A$AP Rocky, Style Icon

He’s that pretty mother fucker


Here’s the thing about my relationship with A$AP Rocky: he doesn’t completely know we’re in one. I don’t want to call us dating dating either — he’s seeing other people, I’m seeing pictures of him with other people so it’s fine, but where we have something truly special is in his ability to dress like the fashionably-adventurous-without-looking-cartoonish person I wish I could be.

Leandra often talks about how good designers elicit in their admirers the sense of, I could be that girl. So is it impossible to think that I could look at A$AP Rocky and say to myself, I could be that guy? But you know, as a girl. 

Absolutely not.

We’re consistently celebrating and approximating men’s style. But at this point, labeling fashion with gender is practically as irrelevant as trying to assign it a time period; everything is cyclical, everything is fluid. Everyone is borrowing from everyone else. It’s nice, it means we really did all learn to share. What’s interesting is no longer that we want to steal sweaters from our great grandfathers or jeans from our boyfriends but rather, that we have the ability to develop a fascination with a style that’s quite different from our own.

Part of A$AP Rocky’s style comes from his unadulterated confidence. He even refers to himself as “that pretty mother fucker.” But swagger and a cocky smile can only get you so far in fashion if your shoes are wack and your outfit’s basic. Instagram commenters will tell you so. In this industry, you have to be able talk, walk, and wear it. Rocky’s clearly done his homework.

“She got a lotta Prada, that Dolce & Gabbana / I can’t forget Escada, and that Balenciaga” he sings in “Fashion Killa.” This isn’t the impressive part. Artists have been rhyming with Prada since the design house has been around (oh, you’ve never heard that one hit from the early 19th century?) and 50 Cent paired “Prada” with “Gabbana” long before A$AP Rocky.

Where he picks up speed is his nod to Helmut Lang — a classic, Alexander Wang — the wunderkid, followed by his name-drops of Jil Sander, Ann Demeulemeester, Thom Browne, Rick Owens, Raf Simons. A$AP Rocky is, if nothing else, a major peruser of Style.com.

We know he endorses Hood by Air and he’s been around at fashion week the past few seasons. But immersing yourself in clothes doesn’t automatically make you stylish — it’s personality first, and then something aesthetically inherent second. Consider his affinity for high-buttoned collars, for jeans that run a bit tighter than his music genre’s historical norm. Think about the way he embraces color, sports shorts like a surfer, wears black like Emmanuelle Alt, treats a suit as an outfit (as opposed to an occasion-appropriate requirement) and wears big, bold prints with pride.

He very well may have a stylist. Almost all of the photos shown are from photoshoots and in the massive well that is an “A$AP Rocky” search on Pinterest, we’ve edited. But I can’t help but believe that his say in what he wears is louder than other artists’ — that Steve Zissou hat and blue leopard jacket above had to have been his call. Which is why, even though I wouldn’t personally wear head-to-toe Birds of Paradise à la Givenchy men’s 2012, I wish I could. He makes me want to be that guy. Or girl.

But this:

via Mr Porter

This I could more than handle.

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  • Ummm….you’re seeing him, too? Might have to take a hiatus from this here blog and mull things over.

    He’s cute and all in clothes, but I’m just gonna cut to the chase and say we all really just want to see him with that Cult Gaia flower crown on and nothing else.


      • This is when I pass.

        • GUYS, I was KIDDING. I think my tea was caffeinated.

    • jk.. sorry.

      • Amelia Diamond


        • You aren’t surprised though are you, Amelia? Writing about Rocky on a predominantly female website is like letting an Exeter kid run free in a Brooks’ Brothers store.

          • Kelly’s Gross-o

            Holllld up, bitches simma down

            (thanks for the perfect set up ladies, sorry for the b-word)

  • tonikali

    “But swagger and a cocky smile can only get you so far in fashion if your shoes are wack and your outfit’s basic.” I laughed so hard at this line. Bravo! Ms. Diamond

  • Joana Gomes

    He does have great style. Or a great stylist. Either way. Love him.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  • Charlotte Fassler

    **~~HuBbA HuBbA~~** <3

    • Okay, I have a hard life question for you: Paul Newman OR Rocky??

      No exceptions, no odd, impossible fusions. Just one.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        Paul Newman. But Long Live A$AP!

        • I feel you on this. Newman = for life. Definitely more invested.

      • Babyslice

        Such an unexpected but equitable would you rather. A$AP though

  • John E

    you’re a genius amelia

    • Amelia Diamond

      John E you are welcome to the picnic any day!

      • John E

        Only if you are still on the all sugar diet.

  • I like his music but his style actually makes me like it more. I can’t believe he doesn’t have a designer grill yet.

  • Rachel Jones

    and can we talk about this … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKPTTIlA5gg
    he won me over here!

    • Yes. This was prime.

    • Amelia Diamond

      haahahahahah “you’re excused”

      • Amelia Diamond

        whoa and I just died when he says “oh furreal, that’s what’s up”

        • Especially couple with tha lil smile.

    • Rachel Jones

      “he here to buy a shirt so he too goof to flirt, what ah”


    • Rachel Jones


    • Rebeka Osborne

      Yes. This was amazing, thank you for sharing. Love me some A$AP!

    • Guest

      Awkward that ASAP’s the best actor in this video.

  • Chelsea Murphy

    Lana’s “National Anthem” video…. Sugar-sugar-how-now, Mr. Rocky, those cardigans and Nantucket reds were just SO GOOD.

    • Maggie Rose Regan


  • Lieryn

    Ok next up for discussion ..RUSSELL WESTBROOK. Have you perused his IG lately?? The man is a fashion stud.

    • Lieryn

      In fact, how about NBA style in general??

      • Amelia Diamond

        Whoa I just looked him up, he’s awesome!!!!!

  • Francisc

    His style is really great!


  • Dominique
  • justsaying
  • eh, drake’s got more style than he does.

  • Megan // www.fyeahblog.com

    That sexy smile aside, you touched base on a topic that has me all in a huff. I’m so over the idea of women “borrowing from the boys” and couldn’t agree more with your sentiment that “labeling fashion with gender is…irrelevant.” Clothes are clothes are clothes, and I’ll wear whatever I want whenever I want, fuck you very much. Though achieving A$AP’s seemingly cool factor is another story.

  • Great article. I love A$AP!! One of the only rappers who is confident in himself enough to have his own mind and style and be original and not dress like every other rapper. I’m so tired of seeing sagging pants, dingy boxers and butt cracks!!!

  • As a fan of his music, I know he incorporates fashion into his personality. More like a cholo-Kanye West. I think the whole hip-hop experienced gets more well-rounded and cultured with artists like him because he doesn’t just name drop and grab his dick, he murmurs artistic direction and design giving his style more purpose. He is damn well near the Rihanna of the hip-hop fashion industry, -not for his popularity, but his intentions.

  • john
  • Allison

    one time I saw him in line for canadian customs at the toronto airport. at first I noticed him because the guy with him was holding his bags for him and I was like awh they’re a super cute couple, and then I was like damn, is that ASAP Rocky? then I was like nawh couldn’t be. I wish I’d said hi. Four feet from this babe. Sigh.

  • ThisPersonSleeps

    YES! I’m a big fan!

  • Melissa R

    You need to add the photos of him in Gucci from the Vanity Fair shoot!