Office Apropos: Spring Has Sprung

Three girls, five days, fifteen outfits, and this weird thing called sun


Day 1

Leandra: Wheel in the banjos! I’m home! I just got back from a week-long Passover trip in Mexico where there was zero gluten and plenty of mixed nuts, and it is my belief that nothing says I’m home quite like a lady blouse from Max Mara and mid-heel, shiny ballet flats by a storied house on its way back in. Except, of course, ripped high waist jeans that cost $3. So that’s where I’m at.

Max Mara blouse, Levi’s jeans, Bruno Magli shoes.

Charlotte: All black everything only made sense as I mourned the end of a fun-filled weekend. However Amelia told me I looked like an art student straight out of the 90s (which I think is a good thing?). To her credit I was wearing a cardigan coupled with a vintage little boy’s vest, linen trousers, and some funky brogues.

Amelia: I feel like my outfit today says “ancient Bethlehem meets Nantucket.” I feel like my pose in the second picture says, “I’m drunk.”

Ralph Lauren suede coat, Vince sweater, Madewell jeans, H&M sandals, Westward Leaning sunglasses and my shirt, I am sorry to tell you, is a weird equestrian brand that definitely does not have a website.

Day 2

Leandra: Suddenly, it has occurred to me that I am capital-T-Tanned. (Or is it tan? I can never quite get that right.) So much so that I look vaguely irresponsible for allowing the sun to penetrate my skin so comprehensively. My dad always says that sitting in the sun is like taking a mortgage out on your youth that you can never pay back and I fear I will have to face the repercussions of just that any moment now but at least I’m wearing a ton of denim to assuage the effects of terrible, aging skin, right? Right?

The jacket is Acne, the blouse (which features a tail — A TAIL! — is by an Australian brand called Georgia Alice, the jeans are Patrick Ervell and the white pumps are Valentino.

To answer your question, there is no such thing as too much denim. (Were you going to ask that?)

Charlotte: Nice weather! Time to break in some new shoes! Jokes — this was an overly ambitious Tuesday move. Evidently these Zara shoes are fine for standing, but miserable for walking. I complained the entire way to lunch with Amelia and she loved it so much, she threw kale at me. I later changed into gym shoes and my feet thanked me.

Vint & York sunglasses, vintage military jacket, Karen Walker sweater, Topshop pantaloons.

Amelia: I like my jeans like I like my fountain-Diet Cokes: extra large, and extra cool. A fun story about these jeans is that I took them off at friend’s house in August and just got them back this week so it was celebration city. My cool-ass sweatshirt is by Ayr, sunglasses are Westward Leaning, yes my underwear is showing, my sandals are ASOS and I’m holding my keys because after taking this picture I had to move my Porsche.

Day 3

Leandra: Real talk: I walked in this morning wearing red mid heel, ballet-style shoes with ankle straps but changed into these clogs when they arrived by mail. I LIKE THEM SO MUCH! They are the almond to my butter, the grape to my wine and most importantly, the cashew to my analogy about Beyoncé being the superior female performing artist. They make me feel like a funky aunt who knows how to paint even though I don’t and I plan not to change out of high waist pants and striped t-shirts forever and ever aymen.

Zara t-shirt, Acne jeans, Rochas clogs and Hermes neck scarf.

Charlotte: This is my best “you can’t sit with me at the sock hop” pose. It’s not warm and it’s not summer so I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe this is my attempt to emulate my spring sketches? At the end of the day I had to sprint from the train as my skirt inevitably blew every which way so that was fun! Good thing I wore Adidas!

Vintage crop top, vintage midi skirt, Ray Ban glasses, Adidas sneakers.

Amelia: You know those days when you don’t want to put on clothes, but because you have to enter public domain in a respectable manner (i.e., in pants), you try to find the most pajama-like equivalents you can? That’s what happened here. My shirt is J.Creezy, pants are by Ayr, my cell phone’s in my pocket but I’m still happy to see you, my leather jahquet is AllSaints and I’d also like to point out that I’m wearing mandals.

Day 4

Leandra: I don’t really know what I was going for today and I think that really shines through in the particular pose where I am pretrending (hehe) to be on a surf board. The burgundy pants are by Apiece Apart while the red flannel shirt is from Uniqlo. The white shirt under it is from Zara and the loafers are Stella McCartney. They make me feel fresh in the same way that baby food does.

Charlotte: I have deemed this look “After Jared Leto,” inspired by his ability to pull off lady clothes debatably better than a lady. After illustrating his delicate features and scrawling hearts on my notebook I unintentionally began to embody his swagger as I swept my hair up into a man bun. Sadly, this vintage floral pajama getup, biker jacket, clunker shoes, Ray Bans and man bun would probably all look better on him…sigh.

Amelia: On Thursday I wore my hair blouse, a Ralph Lauren v-neck that I turned backwards so it became a crew-neck, a white oxford that you can’t see because the hair blouse is covering it, and my jacket is Maje which I borrowed from Leandra with a very real plan to forget to give it back. You can just call me Tammy Taylor.

Jeans are Madewell, sandals are Elizabeth & James.

Day 5

Leandra: Nothing says “it’s the weekend, time to party” like high waist, 70s style pajama pants replete with primary colored polka dots and a makeshift fupa to boot. Am I right? Am I right? Also, it was a delight wearing sandals. I hope I can do it again soon. Bye!

Laurence Dacade shoes (and man oh man do I now want these), Giulietta pants, Zara t-shirt.

Charlotte: HOWDY Y’all it’s Friday so I’m channeling a John Lennon cowboy hybrid with a hint of Picasso.  That fringy situation is a vintage score from Texas, stripes are T by Wang, jeans are Rag & Bone and the shoes are Shelly’s London. Where the party at?

Amelia: I entered into some dangerous belly button territory with my final outfit o-the-week, but with good friends on close watch, I never had a full-on Mandy Moore moment. My blazer was my mom’s and I’m still working through my emotions on its shoulder pads, the top is Zara, sandals are ASOS, sunglasses are Vint & York and my new favorite trousers are Tibi. The second this picture was taken I bolted so fast into the weekend that Leandra and Charlotte’s wigs fell off.


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  • Quinn

    Love all the looks! I’m searching for a good pair of mandals.

    All that’s missing is some custom sneaker love…Instagram: QustomQuinns

  • StephaniePPrince

    Always funny

    Like and greetings from

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Sweet Mona
  • Woooooa, way too much pretty for one post. But I guess there can never really be too much pretty, just like there can never be too much denim.

  • Lea, as always, I love the denim on denim in denim look. And you’re right. Never enough denim.

  • Brie

    amelia, that second outfit is just too cool. i cannot handle the swag

  • Quinn Halman

    Day 2 Amelia is just coming out of an early 00s hip hop video. Wind, underwear, and everything

  • Charlotte, I’m so jealous of your ability to pull of the John Lennon.

  • Liz

    Amelia Day 5 is the best kind of miami vice

  • Dancingcheektocheek

    I’m only seeing photos of two girls.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Char and I just look semi similar in photosz

  • bankershoes

    Now we’re talkin’. I like to see what you’re wearing!!

  • Riley

    Who makes the beaded bracelets that Leandra is wearing on Days 1 & 2??

    • Leandra Medine

      hey gurlfriend i bought them on the beach in the carribean in march

      • Riley

        Thanks! Loving the denim on denim…

  • Quinn

    Leandra, I love you in those ripped Levi’s. The ones on the UO site appear to have sludge/hipster skid marks on the front legs. Did yours come sans skids? curious because I want them. Thanks.

    • Leandra Medine

      They came + skidz

      • Quinn


  • Charlotte, Leandra, Amelia, your looks are fabulous!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Love the blouse and vintage look jeans!

  • Chic Trends

    Those Laurence Dacade heels are what spring would look like if it were a shoe. xx

  • monkeyshines
  • B.

    Did you do the ripping of the $3 levis in look 1 or were they pre ripped? questionsthatneedanswers. I ask mostly because I, too, thrifted some great ($3-$5) jeans but I’m torn (see what I did there?) on whether to leave them only slightly ripped or to completely demolish them. Help, plz?


    • Leandra Medine

      The ripping was there but its become more pronounced w age

      • B.

        thanks, girl

  • Elisa Taviti

    Lovely lovely 😉

    My Fantabulous World

  • amelia! you broke down and got birkenstocks- are they everything you imagined and more?

    • Amelia Diamond

      They are H&M! But I love them.

      • leChat

        BUT: Can you walk in them?? Are they comfy ??? On a scale of “1 to Ouch!” , how do they feel comfort-wise??

        • Amelia Diamond

          SO COMFORTABLE until they rub they shit out of the tops of me feet so now I pre-band-aid.

  • Casey

    Maybe this isn’t the time or place (but has that ever stopped me from speaking up?), can someone please tell me if ASOS clothes are true to size? I’m hesitant to make a purch because I’m too lazy and easily annoyed to go through the process of returning everything even with free shipping. Ack!

    • Amelia Diamond

      From my experience, yes!

  • Aubrey Green

    Charlotte cut/trimmed her hair :), looks great.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Thanks girl!

  • Jane

    Lovely look, well put together.

  • Lexie

    Georgia Alice is a New Zealand brand btw and is AMAZING x

  • jaclyn

    Leandra, I swear you could wear a paper bag and I would be like “what just happened?” (with my mouth open). Love every single outfit you wore.

    check my blog:

  • Savannah

    Amelia, your final outfit was everything! Seriously.

  • simona

    I love the concept of fashion that you repressent, my interest in fashion is also related tu a different type of being a woman. In the same road, i would really respect that you expressed your oppinions on the industry of fashion and the production of the garments in poor countries. I think is an important issue, also the alternatives that we can choose to not keep contributing on that. Sorry for my inglish im from Chile.

  • Each and every look is absolutely impeccable ladies. Wish I had a girl gang this stylin’

  • Stylein

    Love the looks!!

    Style site:

  • Celeste


  • Kate Wilson
  • Farha
  • Jess

    Love the Georgia Alice top!!

  • ChchNZ

    Correction Georgia Alice is NOT Australian – it is New Zealand.

    • Leandra Medine

      Thank you!!

  • Fashion Spyder
  • Moninka

    It’s quite shocking for me to realise that the man-repelling kind of approach to fashion doesn’t really work that well unless you’re really slender, boyish or Leandra. Good job though.:)

  • JolieLaide

    I want those red sandals I saw you with on It said Tibi. Can’t find them ANYwhere…