How to Cuff Your Sleeves

So much more than just the stop, drop and roll


Not to sound like a poorly recorded infomercial but do you find yourself time and again purchasing button down shirts because you like how they look (for the most part) and love how they make you feel but find that the sleeves are almost always just…too dangnab long?

Ugh! Me too! And it only gets worse when you’re buying men’s shirts, which I typically am. The sleeves are longer and wider. And roll as I might, sometimes the perfect J. Crew-cuff is either too difficult to perfect or too ideal to actually remain intact through the course of my wear.

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Which is where the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that solution of all solutions comes in to reveal itself as the unsung hero of exposed wrists. You’ve got a cuff, right? How about two? Are they malleable?


Take them off your wrists and open them wide like they are your mouth and you are at the dentist for a teeth cleaning. Now, using your opposite hand, lift your sleeve to above your elbow (or wherever feels most natural) and slide the cuff into the ruche. Adjust the size of the cuff accordingly until your sleeve is holding itself up like a six-month old baby does its own head.

Repeat process on opposite arm and high five yourself for cracking the code on a) personal style that is actually personal and b) using your cuffs alternatively.

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Denim shirt by Shipley and Halmos, MiH jeans, Charlotte Ronson eyeglasses, Stuart Weitzman sandals, cuff from Asos.

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  • This solves so many problems! Thank you, ladies!

    Also thank you for the gifs. God I love colorful, moving things.

  • GapToothedGirl

    wow!! superpowers!!!
    Love, gap.

  • Brie

    that first pic makes you look like a canadian dwarf with awesome shoes.

    • Leandra Medine

      I know. I like it so much


    That absolutely DOES NOT look right. This does not fashionably work. It looks like there is a problem and you are wearing prosthetic parts.


  • Erin Maiden

    You’re a genius.

  • becky

    literally doing this tonight now

  • yvespink
  • exploringwardrobes

    you’re so badass. with your metal cuffs and double denim. gahd you just win in all awesomeness.

  • you are amazing Leandra!

  • I just don’t know about this one. Kind of…but

  • girlie blogger

    wow indeed. awesome idea, and love the pics.
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  • monkeyshines
  • Stephanie Anton

    Touché what a brilliant win for denim shirt wearers everywhere

  • Rebecca

    In-jean-ious!!! Will try ASAP!

  • Amy Bevis-Smith

    My grandad had official sleeve cuffs to do this exact job, that and sock-suspenders – as a child I never understood, now I want to replicate his look!

  • frida


  • Anne

    I cut off the cuffs which allows me to roll them above my elbows.

  • Joanna
  • Zoe Penina Baker

    luv u but these gifs are annoying and not elegant at all. sorry bb but i have to h8

  • Tracy

    Your pictures are great as usual! I must confess I never thought of cuffing my sleeves this way!

  • Well, I have the opposite problem: I WANT my sleeves to be too long and I hate it when they are normal size, but way too often, they are too short (barely touching my wrists) … I am only happy when the sleeves reach the part where the fingers begin. Don’t know why – nothing to be ashamed about, my arms and hands are OK 🙂 …
    Men’s shirts are better that way, but women’s often make me nervous with their thrifty sleeve dimensions 🙂

  • anne

    that is awesome…i think you can also use that for our clothes specifically for our drape front shirt from Staple. check below 🙂

  • Namrata

    Haha. Thats not a bad idea though!


  • Sissi

    Good concept, but only works if your are skin and bones… :/

  • Dyana

    I will just need to buy 2 next time I buy a cuff! =) Thanks for the awesome idea! Very creative!

  • and now I have a solution for my boring ass outfit planned to wear later tonight… as always, thank you.

  • Well that’s not what I was expecting at all! I kinda like it! Now how cheap can I get huge cuffs on eBay…

  • It’s great idea, I will try this at home and btw, I like the gif photos your are so funny as always and never dissapointed me 😀

  • ellkaybee

    Anyone else remember the estaticated metal sleeve bands that were about in the 90’s?
    I clearly visualise my mother using them to perfectly cuff the sleeves of her silk shirts.

  • Kelly’s Gross-o

    I have a friend whose “phobia” is people or things touching her (or their own) bicep. Totally sending her this link >:)