Enduring The Flame of Rosie Assoulin

It is so hard to divorce the consumer that I am by virtue of loving clothes from the critic I would like to be by virtue of wanting to talk about clothes. Never does it seem as difficult to separate these respective churches from their states, though, as it does when I’m up against a collection like the most recent of Rosie Assoulin.

Never mind the gowns, or gown tops, with their hand painted stripes in phenomenal color pairings and quirky, backside nuances that confirm it: making an entrance is impressive, but making an exit is monumental.

Never mind the lengths, which don’t let women feel like lesser versions of themselves with the generous space they provide to let legs be legs. You don’t even have to mind the salient details — a cargo pocket here, a dramatic sleeve there.

The I have to have you feeling that Assoulin provides comes from an intimate connection. It leaves your jaw dropped open, your stomach aflutter and your finger tips clenching the inside of your pockets, and this has very little to do with shapes or colors or lengths.

Because her ability to take quotidian silhouettes (like a marled knit or a men’s classic board short) and not revolutionize them, but evolve them (with slits across the shoulders or through a fabric like faille) is where the real talent lies. Assoulin knows how to strike a connection between the wearer and her clothes — to make the wearer feel like she is being hugged and arguably more importantly like she never needs to change.

Out of her clothes or her ideals.

How could it be that such crisp, unassuming but chiefly new garments like pink wide leg cotton pants — vaguely reminiscent of pajamas, or a white shirt dress with a navy blue breast-sache, or green cargo board shorts could make a woman who has never known them before also make her question how she’s been living without them?

They say you can’t un-see things and they’re right but at least, when it comes to fashion, you can have them.

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  • LondonGlitter

    Oh my god. I love nearly every single piece. What a brilliant collection.

  • Amelia Diamond


  • monkeyshines
  • The draping is truly exquisite. plus the garments seem to exude this “too cool for you” vibe that it makes me think you’ve been the actual muse for the designer of this collection.


  • This whole collection — like every Rosie collection — is insane. Just simple, beautiful, elegant clothing. Also, that raffia hoodie just GETS ME.

    May I put in a request for an MR x Rosie Assoulin video? One that takes us behind the brand, the woman, the elegance, the beauty?

  • Cherie Gisondi

    Totally you!!!

  • Cherie Gisondi


  • GapToothedGirl

    This is a new collection, it’a about feelings, and not just styled like a classic magazine. I love it!
    XOX, Gap.

  • So in love!

  • amazing to the maximum! Thank you for the post Leandra!

  • Caroline Y

    Amazingly beautifully written, Leandra!

  • OuLALA!

    “The Truth About The Coming Zombie Apocalypse”

  • Jen

    The red dress is the most beautiful.

  • Greer

    Shit that white super structural, like, wave dress with the gray inside and midrif cut out?! holy shit

  • Tonia Rose

    Woah this collection is amazing. I love how each piece is stylish in its own way, with just the amount of flair without being too overrated. The dresses are so elegant yet simple with a unique twist giving a modern effect. Rosie is so talented, the white and grey skirt is absolutely stunning <3.

  • That red dress…need it! :O


  • This truly is a beautiful collection. I’ve yet to see something so astounding emerge out of the fashion scene in quite a while. Brings back the art of fashion. Bravo, Assoulin! And thank you for sharing such a delight!



  • Accademia di Moda

    We adore each and every piece! Our favorite is her amazing wide-leg pant! Ultra flattering!

  • bong