Beach Babes

Get out your bathing suit, it’s time for a swim


I live my life by one simple tenet and that is, to do what makes me feel good.

Sometimes that means Australian Licorice, which really shouldn’t call itself licorice, at 7:30AM on Friday (what?) and other times that means wearing a silk scarf wrapped around my head, concealing the entirely of my face as a nod to both Maison Martin Margiela and Kanye West. Where this tenet loses its precursor — simplicity — is when I start to consider the bathing suit.

See, I like bathing suits romantically. They are cool in theory, much the same way that ass-less pants are. Would I like a pair? Sure. They’re an unconventional take on the fragmented homage to the Old West running through fashion right now. And my butt could use a respite from its perennial state of cloaked. Realistically speaking though, what happens when I need to sit down? On the subway? What if my caffeine intake incites a burning case of the runs? What if, by some fault not of my own, I come upon someone else in ass-less chaps and we’re forced to do the bump and grind?

Romantically, a bathing suit seems to evince the spirit of living well. They’re like the physical manifestation of effortlessness. It’s just that when I put one on, it’s all wrong. There are too few layers to account for something I love to do: speak with clothes, not words.

Bathing suits, at least as I have come to know them, aren’t like the sentences that sometimes t-shirts and high waist pants and an interesting pair of shoes can be. They’re just a benign comma that does nothing to the syntax of dressing but what with the weekend on the very imminent horizon and a slideshow of bathing suits chock full of personality in tow, I plan to change that. Rectification effective immediately.

Let me just first finish this purchase on a pair of ass-less pants.

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  • You’ve just amassed here the most wonderful collection of beach babes ever.

  • rhiarhia

    I advocate for bringing back the swim cap, just for the sake of accessorizing.

  • Aahna Gi

    I love every single picture. Great summer inspiration… wait… is raining in here.


  • Great great selection DREAMY ! htt://

  • Fishmonkey

    “Bathing suits, at least as I have come to know them, aren’t like the sentences that sometimes t-shirts and high waist pants and an interesting pair of shoes can be. ” True. This is why I just bought this:

  • Sarah

    The Helmut Newton shot at the University of Miami pool. How cool that I work there.

  • maillotism

    I feel like ONE PIECES are super chic. Does anyone know where to get a one piece that works on a loooooong torso?

  • gina
  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • dustUP

    I don’t understand why are people bothered with young girls as the models. Look at them! Gorgeous! Better than seeing me, good looking 40 year old with short but growing history of cellulite! If this summer offers a chance to wear a swimsuit and I decide to take that offer, I’ll carry these glorious images on my mind while running carefree down the beach, in slow motion off course, leaving behind things which should be left behind where they belong, behind. I’ll be happiest imaginary beach baby in existence and won’t even need a cream and massage treatments to achieve it, thanks to this wonderful selection.
    By the time I’m 60 it’ll surely be possible to share the snippets of our imagination directly to our Instagram feed, so you’ll be able to see the slideshow above on repeat on my account in summer months.

  • sarah

    allow me to be your grammar check ‘the entirety’ 🙂 and i really feel like complaining today. i heard an argument on the radio, about the radio station always quoting the time in southern hemisphere time, when , now, the station is listened to all around the world. i feel the same about bathers being discussed when it is my winter. i know there is no way you’re going to be talking up the virtues of cashmere and coats when you’re basking in sunshine, but i somehow feel ripped off nonetheless. i can suddenly see a benefit of global warming and heated pools, but you do broadcast to the global community. well, i guess i got that off my chest…..

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  • Stef

    Amazing that you guys did a shout out in the photos to Petra C., I knew her in high school and she is beyond talented. Thanks guys!

  • TieshaP

    I love the vintage looks, I think that’s all I’ll be wearing this summer.

  • Juan

    Your selection of swimwear is really amazing! It is truly inspiring. I totally agree with what you say … photos convey elegance!! Good post 😉

    SUIT & TIE:

  • dev

    love this!!

  • If anyone can figure out how to make a bathing suit into a strong fashion statement, it’s you. Can’t wait to see if you rise to the challenge!

  • Bathing suits fulfill my dream of wearing lingerie in public. So much fun!


    Pretty in Python


  • M

    gotta lose weight!

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  • moral of the story:
    if you’re worried about swimsuits,
    just be kate moss

  • Dominique Harris

    I absolutely adore this post and your style of writing!

  • Dana

    I think onepieces are incredibly sexy!

  • GapToothedGirl

    Great inspiration board, I like all your picks!
    xox, Gap.

  • Sophie

    Look forward to the assess pants post 🙂

    Sophie x

  • Bridesire

    beach bum.. sexy bods. Every girl wants to be desirable. Great suits.

  • newfashioncorner

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  • Ago Prime
  • My favorite topic, swimsuits … love the collection you have put together thank you

  • ee_by_cc

    I appreciate the grammar and punctuation references almost as much as the subject of this piece. Well-put!

  • kamila kara

    I did’nt pass the test. I’m not a man repeller, even if I hope to be …. by the way…. i’m a fblogger too, at the begining…
    I send you hugs from Italy… & compliments for this blog.
    Kamila Kara

  • Margo

    Ok, So while I still have a waist and hips will someone tell me why designers are making swimsuits that go so far down the outside of the hips????? Oh please where can I find the kind of suits that were around in the 80’s that were way high up on the outside of the upper hipbone. Come on ladies you know what I’m talking about. The come F-ck me suit. It could be a one piece and still be x rated or a 2 piece. What is going on????? are we going back to the 50’s. OOOOh please nooooooo.

  • bong
  • fairyin

    Awesome,great idea,summer is coming soon,it’s time to get hooooot!