How to Wear Clogs

Just slip your feet in! Duh!


Some great things about clogs: they’re comfortable; they do this neat thing to your ankles, which makes them look more like pigeon limbs than human limbs; a lot of them are from The Netherlands, thus rendering them worldlier than you. And they also allow for you to strike that fashion-revered, imperfect balance of perfectly in/formal — much the way sneakers do.

But here’s the other thing about clogs: they’re still way too naive to be adopted as a material pundit of normcore the way the latter genre of footwear has. So, if your outfit is your own personal America, it is my belief that clogs can be your international leader.


Here are some ways I wear mine.

Photographed against The Bowery Mural, you’ll find what I call The Tribeca Mom Way. I am wearing a Rachel Comey jean jacket over a Vika Gazinskaya x & Other Stories cotton poplin blouse and high waist Acne jeans. I look like am going to pick my daughter up from school on the corner of White Street and I’m holding a backpack to make her feel like we are experiencing education together. She made me that daisy ring. Isn’t she the best?

Second, you will find the man-I-wish-I-was-on-a-beach-but-I-guess-pavement-will-do way of wearing clogs. It is not rare that you will find a misplaced New Yorker dressed like she’s half on her way to the beach, half on her way to an industrial power lunch and I think that’s what makes us so quizzical(ly special). Sure, I could have opted for sandals that would have sealed the nail in the coastal coffin. Don’t clogs just seem to bring this white linen off the shoulder blouse and burlap underwear shorts right on back down to Second Avenue? The shorts are Sally LaPointe, the sunglasses are Illesteva.

Third we have the Leandra way which I am only calling that because I don’t know why anyone else would conceal an intricately sewn, spectacularly feminine white lace mini dress — ostensibly made for a bride, though fit for a city — with a linen blazer but I do know why I did it.

Double breast-uh-ses are my breakfast and it is 9AM.

Finally, we have The Bonus Round which features not the previous 3-inch high Swedish Hasbeen clogs but instead a pair of 6-inch clogs replete with tassel and all. These typically pair nicely with at least two layers of denim, hence the Rachel Comey shorts and the now infamous Acne men’s jacket, and a blouse that can be injected with helium and make its wearer fly away.

If you’re a fan of the old clog, then you’ll be glad to hear that groovy platforms are trending.

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  • I saw an awesome older lady wearing these exact shoes at the bus stop this morning.

    The universe is clearly trying to tell me I need clogs today. Cool.

  • Emily Baker

    i severely sprained my ankle getting up from my desk wearing my dansko’s a month and a half ago. had to give them away, because they’re just so bad for weak ankles. but i want some sven’s or swedish hasbeens REAL bad!! tried on some hasbeens and was just not impressed with how they fit tho…. what the heck?!!?

    • nycshoegal

      Try Lotta from Stockholm. They sell on amazon or through their UK site… I HATE the Hasbeens sandals, the heels are just way too high, it’s impossible for me to walk in. Lotta’s however are a dream.

  • Pygmalion

    I have had these acid-green hasbeens in my amazon basket for over a month. It is clearly time to proceed to checkout…

  • Andrea Bohnstedt

    I live in my clogs from LIVE in them.

  • Catrine

    I like the sandal-clog style a lot, they are kind of groovy 🙂 I am not a big fan of the closed toe clog though…I usually find them ugly…


  • Yvespink

    A perfect way to style clog shoes, love the first outfit pairing

  • claudia

    Love how you style denim on denim and the Chanel bag pack is gorgeous!

  • Caroline

    I need that Suno blouse on my body. I also need that first pair of clogs, maybe in a different color…but, one thing at a time 🙂

  • Nico

    Green one are really cool! Stylish outfit!

    Dreaming of Capri with Picta Beachwear on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Kristen

    I love the look of clogs but I tried a pair on at Topshop and my feet started crying because it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Those Rochas do seem like a dream, though…

  • Aubrey Green

    I love clogs. I use to wear them all the time in 7th grade. I went to a concert and my friend and I ended up in a mosh-pit, I got elbowed in the eye and my clog got lost in the crowd, but returned at the end of the night when they held the shoe up for claim – I miss those shoes.

  • monkeyshines
  • SachinBabi

    Love your outfits! Such an interesting style 😉
    Xx. Sachin + Babi

    Our Street Style of the day :

  • pt

    what are the first pair of sunglasses?

    • Leandra Medine

      Oliver People club master style master lenses master of disaster

  • Fiona CG

    Another vote for Lotta from Stockholm. The best.

  • For real in love with all these outfits! Your outfit posts are my fav! Maybe it’s time for me to get some mom clogs too…

  • GapToothedGirl

    I have one question…are they comfortable?? I’m wondering about that…

    XOX, Gap.

  • Great location and I really like your denim on denim style!

    Rathana xo ✪

  • lavieenliz

    all the looks are great

  • mfashionfreak

    you have great legs. and you look great! heh


  • Tara Edie

    I love the chestnut pair! They’re to die for!! I’ve got a black pair I love, but I always get so self-conscious about the clop, clop, clop’ing when I’m indoors. Oh well, so worth it!!


  • Sarah

    Are clogs that buckle really clogs or wooden sandals?

  • Guest

    “When I hear a clog, I’m expecting a donkey” Christian Loboutin.
    He is funny…lol.


    BIRKENSTOCKS AND LACE…latest post at:

  • “When I hear a clog, I’m expecting a donkey” Christian Louboutin.
    He is funny…lol


  • Maui

    I was expecting a real chunky clunky clog not dainty pretty sandals.

  • Rose

    Have you thought that Dr. Scholl’s Exercise Sandals are the exact cross between the Birkenstock Madrid and the Sweedish Hasbeens? Dont you think that might be the next (albeit, yet unidentified) fad. I think I want to be ahead of the curve on this one…

  • Maria

    who makes the white lace dress? The link doesn’t work?

  • The color does the trick, and wanted to add, being a Dutchie, that as far as I know there aren’t many clogs still made in Holland and girls don’t wear them at all there, ha!

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    I’m always always big fan of naive shoes, because they are so not naive hhh ;DDD. Oh and last one with the Swedish clogs are just pure perfection :DD

    I wanted to invite you guys to check out one of my posts, because I have a feeling you will like what u see, so here it is one my favorite posts ever :

  • AngelenaEgnor
  • maud.schellekens

    Love it!

    XOXO Maud


  • Viveka

    Love the green Hasbeens. Sadly nobody loved me enough to buy them, even though they were published on the worldwide web as an official Birthday Request! (
    Either that or the delivery is very slow…

  • Love the mom outfit.

  • Clogs are the best <3

  • Those Chanel backpacks are so amazing, and LOVE the lace top you layered with the blue blazer. So chic!

  • Those Chanel backpacks are HEAVEN, love them so much. We also adore the lace top you layered with the blue blazer. So chic!

  • hanna anderson clogs! for all your fellow 90s babies that remember getting that catalog in the mail, can i get a what what?

  • Tracy

    You really rock girl!!! You have made me buy two tops you own; first that cute costume national biased cut white top and now this suno one! Arghhh!

  • mamavalveeta03

    I’m cracking up over the NY (private school) mom description. Gawd, I’m glad I already raised my kids!

  • ak

    I am a chef, so I wear dansko clogs all the time and have for years. I have worn my dansko clogs with everything while running errands around the city and suprisingly enough, I do get compliments all the time haha. I really like pairing like, a prim, cap sleeved lace dress with a little denim jacket and my dansko clogs, or with short cut off shorts and a t shirt. I find it gives just the right amount of not trying too hard cool and dresses down outfits that could otherwise be a little too sexy or a little too precious for every day running around.

  • Joe

    Anyone wearing dutch clogs?

  • Acton Bell

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  • Excellent post! Whenever I find clogs for women on sale, I usually end up buying a couple for my wife who’s obsessed with them. I don’t mind though, as they are quite attractive to look at.