inability to discern itself as pants or shorts works in your favor. An easy breezy pair like these, or these from Rachel Comey scream, “I can squash a deadline but I’m also capable of curating a lazy picnic in Prospect Park, drinking Malbec out of a plastic cup and listening to alternative music.”

You know what also says “I can deposition-digest faster than a hamster on crack can run laps on a wheel, but I’ll also share my patchwork quilt with others”? A sleeveless and crisp white blouse like this bad boy from ASOS. If you’re like me and buttons make you nervous, may I suggest a not so cropped top like this one from Zara. Top it all off with a pair of open toe bootieslow heeled sandals, or an easy breezy clog, and people will be asking whether you’re a roadie or an accountant.

Throw a jean jacket over your shoulders, whip your hair back n’ forth and thank your lucky stars that you don’t work in finance.

Oh, you do?

-Esther Levy

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  • GapToothedGirl

    Well, actually I work in a corporate suit, but with a big bag, and a little cabinet I’m ready in 15 minutes!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Carelia

    Great minds think alike!!!!!! I’m wearing culottes in my latest post in my blog, however, I wore mine with Birkenstocks for a stroll around the lake. I know they can look even more flattering with heels, mainly for gals like me that aren’t runway model tall. I love the way you styled yours. The shoes are awesome!!

  • Gracey Wallace

    Love this! Where is the shirt from? I couldn’t find the link.

    • Esther

      Zara, RUN.

  • Liz

    Is this a Leandara Medine stunt double?

    • Aubrey Green

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Leandra Medine

        Ha! It’s Esther, an MR freelancer!

        • Aubrey Green

          How does one become an MR Freelancer, or Team MR :)?

          • Leandra Medine

            They send submissions and raw cookie dough

          • Aubrey Green

            hahaha, got it.

  • Aubrey Green

    I thought this was Leandra at first, are you two related? Great outfit.

  • monkeyshines
  • 2manyshoes

    who makes the fringe sandals in Esther’s photo?

    • Esther

      Laurence Dacade 🙂

  • Brenda

    love this!

  • Looking good Esther!

    • Esther


  • Elif Filyos

    I love this look!

  • lavieenliz

    that sandro jacket is awesome

  • Why I do all that jobs then by myself

  • Ray, L

    As a Man I thank The Lord that I don’t have to worry bout such things, pair of khaki’s cool white cotton Oxford and we are ready for what ever comes our way… Though I must admit that the thought of a liberating pair of culottes that Esther Is Rocking does have it’s own rewards…
    Great pic, cool Clothes, what the world thinks a NYC city girl should look like, but better

    • Sylvia

      Looking good Esther! You can bring home the bacon ( in those culottes) fry it up in a pan ( in those culottes) AND go to a concert ( in those culottes)!

    • Raquel levy

      Don’t forget about those orange prada loafers

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Luuuuvvv it

  • Sara

    Those shoes are perfect. The whole outfit looks cute and comfortable.

  • Dominique
  • Cate Adair

    Great advice for an on-the-go gal! Here is another suggestion for us women on the go:

  • Francisc

    These styling ideas are soooo cool!

  • There is no one cute and smart in the whole world. u r looking so beautifull.

  • Love the culottes and heel combo! I will definitely be purchasing some culottes now 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

  • claudia

    This look is absolutely perfect! Love the color combo!

  • JS

    Great read and cute photos 🙂 I am specifically sympathetic towards your f-train escapades. Those pants would be perfect for when I’m sandwiched in between shvitzing passengers. Also, who makes the jacket?

    • Esther

      and for when you’re sitting on a seat that’s been previously shvitzed on. the jacket is Sandro, see ya on the F

  • waiting4game2start

    Who’s that Girl? she is Leandre’s ” Mini Me”andrea
    But Seriously she’s got style and she looks like the kinda gal whose confidence can make any old outfit look like it was planned months in advance, also did she write this as well?
    if she did then she is a triple threat…….

  • Stephanie

    i m a park slope mom and i attended a recent concert in prospect park in black linen culottes, a navy striped tank, and a beige jacket. in other words, an outfit not that different than the one endorsed here.

    • Esther

      I stand corrected.

  • I am smitten with those shoes. And that shirt.

  • jjjoy

    i have this exact problem tonight

  • Between the Blondes

    This look is head-to-toe perfection. Completely obsessed.

  • jamie

    great ideas for trendy outfits that can be worn all day at work, then be able to go out after work without having to swing by the house to change, which is very time consuming, and enjoy the festivities!

  • ChastityBriner

    The concert is so very interesting and Mind Blowing to wearing by the girls.

  • Marta Pozzan

    Mini #manrepeller

  • Raquel levy

    Mindy Kalling would be proud.

  • Sarah

    Who makes your culottes?

  • habitatus

    gotta be a little bit of the practical one: culottes are a great choice for a summer outdoor concert…but white pants are not, sorry to say! the likelihood of grass stains, particularly in prospect park, is fairly high…the likelihood of any other kind of mysterious grime or food/ drink even higher. Plus it limits how much you can enjoy the show & not worry about the whites! Hope your’s did not fare as poorly as mine –?

  • john
  • john
  • steph

    Yeah, I would wear this outfit if I was my mother, and I was going to a Jose Feliciano concert…

  • ThisPersonSleeps

    I would but I’m short and not skinny.