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Where you can find peanut butter, jelly and multi-colored handbags.


In partnership with Nina Ricci.

The only thing worse than the end of a holiday weekend that promised no sun at all but subsequently delivered a generous helping of just that, is the beginning of a work week that offers no promise save for one distant, fractured allusion that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. And may or may not be adapted into a musical starring Helga G. Pataki.

On the bright side, I suppose, at least this means summer may actually be rearing its shiny-ass head to smile upon all of us while we embark on a journey I like to call, Paste to Poop: An Expedition Through Skin Tones.

Still, though, that means nothing about this particular moment in time. The pesky Present, with a capital P. I’d imagine that your head is pounding while you think to yourself, did I forget how to read?

I’m right there with you.

So in the interest of assuaging this anxiety we’re facing together, forget the words and just watch this series of videos as produced with Nina Ricci over the course of the last fashion week. I extended my take on their classic, best-selling Marché bag and if I may, I’d like to start calling it a Super Marché bag.

We started in Paris with Ricci’s creative director, Peter Copping.

Then went to Italy, where the bags are handmade in the most delightful factory just south of Milan.

And just like Drake, now we here.

In New York.

The handbag is now available for purchase in limited quantity on Net-a-Porter. You can also just sit back, relax and judge me for wearing checkered suede shoes with an orange cap toe and a corporate-blue-meets-fiesta-down-below blouse by No.21 (I have never in my life said no to black beads that could be mistaken for cockroaches and don’t plan to start now) over an acid green slip dress, over a pair of ripped jeans and under a pair of knickers that say “Friday” even though it’s Tuesday.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Let’s go get a drink.


Part of a collaboration with Nina Ricci. Endless thanks to The Denzels for the song Self Talk, featured in Part 1, and Mooses for Bette Davis, featured in Part 3. 

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