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Making Your Own Luck

Don’t wait for your talismans to tell you when you’ll get lucky


In collaboration with Cartier.

I have accepted two theories as unobjectionable truths about fine jewelry.

The first is that people are always looking to tell or hear about the ornament in question. Just last week, someone I barely know asked me to share the tale of the unassuming gold coin I wear around my neck. But how did she know there was a story and furthermore that I was willing to share it? Of course, there was one. And I did want to tell it, but the question is still worth asking.

The second is that we tend to tether superstitious superlatives to the pieces we either really love or really hate. Because my grandmother once fell and hurt her shoulder while wearing an opal ring, she believes the stone to be unlucky. My mom, on the other hand, was proposed to while wearing a pearl brooch and to this day, she keeps the curio in close proximity in spite of how ugly it is.

Sometimes, it seems, it’s just not enough to love a necklace because you love it, so you make it special. And while I’m genetically inclined to shun whatever ring I happen to have on the next time I injure myself, it is my elected, though not bromidic belief that I create my own good fortune. Don’t you remember Hilary Duff’s critically acclaimed 2004 hit, Raise Your Voice?

I don’t either, but Charlotte just brought to my attention that in one scene, Duff flips a penny and then says something platitudinal like “What, haven’t you ever heard of making your own luck?”

She then drops the mic both literally and figuratively and we never hear from her again but I digress.

The point is simply that we should be able to manufacture our own talismans of fortune. Never mind the four leaf clover or the rabbit’s foot, or General Mills’ Lucky Charms even though they are so, so good. As would be the case, Cartier has facilitated my theory with the most recent launch of their Amulette, a small, round disc-of-a-pendant that opens and closes as you please to contain with your wishes and unlock as you see fit.

If you want, you can say that it’s the modern, more luxurious interpretation of those glass bottles that came with a piece of rice inside with something minuscule written on them, but a necklace is so much prettier.

Part 1 of 1 in collaboration with Cartier. Valentino pants, Céline blouse and Mykita sunglasses.

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  • Sweet Mona
  • Elisa Taviti

    Love the pants!!

    xx – My Fantabulous World

  • ee_by_cc

    I 100% agree with everything in this post, there is no magic in these man-made talismans. EXCEPT if you’re a Teen Witch. In which case…TOP THAT.

    • Leandra Medine

      A+ reference

  • GapToothedGirl

    I love this piece!
    xox, Gap.

  • Aubrey Green

    I love the necklace. I like the message of creating your own luck too.

  • monkeyshines
  • Love the necklace <3

  • Irene Laura
  • Jessica Rominoff

    what a lovely anecdote and i love the way you fused the cartier amulet into the rest of the story you are so creative

  • I bought a cheap little gold-colored outline of California. I wear it pretty much religiously. I’ve made it my good luck charm, or at least my warmth charm. No matter where I go in this lifetime, I will always be reminded of home and how much I love this state and the spirit of many of the people that complement the state’s natural beauty.

  • Paulina

    Amazing post. I love the necklace in black more than in white I think.

  • Jamie

    I love the necklace and this is a great post! I’m overly sentimental so inanimate object with a backstory always gets me 🙂



  • Emma

    I never take my opal ring off. Your grandmother’s superstition might explain a lot about my life …Or maybe people born in October are just clumsy?

    • Anonymous

      you know what? I have actually heard from a handful of people (namely mother and grandmother) recently that it’s considered bad luck to wear Opal if it isn’t your birth stone (which sucks, as I’m completely enamored with black opal, but I’m a July baby). my aunt (mom’s younger sister) is lucky in this regard!

  • hannahm

    I think, in the ‘making your own luck’ discussion, we’re neglecting the obvious:

    • Leandra Medine

      i hate when i miss these opportunities, thanks for being better than me

  • Jen

    I want your pants

  • IsisdePaname

    i am agree with you !!
    Bravo for the bag (Lanvin ? I forgot the brand)

  • Pol

    those shoes seem pretty amazing! I’ve seen you wear them other times but I never remember who are they from, could you tell me please? (love the loose blouse too!) thanks

  • aura

    love the necklace

  • María


  • anna

    sellling again, dude

  • skinzydude
  • Jake A

    Love this! I just started a fashion/ style blog so this is super inspiring

    – Jake

  • Madison

    I saw you at New York Fashion Week in September (but was too shy to approach you)- love and admire your work and message!