Crazy Cool Collabs: Vika Gazinskaya x & Other Stories

In the event you are one to frequent street style blogs, there is a near 0% chance that you have not, at some point, come upon either Vika Gazinskaya herself, or a garment that she has produced. Most typically, you will see said garments flourishing on (or is it off) the shoulders of one Anya Ziourova, or Miroslava Duma. You may alternatively be familiar with a hand-painted, green chiffon dotted blouse that I wear with the conviction of a Hepburn.

Her designs are impeccable, price point incredible high — though not without reason. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself proprietor (whether temporarily or permanently) to one of her garments, you will learn that similarly to, say, Katie Ermilio or Rosie Assoulin, these are clothes that breathe new life into the body of their wearers. And, really, can you put a price point on that?

Don’t roll your eyes at me just yet! There is news. It is mostly good though vaguely bad. What do you want to hear first?

Okay, I’ll start with the good: Gazinskaya has finally released a collection of her characteristically whimsical and devastatingly feminine dresses and blouses, some replete with endearingly kitschy polka dots, others with larger drawn on stripes for Stockholm-based, affordable fashion brand, & Other Stories. The price point runs a range from 30 euros to 200 euros, which pales in spectacular comparison to her regular price point, teetering the line of multi-mille if you know what I’m saying.

Alas, though. Now for the bad news: while she was digitally stocked at Colette’s e-shop earlier this week, the clothes sold out faster than tickets to a Taylor Swift concert at MetLife Stadium. And the thing about & Other Stories’ website is that they don’t ship to the United States.

So, here’s my advice: find a friend who resides in any of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden or the U.K., let them  know you’re expecting a delivery at their residence then hightail it on over to collect your purchase, come back and send a photo of your spoils.

Or, you know, just marvel in the pretty pictures photographed here of the best collab-o-lab of all time ever and think to yourself: if there’s a will, there’s way.

Also, happy weekend. Bye!

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