The Rules of Style as Unofficially Told by Sarah Jessica Parker

Rule #1: There are no rules.


Already understand Carrie’s style? How about her lifestyle? We’ve tried it.

You know what gets old faster than Benjamin Button gets young? Sex and the City posters.

You know what never gets old on the same accord? Looking at photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and her alter-ego Carrie Bradshaw.

It has been said that every piece of writing in the history of the written word as we have known it thus far is derived from what has been called the greatest piece of literature of not just our time but of all time. And that is the bible. Were not, after all, Adam and Eve a totem for the first-of-all-time love story gone awry? What about Cain and Able — were they not the first brothers who foretold of the tumultuously lethal relationships that can exist within a family? And Ruth! Was it not she who first underscored the nuances of a relationship with mother-in-laws for all?

I want to go out on a limb and suggest that Sarah Jessica Parker bears a similar relationship with fashion of the early aughts. She was all about the exposed belly button. And never, I might add, looked naked. The sandal slides of today were the comfort zone of her yesterday. And just last week, while I was tying neck scarves around my wrists to call them arm scarves, it occurred to me that not even that was an original endeavor. Cue season 4, episode 8.

I’m just kidding, I don’t know what season or episode her scarved arms first flaunted themselves but it happened. And I liked it. And whether you want to sign on or protest, there is something profound to be said about the effect she has had on the rules of style. Chiefly, by suggesting that there are no rules. Want to wear a big-ass fucking orchid on your shoulder? Do it, girl. How about a bird on your head or a full white flare legged body suit that may or may not make you look like Gwyneth Paltrow if she were spider? Glow for it.

And why? Because you can.

We all can.

No one has been able to articulately highlight the value of projecting personal style the way that Sarah Jessica Parker has by zealously declaring, sans words, that it’s all a game of trial and error. If you’re always getting it right, you’re not really doing it right. Have fun. Go crazy. Live a little. Wipe back to front.


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  • boyfriendsandblazers

    Her elegance persists through crop tops and absurd outfits. SHE HAS BALLS. but pretty girl balls.If you want to make a statement in the fashion industry you need to be a fire eating dauntless tiger. NO ROOM FOR NORMIES.

    • Jo

      Well said!!!!

    • Cherryblossomgirl08

      Who even cares about making a statement in the fashion industry? Go wild with your personal style because it’s yours<3

  • Aubrey Green

    G-d I love her.

  • Dominique Harris

    I swear she is one of my favourite people in the entire world. I definitely don’t love everything she puts on but I just love the way in which she does it.

  • Cara Hotz

    God bless!!

  • Sarah

    Ok I was going to call you out on copying Carrie’s arm scarf but you did it yo’self.

  • Cherie Gisondi

    My SJP obsession started with Square Pegs and we were preggers at the same time. She looked cute, I, notsomuch. Love Ya Leandra!

  • Ralu

    I feel she somehow sends a little message to you brain that goes like ‘open your closet and experiment with the craziest things you have’. And that is lovely!

  • ee_by_cc

    I only have one thing to say…Square Pegs. That is all.

  • Chloe

    This post is exactly what my afternoon needed. Thanks for always reading my mind!
    xx Chloe

  • One time I very earnestly asked a classmate if they knew who physically penned the bible, and I almost had my hair ripped from the scalp. Had no idea that such a question was offensive and more importantly off limits.

    As for SATC, I’ve never seen an episode, but I feel as if it’s a duty to do so because of all the Carrie Bradshaw-Leandra Medine comparisons I’ve heard over the years. It’s that flamboyance and genuine enthusiasm for fashion that initially drew me to this site, so if Carrie Bradshaw possesses just a fraction of that (which, according to the above, she does), then it must be worth delving into episodes past.

    Happy Friday!!

    • tanja

      Is it possible that there is a woman out there that likes fashion and has never seen an episode of satc? You must correct that immediately or the universe may fall out of balance!:)) No, I am serious! In a way I envy you for an opportunity to discover all those great lines and fashion. Have a great few weekends enjoying a season after season!

  • gina

    i love SJP (but you can’t wipe back to front no matter what!!)

  • I live by the that … The only rule to fashion is that there are no rules!! Love this and SJP!

  • GapToothedGirl

    I like this style!
    XOX, Gap.

  • pamb

    OMG THE HAIR in those 80’s pics, especially the one with RDJ, and the ‘Let’s Get physical’ headband with the eyebrows brushed up and gelled into place. Don’t forget the ‘Blossom’ hat with a flower! Hysterical.

  • I think we’re all kind of drawn to anyone who doesn’t seem to be intimidated by fashion. Deep down all of us dream, at least a little bit, of being able to wear a gigantic tulle skirt out in public and look and feel as confident as we do in a t-shirt and jeans, right?

  • maria

    Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my fashion icons, as Carrie Bradshaw or as herself. I also get very protective when I hear people say bad things about her (you know the “horseface” thing). I don’t get it, to me she’s so beautiful and she always seems like a total sweetheart.

  • Guest

    this look = perfect

  • zoe_whip

    SJP is epic NYC. She is flawless! Whether Carrie or herself (one and the same as far as I’m concerned) – she is the very best because she is a non-conformist NYer and nice also!

  • romz

    wipe back to front????? LMFAO I am DYING

  • CHF


    • TKB

      I completely agree with you. I do not credit SJP at all. It’s Patricia Fields that is the fashion genius and SJP is getting all the credit for being so fashion forward. She took a very few amount of fashion risks before Sex and the City and I really don’t think they were very becoming. But, after she started playing Carrie Bradshaw, her personal style soon followed Carrie’s. SJP is the muse. Patricia Fields is the icon. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

    • diane

      It is true that Patricia Fields (and her assistants) were the ones who created the wardrobe not just for Carrie, but for three other unique personalities, as well. And she consistently nailed it for all four characters, each with their own sartorial style and flair (Charlotte had some killer clothes, too). But SJP is the one who has curated her own look (with a stylist, I suppose) at least as long as the show has been off the air.

    • I honestly believe it’s the combination of both. Artist and canvas, or perhaps artist and medium. The exact same clothes on another woman wouldn’t produce the same effect.

  • Elena

    She is such a style inspiration. She makes people want to be her and guys want to be with her. Props for balancing that hell of a gladiator helmet at the past Met Gala!! Her style reflects how confident and strong she is – not to mention impeccable taste. SJP to me is the definition of #girlpower

  • Stefanie

    I love watching reruns of SATC just for the clothes… they never get old!

  • Samantha Bei

    I’m pretty sure she is the one that started my obsession with shoes. She definitely took risks, and some of them did not pay off but she still rocked it.

  • i love her! i never tire of looking at images of her…I even started a SJP Street Style inspiration pinterest board her own style is awesome especially the ‘school run’ outfits!

  • Elisa Taviti

    I love her!!

    Elisa xx

    My Fantabulous World

  • Camille

    Yeaah, exactly! I dug out my old SATC DVD the other day (Season 3) and was struck by how the style of Ms Bradshaw had not dated at all, still looks totally on point! Credit to Patricia Field as the person above said, it would be remiss not to credit her genius

  • What about antiperspirants to prevent from partially dyeing your clothes especially near the serratus anterior? :p

  • vintage dressingroom

    I do agree. Risks are very necessary. If one doesn’t “experiment” and go against the norm new trends can’t be born. Life (& fashion) would be so boring! And I guess that’s precisely why fashion is so exciting. . SJP is an amazing muse in our century for style and fashion and majorly for all those who adore and I daresay worship fashion!! I agree that how she combines elements and things or as she is styled to wear them is where the magic is! Always with that ‘x’ element, that je ne sais quoi ! The contradiction and juxtaposition of styles. That is fashion.

  • silk

    Hi. I always read your blog however it is my first time writing here. As a long time fan of SJP I have to tell you that your article was entertaining, refreshing and I believe right on. Keep up the good work Leandra.

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    Love reading your thoughts 🙂

  • So many great looks that only she could pull off! She’ll always be a style icon.

  • Oliver Lips

    Style-wise she is probably THE ONE. We all loved her in Sex & the City and years after that she still wow’s in her outfits! She’s not the most beautiful woman on earth, but there is a certain je ne sais quoi that remained throughout all these years. Already excited to see her granny-style!

  • so true…no rules. Just comfort in expression and self. I think its easier post 30 for most people !!!

  • She is THE BEST.

  • jurgita

    The greatest fashion story ever!


  • Haha, wipe back to front. SJP is such an icon and I love your somehow irreverent/totally-in-awe-of-her take.

  • Brittany

    No offense to Anna Dello Russo, but I feel like SJP is everything ADR wish she could be. So much non-chalance!!

    • pterridactyl

      I wish I could upvote this more than once…

  • su

    Immortal Carrie Bradshaw…

  • Love Her. On top of my style Icons.

  • This woman and her alter ego have never taken fashion seriously, as it should be! Carrie turned simple errands into an event with her style! So, oh hail Ms Bradshaw!

  • Sam

    Truly a women to look up to (:
    A shoe loving girl. I can’t help but recommend a small handmade designer I simply adore!
    Check it out:
    She’s awesome and every shoe is actually made by hand!

  • Brie

    first off: DO NOT wipe back to front, like, EVER. terrible jokes leandra, shame shame. second off: SJP/CB is my god. she is god. nevermind the fact that some of those are just awful outfits, but that’s precisely why i love them and her so much. wear what you want.


    Sarah Jessica Parker and her alter ego Carrie B
    radshaw as you said it are my bible i watch sex and the city every time i need a refresher on my religion that is fashion.

  • Her outfits towards the end of the series when she is in Paris are etched in my brain.

  • Gabriela

    Loved this post <3

  • God I love her – she’s so fabulous – always tearing up the imaginary style rulebook, the boundaries of which most of us prefer to stay within.

  • JZRL

    Looking at all the photos, I can’t help feeling that not only does she manage to be creative and inspiring with her style, she’s also doing a really good job of aging without lots of cosmetic intervention.. am I imagining this? She is daring to weather the years without trying to stretch her skin taut over her face – and thus escapes having a face like a water balloon that’s about to pop…

  • Jade Lake

    I wish this slide show went on forever…

  • Moni Design

    Love this post and the SJP photos! I’ve got to give a shout out to Patricia Field for all her wonderful costume/wardrobe/styling talents on SATC.

  • The title of this article, alone, excites me. She’s the shit.

  • Agreed on all counts, but you’re not giving enough credit to Pat Fields. Homegirl predicts trends and fashion like no other costume designer ever!

    • Ohoyo Tohbi

      True. True. True!

  • nomimalone

    Man, looking at this post made me remember just how important SITC was for the fashion, NYC, and grown-assed ladies being awesome parts of my poor, weird little brain. Talk about clothing telling a story.

  • Icon!

    Warm Regards,

  • tanja

    Trial and error- exactly! I’m relieved that it’s not just me getting it wrong sometimes and concluding at the end of the day that I should have worn something with something else, hoping that it did not look as wrong to everyone that saw me that day as it looked to me when I looked myself in the mirror after the long day at the office. And then on the days I get it all right, I think to myself I must remember this combination and repeat it, but then some unvisible force drives me to always try some new combinations. Why, I wonder?

  • MarionetFanny BowsandGirls

    That’s an inspiration ! Think outside the box ! :)

  • Carolina75

    Love this advice! Playing with fashion is so much FUN!

  • Cici

    Love this article. Let me tell you that I think you are like a neo-Carrie Bradshaw, Leandra.

  • Jenna

    The best suggestion ever.

  • pterridactyl

    Despite so many bad hairstyles in the early days she consistently looks cool in a really likeable way.

    I also totally mistook her for the insanely perfect Gillian Anderson in the second to last slide, which, let’s face it, is no bad thing at all.

  • You’re a freaking genius, Leane!


    Lil Miss Bianca


  • Giselle

    She can pull of a lot of things. It’s the combination of her physique and her confidence and her taste. She doesn’t have the ‘model type’ body. And it’s not only because she’s slender and thin. It’s something about her physique. I can say the same thing about you Leandra. You can pull off a lot of outfits that most people wouldn’t be able to in a million years. You have that combination too.

    • Jill

      Agreed. SJP has a ballerina-type body that wears clothes well. And she’s lean, lean, lean (toned muscles, very little body fat). And she seems to have a “hell on wheels” mentality regarding her closet, which I love. But there’s a reason why people still talk about SJP and SATC for fashion and notsomuch the other three ladies. They all looked great; they all had a personal style on the show. But SJP is blessed with a body that *really* shows off clothes. And she gets proportion PERFECTLY. I do think she’s wonderful, and though I’m not always a fan of Patricia Fields’ wackiness, I think these two ladies were a perfect combination in this case.

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  • GiuliaG

    I can’t believe a website documenting every single Carrie outfit has yet to be created

  • starryhye

    Love SJP’s style and just about everything that was worn on SATC. It was so outside of “normal” and inspired me to look at clothes differently. I also love SJP’s wild hair b/c I too have wild hair 😉

  • You funny

  • deb

    Great retrospective. sjp just keeps on inspiring. thanks for sharing.

  • Tanya Paz

    Not enough credit ever goes to Patricia Field for so many of the SATC outfits that inspire us! Props to you, Ms. Field, genius stylist that you are.

  • Natalie Hedberg

    Absolutely fabulous. Exclamation point.

  • Rachel Herring

    “Glow for it” is officially my new catch phrase.

    Leandra, You never fail to make giggle my ass off even in my un-ergonomic chair in which I sit in a closet at work. None of that matters when I read an inspiring paragraph that gives me the courage to wear that insane dress I bought at H&M last weekend then, “Wipe back to front.” Girl, you get me.