Just In: Man Repeller x Superga Volume II

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Just in time for spring (or is it summer?), the second set of Supergas by Man Repeller are ready for your purchasing pleasure if you are willing to call the act of purchasing one that is pleasurable. And if last season was a story about taking regal velvet off the head of the pope and stapling it onto the absolutely-quotidian-though-spectacularly-reliable tennis sneakers emblematic of the Superga brand, this season is frankly about the following:

a) Turning a ballerina upside down on her head and giving her slippers a run for their money with a pair of blush pink, satin rubber soled sneakers that come with extra long laces so you can still feel flexible and elegant, etc.

b) Forgoing the backs of some of your sneakers and raising a glass to the mules of yore, which are also the mules of today. They don’t transport drugs but they do harness dreams!

c) Looking at the muted yellow satin on both the mules and full sneakers through the lens of a fashion consumer as opposed to food consumer so that you see them as a flight of fancy as opposed to a flight of condiment. (This is a mustard joke, I realize that might not be clear). Also, seeing the blue satin sneakers as your denim cut offs’ bffs.

d) Trading last season’s metallic tweed for this one’s.

e) Leisurely walking.

Part of a collaboration with Superga.

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  • Tracy

    This post is amazing!


  • B

    No men’s sizes? *crying cat emoji*

  • LEANDRA! This video and these shoes just made my day. They are seriously amazing, and I totally love the colors and the mules.

    Seeing that I used to be a ballerina until the age of 12 (or was it 13?), I think I am particularly partial to the ballerina ones. And today’s my birthday (18! Voting! Lotttery tickets!) so what better way to celebrate the monuments in my hum-drum life than to treat myself to a pair of those “pointe” shoes?

    Man Repeller REALLY needs to stop doing awesome shoe collaborations, though, because I have no idea how I am supposed to contribute to my college education AND my closet….and unfortunately right now my priority is contributing to the latter….?!?!

    • Charlotte Fassler


    • Leandra Medine

      Emma!!!!!!! Happy birthday

      • Leandra you are the coolest! Thanks for being a special human.

    • happy 18th birthday! may babies rule

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Quinn Halman

      love ya like x o i’m so glad our friendship has evolved to be more than instagram direct messages!!

      • Hey!! What if I am not even real….what if you are not even real? Does it matter? Does it not? Who knows! But hey, I am very lucky to call you a ‘net friend. xxx

    • Quinn Halman

      inside joke guys sorry

  • Lully

    You are pretty cute, Leandra!

  • Madalena GP

    I can’t access the link for superga, I’m based in the UK is that the problem? I tried to change the country but nothing happened and I really want to put my hands on the green or blue onees <3

    • Kate Barnett

      updated the links — try now!

  • Lua Jane

    The white dress, the embellished jacket, the You!! You look absolutelly stunning in every shot, and clothes are gorgeous. I pretty much want it all.

  • Élora

    You have perfect legs.
    Where can I get this in Canada? (The shoes or the legs, I’ll take either.)

    • That’s why I call her: Leandra “Legz” Medine

    • Kate Barnett

      updated the links — should be able to order internationally now!

      • Hey, I’m trying to order them internationally (from New Zealand) but the website still says it only ships to the US :'(

  • look for the woman

    Perfect shoes for anybody.


  • Alarive

    It’s finally Superga time! I wore my bright yellow ones last weekend with a pair of cropped velvet sky blue pants. It had been pouring rain for five days straight so I made myself be that sunshine I had *literally* dreamt about the night before.



    Congrats for the collab!

    Like and greetings from lucslook.blogspot.com

  • KALE! haha love the video and the shoe collection 🙂 The pink ones are definitely my favourites.

    The Fashionista Bubble

  • katie

    leandra, do you have more pictures of what the mules look like while being worn?

    edit: just watched the video! love them

    • Leandra Medine

      they in slideshow!

  • Quinn Halman

    Since Channukah I’ve been living in my MR x Superga vol 1 red, velvet high tops! You bet your ass I’m gonna get these

  • Katie H.

    You give me hope.

  • Savannah

    Hey, Leandra. I noticed on the Nordstrom website your sneakers are called “Cotu”. Did you name the sneakers or did Superga?

    • Leandra Medine

      Superga — it’s their classic full sneak!


  • Oliver Lips

    So great! Love the new sneakers and the campaign video 🙂


  • Carmen L.

    This is TOO cool <3 Love them all!




  • Brooke

    I love the idea of turning sneakers into ballerina shoes! The video was great, it sort of reminded me of the Clarissa Explains It All Intro! http://vimeo.com/12295073

  • Jordan

    I was wondering what to wear during my upcoming fashion internship which is going to involve a lot of running around and here this comes. perfect!

  • Ah these rock! I like how you tied the laces. I had a pair of sketcher platform mules similar to these when I was like in 3rd grade… and now I am wishing they still fit haha. I guess time to invest in a new pair-AKA those blue ones up there. Love!
    Lexicon of Style by Alexandra Dieck

  • GapToothedGirl

    Great video, super fun
    Love it, Gap.

  • ahinahina

    Is it my imagination or are these just a bit wider than the normal women’s Cotu?

  • Amara Howe
  • You look fabulous!!!

  • carla blixt

    Love the video, love the shoes! especially the pink ones <3
    Leandra! where is the long, white shirt-dress, you're wearing with the olive green shoes, from? It's amazing !!

  • Kim P.

    Literally checked shopbop today to see if the velvet ones were still available, so glad I waited!

  • monkeyshines
  • Lis

    I’m crazy in love with all of them, specially the yellow ones <3 pure perfection!
    Can you please tell me how can i put my hand in a pair of those since I'm (a huuuuge fan of yours) from Portugal?

    Thank you!

    • Kate Barnett

      Updated the links — should be able to order internationally now!

      • Lis

        I’m sorry I can’t see the difference 😡 Can you please send me the link through a comment? Thank you so much!

        • Kate Barnett

          let me know this works — http://manr.pl/1jNpE6e

          • Lis

            It doesn’t, they only ship to the US 🙁

  • Kirsten

    The khaki kale hippy is the best. This is great. I want them all. Well done!

  • Lucy

    HOW CAN I TURN THE BLUE MULES INTO PLATFORMS?!?!?! its hard to make them better than they already are, but I want some HEIGHT to them.

  • jaclyn

    instantly in love with the blush pink ANNNNND mustard yellow ANNNNND maybe the green.

    check my blog: http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  • yvespink

    Those yellow snickers are gorgeous

  • priscilla

    love love love them alllllll

  • You are so funny…love your fun approach to fashion


  • María
  • ok so these are the coolest shoes ever – and you photograph so well! xx


  • Sarah Bump

    They did such a great job on those videos — so cute.

  • Yeniva Figueroa

    I just bought a pair of classic white and wore them for a two week vacation through Spain and France. (I know, I know, poor me.) These really are stupidly comfortable shoes.

  • Your video was funny ! Superga are comfy but with your signature, they will be cool!

  • LEANDRA, are you kidding?! LIKE THE MULE SNEAKER?! ARE YOU KIDDING. no youre serious, which makes me love you.

  • Julie

    These shoes are amazing ! This collection is wonderful, really. Available in France someday ? (Please say yes…)

  • anna

    honestly can’t get over how gorgeous you’re looking in the vid!

  • LD

    Why can’t i find these over a size 10??? Did you guys not produce them over 10? I’m going to cry. I bought two pairs from the last collection. Pleaseeeeee

  • Ilana

    what is the designer of the white lacey dress with the jacket over it?? i absolutely love it

  • I wish they all had the super long laces!!!

  • Lea

    I used to have a pair of hot pink Pony sneakers when I was 9 years old and ever since I gave them away (I know they wouldn’t fit now, but whatever) I’ve been dreaming about a shoe comparable to those sweet Pony kicks, and I believe you’ve just made my dreams come true. The blush pink sneaks are right up my alley and I.Cannot.Wait.To.Have.Them.On.My.Feet.

  • Ah this collection is the groooooooolest (via Mean Girls)! Meep, I’m torn between the olive satin and green velvet.

  • Benedetta Burchiellaro

    Lea, these are the “people’s shoes of Italy” but…they will ever actually come to Italy? I looove the ballerina ones, but already know will be impossible to get them here!! Loots of love to MR! 😉

  • between the blondes

    Digging the green slip-ons. Of course, I’m still rockin my black velvet man repeller Supergas I purchased last winter 🙂


  • Cyn

    Black or pink, black or pink….wah! Dying over the extra long laces BTW.

  • Arzu Dylus

    Leandra!! Which model is the Superga on the picture with the long cream/red skirt??? Thanks!

    • Leandra Medine

      blue tweed!

  • reversecommuter

    I want to be the ballerina fashion mama on the baseball field! LOVE instant online retail therapy!
    Congrats on the collection – super fab!

  • Suzanne

    I’m from the Netherlands and I’d love to have the yellow satin mules, but I can’t find a webstore who’s selling those ánd sending them to my country. Only Nordstrom (but they’re counting €130,- for them including shipping) and Superga US (which isn’t shipping to Europe). Any ideas/tips/help?

    • Leandra Medine

      They’re on Shopbop!

  • Anna

    WHERE IS THAT FRINGE SUEDE JACKET FROM? (Also, bought a pair from your collaboration the first time, and am doing so again right now – thx 4 helping me look kool.)

  • Claire

    So hard to pick a color! Leaning toward the yellow. Thoughts?