Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

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It all started when the founder of a website, who I had just recently met, cc’ed me on an e-mail correspondence with his assistant. He was trying to introduce us and in doing so, made the mistake of not deleting their previous conversation thread. I scrolled down and noticed that he’d confirmed to her that I was “verrrrrrrry funny. Smart, too.” This made me feel wonderful. But as I kept reading, there it was.

“She is ugly as fuck tho. Truly a man repeller.”

My initial reaction was to laugh — chiefly because it seemed incredibly unusual if not highly offensive that he would describe a fellow woman to his female assistant as “ugly as fuck.”

But then I got emotional. Ugly as fuck? Really? And that was the chaser for a descriptive clause that pegged me not just smart but funny, which had to mean looking at my face for the course of our 30 minute conversation was as painful as say, getting a colonoscopy without the preliminary anesthesia.

A few months prior to this I noticed that the details of my makeup regimen (or lack thereof) had become something of a hot topic on the Man Repeller Instagram feed. I chalked up the cause of conversation to either people taking notice of the fact that I don’t wear very much makeup or to my taking notice of their having taken notice.

The comments sometimes appear as compound questions like, “you could be cute but why don’t you wear makeup?” Other times they’re just plain insulting. As recently as last week, I’ve been called an ugly whore (not so far off from “as fuck”) which seems really inconsistent with the Man Repeller ethos seeing as we don’t typically sell bodies — we sell ideas.

That and clothes.

But have I started to notice the criticism because of that website founder? And what has that awareness elicited intrinsically?

It occurred to me last month when I was laying in bed beside my mother in a hotel room in Milan, trolling my own comment feed and half lamenting, half giggling about the abundance of distraught comments over the state of my face that maybe I should wear makeup. Something so simple that my mother said, so benign and innocent, so obvious, released a trigger in me.

“Makeup is meant to enhance the natural beauty of a woman, Leandra, so, really, why wouldn’t you use it?”

I contemplated her question for a moment but frankly, the answer is simple.

I’m not making a statement. I’m not trying to act like the most extreme, hyper-literal and violent version of a man repeller. If you read this site you know by now that Man Repelling is an attitude. It is a state of existence. It is not whether you do your hair or curl your lashes, or even what you wear. It is how you approach doing those things. Why you do those things, and perhaps most importantly, it is a love letter to individuality, which is something that manifests itself in plentifully different ways.

So the reason I don’t wear makeup is because I am lazy. And don’t get me wrong  — I am as much a sucker for the newest “anti-aging miracle cream” as the next guy. Just because I don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good skin. I want to know that if I don’t wash my face, I won’t tarnish my pillow. I don’t want to see the ingredients that constructed my previous night’s visage wiped off into a towel. I also read somewhere that if you sleep with mascara on your lashes they are 70% more likely to fall out so as far as I’m concerned, maintaining real lashes that aren’t quite as plump as they can be is ten times more compelling than having none at all.

More important than that though, I am comfortable with how I look. I don’t hate what I see when I look in the mirror. Even if legions of others don’t agree. I have accepted the reflection that reliably bounces back at me for its perks and its flaws. I understand that there are thick, dark circles under my eyes. I have grown to appreciate them. I have noticed that my nose grows a little hookier on a near-monthly basis. That’s fine. I know there are wrinkles ready to stake their claim as full time residents on my forehead any moment now. My dad has those, too, and I find that endearing.

My eyes will never be blue, my bone structure will never allow for you to mistake me for a Scandinavian model. I am who I am and even if that infers “ugly as fuck,” I think it’s, I don’t know, beautiful.


Click here to watch our Adventures in Beauty Vlogging. You will laugh, you will cry. You will get disco-eyeshadow in your eye. Also, if you are trying to take the plunge, think about contouring.


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  • Jaden

    I completely agree with you, Madame Lazy ass.

    • Coleen

      I think it is great that you see yourself as beautiful. Self-love means everything. But why label yourself as lazy? By labeling yourself lazy you will act in lazy ways. You are what you think. So you are beautiful and you are lazy, I do not know why you want to be lazy.

      • Dan T

        Calling yourself beautiful does not make it so.

        • Amy

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I cant find a better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be him or herself. A woman’s worth does not lie in her desirability and because of society, women seem to think that they need a man’s approval to they way THEY present themselves. It’s disgusting and as much as I wish this wasn’t true, it proves itself to be so.

          • As I was reading this article, i imagined what you would look like… because ugly as fuck, according to my definition, would look like Howard Stern dressed as a woman or inbred-like features like in the movie Deliverance. So you could probably know i was imagining the worst, but then i looked up your photo and i was in Shock!! Complete shock and disgust, not with your pic but that you were described as so because i think you are gorgeous with or without makeup. I think he just said that to his assistant because he had the hots for her and wanted her to feel good. I would kill for your natural beauty and those eyes! I would say that i am a pretty woman, but i spend a lot of time and money on my makeup regimine. I make myself pretty, but to not have to do anything to be pretty is prettier!

          • katie

            I was thinking the same thing too!!!! You are gorgeous, it’s okay not to wear makeup because that doesn’t make you any less of a women!

          • Andrea Escandon

            It was a she that called Leandra “ugly as fuck” :/

          • Kevin McElroy

            re-read and possibly, re-read again. Maybe even a 3rd time: My initial reaction was to laugh — chiefly because it seemed incredibly unusual if not highly offensive that he would describe a fellow woman to his female assistant as “ugly as fuck.”

          • c_maciel

            That’s even worse: she’s got to get a hold on herself and how she treats other women. PS I also despise the loose use of Whore…this is a pejorative word, to me means a person who’ll do anything for advancing own status. Another one is Cunt. Let’s not use these words ever…specially when talking about other women!!!!!

          • Penny Chennell

            Agree..not about women..just let’s NEVER USE THESE WORDS.

          • Lolo

            No, it was HE.

          • Tiffany Boone

            No, I believe the author is saying a MALE told another FEMALE. In other words: “the fellow female ” was the woman to whom the man was making the comment.

          • TheRanta

            Nope — it was a “he”. His assistant, to whom he addressed the comments, was a “she”.

          • Alra

            I totally agree .. I’ve been following man repeller for a while on Instagram now , I lover her posts and I’ve always thought she has this glow about her .. She is naturally very beautiful and I can’t honestly tell when she is wearing. Makeup or not . She looks great either ways …

          • +1 Amy

      • Canvasback

        Just what she needs: another lecture.

        • Molly


      • SunnyRain

        I don’t know if it’s really being “lazy,” just a different set of priorities. I don’t wear makeup because I don’t want to take the time in the morning to put it on. I would rather stretch in the morning than put makeup on. Makeup doesn’t make me feel as good as stretching does, so makeup loses.

      • Jacksaid

        I would not consider you for a wife if you were lazy. I would think you would not respond to my fierce lovemaking in the bedroom.. A lazy lover is not a good experience. To receive maximum enjoyment the lady has to give it back in kind.. That make’s for some very hot lovemaking…

        • porter

          Jackass- perhaps you don’t understand the purpose of this blog. MAN REPELLER not HUSBAND HUNTER. Frankly it looks like your looking for a slave not a wife.

          • Joseph Narcisse Bouche’

            I definitely AGREE! No man should expect his wife to reciprocate in bed. If you want sex with a partner who will return in kind, consider investing in a flesh-light on a pivot.

          • Jacksaid

            No, flesh in another bed ,

        • Jen

          This made me both barf and giggle with derision.

        • RayAnn

          And that is exactly what this article was about, how a guy wants his girl to have sex with him.

        • OHH


        • Elizabeth Vrancken

          Oh god I might throw up at this comment. Why are you even on this website

        • c_maciel

          Finding a good lover is fraught with danger and disappointment, but women want good lovers too, not just someone who wants to make love to them without involving their feelings. It takes much experience and self-awareness to be a good lover. Be patient, be kind, first.

        • JB

          Just because someone is too “lazy” (author’s word, not the one I’d choose) to put on makeup doesn’t mean they’re too lazy to have great sex. In my experience, it’s quite the opposite. Many women comfortable enough to not wear any/much makeup have higher self-esteem. They are therefore actually better in bed, since they are more comfortable with their natural appearance. You’re also probably more likely to get morning sex out of someone who doesn’t wear makeup. They’re not spending the first 30 minutes they’re awake in the bathroom mirror.

        • Linda Miller

          Ewww.. Mr Jacksaid: I would not consider you for a husband if you were the only man on earth. “…fierce lovemaking..” Is that, like, Rottweiler style? Furthermore, you can’t even put your apostrophe in the right place.

        • Cherryblossomgirl08

          Troll better next time.

        • This is obviously a sexually frustrated 13 year old on his mom’s computer. GTFO you dumbass

      • Rebeckah

        She’s written a book. She’s far from lazy. I just think she can’t be bothered to wear make up because it’s not a personal priority of hers.

      • Christa Choo

        With what she did, getting to where she is now, anyone can infer that she is obviously not lazy (when it comes to things that count).

    • miketimrandy

      As a s straight male and lover of women who don’t wear make up, I’m still alittle bothered by this article. I don’t understand how she couldn’t even find photos of real women (not models) to associate with this post. You all can sit her and say “she taught me how to be beautiful inside and out” but I never see any typical average new york women on this site. Girls that are chubby. Girls that are considered average. Girls that don’t have perfect symmetrical faces. Look at all the ads surrounding this site…..you ever see an ad with a girl with no make up or who isn’t photo shopped? Probably not. This all tell us one thing- that no matter how beautiful or ugly you are….MONEY reigns supreme!

      • Farah Greta

        i agree with Mike…this shouldve been your post…your face in this post. why? because this post is about you and your makeupless face. i consider you a very attractive girl and i dig your lazy style. but i do agree that if all of what you say in this post is true, it would mean much more if there werent so many skinny models full of makeup in this page. even if it is a fashion blog…you are smart enough to make it work without these stereotypes.

        • Marie Cascia

          Well said

        • Asuigeneris1

          Actually, from looking the woman up…many of the photos underneath the main one…are of the author herself, that is why there are so many of one certain woman.

      • murt

        Completely agree with this – great post.

      • Anna Denise

        Yeah, the photos of the women sans makeup depressed me. That is not what I look like without make up, dude. Not even close.

        • Sue

          That’s because not-a-one of them are sans makeup!

      • Jesdu

        The photos posted under the article aren’t all models…Fran Leibowitz & Joan Didion , neither models, are among the photos. And those that might be models, because how do we know for sure, are not ‘typical’ beauties and are sans makeup.

        • miketimrandy

          I leave you with this….. Most women CAN NOT identify with the majority of the photos Leandra chose to share with you on this post. They are models. The small percent of women with high cheek bones, flawless skin and who age at a slower rate. But for the rest of the world….live your life, get wrinkles, get bags under your eyes, get grey hair.,,,you know why? Because most men LIKE IT!!!!

          *Women in those photos above*
          Emmanuelle Alt- Editor in chief Vogue Paris
          Franca Sozzani- Editor in chief Vogue Italia
          Laetita Casta- Model
          Chelsey Weimar- Model
          Naomi Campbell- Model
          Lauren Hutton-Model
          Herieth Paul- Model
          Batbara Palvin- Model
          Caroline de Maigret- Style icon/Model
          Kate Moss- Model
          Paige Reiflet- Model
          Jil Sander- Designer
          Marllyn Monroe- Actress/Model

          Jane Birkin- Actress/Model
          Ann Lebowitz- Author/Fashion Influencer
          Joan Didion- Author

          • Z

            “live your life, get wrinkles, get bags under your eyes, get grey hair.,,,you know why? Because most men LIKE IT!!!!”

            This is literally the opposite point of this post and the entire blog. It’s called Man Repeller for a reason: We don’t give a fuck what men want or like. I will avoid wrinkles, bags under my eyes, and my grey hairs for as long as I damn will please and will not give a second thought if it’s what the men around me want or like.
            I get where you were coming from but you took the wrongest of turns.

          • anita rivas


          • Anna Diane


          • JanaKay

            Leandra gurllll I think you’re gorg, but with this post you opened up a can of flawless faces that miketimrandy has stomped on. MIke this comment deserves a Drop-The-Mic award! Bravo.

          • Karen

            Mike, I had the same observation about the perfect faces accompanying this post. I read a great many fashion and style blogs written by women not considered traditionally attractive. I think when one’s blog accepts ads there may be more of a temptation to use images that reflect the culturally accepted standards of beauty, though I must admit it is good to see that stand expand to include women of color.

            Still, it’s clear that this blog is about embracing one’s own concept of style and beauty irrespective of what men think. I’m startled that anyone would consider Leandra ugly and feel comfortably expressing that in an email to woman, who no doubt has also been the recipient of unwanted assessments of her attractiveness.

            I am new to Man Repeller, but appreciate the perspective. At 51, I couldn’t be less concerned with how anyone else feels about my looks or my style. I let go completely with measuring myself against a standard that most women never reach, or if they do, are desperate to hang on to. Without the preoccupation of worrying about my appearance, I’ve just completed by second master degree, become a devoted bike commuter, participated in social actions, started brushing up on my French, moved cross country and married a wonderful man.

          • D

            Also, most of the women in those pictures are wearing makeup. Really great examples of beautifully done light/nautiural makeup looks. I don’t think being into less heavy makeup is really much of a statement, either. It just means you are intelligent and understand moderation in all things. How come I’m not applauded for my moderate intake of alcohol? I’m so brave.

          • c_maciel

            You must not do what you’re doing because ‘men like it’. Be yourself first and you’ll be accepted as you are without question.

          • This is a fashion magazine. They feature models.

          • Asuigeneris1

            …what about the many photos of herself?

          • Asuigeneris1

            I’ll leave you with the fact, that over half the pictures shown….are of the author herself. How oblivious are some people? LOL

      • Alexandra Viloria

        Totally Agree, even how about showing the faces of young girls with acne problems, she might not wear make up but her statement is totally shallow.

        • Notdead

          wearing make up can cause acne problems, if you don’t believe me look it up

      • Lauren

        ALL of the models in the photos above are wearing makeup…it may be “natural” but I see an assortment of tinted moisturizers, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, even blush. I loved this article (I wear everything from a naked face usually to a moderate-makeup face sometimes), BUT yes… photo comparison fail for sure.

        • Joseph Narcisse Bouche’

          Failure, not “fail”. Fail is a verb, like the word “run”. Would you say that something is a run? No.

          • Oh stop it. You must know that her use of fail is a newer slang term and if it keeps it’s momentum it will surely be accepted into MW in the next few years.

          • Joseph Narcisse Bouche’

            That is what I hope to prevent.

          • babby660

            yes, you can take a run for exercise or make a home run in baseball & softball

          • Joseph Narcisse Bouche’

            A home-run is a different word. You can take “a run,” but that’s a different word, too.
            You can also take “a swim.” It’s a colloquialism. You cannot take a “play,” though, or “a fly.”

          • Zac

            Something being “a fail” as is much of a colloquialism as taking “a swim.” Get off your high, prescriptive horse.

            And no I don’t care this comment is a year old.

        • Dazman

          Models are overrated!

      • June

        im giving you a virtual hug, mike. snaps for mike everyone, snaps for mike!

      • whatever

        yeah, Cara D definitely had on Plenty of Make up in that shot. but, Lauren Hutton- a TRUE Inspiration for women of all ages.

      • Andy Escandon

        Models are real women too; they’re not imaginary or robots. They just have good genes, different eating and exercize habits and well, armies of make up artists and graphic designers that would retouch their pictures.

      • Jo

        You have just solved the great hypocrisy of the modern beauty industry. Well done.
        And you’ve also figured out how ad targeting on Google works, so well done to you twice.
        Unsure why you needed to state your a) gender and b) sexual preference at the start of your comment, though. I have a feeling…

      • Sipsontea

        Interesting POV.

      • Asuigeneris1

        Actually, from looking the woman up…many of the photos underneath the main one…are of the author herself.

    • wordphreak

      And “Lazy ass” yourself. Do you go through this shit to make yourself beautiful?

    • +1

  • HfromT

    Leandra –

    For what it’s worth, I think you’re absolutely beautiful, and what’s even more beautiful about you is your confidence, your intelligence and your wit! I can only imagine how it must have felt for you to read that email chain…he should be sent straight to hell!

    • Maya

      Yes, smart is beautiful! and you are very much so.

    • sarahdanaaa

      I completely agree! Leandra, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I look up to you and your confidence. You’ve taught me to love myself no matter what, thank you.

    • Michelle

      Agreed! I have always found you to be beautiful on the outside but even more beautiful for your humor, insight, confidence and intelligence. Basically a killer combo of beauty and style. And while we are on the topic of beauty I would kill to know who does your brows…

    • fdf

      sent to hell for having an opinion? nice

      • prettyisontheinside

        You shouldn’t have an opinion based on looks. He states in that email how great her personality is, that is all that should matter.

        • Notdead

          while all that is mostly true, there’s one thing your overlooking; he added the dig about her looks as his closing not the opening; which means that while he finds her to be great her personalty is; he places value on looks over that. Its a thing which communication people do where our main point, is our closing point. ” i like you but..” ” your a good worker but.. “, its rare that one will hear ” your x,y,z and when you…., but i still like you “. we pay attention to the second part of a statement over the opening. just like most of you reading this comment will focus on the tibit about paying attention to the second part of a statement.

    • Holly + Casey

      So well said!

    • prettyisontheinside

      Yep Preach it! Hooray for positive people.

  • Milena

    you´re so beautiful but it´s ´cause you are honest (sorry my english)

  • shuzluva

    Your confidence and self-acceptance make you stunning. I would kiss this post if I could. Next best thing? I will be sharing it with my ten-year-old twin daughters. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than owning herself. Brava, Leandra.

    • Emese Sik

      Exactly. <3

    • Raissomat


    • ess

      Spot on.

    • Dazman

      I would kiss the author if she allowed me too!!

  • Melissa

    What a shallow jerk. How is it ever tasteful or appropriate ever to say someone is “ugly as fuck”? Also it sounds like his meeting/emailing you was under a business premise so that makes me go WTF twice as much. I don’t think you need to wear makeup or more than you do. You are very comfortable in your own skin and that shows. People wear it or don’t for all sorts of reasons. I work in a very conservative office in a rural place so I am really restricted fashion wise, so makeup for me is an inexpensive fun way to express my individuality. Tell that guy you put some lip gloss on your ass so he can kiss it.

    • B

      You’re right. By emailing his assistant that ugly, judging comment he’s setting the tone to her about how he judges all women, and therefore how he also must be judging her – on her looks. What a sick work environment. It’s a power play that enforces the male gaze as supreme. Grosssssssss

      • A

        But if you really think someone is ugly, then why not say so? Please, let’s not pretend that just because a male comments about someone’s looks, that it’s a power play. EVERYONE notices the way you look and makes judgements. Do you walk out of the house and go to your job in pjs? Yeah, didn’t think so.

        • DP McManus

          I typically don’t comment in work related emails about the appearance of guys I work with. That’s unprofessional.(Apparently, this particular guy didn’t care about professionalism–or was all about power, which interestingly reveals his own uncertainty about his power. Why put someone down if you’re truly confident in your own power?) In informal messages to friends, I might say something about a guy’s looks if I think he’s attractive, but not anything negative, because as shown, emails aren’t private, and saying something nasty about another person does get back to them, but worse, it makes ugly in spirit the person saying it. Why the hate? Why the negativity?

        • Notdead

          yep:P A, i do.

        • Mo

          I really think it’s never acceptable to talk to someone, or talk about someone in such a negative way. The way we feel about other peoples appearances are subjective, so to say something like that, where you are trying to define someone, box them into a derogatory definition, is only an opinion, your opinion, and we should not treat these subjective things as facts. It’s why we learn about manners when we are growing up, because, ya know, other people have feelings. Beside as DP MCManus said, this clearly was not a casual format, so the comment was even more inappropriate.

  • I am so with you on this. I’ve been both ends of the spectrum (no make-up until I was 17…loads of make-up when I was 21….) and now I’m happiest in a mascara and tinted moisturiser because that’s just…me. You are beautiful. I am beautiful. We’re all beautiful.



  • Elizabeth

    The reason why all of your readers are so in love with and attracted to you is because of your confidence, cleverness, and talent. Double emphasize the confidence part. That’s what makes you beautiful. You don’t need makeup. And I don’t think that you, or anyone, needs to bend over backwards in order to try and meet some guy’s skewed standard of beauty.

    • Call me shallow but I think that she has bright pretty eyes, a pretty skin tone and complexion and a lovely smile. That other stuff kicks her up a notch or 10 but the lack of makeup doesn’t bring her down.

  • Morgan

    Leandra- You are a fox! No one should make you feel anything but. And as for this piece,you go girl ! You inspire women every single day to accept individuality, flaws and all. And that my dear, is somethign to truly be proud of.

  • Cristina

    I can relate. Even though I love love love makeup, most of the time I’m just too lazy for it. I don’t care if I step out with a clean face but apparently the world does, they look at me like I’m a Neanderthal. I personally feel sorry for the type of woman that doesn’t feel comfortable sans makeup, i mean, if you don’t like yourself, who will?

  • Katethegrr8

    You go girl!

  • Dear Leandra,
    many greetings from Germany!!
    Thank you for this post.
    I can tell you: you are not ugly as fuck – but somebody writing down so is silly as fuck…
    I like you talking about acceptance of your mirror reflection – everybody should learn this! Because this is the most important person you have to deal with our whole live!

  • Maria

    Fun fact: I discovered your blog because I was searching up your name after I had seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvxvMewK7fg AND THOUGHT “she looks funny and have a PRETTY FACE”

    • irina

      me too! Found you from that video. Your name and face drew me to this blog. So you’re not a super model (neither does most of us), but i love you and so does everybody here. Don’t ever change! xoxo

    • Rebeka Osborne

      Ah I LOVE that video. SO GOOD!

    • Alison

      This is my first time seeing this video, but I think that in it, and because of it, and through it, you have good, solid evidence to refute the clearly specious argument of the original emailer. Ugliness is the sentiment behind the email — not the fun and joy and life that is in this video.

    • lauren covington

      OMG. never seen this. LM looks cute and fun, but that baby is precious 🙂

  • dustUP

    Person who renders fuck as ugly probably had too much bad sex in her life. I pity the fool…
    I wear make up but I don’t wear sexy heels like you do. The ones that do both have no time for good fuck.

  • Brittney

    Fuck tha ha8ers.

  • Lucy

    WWHHHAAAAAT are they seeing? I would die for your brows, hair (and presumably lashes). I have albino lashes so I HAVE to wear mascara and its a pain in the A$$. I think you are stunning! This article made me tear up a bit.. thank you for sticking up for yourself in a mature (and entertaining) way.. on top of being smart, beautiful and funny, you have CLASS.

    • My lashes are invisible too! Always mascara. I envy those girls with dark brows and naturally dark lashes. And I totally agree with you, Leandra is fab. 🙂

    • Raissomat

      fellow-invisible-lashes here too. Never wear mascara, it is so obviously visible/unnatural on me that I find it to look cheap. I lightly line the lashline with brown eyeliner pencil sometimes. Similar effect, more natural.

      • asNatureIntended

        pale lashes. I’ve got them. I also know that I don’t have to have my lashes delineated before I go out. Gunk free face here.

        • cheshire

          (Not that any of you have to wear any mascara 😉 but if you are interested, try brown instead of black. I have dark enough lashes – but agree that black looks, yes, “cheap.” If I want to dress up for an event, I use brown for some thickness.)

  • nancy

    You’re one of the most beautiful, sassy, confident and out of this world funny chicks around Leandra !!! Your posts on everything and anything are always super inspirational – stay the same you’re such a gem !!! Gros bisous from Paris !!!

  • vero

    holy words!

  • Ruth

    Love this post Leandra! Reminds me what the inimitable Diana Vreeland said to the art directors and photographers who worked for her at Vogue. What she said was something like this, “Highlight their (the models) flaws. Make those things (flaws), the most beautiful things about them.” You have an interesting face which photographs well, you have joie de vivre and that guy needs to learn some manners. period.

    • Belen

      Applause! Applause! Applause!
      Without EVER reading your blog but following u on Instagram I was initially intrigued by your name.
      I saw funny, unique clothes, front row views at fashion shows and a voice for individuality. You know your place in the world and you occupy it beautifully, intelligently, stylishly and with HUMOR!

    • Meredith

      Ah! Great reference here with Diana Vreeland. Everyone should watch the documentary about her on Netflix if they get a chance. So good and inspiring!

  • Monica

    Well done.

  • LC

    To quote Beyonce (because that’s always appropriate) perfection is the disease of a nation… its [their] soul that needs the surgery

  • elistyleblog

    Lucky girl! I Need makeup beca use my skin is terrible.

    • Sarah Muncaster

      You don’t need it, but you feel best with it on! I am the same way. Simply dotting concealer on my acne scars is enough to make my confidence soar.

  • Marco

    You are the most beautiful women on earth for me… real, not some drawn up fake beaty

  • Guest

    Utterly beautiful. Thank you for writing this. I’ve got a few years on you, but I am only starting to slowly accept what I see in the mirror. And by slowly, I mean glacially. I think I am starting to realize in my old age that what I see is not going to change, but maybe how I see it might finally change.

    • I too am glacial about accepting my mirror reflection. New wrinkles/spots/etc. seem to surface almost monthly, but hey, it happens to all of us.

  • DGM

    This is fucking amazing.

  • Myfanwy Hood

    I cannot believe someone wrote that about you! That is truly a horrible, nasty thing to say about anyone! Let alone you, a beautiful young woman who takes great care of herself. I’ve never really worn make-up and have no real desire to do so. It’s not good for your skin, it’s a lot of unnecessary effort and, according to my husband, makes women looks like clowns. Lol.

  • Great article Leandra, you are beautiful as the way you are!


  • maria

    Wow, what kind of person say something like that? First of all, it’s not true. This has nothing to do with this “beauty is in the eye of the boholder” thing, but look at you, girl. Everything is fine. You are healthy and you’ve got an intresting, pretty face with nice skin, beautiful teeth etc. Maybe you don’t look like a classic beauty…but ugly as fuck???? WTH???!!!! Reading this, makes me so angry.
    Leandra, please never change. I admire you for your style, honesty and that you are so natural and real.

  • Kyla

    The thing that really irks me most is that they felt the need to comment on your appearance at all. Say they were proposing that you work with them- your appearance shouldn’t add or detract from the fact that your blog is successful and that you would make for a good business partner. I hate that women are valued on their appearance more then any other attribute.

    • Cat

      YES. This is exactly what I find most offensive in this debacle. I am confused as to how he could possibly find Leandra any kind of ugly, but that is besides the point. Why would he bring his (ridiculous) opinion of her looks into the conversation when it has absolutely NO RELEVANCE to the situation?

      A quote by (I think) Hillary Clinton came to mind: “[…] Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You may think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.” She should have added ‘misogynistic’ to the idiot part -not that it isn’t obvious but, when dealing with idiots, being explicit is a necessity.

      • Elke

        Amen to that. Kyla and Cat, you have pinpointed the heart of the issue; the remark ‘ugly as fuck’ does not reflect on Leandra’s appearance in any way (which is fabulous by the way), it’s a reflection of fact that he is an unprofessional, misogynistic, shallow, unkind, -by the lack of a better description- fucking idiot.
        Also; I have so much respect for the classy way Leandra handled this, and for the way this post was written. I would have probably shamed his ass publicly and tore right in to him. And every bit of energy would have been completely wasted on a guy like that. This way, she has singlehandedly boosted the confidence and self-image of so many girls and women who read this blog. Actually very inspiring. So thank you, Leandra.

  • Raashi Mehta

    YOU ROCK MAN REPELLER! I think you’re absolutely beautiful.

  • Artemis Grey

    I virtually never wear any makeup at all. Then I’ll go to something black tie and get all dressed up and put some one and people always react like ‘WOW! Uh, why don’t you wear it all the time?’ and my answer is ‘I’m lazy and I like my face.’ I like your face too, Leandra, and it doesn’t need any makeup if you don’t feel like putting any makeup on. That website is as shallow as a kiddie pool if he judges beauty by how much fake pigment and augmented angles you can create with makeup.

  • jo’s

    well said.

  • Amelia Diamond


    • those people were on their #WORSTBEHAVIOR

  • Sydney85

    I love how you look because you look very healthy. Your personality and wit shine through to make you even more desirable!

  • Catharinasboble

    For the record, I love your honesty and how down-to-earth you are. And you’re gorgeous, so those shallow pricks can go eff themselves. Enough said 😉

  • Gré Tee

    well, said!!! Everybody is called ugly as fuck by somebody, I regularly ask my male freinds’ opinions of supermodels, and most of them think Cara D is “ugly as fuck” (????), what can you do? The only person you need to measure up to, is yourself! I always find comfort on this website on these matters! Manrepelling!!!! yaaay!!! 😀

  • Tamara

    You’re absolutely gorgeous! Don’t take to heart comments from low class men & women who are simply projecting their own self-confidence issues. Continue on your merry way, making us real and diverse women feel pride in the way we look. You are the best Lenadra!! And you are hot shit, too.

  • Madelaine Diamond

    What an unprofessional A HOLE! You have a natural beauty that comes from what you radiate, not just your face but your whole being! The way you present yourself is attractive without even meaning to be. What you’re doing is working for you so I hope you didn’t continue to engage with the BEEB BEEP A HOLE.

  • Carrie H

    what an asshole! Sorry, but you ARE stunningly and uniquely beautiful, dementedly crazy in the best possible way, and have a killer fashion sense! He on the other hand…ugly, ugly, ugly!

  • Alleyco

    you are GORGEOUS Leandra. Haterz gonna hate. You dont need makeup- your style speaks for itself.

  • Lilli

    I absolutely love this artice, I wish we could all be this confident! 🙂

  • Wow, “ugly as fuck” …listen. I’m sos sick of folks inserting themselves on your IG that I actually unfollowed a couple of times. It’s overwhelming to see folks who are basically bitter come for you and anybody else. This goes for plus bloggers, and other “celebs”. Why take all that time even if it’s a minute to insult someone? You’re not there to
    entertain” folks with your looks. I love going bare faced, but the day someone tells me I “should” wear make up, is the day that they get their eyes poked out. I like make up, but I like foundation, eye liner and lipstick/gloss. Simple as that.

    It’s nobodies business to comment on how you look and I’m sorry that you have to read that period. I know you can probably laugh it off, but honestly, people are mean and that sucks that people are so bold behind a computer, and so bitter. At the end of the day you’re doing what a lot of people wish they could do for themselves. You don’t have to look like other bloggers in fact because you’re always you I think people respect you as being more than a typical blogger who’s just posing and traveling because you don’t take things like caking on make up too seriously. Anyway Leandra, keep shining and (excuse my french) but Fuck tha Haters.

  • MRenee

    We need more women like you in this world. Anyone with a daughter has to agree. You’re the most real kind of beautiful.

  • eleana

    I think you’re absolutely beautiful & I wish more girls would wear less makeup & thank you for showing what true confidence looks like! I personally like it and don’t see the harm in practicing *exactly* what your mother said: Enhance, don’t change. For those of us with bad skin, makeup is just an empowering means, not the end in itself.

  • Quinn Halman

    Leandra, you are really amazing. I’ve said this to you many times before and I mean it each time, so whether you see this comment or not, understand that you inspire me. I too never wear makeup because I cannot be bothered. But I’ve learned to understand some people are more comfortable when they put on makeup. (also look at these overwhelming responses!!! It’s like you’re starting a movement)

  • J

    This post makes me love you more. Cheers! x

    • NBT


      Are you sure he was not being sarcastic? You know, since you are the “Man Repeller”!
      He could have been saying, yeah, guess what, she is smart and funny and yes! Man repelling! Kind of being playful with the words? I mean it was an extreme expression, you know when you tell someone that they are sick, when they are are very masterful at something….. If he had just said, she is ugly, he could have been truthful, but ugly as fuck? You know you are beautiful, he was being sarcastic!

  • Sue

    It’s so good to read sth like that. I feel our surroundings sometimes just hit a certain spot and then our minds, or at least mine, starts worrying and wondering. But looking at the full picture I think your way is the right way. What do we tell ourselves if its only about how others like ux or that we need make up to even out our flaws. It only shows that we are not proud of who we are, and I think there’s not much sadder than that! So, thank you Leandra for being who you are and inspiring other people the way you do.

  • Tara K

    I honestly thought that you couldn’t get any better, and then this happened.

  • Stefanie

    Beautiful piece from a beautiful lady – inside & out! x

    PS – Someone should do the world a favour and castrate Mr “Ugly As Fuck”.

  • Brianne

    Good for you! Good skin is important, being comfortable in your own is gorgeous

  • Lucy

    You are so beautiful, witty, and smart. Truly an inspiration. Fuck everyone else.

  • Mafer Jarav.

    lo que necesitaba leer esta mañana!!.. just that i needed to read this morning!! You make my day!! 🙂

  • Annie

    If make up makes you feel more beautiful wear it, if it doesn’t, don’t, and if you don’t care either way, sleep in the extra 20 minutes. I’m with ya on this one! Also, ugly as fuck? Hardly. This guy seems pretty ugly, though. Unfortunately you can’t put makeup on a personality.

  • Madame Amrose

    When I started blogging about fashion and showing personal style shots, I felt so out of place because I’m pretty plain-jane when it comes to my hair and makeup. My hair’s down to my elbows and disobeys me on a regular basis, and my eyebrows misbehave if I try to do anything but keep them a little bigger than I’d like. But the beauty of it is seeing women like you who can not only pull that off, but rock it too.

  • Kristin Dellagrotta

    I’m new to the blog. And I NEVER comment on blogs. I read the blog BECAUSE I like the way you look. And have thought you to be exotic and stunning. Actually, I’ve considered how I could look more like you. Beauty isn’t Scandinavian models. People are sometimes wrong, This guy was wrong.

  • JT

    Urgh! I get the “why don’t you wear make up?” a lot too. I have just now starting thinking I am going to respond by asking “why, do you think I need it?” with the thousand yard stare. Maybe because I am lazy. Maybe because I honestly think I look better without it. Maybe because I work (thankfully!) in an office where they care about the quality of my work and not what I stumble in looking like. No my skin is not perfect, and my pores look like Minnesota potholes after the ravages of winter but you know, I see a ton more boys who could benefit from makeup too; and if they don’t feel the need to wear makeup I don’t see why I do.

  • Liz

    Leandra, you are amazing, very inspiring. Keep doing you Xo

  • Charlotte Fassler

    ~~**Hey YOU! in the backseat of the Taxi! You is BeAuTiFuL.**~~

  • Kristen

    In what universe could anyone look at you and think “ugly as fuck?” I would kill for your skin, smile, etc. Not that it matters whether you are “objectively beautiful” (no one deserves those comments, ever) but i think your face is just as beautiful as your attitude.

  • Cynthia P

    To be honest, I’m sick of seeing all those good looking bloggers with nothing of any substance to say for themselves anyway. Sure, they look pretty in photos, but beyond that they have nothing to offer. Those girls trade on their looks but when those fade, what will they be left with?

  • Brie

    well dear, you can join our “ugly as fuck and not giving a fuck” club that i’ve been a part of for years. to be fair, i know ugly girls, those girls that are truly homely b/c of genes, drugs, whatever, and you are not it. neither am i, but i’m also not that girl who piles on pounds of makeup to “hide” my natural-state-of-face. keep doing you, i’ll keep doing me and those poor souls out there who keep up with society’s standards of beauty can keep judging.

  • Annie Finn

    I think you are flawless and wish I could look half as beautiful as you do without make up!

  • Tatiana

    More power to you. Im convinced that in a not so far away future you will rule the world. Haters gonna hate! Fuck them!

  • Jamie

    Man I’ve always thought you were beautiful. I mean just naturally but your attitude and the way you carry yourself is also fabulous and makes me envy how comfortable you are with yourself. You look like my ex sister in law and she’s just beautiful. Fuck some loser that has to discuss a woman’s looks, he’s only showing how insecure he is with himself.

  • Mallory

    I came to read this article fully expecting to be offended, as I am a religious makeup wearer. But then I realized that everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do. I, too, love what I see when I look in the mirror, with or without makeup, but I wear it because it’s fun and I like to enhance what I do have. The most important thing is doing what makes you happy and makes you feel good. So, go on with your bad, makeup-free self.

  • should have responded to the email you were cc’d on with #iwokeuplikethis!

    • Leandra Medine

      I took the very mature route and screenshot it/Instagrammed it.

  • Sarah Muncaster

    First off, I’m not sure how the “website founder” has become so successful. 1) Who says something like that in a professional email (or in life), and 2) then forgets to delete it when he forwards it to you!? Someone who you don’t need as a professional partner, that’s for certain.

    Secondly, I genuinely don’t understand what people are seeing when they call you ugly. You have a rocking bod, thick shiny hair, flawless skin, amazing eyebrows, and your “flaws” only add a sense of quirkiness to your appearance that compliments your personality perfectly.

    Ugh PEOPLE sometimes! I love me some dramatic makeup on a night out, bright lipsticks in the summer, and I cover acne scars with concealer on the daily, but I respect and admire people that don’t wear makeup for their confidence. ROCK ON LEANDRA!

  • Sarah Czarnecki

    you rock! as simple and complicated as that!

  • Magna Rún

    I also almost never use makeup, mainly because it takes so long time to clean off ha.

  • cassie01123

    You look like a regular person, and that’s a big part of what makes you appealing as a source of sartorial inspiration and advice. As for makeup, nobody should feel like they need it every day; it’s an accessory like any other.

  • Anne-Flore Muller

    Amen to this! I think you are fabulous. You don’t hide yourself ánd your funny personality behind a mask off foundation and fake lashes. I applaud you for that and must say; you are one hot piece of ass. 😉

  • the ability to laugh off those who try to place you into a certain archetype is the very ethos of man repeller – those who don’t understand that don’t really get the point of this blog at all. surely, you didn’t need to explain, but I’m glad you did, if only so others can adopt your attitude. do you, girl.

  • Rominajahn


  • JD

    I never comment on blogs but..Leandra you are AMAZING!! You have an amazing sense of style that inspires my outfits almost daily! And YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Screw that fucker!

  • K

    I think your fucking gorgeous!

  • NH

    You’re a babe. You don’t need makeup.

  • Marta

    Haters gonna hate anyway, Bravo Leandra!

  • The-Uppity-Puppy.com

    Go girl. If you don’t wear it, you gotta own it. Two paws up to you.

  • shelly

    You’re beautiful for writing this. This is so touching.. Thank you!

  • greaseandglamour

    Why the hell does it matter what you look like if you’re smart and funny? If you were a man, I’m 100% sure he wouldn’t have made any comments on your external appearance. I’m moved and inspired by this post Leandra – you’re awesome. 🙂

  • Madalena GP

    I’m the same! I don’t wear make up as well, only mascara and I’m out on the streets! You rock Leandra, never forget that! You are beautiful as you are: gorgeous as fuck!

  • Jenny K. Østli

    Bless you! x

  • I love that you wrote this. And I love that you often choose to ignore the critics on instagram. Loving yourself is WAY more valuable than having others validate you.

  • kbz

    I never comment on any blogs but I gotta say I think you are ‘cute as fuck’. Just a couple of weeks ago you posted some pics and I felt compelled to comment on how pretty and cute you are, but as I never comment, I didn’t. You have such gorgeous big eyes and lips (and great skin) if anything, you have the perfect face to go bare!!!! Don’t change a thing!

  • Pernille-Amalie

    I think you’re COOL AS FUCK! 😀

  • Amaya

    I’ve honestly always thought you were such an amazing natural beauty, so I can’t believe anyone would have the nerve to call you ‘ugly as fuck’. I hope you never lose your confidence, wit and intelligence, and I think you’re an inspiration for being so comfortable with who you are. You don’t need makeup anyway, you’re already gorgeous!

  • liladyblogger

    Wow – I respect you for having the courage to share and discuss this. We don’t all look like Scandinavian models but the pressure to do so is so very strong. I just heard about a beautiful 22-year old yesterday who wants to put botox in her face – it’s sad – she will lose a part of her personality. Personality is the only thing most of us non-models have. Your attitude is healthy and commendable. You are beautiful and strong. Brava!


    Amazing story Leandra. I envy your ability to brush off criticism. You are such an inspiration. I just recently bought your book and can’t WAIT to dive in.

    Kaitlyn Pieri

  • Chloe J.

    Au contraire, Leandra. This is absurd. You are SO FAR from “ugly as fuck.” What bothers me most about that is the fact that we all know absolutely no one would ever so much as comment on the face of a male blogger. That aside, I absolutely love your features — I think that the boldness of your eyes and lips allows you to be able to wear louder clothing that people with more discrete features have trouble balancing on themselves. You are blessed and furthermore, you just look awesome. I used to feel pressure to wear makeup every single day, starting in 6th grade. If I didn’t have it on I felt horribly ugly, and it wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I spent a month doing makeup-free service work in South America that I realized the true COMFORT of have absolutely no makeup on. I love being able to rub my eyes and scratch my cheek with my sleeve without working about creating a black circle around my eye and turning my clothes orange. Its a great feeling — it’s a feeling of freedom. I obviously look better with makeup on, but who cares? I FEEL better without it, and if my face appalls people in its natural state, I guess that makes it a great tool to “man repel” all of the people that aren’t worthy of my presence. Thanks for making me feel more comfortable in my own skin and proving that you can still be fashionable, glamorous and awesome while being natural.

  • cryptdang

    Thanks for writing about your self-acceptance, I think it is useful for people to hear from others, so that they can lean how to direct it towards themselves. But I mostly came to post this, which I read right before coming here! It’s a study on the subjectivity of beauty (not surprising results there), but they also included plastic surgeons and found they had a much narrower view of beauty (probably not that surprising, but an interesting twist). I think this is probably an issue in any field that is heavily based on appearances.


  • jammietartlet

    You are beautiful and your work is amazing. Statements like “ugly as fuck” is the reason we still see mainly blonde hair, blue eyed skeletal figures trying to sell single ideas of beauty and why transformation in this industry is so slow. Haters will hate. You keep on doing you! Love from sunny South Africa <3

  • This post just made you more fucking beautiful. THAT’S why you’re amazing.

  • mknoun

    haterz gon hate. I love your natural beauty!

  • jana

    Yes sister! You are my hero

  • Christine Nicholson

    awesome post, never let anyone attack your confidence

  • Silvia Vigatà

    the best article you have ever wrote ¡¡ Congrats

  • Ryan

    You’re wonderful.

  • Maya

    I remember a girlfriend stared at me once
    in high school with shock as though I had a fly eating up my nose and she took
    all of her makeup things out of her purse and threw them at me saying…here!
    Please, do something to your face! take it all, do something! At least put on
    some mascara! And she was so repelled by my morning well moisturized, clean
    face. I was laughing at her cause she did not dare come out of her bedroom
    without makeup on. I realized this later when we went to the beach and she took
    an hour putting her face on. How annoying being a slave to other stuff to make
    you feel confident enough to come out of the room!

    I was 15 then and I am 29 now and I still
    hate make up. I have never worn make up because I am lazy too. It takes a lot
    of maintenance to put it on every day and still have a healthy skin, no matter
    how expensive/good your beauty products are. Also I am not as confident as you,
    but I prefer feeling myself ok to function and think and do and create than
    making others feel or think better about me. That’s their problem, nor mine.

    So thank you for sharing this. You are damn
    right about what the man repelling attitude truly is and this is what is true,
    what is beautiful and what matters. You are beautiful because you are loving,
    and truthful and you say what matters.

  • Elle

    Good message, but she posted the email on her personal instagram @leandramedine awhile ago…he actually said “reallllly funny (not very pretty tho – truly a man repeller!)” http://instagram.com/p/gycWtEAc6V/ Don’t know why she said he called her “ugly as fuck”….rude either way but still.

  • Charlotte

    Beautiful article. My favorite I would say. Just as beautiful as you are. And I’m not just saying that because of this article. I’ve actually commented that before 🙂

  • Gosh, I would have been so offended to read this about myself, it’s really nasty and so far from the truth! You’re gorgeous!
    I don’t wear makeup most of the time, but I do when I go out or when I feel like it, I don’t think it defines a woman’s beauty.
    Mafalda ❤

  • Krista


  • Je_suis_Chloe

    You are not ugly!! And by that I don’t mean that that is because of your inner beauty; by that I mean that your physical appearance is hot!

  • Lucy Kalnes

    You’re gorgeous.

  • Leticia

    Definetely NOT ugly as fuck! U r my favorite fashion blogger. The funniest by far. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • maruluzar

    You don’t need to use make up to be beautiful!!!


  • Mel Bee

    You aren’t ugly! Geez Louise who are these awful people?
    I don’t wear much makeup either, but it’s also do to laziness, as well as vanity. Makeup clogs your pores and is full of harmful chemicals that prematurely age your skin and could potentially be poisoning you over a long period of time. It’s so anti-feminist to expect women’s faces to be made up all the time. I hate the way my skin looks with foundation. I’ll take freckles and redness over wrinkles and pimples any day!

  • Thank you for those honest words about confidence and image. With all the Photoshopping, bullying and celeb stalking going on these days I have been shaking my head at how obsessed with each others faces we have become. I too am lazy, and dont wear make up. I don’t care if all my friends and everyone in my office does, I’m me and not them. P.S you’re actually fuckin HOT as fuck! Let me at the twat who said that about you! P.P.S since we are speaking of make up, nobody pulls off red lipstick like you do.

  • Aunt Fifi

    Thank you for this. I like my face, too, and I don’t have anything to hide — even at 40. On occasion, putting on the ol’ face paint is fun, but most of the time I’m happy to do without it — and it makes my life easier. It’s really galling that women — and women alone — are expected to mask ourselves in this way, and celebrities photographed “sans fard” are considered brave. What a laugh! Go out and actually do something in the world if you want to be brave! Until then, paint yourself up to go to the grocery store if you must. But leave me and my face alone.

  • Fishmonkey

    It is remarkable though that no discussion about a woman can be had without mentioning her appearance. Moreover, the attitude seems to be that if a woman is unwilling to put work (and it IS work) into looking as pretty as possible, she is somehow failing at being a woman. So I won’t say anything about Leandra’s looks, as they should be frankly irrelevant to her success — unlike this blog, which is awesome.

  • Lua Jane

    That person is plain rude. Even if they are stating their opinion. I beg to differ, but I do believe tastes are highly individual, so it’s up to them. I do however wonder if that person ever saw you rocking the red lippie? You rock it like it’s nobodies business and if someone doesn’t see beautiful in that, they are blind.

    I do appreciate this post very much for two reasons. I noticed general discomfort in young women, with how they look and their mother nature and genetics provided faces and looks. And as blogger and an influential voice in blogosphere, you represent a good oposit to that general rule.

    Second reason would be question; what gives us right to be openly rude in things we say about other people on the web? It’s probably been discussed many times, but it feels like internet is taking what little decency and politeness we had in comuncation away. It’s actually quite sad.

  • Giulia Stanzione

    Being smart and funny is what makes you even more beautiful then any scandinavian model 😉

  • jess4565

    you are truly an inspiration, and a beautiful one!

  • Jeanne

    You are beautiful! I love you and your beauty, character, coolness, and amazing writing powers! You are incredible!

  • Yes, you are: beautiful AND awesome and many other things. Really.

  • lexa

    You are the best. And beautiful and stylish!

  • I rarely wear makeup. Don’t get me wrong I love playing with it and I know that when I wear it it enhances my natural beauty but I am ok in my skin to just go with out it most of the time. I am glad you are too 😉

  • idealistas

    Another issue is that people feel entitled to comment on your appearance, just because you put yourself out there. This happens all the time with females in all industries. I was at a work event where I was surprised to overhear a male in the audience comment that the female presenter was good, but pear shaped. Really?? Would it ever occur to me to say, I like the presenter, but he is bald and has a droopy belly. Females get critiqued in their appearance and get commentary by dull masses who don’t have anything interesting to say. I applaud your attitude and this is why you are so great for women of all generations. Man Repelling is an attitude that perfectly represents the new feminism. Women don’t exist to attract men, despite the common antiquated belief. By the way, I bet the guy that made that comment had man boobs.

  • Amy Wood

    I think you are STUNNING. When I started following on Instagram, my thoughts were: now there is a smart, savvy, gorgeous gal. You have beautiful skin. You are healthy. You laugh. You have a brain. In my book those are all the components of making a beautiful woman. So when someone uses such harsh verbiage as “ugly as fuck” and pertains to you: I hope you imagine that person holding a mirror up to their face saying that. Cause that’s what that behavior is: ugly as fuck. Keep on keeping on with your chic, gorgeous and sunny self. We need more women like you in this world.
    Have a great day, you gorgeous minx.
    Amy Wood

  • WendyS

    I’ve never (ever!) commented on a website before but this post has really, really moved me. I feel inspired and invigorated by the way you approach life, beauty, and individuality. Since becoming a MR reader just a few months ago, a lovely dose of feminism has awoken in me that has encouraged me to be more confident, more daring, more irreverent – not just in what I wear but just in life!! Thank you for that. PS, you are strikingly and uniquely beautiful, and anyone who says otherwise is a silly jerk.

  • Khalilah

    To each his own but you are by no means ugly. I feel you about being lazy in terms of make up. It doesn’t make me unhappy though.

  • Emese Sik

    I just really like the massage you are sending out to all woman, mostly young self-concerned girls, who should learn to appreciate themself before they get fake boobs fake whatever, starve themself or other shit. Because being fake and have zero self confidence is ugly as fuck.

  • Karen A

    Beautiful post, beautiful you – inside and out. His comment makes me feel sick – did you respond to the e-mail thread after that?

  • Anna

    Funny…I’ve never noticed your eschewal of makeup. I, too, have undereye circles that would put Rocky to shame, but covering them has always seemed like an exercise in futility. For what it’s worth, like so many other commenters here, I find you absolutely beautiful and your approach to style (and general existence) the epitome of awesome. That guy’s classless comment says everything about him and nothing about you. Good for you for not only not owning it, but using it as an opportunity to inspire confidence and self-acceptance in others.

  • Teresa

    Well I’ll join you in the lazy as fuck club. I rarely wear make up and to be honest I feel more like a woman in my own skin than with an beauty enhanced painted face. And when I look at myself in the mirror I feel chic as shit knowing I can walk into a room and be my true self in all my glory. Be you, because that’s the woman I love to see.
    Your ugly as fuck sister

  • inspiredtomboy

    Makeup: for when you don’t want to look like you…. who wants that?

  • Cristi R.

    I’ve been happily lurking on your site for a number of years now, never commenting once. But FUCK YEAH. You go.

    • Maggie

      Preach. You look great.

  • ingela

    If I had your colours i wouldn’t wear make-up either! You look great.

  • Candice

    Besides beautiful I think your so cool, and that something your born with and no makeup or surgery can give you coolness 🙂

  • Duncan Loves Tess Vintage

    You are a diamond in a CZ world! Great article!

  • Runswithscissors

    I’m sorry you felt the need to address the subject. I don’t wear makeup either, both because I am lazy too and the skin should breath, putting cake batter on blocks the pores and leads to damaged skin IMHO.
    I can not understand the trend to wear so much makeup ‘a la’ Kardashian. I understand for a photo shoot, but certainly not for everyday life. Men don’t find it attractive either, they also find it impractical, no one wants to get a layer of that stuff rubbed on their clothes and faces.
    Anthropologist have noted that since the beginning of time, a natural, healthy skin will attract people because it means the person is healthy and of good genetic makeup for reproduction.

  • Terri

    Everyone will always have something to say about what is wrong with other people. I missed the memo in high school about makeup and so I wear little to nothing and I have had very few people tell me I should, But I have seen what makeup does to the natural beauty and ummm I don’t want to look like I am 90 in my 70s by the face either. I totally get the lazy thing too, My friends tell me they have to add 15-45 more mins to the morning and evening prep…I see that as extra sleep and a meal just slipping away…may I am little dramatic but either way, don’t give them a 2nd thought, because looks will fade before anything else and that Smart, Funny trait will still be there.

  • Ashley

    I love this post! I am a huge fan of going sans makeup- to the office, to the bar, around town, what have you. I think a lot of girls would benefit to do the same! Being comfortable in your own skin- literally – is the best way to live. You go!

    • Mary-Elizabeth Grimaldi

      This was a really hard article to read. It did not make syntactical sense and it also was somewhat repetitive so the flow was very jerky. I did not read the whole article because of it, but I did read the ugly as fuck part and how offended and hurt you were by that. Put some blush on and move the fuck on.
      #youmightnotwearmakeupbutyou’restillanarcisist #pleasetakeawritingclassbeforeyoustartablog #mybrainhurtsfromtryingtoreadthis

  • Here in little Salt Lake City, Utah, nearly all women wear makeup. I find it that people here look so similar and rarely express their personal style. As for the few who are super fashionable, you’ll find that they are the ones going without makeup. Sometimes the most secure women are the ones who rock a fresh face with pride. We could do with more of that power to the natural woman here. Thanks for your inspiration, and know that mean people aren’t worth your time. You are too amazing on all fronts.

  • Just because someone slaps on some makeup, doesn’t make them look good either. Makeup isn’t a defining thing. I think confidence in your own skin makes people look better on the whole because they can rock whatever they want and own it.

  • Susan

    Honestly, if I were as pretty as you, I’d stop wearing make up. But my skin isn’t as flawless as yours, so I have to cake my face for special occasions, even though I don’t like it. i think you wearing makeup wouldn’t be you, so ignore unprofessional website owners who are unable to use their iphones.

  • MV

    Leandra, I think you’re beautiful! I wish I held that same confidence you inherit when looking in the mirror. You are truly inspiring!

  • Lia Celeste


  • Julie

    this fucking speaks to me.

  • You’re wonderful.

  • oh well that’s just rude! I meant the email. I agree with you though, I’ve been working on my skincare issues so that I won’t have to wear foundation and such. Sure I like playing around with makeup when I go out but daily it’s such a hassle!

    You go girl, you should never feel like you NEED makeup 🙂


  • YES! Love this post and I wholeheartedly agree. I am learning to love every bit and not consider for one moment if someone else feels ‘uncomfortable’ by my not wearing it or thinks that I should. Bravo and I’m sorry that you had to write this because haters gon hate but thank you for writing this also for all of the women who agree with you. Oh, and you’re stunning! All of the women above are some of my favorites, honestly, because of their natural beauty. Shines right through. I love feeling beautiful in my natural state and damn it is empowering. xx

  • BN

    Mr “Ugly as Fuck” is exactly the kind of guy you should be proud of Man Repelling

  • The feeling of being happy with the way you look, fresh out of the shower, bed, or wherever you’re not covered up in makeup, will always beat the feeling of putting your makeup on perfectly in my opinion.
    I love your approach to it all.

  • Iryna

    You go girl!

  • Kathleen Dore


    I think this May be the most important piece you’ve written to date. I’ve been following you for a few years now and you’ve been more than just inspiration to my fashion choices. You’re the reason I am comfortable in my own skin, why I approach many things in my life with the attitude I do, and every time I read your posts from serious to lighthearted I am reminded that I need to wear (or not wear) not only clothes (or makeup) that I am comfortable in , regardless of other peoples repulsed opinions. But your message isn’t just clothes and makeup and fashion like you said it’s an attitude and loving yourself. I could be a basic bitch but because of you I have thrived on my individuality. I can’t thank a lot of people for that but you are definitely one of them. So, thank you Leandra.

    -Kathleen Dore

  • Morgan

    WOAH. He sounds like a poor, shallow, depressed soul.
    I remember the first time I showed my best friend your blog. We looked at your outfit and she said, “well of course she can get away with dressing like that, she’s so pretty”. It’s true. BUT, I understand the point is being truly confident in your skin (which yours is flawless and I’m jealous) without enhancers.
    GET IT GRRRRL! Haters gonna hate.
    Also, I freaked out when I saw someone else named Morgan commented here. Maybe I need to come up with an actual user name…

  • Nicole

    Keep doing your thing! There are plenty of people (and us women too) that agree with and feel the same way as you do. Natural is always best. What does the rest of the world know anyway?

  • Guest

    Preach! I have embraced being natural and am no longer being brain washed by society as I was in my late high school years . (Back when tanning beds were cool and the measurement of the diameter of the holes in your jeans determined your rank) Its amazing that when you start tuning into the pathways of your brain magic portals and yes normal doors to will open for you. I went back to my home town a couple summers ago after four years and ran into someone of the male sex that I had not seen since then. He had the balls (or lack there of) to say to me “remember when you were hot?” and all I could do was cackle. I suppose some men only find women attractive that have a skin tone similar to an Oompa Loompa, eyebrows that are almost non existent they’re tweezed so thin, and eye liner for miles. I will take my brain, caterpillar brows, and naked face over the latter any day of the week. Thank you.

  • Megan

    I like you because you’re not like the rest of them. You’re authentic. And I think you’re beautiful.

  • Lin

    I have followed your page, your instagram and also done some stalking on Pinterest on you, and never once did I think you were anything but beautiful. I promise you than no woman could ever have looked at you and thought differently. Unfortunately some men are not grounded enough to see that most girls have 30 minutes of applying paint on their face, thus thinking this is how we look waking up. I promise you it is completely irrelevant what these men think, I would never waste a second on on. Your beauty is tasteful, and you dress accordingly. Why would anyone put on makeup and tacky push up bras for these men, when there are tasteful men out there too?

  • Karen Chou

    I agree I don’t wear it either not only cause I’m lazy but because I don’t want zits and pimples from it on my skin.

  • Rainie

    “Love letter to individuality” Beautiful! Much like yourself. I also don’t wear much makeup and was told, while pregnant, my daughter would not be beautiful because I didn’t doll myself up. I told this woman she was a fool. My daughter is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you for this post. You have inspired the rest of my life with your words.

  • Sarah

    I read your site daily because of posts like this, you make me strive to be a more independent and confident woman. DO YOU GIRL! You rock, inside and out 🙂

  • JRMcWillams

    I Fucking LOVE you! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the problem is the mass majority are plainly insecure…

  • Taylor

    I still remember being on a shoot with you and the makeup artist we’d hired coming at you with a brush only to be stopped by you, hand up, proclaiming ever confidently ‘Oh no, I don’t wear makeup.’ And that was that. We moved on, did the shoot, and the photos turned out as perfect as ever.

    You of anyone can conjure that confidence in other women who see you as not only a powerhouse, but also an inspiration. Always. I love your style, your look, your attitude about all of this. Not something that is easy to maintain in our industry.


  • Namrata

    Make-up can be greatm but it should also be individual choice. As for how you look, not every beautiful woman has to be skinny with blue eyes and big boobs. Every woman is beautiful in her own way.


  • Pauline

    I think you are beautiful, he has shit in his eyes

    great post 🙂

  • Lisa

    I love your self acceptance! It’s okay for us women to like how we loo–flaws and all. I feel like all too often it’s more acceptable to talk poorly about yourself than say, “Hey, I am happy with the skin I’m in.” Great post. And about that email thread, as my bestie always tells me, “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

  • Empowering post! An absolute joy do read. Keep doing your thing and sod the rest.

    Alessia | alessiadicapua.blogspot.co.uk

  • Elise Maggioncalda

    Yikes. People can be so harsh! Not to get all feminist here, but it makes me sad when women belittle other women over their looks, especially when a woman doesn’t force herself to conform to the stereotypical ideas of what women should look like to be “beautiful.” I’m sure that same girl, along with basically every other girl on the planet, has her own face/body hang-ups; most of the time when women say hurtful things about other women it comes from a deep dark place of insecurity, fearfulness, low self-esteem, and a general unhealthy body image of their own. Most of us never “feel like” putting on makeup because (to me, at least) it feels like a chore, but we still do it…. kudos to you and other girls who genuinely feel beautiful in their own skin. Sadly, it is a feeling that many women will never have no matter how many times someone tells them how gorgeous they are, inside and out. Ladies: we are all drop-dead gorgeous vixens, don’t make your personality “ugly as fuck” by hurting other women.

  • Charlotte Betts

    Oh Leandra, this post makes you the most beautiful person ever!

  • Rosalynn

    I follow you on instagram, but don’t read the comments. For years I have thought of you as such a beautiful woman, so this post is very surprising to me! You are gorgeous Leandra! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, their probably jealous!

  • JuliePJanssen

    I’ve been both ends of the spectrum (no make-up until I was 17…loads of make-up when I was 21….) and now I’m happiest in a mascara and tinted moisturiser because that’s just…me. You are beautiful. I am beautiful. We’re all beautiful. http://qr.net/stx3

  • samhallie

    You are beautiful Leandra!

  • Elise Maggioncalda

    Yikes. People can be so harsh! Not to get all feminist here, but it makes me sad when women belittle other women over their looks, especially when a woman doesn’t force herself to conform to the stereotypical ideas of what women should look like to be “beautiful.” I’m sure that same girl, along with basically every other girl on the planet, has her own face/body hang-ups; most of the time when women say hurtful things about other women it comes from a deep dark place of insecurity, fearfulness, low self-esteem, and a general unhealthy body image of their own. Most of us never “feel like” putting on makeup because (to me, at least) it feels like a chore, but we still do it….. kudos to you and other girls who genuinely feel beautiful in their own skin. Sadly, it is a feeling that many women will never have no matter how many times someone tells them how gorgeous they are, inside and out. Ladies: we are all drop-dead gorgeous vixens, don’t make your personality “ugly as fuck” by hurting other women.

  • hunter

    You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else.

  • anonymous

    You ARE beautiful. Today’s retouched beauty standards are superficial and virtually impossible to reach anyway. True beauty lies in individuality, difference, nuance, and in confidence. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with who you are. And you, my dear, have accomplished that.

    I’m 17 now, but as a self-conscious preteen, you inspired me so much. You taught me that I don’t need to look or be a certain way to please anyone else. You changed me, and though I don’t know you personally, I love you for that.

  • erica

    Amen sista’.

  • YasMas

    I’m ugly as fuck too without makeup. Love it that way and no other way.

    Keep at it Leandra!!!

  • poshmotif

    What I love the most about you is the fact that you are care free and silly. I admire the fact that you put yourself out there without make up… just as you are. I wish I had that courage and not have my superiors tell me “go put your face on” when I show up to work without any makeup.

  • Merc

    I sure do love makeup, but I don’t wear it in order to make myself appear more feminine by any means. We are now in an age where women are not expected to make their physical appearance a part of their resume in the workplace. It doesn’t become a “thing” for us. “Oh yes, she’s very smart, her work ethic is superb, oh and she’s pretty…” is more of a sexist statement than an endearing one. Personality, knowledge, work ethic… these are the things that make us a part of this corporate environment. Not our looks. That’s just a nuance. Also, ugly is just as much of a put-down as being “pretty” (in the work place) in my opinion. I think if you had gotten that email and it said, “yeah and she’s totally bangin'” that is also something to be offended at!!!! And I’ve seen a lot of ladies look “ugly as fuck, tho” wearing makeup HAHAA

  • Makeup is a preference. Some girls associate it with how they feel and act while others don’t. Personally, I love playing with makeup. I can spend hours trying products on my face and some days, I just go completely bare. I think the key is to keep it very minimal and enhance your features versus put on a new face. But again, it is if you prefer it. Your face, your rules.


  • Hillaria


    Being lazy is one thing, and passing on the urge to subscribe to a man-pleasing culture is quite another. I feel jealous when my boyfriend rolls out of bed, into the shower, throws on a crisp button up– and is ready to go. Why should I wake up an hour earlier to change my hair and my face?

    People who comment on your appearance are lonely, and don’t have the kind of relationship that you do with your mother. You are pretty, and pretty lucky.


  • Jackie

    That’s crazy, I have always thought you are absolutely beautiful, and never noticed if you have make up or not. The guy must have spent too much time next to a pesticide sprinkler, his brain is all foggy! I hope you rub his rudeness into his face and embarrass him for all eternity! Lot’s of hugs from a fellow no make up-er who just can’t be bothered.

  • Merc

    This is also reminiscent of Mindy Kaling’s “it takes a lot of exercise to look this curvy” bit. We have to quit giving people the ability to put us in boxes.

  • Julie Garbutt

    Thank you for this. I’ve been fucking pissed lately when I feel ashamed for going out in public without makeup. Hope to absorb some of your bravery, because really, I like myself better without it.

  • Carlota

    I couldn’t agree more with your article/essay. Honestly Leandra, fuck them!!!
    I normally don’t wear make up and I am spanish so I am supposed to be tanned and gorgeous every day, but I am not tanned (truly very pale) and I am lazy too, I only use it on special ocasions. But the point here is that YOU DON’t NEED MAKE UP BECAUSE YOR SELFSTEEM HAS TO BE OVER THAT, I envy your self confidence so whatever people tell you, never lose your allure

  • Shae

    I am 19 and I know many friends, myself and my younger sisters struggle with self confidence in appearance and dress. Please keep on being such a great role model. You are beautiful.

  • It is quite possible you will still run around without makeup when 40 or more … Because it doesn’t get any better: once you’re makeup lazy you tend to stay that way. Also: the skin can remain/become quite spoiled, demanding from you not to cover it with anything (maybe some ageing cream), your lashes may feel unnaturally heavy with mascara if applied twice a year and you may forget what exactly one is supposed to do to make cheeks look … hollower? Or was it higher? I forget.
    And then one day people will get at you for boasting a nice skin at that age …

  • Heather

    Who says that in an email, or at all?! Your confidence is what makes you beautiful. Some don’t need makeup to feel good about themselves. I hate that people find the need to put another down online (or in person for that matter). Seriously, you are great and nothing else matters. xo-Heather

  • Lauren Bullard

    Thank you for writing this article! I wish more women would be confident enough to revel in their natural beauty. You are truly stunning! That poor man that said those ugly things probably has a very small penis that he’s overcompensating for. Let’s be honest.

  • fellow individuality lover

    everything about you is beautiful – this post just confirmed it.

  • Irina

    Omg Leadra… you’re just my role model.

  • Preach! I have embraced being natural and am no longer brain washed by society as I was in my late high school years . (Back when tanning beds were cool and the measurement of the diameter of the holes in your jeans determined your rank) It’s amazing that when you start tuning into the pathways of your brain, magic portals, and doors in the physical life will open for you. I went back to my home town a couple summers ago(after four years of being the hell away from that place) and ran into someone of the male sex that I had not seen since then. He had the balls (or lack there of) to say to me “remember when you were hot?” and all I could do was cackle. I suppose some men only find women attractive that have a skin tone similar to an Oompa Loompa, eyebrows that are almost non existent they’re tweezed so thin, and eye liner for miles upon no end. I will take my brain, caterpillar brows, and naked face over the latter any day of the week. Thank you.

  • JuliePJanssen

    Say they were proposing that you work with them- your appearance shouldn’t add or detract from the fact that your blog is successful and that you would make for a good business partner. I hate that women are valued on their appearance more then any other attribute. http://qr.net/stx3

  • you go girl.

  • JuliePJanssen

    Say they were propposing that you work with them- your apearance shouldn’t add or detractt from the fact that your blog is sucessful and that you would make for a good busines partner. I hate that women are valued on their apearance more then any other atribute. http://qr.net/stx3

  • Embarking

    Amen sista!!

  • Dana Rose

    “I have accepted the reflection that reliably bounces back at me for its perks and its flaws.” EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO DO THIS. EVERYDAY.

    To all women out there if and when you do wear make up there is one rule. You MUST wash your face at night. (No matter how many glasses of wine you have had) Never ever ever ever sleep with your makeup on or mascara. It is just wrong and cruel to you face.


  • JuliePJanssen

    Say they were propposing that you work with them- your apearance shouldn’t add or detractt from the fact that your blog is sucessful and that you would make for a good busines partner. I hate that womenn are valued on their apearance more then any other atribute. http://qr.net/stx3

  • Virginie

    Love your post! I saw you at Paris fashion week passing by the Mandarin with one of your friends, not only you are beautiful but you are elegant and that’s what makes the big difference… Kisses from Belgium!

  • Mais-quelle-idiote

    YOU ARE GENIUS. mais-quelle-idiote.blogspot.com

  • jahnira tragni

    wow, in this day and age where more 70% of the female population wears makeup it’s so refreshing to read this! to be honest I didn’t even realise that you didn’t wear makeup, I didn’t think you wore makeup either, it just didn’t stand out in my mind which is strange for me seek as I’m a Beaty obsessed 15 year old who can’t even put the trash out without my makeup! truly inspiring, thank you.

  • Lisa

    Slow clap.

  • Patti

    People hurt (or attempt to it, even unknowingly) because they are hurt. You are beautiful as fuck and I’m inspired by your beauty

  • Ana Uribe

    Ugly as fuck? I think we can collectively retort with, “stupid as fuck”. You don’t require makeup to look beautiful, because you don’t need it; you’re beautiful, exclamation point.

  • Ana

    I envy you. You confidence is admirable and we should all learn from you. BRAVO!

    PS: Did you reply to that e-mail? I’d love to know…

  • olivia

    You rock.

  • courtneyzott

    My mom always told me that beauty is in the eye of the revolver.


    There are three socially expected but ultimately unhelpful things a woman is supposed to another woman when she has been called “ugly as fuck”:
    1. He’s wrong. You’re beautiful.
    2. He’s a piece of shit, no-good, shit-eating asshole douchebag.
    3. You have a winning personality.

    None of these make it better. They actually often make it worse. The only thing that might make it better – at least temporarily – is to look so drop-dead gorgeous in front of the guy that he can hardly control his urge to get in your pants, and to string him along for an entire night only to slam your door in his face when he tries to make a move with the imparting words: “You, piece of shit, no-good, shit-eating asshole, are the one who is ugly as fuck.”

    Or, to look around you and realize how many people love you, and to realize that when he called you “ugly as fuck,” he wasn’t saying you weren’t beautiful. He was admitting his fear of a woman smarter, wittier and stronger than he will ever be.

  • Vannessa

    When I see your pics, yours outfits, your eyes, your smile I can´t see something wrong with you. I like your happiness, your grace…Leandra, you´re the BEST.

  • David

    Hooray Sloth -_- I’m not pro makeup, but this is a really roundabout way of saying you’re too lazy to care.

    Seriously, way to feed the trolls as transparently as possible.

  • Thea

    Leandra, your approach to beauty has inspired me to not use much extended outer beauty to make up (no pun intended) for what I, in my own opinion at least, lack within the area of inner beauty, but instead use it to enhance my own, individual outer beauty that no make up can do. And like, i guess that’s kinda big deal cuz like I’m only 16. You’re such a fabulous (mostly in fashion I do have to say because that’s your thing) role model.

  • estee

    *fist pound* you’re beautiful!

  • erin

    YES. But maybe grammar-check next time.

  • Here’s hoping that a colonoscopy sans preliminary anesthesia becomes a reality for that man….one can dream.

    I’m more often than not also in the “no makeup” camp…also due to laziness. I like sleeping in WAY too much. I own makeup, I consider it a fun thing to play with sometimes, but if it ever became something that I felt I HAD to put on in order to please others it would quickly fall out of the “fun” category. I don’t ever want my decisions about my appearance to take over my life in a non-fun way. Props to you for taking a stance on this…it’s sad that it’s as “controversial” as it is.

  • L.A. Lady

    I have no words so I’m just applauding at my computer screen. You are awesome.

  • Camille

    i had to retrieve my disqus password to comment –
    everyone has a different definition of beauty and you’re definitely beautiful in my eyes!
    there, i said it. just had to get that off my chest.

  • Dear Leandra,

    I have been noticing the offensive comments on instagram recently and I feel like one of “the man repeller police”, answering back and trying to make these commenters understand that it’s never ok to be offensive like that to anyone and for no justified reason either. I bought your book and i really enjoyed it.
    I identified a lot with you, with your sensitivity, your love of fashion and your good humour. When my mum asked me what I was reading the other day, i told her, she looked up your name on Google and said: “So, I googled Leandra, she’s VERY attractive isn’t she? lovely smile, a bit spanish looking. She’s lovely. Great red dress i saw her in”.
    And you truly are lovely. I admire what you’ve built up with man repeller, i have a blog that i’m not quite sure what to do with and i have a love of fashion that I always used to be a little ashamed of. I’ve learnt to be proud of my style and my “good eye”. I shall now end the rant! But I did want to say this: “Congratulations on your brilliant book, you are an attractive, funny and warm person that Abie is very lucky to have. Keep up Man Repeller. I love it!! Ignore the idiots behind their keyboards. They seriously do not deserve any time to be wasted on them. Take care. Love from Pariiiiiiiiis. Victoria xoxo

  • Allyson Austin

    Absolutely love this! Such a good attitude and outlook to have!

  • I love this post. Proves how gorgeous you are inside and out. More women should be so secure and confident. Nothing is as beautiful as self-acceptance!

  • Vickie Papageorge

    You could teach women a thing or two about owning themselves and not hating what they see in the mirror. This post was inspirational and made my day. We need more stronger women in the world like you!

  • AshleyOlivia

    I love makeup, really far too much. However, that is my choice and I would never impose makeup on anyone. Also, I feel rather incensed at the implication that just because you are a woman, therefore you must wear makeup. I think it has become de rigeur for women in much of the professional world, but I hope this changes in the near future. So fight the good fight, Leandra. And it goes without saying that you are beautiful as is and need no enhancing. However, this blogger, whoever he is, sure could do with a lesson in class.

  • O-o, Leandra’s breaking the internet 🙂 (aka I never ignore an occasion for a Queen B moment)

  • Love this post. Beautifully written, as always.

  • amen!

  • Lydia

    I think that if you don’t want to wear make up thats OK. Its crazy that people are so offended by a woman’s bare face.

  • Having seen your instagram pic about not wearing makeup I was quite surprised to read it as I never thought about you wearing makeup or not. I simply saw you as one of the lucky one’s who doesn’t need to and is a natural beauty. I headed over here to read what you had written and am genuinely really upset. Regardless of whether or not you wear makeup or what people deem to be ugly or not what struck me was that another human being {of any gender} was describing someone as ugly as fuck. How dare he? What a disgusting use of language for someone who, it sounds to me, actually likes you !!!!?? In situations like this ~ after I’ve vented shit loads ~ I learn from it and come away happy in the knowledge that I am not a rude asshole and would never talk about another person like that and am therefore better off in this world.
    In those fabulous words of Roald Dahl ~

    If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

    I’ve read your blog for a long time and know for a fact you’re a lovely beauty…x

  • Lauren

    amen sister

  • Sarah Shelton

    Leandra, you are the most beautiful woman! Not only on the outside, but what makes you so radiant is what you are on the inside. You are truly an inspiration for a woman, who refuses to be cookie cutter and the same as every other woman. (And one who also has bags under her eyes) keep up all the great work! You have made me more comfortable in my own skin, that I can accept being different! Xoxo to the man repeller

  • Jmw

    What you judge, you cannot influence.
    The man is a boob, plain and simple. With that attitude, he probably gets very little boob as well.
    Man Repeller is an incubator of ideas and fashion and well, sometimes fantasy. Keep it coming. With make up or without.

  • Maggie Clancy

    Trolls are the worst. I know you know you are a lovely lady and you have TONS of supporters of your ideas, and yes, your looks. You are simply a stunning human being. F the haters.

  • esmeemse .

    Well, as a teenage girl, I adore your blog and what it stands for. It is definitely a “love letter to individuality”, which is surely the best kind of creative project – so fun and so celebratory of self-confidence/acceptance. Something I will strive to achieve in the future.

  • Angela Lovell

    You, Leandra Medine, are BEAUTIFUL as fuck THO. I have been a fan of Man Repeller from the very beginning because of the strong sense of self that you emanate. Every woman should be so lucky to have the wit and confidence that you hold.

  • Anne-Marie Larson Earl

    That guy was a complete idiot. You’re smart, funny, and beautiful, makeup or no makeup.

  • Kathryn

    Make-up, no make-up it doesn’t really matter. It’s whatever you want. Most important is to take care of your skin, it’s what will keep you beautiful. Also shame on the person who wrote those awful things. He should just know that karma is a bitch.

  • Kristine

    I’m a natural red head and rarely wear make up. Basically for the same reason as you, I’m just too lazy. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to a party and decided to wear make up because I found myself with time to spare and I got bored waiting. I got complimented all evening, often followed by people insisting I didn’t look like a “real ginger”. Several people felt they had the liberty to tell me that I looked really good because I had used mascara and filled in my brows for the evening. UGH, make up I tell you. F- that shit. Instead of feeling flattered I felt sick all night. I like having white lashes and white brows. I don’t need anyone to find me attractive and I won’t stop being lazy in the mornings just so my face will be pleasing for people to look at.

  • Mia

    The people who take the time to comment negatively on someone’s visage, are really not the type of people whose opinion matters. I typically don’t comment, and I think most intelligent, balanced, self-assured individuals can also forgo writing their thoughts/reactions to someone they don’t know…what compels these bullies to be so notoriously prolific ??

    I’m a yogi and my teachers always say: we see in others what we possess in ourselves, “you spot it, you got it”… I’m sure this is not a universal truth, but there is some validity here…

    I too eschew makeup (except for special occasions) for several reasons; I find when I do wear it, I feel less like myself and more contrived. I’m European and generally the continent emphasizes skincare rather than covering up…enhancing your natural beauty means you must have something beautiful and special inside that can shine out (and if you want can be enhanced by makeup, as suggested by mamarepeller) but the same is not true for the other way around. Makeup does not an intelligent and kind person make… so to the haters: SOME PEOPLE DON’T NEED MASKS—

    I hope you continue to be your unfiltered self, it’s refreshing and authentic in a world where so little is …

  • Sasha

    Yikes, well I am a makeup artist and every time I see you I think to myself….she really doesn’t need much. Her features say it all. Beauty really does shine when it comes from within. You shine…I never comment on your blog but was so appalled at that ass comment he made. He probably has a small penis. I will say that when i do see you wearing your red lipstick that it does make your brown eyes sparkle. So, in reality you know when you need it. You only pass this way through life on your journey once. Enjoy it and your success. I guess millions of readers love you just the way you are.

  • I wish i had your confidence, I wish all women did, you are beautiful, and let no idiot let you think otherwise…..as cheesy as that all is, http://thebudusadventure.blogspot.de/

  • That Rap Genius guy is a Rap Dumbass, tbh. Everyone is entitiled to their own likes and dislikes, but for someone who is the CEO of a web-based enterprise, you’d think he’d be a little savvier in his ability to filter his email conversations.

    This was a lovely essay; such good writing and so genuine. Your best writing, I think, is when you are expressing your concerns or personal contemplations, Leandra. Brilliant AND beautiful.

  • kc

    1. you are beautiful 2. the fact that that is how he spoke about a woman (to his assistant who is also a woman, no less) speaks volumes about his overall character both professionally and personally.

    Thanks for sharing this you are definitely not the only female that has experienced something like this and I think it’s helpful for others to read.

  • Natalie

    You are absolutely beautiful to begin with. Your intelligence and whit only serve to enhance that beauty; they are certainly NOT the only things that make you beautiful!

  • emmyist

    I want to hug you.

  • J

    You are an inspiration Leandra.
    Love from Sweden


  • Anita

    Like many others here, I have to say: you are beautiful! Here in the U. S., we have a very narrow view of what and who is beautiful. It seems to be changing, but slowly. But you are helping to make the change. Thanks.

  • Kait

    Girlfriend, keep doin’ you! You genuinely come across as a beautiful person inside (and out) via interweb, and that’s much more than I can say about him.

  • lavieenliz

    Yea, I don’t wear makeup either and my boyfriend loves it!! he hates when I do!!

    giveaway on my blog!


  • This was such a gorgeous, endearing post and has definitely inspired me. Shame on him, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking how wrong he is! PS, I’m definitely in the lazy makeup club!

  • Shannon

    You are not ugly. That is ridiculous. And if I could pull off not wearing makeup, I would!

  • Lilly

    the personality you reflect in pictures, videos and texts have made me see you as a beautiful woman, fuck makeup and shallow people!

  • johanna

    what an asshole. you are such an inspiration. keep inspiring!

  • Yahmo

    You’re beautiful, Leandra! Do what feels right and fuck the rest, especially the founder of that website. I wish you’d out him here.

  • Nataliya Gosselin

    Kudos! I can’t believe people actually persistently writing about your face/make-up. I actually think you are quite beautiful, even if not in the classical way. Whatever, what can I say, people need to get a life and spend energy on better things rather then insulting an enviably successful young woman.

  • CORY

    THANK YOU THIS IS AWESOME and life changing

  • Charlsey

    There is nothing more attractive and covetable as confidence in who and what we are as women. Period. Also, as a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, I can tell you, professionally, that you do not need makeup. Mother Medine was 150% correct, makeup is meant to enhance. Why enhance what does not need enhancing? Call it gilding the already resplendent lily, if you will. Point being, you have great skin and that is what matters. Protect that asset from the sun and you are covered. (Pun intended.) Carry on and enjoy that spotless pillow case.

  • Heather

    Hi Leandra! You should only wear makeup for yourself and not other people. What that person said was SO MEAN!! They are the ugly one, not you! (:

  • biancaioschpe

    You rock

  • Laura Helena

    It is very interesting that when we talk about guys we say “he is smart and funny oh and as a bonus on top he is very handsome”- when we talk about women (even the ones we appreciate for what they do and not for their looks) we tend to say “she is very beautiful, funny and oh as a bonus she is smart”- which is strange, as beauty in women is still considered to be more important than brains. Men can be “ugly as fuck” and no one cares or would even loose a word about if they are smart and funny. Whatever- I think (and maybe in the edotirs personal opinion he doesn’t find you very attarctive- fair enough, you shouldnt care) but talking like that and describing another person as “ugly as fuck” lacks all the respect every person on earth deserves. And I think you are a very good looking person as I am reading your blog regularly and really enjoy looking at your pictures, with or without make-up. Whatever floats your boat.

  • sarahstar

    not wearing makeup also means you’re avoiding millions of carcinogens present in conventional makeup. kudos to your health!

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Oh my heart hurts for you. I’m so sorry that happened. To say that in the first place (not just say it, but put it in writing) is really awful, but to be so careless as to not remember you said it/were forwarding that on to you, wow. Just wow. You are such a beautiful person, I’m not just saying that because someone called you “ugly as fuck” either. You are so smart and witty and you have a really wonderful sense of style. Also your hair is French as fuck. So, really, you win.

  • thunderlegz

    Maybe people who say/text/write nasty, hurtful things must have really nasty personal lives? I guess, I hope their lives get better…although those comments wouldn’t take the sting away-for me. How could your perceived beauty have negatively impacted your business relationship with that jerk anyway? You’re the most, and I will have to borrow your attitude the next that I’m fat/ugly shamed and fake it till I make it (not sting). xo

  • Lindsey

    man! I’ve been an occasional follower of MR for a few months, but I have so much respect now — you’ve got a devotee from now on. preach!

  • Silvia

    I always felt like being pretty is part of my duty and my worth as a person and I try to stay away from the truth (the mirror ) since I don’t fall into the conventionally attractive category but I do admire and thrive for your attitude since there is nothing I can do to change how I was born ( except plastic surgery but u know ,dinero issues ) .Hopefully ,one unknown day into the future I’ll let go of the importance of prettiness..or lack of

  • Katie

    I will say, although I think it’s already apparent from all the comments and attention that this article is getting, that more articles like these need to be written. I’m glad to be reading this on such a major platform and I hope the women reading this take note. Too many of my friends spend half of their days discussing the way other women, and themselves look, but why? Why does attractiveness (something that is completely subjective to begin with) always take priority? Or even when someone’s “inner beauty” is being discussed, it is always followed by “AND she’s hot” or “BUT she’s ugly,” as if that negates someone’s intelligence, humor, or kindness. Thanks for the good read.

  • Connie

    I don’t really wear makeup, When I do it looks very natural.If i go extreme its very rare.Better to take care your skin now so that you look younger later.

  • Jedia

    I like the way I am! It’s just messing up god’s way of how you look! No one needs make-up, you look beautiful the way you are.

  • kristy

    this was such a good post.

  • Jessica Schiffer

    A million amens.

  • claritt

    i don’t think your ugly as fuck. i think if you don’t care to wear makeup because you’d rather sleep an extra 20 minutes every morning, its your right to. i don’t wear make up daily and my skin is happier for it. You were right, you aren’t a model… you don’t sell your body or your face or your sex (at least not often). You sell ideas and clothes and you’re awesome at what you do. The industry is pretty shitty and shallow but you knew that… keep your head up… aint no thang.

  • mathek


  • fashionation

    what a dick! Be who you are, stay true to you! Fuck him!

  • You’re the best. What a silly man for not deleting the email, but I guess at least it made you contemplate makeup. I think you’re lovely, and if you don’t want to wear makeup – don’t wear makeup!

  • Meghan

    You my dear, are not ugly as fuck. The person who said that, is ugly as fuck. I would much rather share a bottle of wine with someone who may not be “classically beautiful” which is a crock of shit on it’s own.. but that’s a whole different discussion.. anyhow.. i would much rather share a bottle of wine with you, who is an intellectual, rather than whatever ass made that comment and would rather look at my superficial shit than what’s between my ears. Haters gonna hate.. but it’s only because they’re jealous of your accomplishments. Thank you for setting a completely different standard in the fashion world. You’re awesome!

  • AW

    I, too, am lazy. But, on top of that, I think that natural skin is much more beautiful. I don’t wear makeup because I don’t want to – I actually feel more insecure when I wear makeup because I feel like I’m being fake. This is not a criticism of those who do, it’s just how I feel. As an aside, I’m totally shocked that these comments have been made about you – I started following you a few months ago and my immediate reaction was that you are beautiful AND naturally beautiful. That guy’s comment, and the hateful comments of those who are comfortable being evil gremlins online spewing hateful remarks, make them all ugly as fuck – not you.

  • danny

    i don’t follow you on instagram and i only read the articles you write on here etc so i had no idea but i really am surprised people say that…i thought one of the greatest things about you was that you didn’t have to wear make up. in fact, i was always jealous you were so beautiful you really didn’t need it. this is amazing to me but sadly not unexpected people are gross.

  • Thea

    Leandra, your approach to beauty has inspired me to not use much extended outer beauty to make up (no pun intended) for what I, in my own opinion at least, lack within the area of inner beauty, but instead use it to enhance my own, individual outer beauty that no make up can do. And like, i guess that’s kinda big deal cuz like I’m only 16. You’re such a fabulous (mostly in fashion I do have to say because that’s your thing) role model.

  • Hillary Wade

    This is why I read your blog. You accept yourself and that helps other women accept themselves too. It is a hard road and this to me is the difference between man-repelling and man-hating. You’re not willing to submit to the constraints that someone else puts on you, but neither do you become so hurt and wounded that you rage when someone says something cruel and unecessary.

  • SB

    I am new to your site. In all honesty I just started following you on Instagram after seeing a delightful photograph that a friend “liked”. Today the picture on Instagram with the title of this essay led me to your page for the first time. Before the site loaded, I was filling in the blank myself, “because her skin is perfect, she has amazing eyebrows and she is gorgeous.” I am not writing this to flatter you. I just thought that in light of the criticism you’ve received that it was worth sharing the honest unfiltered thoughts I had before even reading your essay. Your beauty is natural and confident which beats contrived any day.

  • Anna Cave


  • Ali Villa

    YASS GAGA!!! Preach it! We are all flawed and perfect in our uniqueness. Baggy eyed girls link up! (plus in 20 years us lazy non make up wearing folk will have more vibrant less wrinkled skin…its science) Das it.

  • Diana K.

    Reading this only makes me love an appreciate you even more. There are already so many woman, popular on the net and in life who throw down the makeup guanlet all the time with tips and tricks. You’re a reminder that it isn’t as necessary and vital as we believe, and that the “I rolled out of bed flawless” look doesn’t need to be carefully constructed with eyeliner and mascara. If anything your beautiful fresh face is a is a gift amongst a sea of the pretty, perfectly contoured sameness.

  • Dana

    You’re beautiful. Just saw the pictures of you in your wedding dress and with make up on and actually think you are much more beautiful without make up on. You have a face that neder gets boring to look at. I guess it|s a matter of personal esthetics; so many people have become accustomed to dolled up faces that a trully beautiful but non modified by make up face doesn’t appeal to them anymore.
    If i had your skin I would go without foundation all the time!

  • Nice One

    Yaaaay. Respect to you for this. It’s amazing how people think a woman who doesn’t wear makeup is trying to make a statement. You simply don’t want to and accept and love the characteristics that make you unique. You go glen coco.

  • Michelle

    Great post!

  • everythingisbetterwithbutter

    Like my fellow commenters here, I think you are absolutely beautiful. I was shocked when I read this post, I haven’t seen any hate comments on Instagram. Your personality and your intelligence shows in your face and in your eyes, maybe this guy don’t like that. In any case you are a great role model for young girls, and maybe also older ones to not only accept what they see in the mirror but also to like it. You are only supposed to look like yourself anyway. Big hugs to you from Switzerland

  • ximena

    You are not only gorgeous but you character and perceptiveness make you delicious!
    Great post.

  • KP

    You know what’s UGLY AS FUCK is that man’s character.
    FWIW everytime I see you on Instagram I’m in awe/envy of your lovely skin. Makes me want to ditch my makeup.

  • Julie

    The comment he made is simply insane. My first thought when I came across your insta feed (and subsequently, your website) was, wow, she is so naturally beautiful. Maybe he’s the type that equates beauty with only blonde barbies types. Crazy ass 😉

  • shiro

    i totally agree if u don’t really wanna wear make up but at the same time i do consider make is as an art and thus appreciate women using them… .and to that website founder u could reply ,’m beautiful and u suck’ 😛

  • Ana Sardo

    I have to say that I was in absolute awe when I first read this post. I really couldn’t believe it, because ever since I discovered this website, my first reaction was “damn! this girl is stunning and oh so different and just beautiful”. So to read this now….I really don’t understand what kind of society we are living in, completely blows my mind.

  • Charisse

    BAM. Leandra, you know this and that for the rest of us who overcompensate with makeup, pretty only hurts.

  • Maria

    Excellent! i applaude you and you are beautiful!!!!!

  • Rosie561

    can i join in? it never even occurred to me that you don’t wear makeup. That’s cuz you’re gorgeous. i love your look. You obvs don’t need to wear any. I’m 53 and I know gorg when I see it. What an ass! Remind me to delete emails before I hit send!!! Yikes

  • Sarah Bump


  • FVK

    This is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for writing this and sharing with the world!

  • Gem

    You should so drop a hint as to who this idiot is..promise we won’t spam his page!

  • Nina

    We women can use a little more confidence and a little less make-up!

  • First of all, that is absolutely disgusting! I can not believe that someone in a professional setting would say that, well actually I can believe, but it is still disgusting. Next, you seriously look great! Fuck those people and their instagram comments.

  • ML

    You are a goddess.

  • Ashley Kordik

    You are incredible. AND beautiful, inside and out. Thank you!

  • Pascaline

    Hi Leandra. I didn’t know you 15 minutes ago. When I started reading this article, I had never seen any picture of you. As I kept reading, I was begin to picture the ugliest poor thing on earth, and admiring your words in that sense.
    Then, I did it, I “googled” you. It came to me as a shock. How the “FUCK” can anyone call you “ugly”? I mean, in what world can you overwhelmingly charming face bring negative adjectives into people’s mind. Well, I haaaaate socially acceptable comments such as “you are beautiful, your soul blah blah and blah” and those cheesy bullshit. So what I’m saying now is coming from deep down.

    Cheers to you, Beauty.

  • Saakshi Kaushik

    I know who this fool was and I may visit this website from time to time when I wanna know what Drake is talking about when he says ‘swimming in the money come and find me, Nemo’ but THAT IS ALL. Bae you beautiful, and if dey don’t recognyz, dey eyes as ugly as fuck.

    • Saakshi Kaushik

      PS. I love this so much. It’s rare to see people openly discuss these sorts of things. You have made me and my 15 year old sister fall more and more in love with you. She even said, ‘aw, she’s so cute.’ Dooset Daram Joonam xxxxxXXXXXXxxxxx

  • PZ

    I wear makeup and love doing so, but I also love and appreciate your post. I believe in choices and the freedom to make them. Go you for your attitude which is at the end of the day all that matters.

  • almaline

    I am not the sexiest woman in the world either. And I hardly ever wear makeup. Why? Because it isn’t going to make you look any hotter, it is only going to make you look more “normal”.

  • Em

    My god, if you’re “ugly as fuck,” what hope is there for the rest of us?

  • GFG27

    shocked and disgusted by the unnamed website founder’s comment. i wish you would say who it was so we could avoid the site at all costs. first of all, the comment is wholly untrue (quite the opposite) and secondly, why the f*** should that have any relevance in that context? I hope this person is mortified for all eternity. You should wear/not wear whatever you want, whenever you want, just as we all should. UGH total barfcity with this.

  • Karyn

    Thank you for being honest and THANK YOU for continuing to be your stunning self. You are gorgeous.

  • Trilby16

    I googled you and you are not at all ugly. That guy is nuts. Try to get that stupid comment out of your mind. It is one guy and he is wrong. And who gives a fuck anyway? Man repeller, YEAH!!!! Bunch a jerks.

  • Patricia Pimentel


  • Madeline

    I have been following your blog for over three years now, and really every article I read just makes me so happy to be a woman. I think you are an incredible inspiration, fucking hilarious, super suave, and just the right amount of ridiculous. I have always been envious of your amazing eyebrows, and take daily inspiration from your ‘lack of fucks’ approach to hair care. I am of the opinion that anyone who would call you ugly is straight up too dumb to function. Voices like yours are rare and precious – thank you for broadcasting it so widely, and for inspiring me to get dressed <3

  • gabifresh

    that dude’s a terrible person, and you are more and more amazing/inspiring with every post

  • F.

    Make-up, like clothes, should be worn for the wearer. If you’re not having fun with it, you’re doing it wrong. Recognizing the face you see looking back at you in the mirror is far more important than satisfying the collective demand for homogeneous [read: boring] “beauty.” Want to go full Tammy Faye? Do it. More of a wash-and-go girl? Into it. As the queen herself hath said, “I woke up like dis (flawless).”

  • Carolina Mancini

    You rock!!!! I just love this post.

  • Megan

    In the words of our Lord Yeezus: “50 told me go ‘head switch the style up. And if they hate then let ’em hate, and watch the money pile up, the good life”

  • ursulaCrow

    Haha! You are such a Badass!!! Can’t achieve that with makeup. Anyway, you look great. Haters be jealous. Or stupid. Or both.

  • Gabriela


    If I could look as good as you without make up I wouldn’t wear any either, unfortunately my genes have cursed me with bad skin.


  • Erika

    I agree with gabifresh, but also, I would when did it become commonplace to EXPECT people to be made up all the time? Maybe I just suffer from the same lazy gene as you, but no thanks, I’ll take my extra 10 mins of sleep and walk into work ugly as eff!

  • Sarah Shelton

    Leandra, you are the most beautiful woman! Not only on the outside, but what makes you so radiant is what you are on the inside. You are truly an inspiration for a woman, who refuses to be cookie cutter and the same as every other woman. (And one who also has bags under her eyes) keep up all the great work! You have made me more comfortable in my own skin, that I can accept being different! Xoxo to the man repeller

  • Summer

    You are beautiful and anyone who made a comment like that is superficial and shallow, which is sad and terribly uninteresting of them. Keep being you!

  • Mvdb1234

    I love this article. I, too, prefer my natural self. I, too, meet the criticism of friends and family to “enhance” myself more. Owning a boutique they tell me i have to do that. but i will say, the amazing women who have gotten to know me and my freckled, somewhat discolored face, now show up without make up themselves to meet with me. I realize they are comfortable with me and know that i love them for who they are. as one of my dear clients and now close friend stated, “transparent is my favorite color.”
    I respect you, your work, and your self confidence. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone and it’s ok to me plain ol’ lovable me, no matter what the rest say.
    Blessed by you,

  • I think I was probably just as shocked as you that someone would describe your looks that way. I’ve always thought you were uniquely beautiful. Maybe not the typical type of beauty magazine editors think we ought to look like, but your own Leandra kind of beautiful. I think that implies a problem more with the speaker of those words rather than your own looks. Bravo for putting this topic out there.

  • Jennifer Elizabeth

    you’re kind of a big deal Leandra and you’re response to everything is always perfect because you’re just being you. and that’s all you can do in life. you’re cool as fuck 🙂

  • Ana Isabel

    Ugly as fuck? In what world we live now? I just searched photos of you. WTF?!! I wishes I got you eyebrows, lashes and eyes!!!! You are beautiful !! Wearing no makeup or less makeup is perfect! You will have beautiful skin for too long! I love your article, hope you read this post. And for the record I loooooooveeeeeee to makeup when I go out for parties, and nothing makes me more happy ! But when I go to class or the job less makeup seems the best. Too many women need to be as secure as you to not letting the world define how they need to look

  • june

    hmmmmmm naaaaaaaa

  • Mary

    Yes! You are beautiful! Embrace yourself!

  • sherinoworld

    You are inspiring, amazing and absolutely gorgeous! People have become so shallow and backward. Thank you for your kick ass post! 🙂

  • Kim M.

    You are awesome, Leandra. And beautiful as is. Thank you for this.

  • Ivy

    you are not ugly at all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as most of us can agree that elizabeth taylor was beautiful, a lot of us can agree that Pamela Anderson is NOT beautiful. This idiot, whoever he is, obviously has his own ideal of what beauty is, but it doesn’t mean most people will agree with him. besides the fact he is lacking class and education, since anyone with half a brain would NEVER make a derogatory comment about someone for no reason at all. he attacked you, behind your back, even after he admitted to respecting you!! he has a problem, and he needs to get help. you, on the other hand, inspire me daily to love myself just the way i am. and i am sure you do the same for many others. by the way, your following includes a bunch of middle aged ladies, such as myself, whom society views as the over the hill bunch that should stay home and stay out of the game. but i say, f@#k the world, i am me and i am loving me now more than ever. 🙂 thanks for sharing with us, as always.

  • Lola Oladunjoye

    Interesting indeed. I think it begs the question “What is beauty?” To me, physical beauty is individual but comes down to how people feel when they look at you, what reaction does your countenance evoke? To my eye, you are gorgeously beautiful, stunning and most importantly your face evokes a good feeling. It’s in the eye of the beholder. Some perceive it, others don’t. “Ugy as fuck” guy doesn’t get that you’re beautiful, obvs. But what’s funny is that his statement reflects more on him that it does on you. He is crass and boring, so forget about him. Love ya.

  • izabella

    I don’t understand though how someone could describe you in such a way, though what’s inside lasts forever unlike our appearance on the outside, your beautiful and I’ve thought so many times before when I see you on IG. Ugly is SUCH a strong word its also very fickle because ugly and beautiful are so different to each person I personally RARELY ever use the word ugly in my vocab when describing someone and I’m sorry but especially a woman! We don’t usually chalk up looks to men but instead we find their intellect or business skills what have you, attractive qualities for men, so why can’t the same be said about women. There are really very few leaps and bounds we’ve made for gender equality, men are already so hard on women so it pains me to see how hard women are on other women like when describing you as “an ugly whore” that is outrageously cruel. One more thing I have to add! This is all so shallow! I know this is what makes the world go round and what media tells us should consume out minds every second of the day but good lord to think that someone should have to justify why they don’t wear makeup to a bunch of trivial juvenile people. Its sad. But this article is so well written and makes a great point, shows the confidence every women should have in their natural beauty and is an overall attitude to aspire to. Sorry for the rant :/

  • Donna

    This is why I love reading you. You truly are an accepting, open minded, loving person!

  • Dayanis Lima

    Once upon a time a read something along the lines of “what other people say or think of me is none of my business”. It has been my mantra ever since and you know what, my world is a much happier place.

    Your blog is brilliant and an absolute pleasure to read! Thank you!

  • christy

    this is a little disturbing on many levels. i think at the core of this issue is someone who doesn’t “get it”. this guy clearly doesn’t get the aesthetic. in my opinion, your fresh face and natural beauty is purposeful and i love it. i never once thought your beauty routine or lack thereof was lazy. i believe it to be thoughtful.. and it’s inspiring quite frankly. it’s easy to slap on makeup over a blemish or 2, coverup last night’s puffiness, dab on the concealer and faux rosy cheeks and it’s a whole other thing to have a truly awesome complexion, naturally expressive, thick brows and dark features- it is much, much more difficult to do this successfully, it’s inspiring and refreshing. i think it’s natural and totally gorgeous! but when someone or something isn’t “textbook pretty” (and how boring is that?!) sometimes people will just not know how to digest it. i find when people don’t understand things, especially visually, they lash out… and it’s unfortunate and embarrassing for them… especially to do it over email, i mean, come on dude. not to mention, i also always find it to be utterly fascinating when someone feels completely comfortable commenting on the way someone looks so aggressively- in other words, i am pretty sure this guy isn’t brad pitt, am i right?

  • She is Impeccable

    I fucking love you.

  • VCU118

    I have followed you on IG but admit this is the first post I recall ever reading. And I’m glad I did. More power to you! I, too don’t wear makeup on a regular basis out of laziness. I do use it for special occasions, however. But I just respect you exponentially more for staying true to your naturally beautiful self! Keep repelling those men!! It looks good on you! http://buddingfashionista.com

  • Betsy

    I admire you so much for this. Thank you.

  • Valerie

    Wow I didn’t even notice you don’t wear makeup because you’re already beauitiful! You definitely don’t need it

  • Maureen Krezel French

    some people are just plain wack….i wear makeup because its therapeutic for me to put it on…it is the 5 minutes a day I have taking care of me…but also because it’s my art…i love it…my gorgeous sister doesn’t wear a stitch…and i think your natural abiltiy to wear clothing in original and creative ways without looking like your trying very hard is an incredible feat….speaking of feet…when you can rock all those killer shoes….who the fuck needs make up?????

  • Kim

    Thank you for this post Leandra! Every woman out there should read it, because we’ve all been through some experience where our appearance was critiqued. I got made fun of in grade school for not shaving my legs (my mom wouldn’t let me, and my romanian genetics ensured maximum hair thickness and pigment). But in the end you’ve just got to say “fuck the haters” and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. I think you are a beautiful person, and so do your legions of fans. So don’t ever change and keep being you, because you’re fucking awesome.

    Your Hairy-Legged Canadian Fan

  • Laura C.

    GET IT GIRL! You rock sister. *fist bump*

  • Flo LaBrado

    I fkcing love you!

  • rebecca

    you are beautiful as fuck. exes and ohs.

  • Megan

    I honestly never even noticed that you don’t wear make up. You’re beautiful and your confidence despite the negativity thrown at you sometimes is ridiculously inspiring.

  • vesaH

    you are beautiful , attractive and special , 🙂

  • shauna

    Leandra! You are an absolute breath of fresh air. A true inspiration. Please never change. I have been a reader and Instagram follower for a while, and it has never even occurred to me that you don’t wear makeup – There are too many wonderful things to notice about you rather than the fact that your eyes don’t have mascara on them. I’ve always thought of you as an incomparably original thinker and writer, a little dose of sunshine in my day, as well as an honestly beautiful woman. xo

  • lisa robb

    You don’t need to wear make up to be pretty!!
    L x

  • Alejandra
    • Alejandra

      Btw, I’ve stopped reading that guys website due to his rude comment. Who needs the meaning of rap lyrics anyways?

  • kels

    balanced as fuck

  • unicornhunting

    Blood boiling. I’m sorry, I just reverted back to junior high when Richard Ramirez (yes, that was his name) stabbed me in the leg with his pen, hence ruining my brand new, albeit, fabulous light blue pants. Because! he thought I was ugly. Some boys (have not become men, despite their big shot job or age) just never grow out of their insecurity–don’t get me started on the ol’ size comparison jokes and that, being the impetus for his shallow, thoughtless, base remark. Go on with your bad self girl–you’re gorg!!!

  • Renee

    Wait Leandra, YOU RULE! I think you are a beautiful soul, both inside and out!

  • Moira

    Thank you for this. I don’t know what it is really that made it so impactful, maybe because its so raw and real. I am getting sick of companies staking claims that we’re all beautiful. Yes, their message is great, like the Dove #realbeauty ads, but there’s still something phony in there. Perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that no matter which way you turn it, they are trying to make money. Whereas, you, are speaking from a real place and I can guarantee that you have so so so so so so many followers who can relate to this, and/or wear makeup daily, and might just decide to go without it sometimes.

    PS: My favorite part of this post: “If you read this site you know by now that Man Repelling is an attitude. It is a state of existence. It is not whether you do your hair or curl your lashes, or even what you wear. It is how approach doing those things. Why you do those things, and perhaps most importantly, it is a love letter to individuality, which is something that manifests itself in enumerably different ways.”

  • HEBE


  • Cori Magee

    Amazing read! (I’m loving your book too!). That “ugly as fuck” guy is completely insecure (I’m sure of it) and judges everyone on stereotypical “beauty” terms. I would not fall into his “beauty” category either, I have way too much muscle for any woman (something I’ve dealt with my whole life as an x-gymnast). I don’t wear make up and I have short hair. Omg, muscular, no make up AND short hair, I’m “awful”!
    I love your whole look… your style, attitude and your face!

  • Tomas

    You’re Awesome!

  • LOVE this: “More important than that though, I am comfortable with how I look. I
    don’t hate what I see when I look in the mirror. Even if legions of
    others don’t agree.” And you SHOULD be comfortable with how you look. Being happy with who you are, as you are, is a radical move. Life is too short to pay attention to the mean things some people say, because there will always be nasty folks. Here’s hoping that more people take your lead and like themselves whether they’re wearing lipstick or not.

  • Emily

    You are completely beautiful and the founder of that website is delusional. Your mom is right, makeup is meant to enhance the natural beauty of a woman. Thing is, everyone knows that it is meant to change or cover up what lies beneath. I don’t know. It just seems like some form of a security blanket to me.

    • less is more

      so true

  • Cherie

    F everyone and do what you want. You are gorge! Xoxo I love when you just do a red lip, it’s stunning!

  • less is more

    i would hug this post, if i could! THAT is why someone identifies with man repelling! 🙂

  • krendybluth

    I have to confess, my first impulse was to check a picture of you. You’re gorgeous. I wish I looked like that, makeup or no.
    I realize the point of this article wasn’t “hey, no, I’m actually really pretty,” but… I really don’t understand why someone would write that about you, when you’re actually traditionally mainstream attractive. I almost wonder if that was part of an inside joke between the assistant and the writer, not meant to be taken at face value.

  • 15storeys

    Better to be called ugly as fuck than a dumb fuck. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and for every person who thinks you are ugly, ten more will think you are stunning. The terrible thing is not being thought ugly but that someone thinks it is ok to voice this. I assume of course that the writer of the comment was stunningly handsome and probably not able to see you properly from the top of his pedestal.

  • J. Otwell

    God Leandra, I think you are GORGEOUS! Stunning really!

  • Camille

    Well I don’t wear make-up too. And I think it’s better/more beautiful to wear no make-up instead of too much. There is nothing uglier than a too-thick layer of foundation that makes your skin look like an orange… And I think you look more gorgeous than most make-up wearing girls!
    P.s. I love your eyebrows!

  • msenesac

    Good grief, people can be so cruel. I don’t wear makeup for the exact same reason- I’m lazy. And, frankly, if someone doesn’t like the way I look, then they need to stop looking. It’s not my job to present myself to the public.

  • Courtney

    What a mean thing to say! I think you are quite pretty! I like your look 🙂

  • RK.

    More power to you lady.. you look great btw!

  • Caroline Hughes

    Seriously, never change. Inspiring, encouraging – everything this world is lacking. Cheers.

  • Olivia

    You are beautiful and funny and smart. I wear make up just because I dont’t have good skin. But I must admit I hate it! It take time to put it on and take it off. A pain…

  • Natalia Davlianidze

    ooo come on! you’ve been a beauty and style role model to me for so long and you should be proud that at list one person in the world thinks that you belong to the type of the people who are known as influencers … and I’m sure I’m not the only one! hope you will keep up on who you are!

  • Hannah

    Killin it bbg, thank you for this. You really are beautiful.

  • Alexa

    Screw them. I, for one, am inspired and empowered on a daily basis by your style, wit, goofiness, intellect, and most recently, your lack of makeup. I have gone with a clean face more than once in recent weeks due to your influence and it’s been utterly liberating. Keep doing what you doing, girl. You’re a truly positive role model.

  • pam

    as a fellow lazy ass (who appreciates her share of make up on the weekends, you know, when i have jack shit to do before having to appear in public and therefore have time to bath and slather on some lipstick), i really appreciate this post. i’m a huge fan of blogs but have never felt moved to comment before. i think you are beautiful – partly based on how you look and mostly is based on who you seem to be (i mean, i don’t know you in real life. maybe your’e just a big faker. but i doubt that). you embody confidence and acceptance and have truly inspired me to be more confident and accept who i am, too. every blogger sees their fair share of trolls and i’m sorry for that, but i am very proud and impressed to see you take the high road. here’s to that extra minute of sleep instead of that extra minute of mascara application.

  • CarlotaLMorais

    This was beautiful Leandra!
    Im with you, as always.
    Dont let mean comments get to you.
    You are remarkable and I admire you very much.
    Keep doing your thing!
    Love love love from Portugal!!

  • Patricia

    You’re intelligent, funny ass fuck, and extremely unique. All those qualities make your physical beauty even more radiant.

  • stace

    I can imagine the kind of sad self-hatred the people that leave those negative comments have for themselves, and I hope that idiot assistant got fired for such immature unprofessional behavior.

    I’ve seen photos of you and have always thought you were so naturally stunning. I’ve envied your beautiful skin tone, lips, eyebrows (award winning!) and dark eyes that don’t need any mascara. Hats off to you my dear, for staying true to your amazing self.

  • Lia

    hey! i’ve come to read this just because somebody shared it on facebook. i’m here for the first time. so i became curious and i googled Leandra Medine. i need to state that after reading this, i was expecting some sort of mix between a warty raisin and a very tired hairy unibrow-y lumberjack. i gotta say that i was(and still am) confused and puzzled. if you’re not beautiful, then i have no clue what beauty is.
    best wishes!

  • Anne

    I think your face is quite lovely. I’m sure that a lot of women, myself included, should feel more acceptance with their own natural beauty. Bravo for making an example of yourself for our benefit.

  • Dina Racciatti

    ok but that e-mail doesn’t even make sense because your face is naturally gorgeous..

  • Mary Kathryn Wells Vinyard

    After moving from NYC to Hawaii this past year, I’ve mostly stopped wearing make-up myself aside from some rosy blush,and that has been hard for this Southern-born woman who is used to not leaving home without my “face” on (or at least mascara and soft eyeliner). Truly I’ve felt really inspired to stop wearing make-up by looking at you and how beautiful you look without any. With your clear, radiant skin and shapely dark eyebrows, I find you to be strikingly beautiful. Seeing how great you look and how confident you are without wearing a “face” has made me more confident to go without make-up. I am utterly horrified by what you share experiencing — and also incredibly impressed by and grateful for your candor.

  • 021010

    natural beauty beats any makeup beauty … show your true beauty

  • melanie

    Firstly, this man is incompetent enough to not delete his prior email chain, but that is besides the point.

    I don’t know why we as women are made to feel like we should be made up 24/7. Not gonna happen.


  • I was reading Bazaar’s “In 24 Hours” series the other day where they interviewed Lola Rykiel. She said a couple of things about wearing makeup that I keep thinking of when I’m getting ready in the morning lately: 1) “I don’t put makeup on in the morning, only at night when I go out. In the day I feel like it’s cheating”. 2) “We have a great atmosphere at the office. I try to have nobody wear makeup. I think it’s cute—so French”. I thought that they were great points/philosophies and it’s encouraged me to go easy on the makeup. You look great. Screw that D-Bag, he has no taste 🙂


  • Sara Ashtaryeh

    Leandra — I love Man Repeller, and I loved your book (read it in 3 days because I couldn’t put it down). You have taught me a lot about owning my identity as a young woman, even if I haven’t figured it out yet.

  • Rachel

    I wear minimal make up. In fact on my wedding day I forgot mascara (included a pic), which is the only thing I put on. When I started at my new company (2 years ago) the creative director (and founders wife) said “you really should put some make up on, you know to look a more alive”. So ridiculous I thought to myself. Did I? Nope. This is who I am…I woke up like this!

  • Ashley

    Amazing. Funny, smart, beautiful.

  • Katie

    You are not ugly. Ridiculous. You have beautiful big eyes of “plaintive Jewish brown” (J.D. Salinger). People are so unrestrained in their opinions these days. Maybe we could all reel it back a bit.

  • arsarca

    HELL YES. You rock.

    • arsarca

      And oh yeah, as an owner of a de facto Jewfro, I have always really appreciated your posts about your hair. It takes all sorts to make a world & we should celebrate the myriad manifestations of beauty.

  • Mindy

    You are as radiant as your words and your wisdom. As long as you accept your true beauty, nothing else matters. Thank you for weiting this!

  • It’s so sad there are so many people in the design world with no taste and would critic the ones who have REAL taste. You are beautiful from inside and out, and I adore your taste and style everyday!


  • Ana

    People, help me out here: Are brown eyes really seen as less ATTRACTIVE than blue ones? I didn’t know. My eyes are black. I feel sad now.

    • Sara

      No! I adore dark eyes! <3

  • Sara

    Jesus! That guy (CEO of that website, or whoever) must be very, very ugly inside. Arschloch! Plus, he probably makes his living from selling makeup. Yes! You are not ugly! In fact, you are very cute outside, and wonderful inside. You are very smart, and that is what counts. I don’t wear that much makeup as well because I hate that horrible feeling on my face. Take care…

  • as

    This is an intelligent & beautiful insight. Thank you for not make-up hating. So often we hate on people who don’t do things our way, and you say it loud and clear, “I’m comfortable doing things my own way – whatever that way may be”. Amen Sister.

  • Pixy Damian

    Beautiful answer to a pretty aggressive attitude and and Smart too!

  • Cassandra Vallée

    You are such an inspiring woman. I sometimes wish I could be your friend!
    Oh and by the way, you are fuckin’ gorgeous! There’s nothing wrong with your eyes, and I would kill for your figure!

    You’re an example of self-confidence for everyone
    Keep on rocking 🙂

  • Pixy Damina

    And for what it worth … I remember saying – what ? That girl ?? A man repeller ? Come on – She’s gorgeous … when I’ve discovered your blog

  • Lo

    Every time I see Leandras picture I think ‘fkn wish I looked like that make up-less’ you are phenomenal and effortless this article shocked me to my core! I NEVER comment (although I always want to) but I just had to at this one

  • HK4ever

    Leandra, when I first saw you on a pic I thought God how much I would love to look like this gal without make up!! And I am just a big fan of your writing too. You are right. Let them think or say what they want. After all, we will all look the same when we will grow old (except that you will probably have a better skin!!!)

  • Kathy

    Bonjour Leandra!

    Tu n’a absolument pas besoin de porter du maquillage, je te trouve très belle telle que tu es! J’aimerai tellement avoir une peau aussi belle que la tienne et avoir ta self-confidence! Tu est intelligente, drôle et tu as un style incroyable, pas besoin de plus!
    Je suis faignante comme toi et en même temps il y aurait tellement de travail que je préfère manger!

    You don’t need to wear make up at all, you’re beautifull just the way you are! I wish I have a skin like yours and your sel-confidence, there is nothing to add!
    You’re clever, funny and you have an amazing style!
    I’m lazy just like you and to be honest it would be so much work that I prefer to eat!

    (Sorry about my bad english)

  • CarleyFrost

    Fuck that guy. You are so unique and beautiful. I say to myself all the time that I wish I looked EXACTLY like you so I wouldn’t have to wear make up! You have tons of women looking up to your beauty and style everyday. Please keep inspiring us all! xo

  • young_mountain

    That’s insane! I know this isn’t the point, but I sincerely think you are gorgeous and yo always inspire me to wear less makeup!

  • Ashley B Holmes

    this is your best post yet.

    That guy that called you ugly…he is the one that is in fact ugly as fuck. I love you. you are far more interesting, smart and witty then any of the other “beautiful” bloggers out there. Keep doing what your doing and thank you for being you.

  • Joban

    After reading this and cheering for you, I’ll admit to doing what any curious person who reads a piece like this & has no idea what the author looks like would do…. I google-imaged you. I was expecting pictures of a normal woman whose confidence, intelligence and wit made her gorgeous. Instead, I saw pictures of a gorgeous woman. And you have confidence, intelligence and wit ON TOP of all that external hotness?
    Dude, if that’s what it looks like, I wanna be ugly as f**k, too.

  • The Garment Fox

    I’m the silent type of follower in that I read your blog on a daily basis but I don’t really feel the need to comment. However, this post has motivated me to be a little less lazy. I don’t always agree with TMR but I can certainly get behind this post. 100%, absolutely perfect. Thanks.

  • ME


  • Laura

    This is the most bad ass/mature/generally awesome response that you could have written. Not looking for anyones sympathy, nor victimizing yourself; you know you’re comfortable with yourself inside and out. That in itself is why you are such a success and why I find myself reading your blog everyday. Some people have such a narrow perception of what beauty is, and for those of us who don’t, let’s pray to the good lord they can all be called out for their bullshit as eloquently as you have in this article. In the meantime, If you’re looking for someone to egg his house with… I’ll supply the eggs.

  • jasmine

    Beautiful inside and out, Ms. Leandra. Well said 🙂

  • Zoey

    This post is amazing! Whoever the man was that called you that, HE is the ugly one! This site is about fashion and your own style that millions love. Don’t let others bring you down, you are beautiful inside and out, and trust me…your fans know it too! Never stop being the Manrepeller 🙂

  • Kihm

    I find you adorable and I’m a very good judge of these things.

  • ivana

    To be honest, i think you are much prettier without makeup.
    You have the cutest freckles in the summer, your skin looks fantastic.
    I love your eyebrows. You have also very nice lips and big eyes. Your “colors” fit you very well.
    I would think you look good, even if you were stupid and humorless. But im happy you are not 🙂

  • darkroomloudmusic

    i can not believe what i just read. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I was totally coveting your unique looks last week when i posted u on my tumblr. You are a gorgeous fashion genius!

  • Madeline

    Your reaction to his hateful, judgmental comment illustrates exactly why I and so many of your readers find you beautiful. Confidence, taste, wit, and style draw me back on a daily basis and for someone to insult you while acknowledging all of the above baffles me. You are beautiful in every sense. Well done.

  • Themis Speaks

    I’m not sure how comfortable I am with the “you ARE beautiful” comments because, while incredibly supportive, I think the point is having people find you attractive one way or the other, isn’t important, and doesn’t need to be expressed from external sources to validate a person. In an ideal situation, it wouldn’t matter. But then again, how does this reconcile with the idea of fashion (in the broader sense), which is about using the senses to create an impression and express yourself, an inherently externally focused act.

  • Karamia Muller

    You make the world better, better as fuck.

  • JoC

    Your so right. You should do what makes you feel god. )

    • JoC

      *good lol

  • Maria

    Thanks for the article! Totally agree with you. Au naturel skin (except moisturiser/sun screen or even tinted moisturiser) is so much nicer. Nothing is worse than tons and tons of makeup that need to be scraped off in the evening, gives skin that beigegreygreen colour, poopoo. Most women who use that have something to hide, and it’s not only bad skin. Unfortunately in Australia most women are either bareskinned and butch or heavily maked-up, not much in between. Love your style.

  • Jessica17

    I have no problem with people who choose not to wear make-up, but please do not make those who do feel ashamed by saying that they “must not be confident in the way they look”. Just as being a “man repeller” is a form of expression, so is makeup. I consider it to be an art. Additionally, make-up can help one’s self esteem. So if someone wants to put on some mascara to go to the grocery store or go full out for a night out, then who are we to judge. Women need to stop criticizing each other. Saying “she wears too much make-up” or “why doesn’t she wear make-up” doesn’t help anyone. It is the woman who defines herself, not what she may or may not put on her face.

  • Lucy

    Every time put foundation on I end up scraping it off straight away because I don’t like the way it makes me look (but maybe I’m just doing it wrong). All I need is some under eye concealer/mascara and I’m good to go. As for that dude calling you “ugly as fuck” well he probably thinks the Human Barbie is the ideal woman.

  • Emma

    Yesssss!!!! Ohh yesyesyes, slay Leandra. You rock!

  • NaomiPK

    He is the idiot!

  • Amanda

    Thank you, Leandra, for addressing this. I also don’t wear any makeup, with the exception of mascar, which is really only so that it is known that I actually do in fact have eyelashes. I have always been comfortable with my face – it is what it is, right? I don’t ever spend time looking in the mirror and dream about lifting this or tucking that, etc. And, I can’t fathom spending more than two minutes putting make up on in the morning! I can’t believe someone would have the balls to say someone, anyone, was “ugly as fuck” – I’m sure he was no spring chicken himself! I’m a fairly new fan of Man Repeller – great book! – and have always admired your sense of style and self awareness! Keep on keeping on, makeup or not!

  • Leela

    You are stunning because you have accepted yourself and every part. Make up is designed to hide the things people don’t want to see. Women have been indoctrinated to believe it’s a neccesity. Here’s a news flash the first instances of make up was created by a man that alone is enough of a statement. But there’s no judgement if you do or do not wear make up, just consider why? I wear minimal make up because I like my face and if I die I want people to be able to recognize me and I have no eyebrows. I consider myself a man repeller because I dress, act and look like myself and not for anyone else. I recently shave my head: same thing “she would look much prettier if she had hair!” That from a perfect stanger on a train. I was always fascinated by the fact you didn’t wear make up, I admired you for being completely comfortable with how you look, that’s beauty to me. An attitude. When people are negative male or female 99% of the time it’s projection, they are projecting their own fears and insecurities on You because it’s uncomfortable to see something that is different or someone who doesn’t give a damn what they think and set their standards. Work it girl, I was mistaken for a boy most of my growing years I can relate. This is my reply: tell me when you want me to act more like a lady so you can feel more like a man. Lovelovelove

  • Kandeel

    I see comments on people shaming women who do wear makeup :// But really its a perSONAL CHOICE and if you do it for yourself then who gives a flying f**k!? And if you dont then you shouldnt be obliged to do so because of some blemish or unclear skin like hey!!! fun fact!!! Eyebags can be genetic and pimples just happen to normal people!!!

  • Olivia

    AMAZING. that is all.

  • AnaM

    fuck them Leandra you are beautiful

  • Natasha moradi ghadamian

    i loveee this!!!!!!

  • sarah

    love you leandra!

  • iren

    You are beautiful in and out Leandra!

  • bumblejeaniepie

    On the other hand, make-up is often quite man-repelling. The only men I know that prefer a made-up face are gay.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I can just picture the type of pathetically infantile loser the guy that made the comment is. Probably spent more time sitting at home wacking off to plastic surgeried, siliconed barbie wanna-be’s than out there dating real women, and consequently has a very skewed and stunted perception of beauty and attractiveness.

    Leandra I hope you can feel all the love and admiration that is here for you in your blog comments. You will always be a gorgeously unique superstar. Nobody can take that away from you, and unlike “beauty” your widespread appeal will never fade, because it comes from what’s INSIDE of you.

  • This speaks to right to my soul. Right. To. It.

  • AE

    every one of the photos you posted of women not wearing makeup, especially the models…are in fact wearing makeup…so even though the natural look is beautiful and admired, it is very rarely acquired by merely existing. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but there is no shame in walking out of your home feeling a little bit more confident with even and powdered skin and pretty eyelashes. Yes that takes some effort. i do it for myself and no one else.

  • Tami, Sweden

    fuck that douche. I LOVE YOU, and that’s what matters. right?

  • Jenna Hamel

    I really hope you take the time to read each and every comment on this post and know that you are loved, adored and admired. I normally don’t comment; I just read, relate and obsess from afar. You are amazingly beautiful (inside and out) and though you already know that, know we all think so too;)

  • moldub

    this is the first man repeller post i have read in quite some time and it reminds me how awesome you are! you go glen coco!

    • Karina Munoz

      lol It’s mine too and I love her! I agree 100%

  • Karina Munoz

    This article seriously made me cry because since the moment I heard about you and saw your face, I swear I fell in love. You’re amazing and all these 440+ comments can assure you, not that you need it, how fucking gorgeous you are inside and OUT! By the time I finish this comment, you’ll have 100 more. 😉

  • Emma

    If only one could like a post!! .. this is amazing.. A love letter to individuality! I am in LOVE with this! and you are a true beauty, i must say! I love your style, and admire you in so many ways. You are a daily inspiration – especially your outfits! You are so fierce, and I wish i had a bit more of your styling currage 😉 It is important to be true to youself, and ignore all the ignorant people standing in the way and making trubble.. never get down by people like that.. I wish i had a flawless face like yours that required no make up haha 🙂 xx

  • AvivaBB

    This is exactly my attitude toward make up. I’m lazy, and honestly, I prefer the fresh faced look over the Shit-ton-of-make-up look….

  • Johanna

    Ignore the haters and those jealous of your success, MR. You own who you are, and I appreciate that about you.

  • Kayla C

    To hell with that creep. Reading this enraged me and also didn’t surptise me much. Ignorant people usually say absurd things. The fact that you addressed it so eloquently here on yout blog is freakin hot!!! High five to true beauty 🙂

  • Beans

    Of course, the first thing I did when I read this article was Google a picture of Leandra Medine. If she is “ugly as fuck” then I am not sure what I would call some people. I, frankly, think she is a natural beauty!

  • Sally

    Totally, completely with you. I don’t wear make up. It’s expensive and takes up too much time. I’m more interested in fashion than beauty, and spend my time and money accordingly. I accept that I might look conventionally prettier with it, but I’m starting to think that looking conventionally prettier is not really what I’m about. Thank you for writing this. I reckon you’re freakin’ gorgeous, by the way.

  • Natural beauty is true.

  • What he said… and the horribly mean things people leave in comments across the internet (in general) truly baffle me. You are stunning and I’m always so moved by how unique your style is – in both writing and fashion. Yet you don’t take yourself too seriously. What you have done with Man Repeller is amazing. Your posts on things like going bra-less and make up-less make my day. Thank you for being real and staying true to yourself – it’s an inspiration.

  • Leah Forst

    You are gorgeous and if you don’t want to be bothered to wear make up, then don’t. It has nothing to do with beauty – yours or anybody’s.

  • Tbo

    You should feel incredibly blessed to be who you are….and not the shallow a-hole who sent that email. Humor, intelligence and confidence…what more’s beautiful than that!

  • Katie-May

    Leandra, you are such an inspiration to me and many other women. I want to thank-you for waving the flag of natural beauty as I find it really quite refreshing.
    You are very much about making a statement with your clothing, whilst keeping a very plain canvas in which to demonstrate their fabulous-ness.
    I am much more jealous of those who can wear minimal make-up and get away with it, and you my dear, are one of these very elite people.

    Keep it up darling, and remember that it is the most unhappy people that have to cover themselves with an abundance of make-up products.

  • cici

    Oh my, oh my… I “ugly as fucking” love what you have written. Pienso lo mismo que tú. La belleza empieza siendo feliz con la propia apariencia. I am afraid about wearing always a make up base… i dont want to see that in the towel at the end of the day as you have said… I think you are the prettiest one because you don’t need make up to feel the prettiest one.

    (Ok, y sorry for my inglés 🙂 )

  • Nicola

    I’m with you! You’re championing the right way for women to look at themselves. We’re more than a pretty/homogenised face. Individuality, and an empowered sense of self. Whatever works for you, bravo! Let’s not be limited by society’s expectations for women.

    That attitude is what is so beautiful and what makes ManRepeller an incredible contribution to the web!

    Thank you!

  • Bea

    Men wear a bare face everyday, and we think no less of them – it doesn’t limit our appreciation of them.

  • Kelly Trawczynski

    I completely agree! I always tell people that it’s not that I don’t care about my appearance, I do, it just doesn’t take me 20 minutes to feel beautiful! Sometimes it only takes me washing my face and I’m ready to go, other times, it takes me an hour and I still think I look creepy. It’s all about you, your self confidence, and what you want with your life. That beauty and confidence is all that should matter.

  • Amy

    As a true Southern belle and connoisseur of all things beauty-enhancing, and as a first-time visitor to this site, I thought “My God, I have to Google this ugly as fuck woman, so that I can mentally criticize her for what she’s doing wrong and simultaneously pat myself on the back for what I’m doing right.”

    But sweet Jesus, you’re gorgeous. You take my breath away. You’re what the rest of us aspire to when we make a half-hearted attempt at “natural beauty.”

    Keep on keepin’ on, sister. You got this. Fuck the naysayers.

  • Hannah

    I love you Leandre. You’re gorgeous darling. Not much more I can there.

    • Hannah


  • Casey

    “Ugly as FUCK”!?!? That is quite harsh, untrue, and extremely unprofessional – even it was an accident.
    Even if it is untrue – that is still VERY hurtful.
    Self confidence is ones best accessory. Look at Carine Roitfeld – she is not a typical beauty (whatever that is) but she is sexy as hell.

    Sorry you had to see that email. Hope you won’t let it take you down a notch.

  • Laura

    I’m a makeup artist and I totally believe in using makeup sparingly, and as your mom says “to enhance what you naturally have”. I also believe it can help someone gain confidence and put a little boost in their step. That being said, I can tell you have more confidence than I don’t know what! Rock on and keep doing what you’re doing!! Makeup should be fun, not necessary.
    PS. Thanks for posting this, I would have just dissolved in self pity tears.

  • Caryn

    Wow! I wish I was that ugly. Just googled imaged you. Stunning.

  • Anna

    You know…It’s like saying that Louis Garrel is ugly..Emmm..Whatever. To my mind he is gorgeous.
    Beauty is individuality and confidence .
    You are beautiful lady Leandra! Unique and charming. And basta.

  • Remi X

    You are NOT ugly, and I’m glad you’ve decided not to let these rude, hurtful, mean comments get to you. In my opinion, people who describe others as “ugly” are the ugly ones.

  • Leonor

    At the end of the day counting likes and comments we see legions of others that totally support you.

  • Julia

    Leandra! You are seriously an inspiration. I have always thought you were so beautiful, inside and out. Reading this article made my crappy day much better and made me feel more confident! Thanks for writing this article. It made my day:)

  • gwats1957

    You write quite well, you are comfortable with who you are, so, who on the Planet, other than your Mom, has a right to question that? You think different, no sin in that… carry on, Girlfriend.

  • gwats1957

    Keep writing.. your work is very good.

  • Leandra, you might not be a Scandinavian model, but you’re beautiful as fuck. I think not being flawless is what makes you HUMAN, and I truly can’t appreciate beauty if there isn’t something that truly shows your humanity.

    <3 M.

    P.S.: I found your male counterpart!!! My god, I jumped straight out of the bed when I received this e-mail.

  • joanna

    I’m glad you decided to take the stance you took… as I was reading I started to worry that you were going to pronounce a resolution to now wear make-up.

    I don’t think your lack of make-up diminishes your style. Actually, I think enhances your personal stye!

  • Lydia

    YES YES YES!!!! You fantastic woman! Thank you <3

  • Lulu

    To call anyone “ugly as fuck” is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Why do we still live in such a shallow world. Anyway its who you that really counts.

  • Alice

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this is an amazing post. I even shared it on Twitter and Facebook. But I just saw the original thread on your personal Instagram and he said “not very pretty”. He never called you “ugly as fuck”. As a writer, I have to say that it kind of disappoints me you would sensationalize something like this. It wasn’t really necessary and could be considered borderline libelous. Credibility is everything.

    • Leandra Medine

      hey alice, thanks for the comment! unfortunately this was the progeny of two different events, and explaining that sausage making felt like a detour from the meat of the issue.

      • Alice Panikian

        It says a lot that you even bothered to respond. I think you’re a fantastic writer.

  • Natalie Kerner

    Wow, what an incredibly rude thing for all those instagrammers and that website founder to say! I’ll never understand why people feel that it’s okay to judge a celebrity/politician/anyone in the public eye based on appearance. It’s just disgusting. Why should a person have to be “attractive” just because she’s famous or accomplished? (which is not to say you aren’t attractive– you are!)
    Also, how very classy of you not to name drop and take advantage of your huge internet following by telling us his name and website. I hope the jerk is grateful for that.

  • RomyPaige

    Wow this is truly inspiring. I adore this for everything it is and everything it accepts about individuality and about ageing. I love that you accept yourself for who you are and that your husband finds you beautiful the way that you are. So many of us fear being seen without makeup. As an artist and a perfectionist, I am very critical about my appearance regardless of the fact that people find me beautiful. It is so inspiring to know that you have grown to appreciate your natural beauty.

  • Anastasia G

    I completely agree. I think that wearing makeup is a choice, and that no one NEEDS to wear it. If you do use makeup, use it for yourself.


  • Jaclyn

    I never even noticed you didn’t wear make up!! People are just crap. You are about clothes and attitude and you’re a damn fine writer. You are beautiful, yes. But even if you were “ugly as fuck” I would read your blog because it’s about the content not the friggen make up. Go you.

  • Fashunnnn

    I couldn’t agree with you more!! I don’t really wear make up cause to me, sleep is more important than waking up earlier to look “better” . And honestly, I too am happy with the way that I look, and more people should be. Make up is fun and should be fun, i think. But it is also nice to know I can be myself with out it too.

    And as for that guy, i hope you don’t work with him again. You want to work with people who believe in you whole heartedly, not for convenience. Aint nobody got time for that!

  • Jenni Scott

    I want to bitch slap that prick… Ugh. People.

  • Elli

    Leandra, I have to ask- then why do you wear heels? I’m with you on the too lazy to put on makeup, and feel the same way about heels- let’s be our natural selves! If one is comfortable in his/her own skin, what’s the need for all the discomfort involved in distorting his/her natural self? But I noticed you are often in heels and I couldn’t help but wonder about it. Maybe blog on the topic of heels?
    Oh, and one more thing- your confidence is beautiful as fuck, Leandra.

  • Marina

    But you are gorgeous?? Was he looking at a different face- you are so pretty! This guy is clearly a pig!

  • Elif

    Leandra I don’t know if it’s because you’re simply hilarous, or have an impeccable style, or a body that helps you show that off, or your unbelievable self confidence that I hardly see in any other person (or maybe all of them) but to me, you are really, REALLY beautiful. Everyday I’m trying to blow dry my bob to make it look like yours (I gave up though, I have curly hair and it’s not working) and I envy the way you look when you smile because it’s so cute. I don’t know how many times my husband told me “why does she call herself a man repeller? she is really hot!” and I know you don’t need my or anyone else’s approval of that but you are BEAUTIFUL as fuck.

    As for that unprofessional, imprudent jerk; I just feel sorry for the one who ends up with him, that’s all.

  • Marina

    Add me to the list that thinks you’re absolutely beautiful.

  • Hiiiiiileaandra

    Way back when, when I first stumbled across your blog, I thought “Jesus Christ I have never seen a cooler, more chic woman who has wonderously married kookiness and class”. I thought you were beautiful, with your stunning thick bob and slender frame and gorgeous face! And then I hung around because no one writes as well as you (you inspired me to pursue journalism).

  • Angela Nied

    Leandra. You made me curious and I looked for pictores of you. I must tell, you’re quite charming and beautiful. Refreshing, I dare say. Besides, you’ll probably won’t need to get dependent of botox in some years. Make up turn skins rot. x.x’

  • Leandra, you are a true and welcome breath of fresh air x

  • Lindsey

    It was the first thing I noticed when I first started following this blog, but I LOVED it, because I have NEVER encountered a fashion blog where the writer doesn’t wear makeup. It seems that all of that stuff is just part and parcel of fashion, and it certainly can be, but why turn it into a necessity? I love that you don’t wear makeup, and I’ve recently stopped wearing anything noticeable myself, and I feel even more confident. We don’t need makeup to be beautiful; your mom’s comment is spot on- it should enhance. But if we don’t want to enhance…then don’t. Like boobs. Or something.

  • Wow, that would shock me into near tears if I saw that. Obviously rude, but it’s also quite unbelievable as you say that someone would speak to another female that way? Anywhoooo! More power to you babe!


  • Lexi

    you’re the shit

  • Anna

    Good for you Leandra!!! I have a cupboard full of makeup that I don’t wear and personally I like it that way!

  • Lele215

    I love your attitude. It can be difficult for some people to wrap their heads around the fact that you are happy and content with the way you look and your life. That says more about them than it does about you.

  • Alexia Chlamtac

    Hi Leandra,
    this is my first time commenting here. I’m fascinated about your beauty just because it is natural. You are very very very funny, smart AND beautiful! And the more beautiful in you is this, your intelligence, your wit and self-acceptance!

  • valerie

    My nose grows a litter hookier on a near-monthly basis too. And I also don’t wear makeup. I spend the extra time and money on something I actually like.

  • d’Camp

    I love this! It make you so real and closer to your fans, who always look at you as unreachable! Many will wish to look as beautiful, sophisticated as you look “Au Naturele”, with a loving husband that loves you just the way you are. The most respect out to you! I love reading your posts and now everything comes full circle! 🙂

  • Florence

    I couldn’t help but look you up to know if you were, in fact, ugly as fuck. I know this article has nothing to do with wether it’s true or not, but I couldn’t help but look. You have a fabulous picture of you walking down the street with a gorgeous flamboyant red dress and – no make up on. I though you looked like a model, who wore whatever was clean in her closet that day (something fabulous) and got right off of bed. You know what I like the most about this picture? You look like you couldn’t care less about your naked face around town, as if to say “Im fabulous eitherway”. Well, you are. It seems so natural to you that it makes you beautiful looking to me. Im glad your conclusion was – don’t change a thing. I wouldn’t either.

  • Natalia

    <3 you are amazing

  • LawyerLiz

    I mean I think you are actually just beautiful. With no qualifiers about your intelligence or great sense of humor. I follow you on Instagram and think “she looks hot,” not “look how self-accepting she is.” Now I understand that the latter quality is ultimately more important, but I just want to assure you that you’re an extremely pleasurable sight for my eyeballs to enjoy, and the website man got it wrong.

  • Caley Vanülar

    amen sister.

  • Erin

    You are wonderful. I have never left a comment on here or done much else to publicly support you, aside from follow you on instagram. This post inspired me to comment because I think it is an utter shame that some one as intelligent, creative, and inspiring can still be reduced to a superficial image. For what it’s worth, I think you’re beautiful, but that’s beside the point. To me, those asides about a woman’s appearance is, despite everything else she accomplishes, is ridiculous. It’s like when the media chooses to only talk about the type of suit Hillary Clinton chose to wear, instead of the important policy matters that she addresses. Or how people focus on Michelle Obama’s arms and not the fact that she’s battling childhood obesity and food deserts all over the country with her fresh food initiatives.

    Keep doing you—I admire you. I’m not one for fashion blogs or blogs for that matter, but I read yours almost religiously. I am a young lawyer and from one man repeller to another—you are my fashion icon. And I admire your look, but much more importantly, your attitude and vocabulary.

    – Erin Camp // @erinmarie1014

  • Tania de Rothschild

    I’m blonde and scandi and 5’11” and WISH I looked like you. You’re gorgeous, not in a jolie laide kind of way but in a hot – yes I said hot – beautiful frenchified loving yourself awesomely eloquent ergo cool fucking gorgeous chick – jus needed to say that. Never added a comment anywhere but needed to let you know he must have bad taste, really crap naff yuk dull bore off terrible taste.

  • real talk

    girls over do make up. most look better with ti

  • Lily

    Literally just saw a picture and went back thinking I spelled your name wrong. Is this guy legally blind? You are gorgeous beyond words and humble too, a role model in my opinion.

  • Beth

    Yourself and this page are refreshing and liberating! What a breath of fresh air to see the Leandra package (wit, photos, etc) delivered as-is without the vain trappings that are so boringly part and parcel of most other fashion blogs. Most of us dare not bare all as you do, and I bet most wish that they could!

  • SassyYari

    I would love to see the face of the website creator! There is no true description of beauty, what is beauty??? People will either answer with the stereotypical beauty that is mostly photo-shopped and non existent or we say what we truly feel and what we like. You are a beautiful woman, young, fresh, vibrant and with tons of confidence which makes you elegant and radiant, atleast that’s what I see. I think you are fabulous…”the tiger doesn’t loose sleep over the opinion of the sheep” rememeber that. Now on the subject of make-up I love buying it and adore putting it on its a past time for me. So if you want to try it do what you like otherwise keep rocking it like you always do!!! 😉

  • Justine

    I never wear make for basically the same reason. Hell I don’t even own make up besides eye liner, which I only wear when I go out. So I can say I completely get where you’re coming from and I feel the same way.

  • Liz

    I feel the same way. If I wanted to I could totally wear make up, but I’m too lazy to put it ON and then take it OFF later too. I’m down for a good lip color once and a while and whatever else happens happens.

  • Frank

    I like when women don’t wear make up – a man

  • Nic

    I’d rather be considered “ugly” on the outside than on the inside which clearly all those people are who comment negative things about other peoples’ appearance.

  • Savannah

    Leandra, you are beautiful as fuck.

  • The strength in this article is truly empowering. I applaud you and your morals, and for continuing to stick by them. An uplifting example of modern day feminism, and I hope, a message to all those people out there who feel the need to bring others down. You go girl!! xxx

  • You seem like you are very good at being Leandra Medine, so I wouldn’t worry about much else. Honestly, I love reading this blog/website because it and you are interesting, funny, & cool AS FUCK.

  • Jessica Beresford

    There are so many famous fashion bloggers who look like models and are stylish (to give them credit) but offer no insight into what they throw on their backs let alone the wider fashion industry. The reason I was first drawn to Man Repeller was because you were actually generating discussion around fashion rather than taking unattainable, overly glamourised pictures of yourself wearing whatever free clothing you had received that week. I can’t tell you how refreshing your articles are to read, and I hope that your website sets an intelligent bar for fashion writers to aim towards to prove that it’s not some frivolous, throw-away subject matter.

  • Lizjoyiforous

    Jeebus. Reading that idiot’s insult, I started googling of you. Result: I begin to wonder what would be said about ME (and I’m farily self-assured). There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with your looks. And you have intelligence and personality to boot, so screw anyone who judges. I wear makeup daily and would never feel comfortable posting so many pics of myself without my face “on.” You are fresh and pretty without any spackle. I don’t understand these mindless drones, and just have to figure they feel so bad about what they see in the mirror, their only resort is to try and take someone else down.

    I hope to develop a portion of the confidence you have in yourself. Props to you, lady. And to hell with the trite dumb asses out there. I’d happily throat punch them all.

  • Hayley

    Leandra you are a babe, and a married babe at that. Am willing to bet this asshole is “single as fuck”.

  • Willow

    YOU ARE NOT UGLY. Your soul and you are beautiful.

  • Mila Hall

    Well, I for one think your face is lovely Leandra. And I completely agree with you on makeup being such a time-suck. I like knowing that if I decide to spontaneously nap in the middle of the day, I won’t wake up to a stained pillowcase. You do you!

  • Ivy

    slap that editor with your birkin!

  • Leslie

    What the effing what?? That guy should be fired, certainly.

    I rarely comment on blogs—but as a feminist and someone who appreciates your blog, thank you. Thank you for bringing empowering, often feminist conversations into the world of fashion. Thank you for discussing body hair, and makeup (or the lack thereof) and our CHOICES in what we do to our body. Your blog shows women a different side of fashion—that you can have a brain. Your level of analysis, your level of awareness and your level of depth to every topic makes women think—and to many men and women, that’s the most threatening thing there is.

    Thank you for not being afraid to share your stories. I truly appreciate them.

    And fuck that guy.

  • Lauren

    I never comment but Fuck that. You aren’t beautiful because of your wit or humour or self confidence or any other offsetting factor. You are beautiful.

  • J. Isabel

    love this

  • Бритта

    So awesome. <3

  • Rebecca

    You are a stunningly beautiful woman, the “whole package!” Don’t cave into the hate! <3

    Ps: becauseof you I wear a LOT less makeup. And i feel beautiful!

  • Miss Leandra, I have the same problem years ago on why I don’t wear make up and I still view it in the same way as you wrote above. But in the past four years I begin to embrace the joy of having and putting make up and loving it. If you feel great without wearing it, then it’s okay. You are what you want. Maybe for those people, beauty is only skin deep which could be covered in make up. But your confidence, intelligence, and wittyness, oozed out of this site, and to me, it’s the beautiful thing ever. Hell, if that’s not a major turn on, I don’t know what it is 😛 yes, you may repel any man, but I think you’re a major inspiration for women in general. Happily add this into my pocket for future reading xx

    P. S. to me you are gorgeously cute and i really love your smile. let me cuddle you and shush those haters away!

  • kimberly fabrizi

    I think it’s strange that you said “Just because I don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good skin”, because make up doesn’t make your skin healthy to begin with. Yet I still love you’re article.

  • Olivia

    Oh mon dieu!!! But it’s so FRENCH of you, so good on you!

  • Holly Halpin

    I have never ever commented here, ever, but as someone with dark circles who’s nose grow ever hookier– thank you. You have captured an audience in a niche that is largely solely superficial with your intelligence and wit and those things are damn more sexy than photoshopped and chopped model we are fed day in and day out.

  • Lydia

    Thank You Leandra!

  • I feel much the same as you Leandra. I’m lazy and I’ve grown to accept the way that I look. I think I started easing up on the make up initially because it annoys me that women are not just encourage, but expected to “enhance” their beauty, while the expectation is not extended to men. It’s one thing to choose to wear make up, it’s another to insult and degrade women who don’t.


  • Rachel You Snick

    This is amazing. As someone with a huge following it takes a lot of balls, or vag, to both not obsess over makeup but to make such a declaration. I already love and respect your blog but this takes it to another level. Thanks so much xox

  • Danielle

    You are actually very pretty Leandra. I wish I could leave the house with no make up. Good for you! I love the look when you have a bare face and red lips!

  • Victoria

    You are beautiful as it is! I so envy you that you don’t have to wear make-up!


  • Melissa

    I think you are pretty. Please don’t wear makeup, it’s not you. We need more Leandras in the world. People being themselves in an awesome way.

  • Vergil Kent

    Because you prefer the company of cats to men?

    • elif

      probably because she or any sensible woman would prefer cats over a guy like you, anyday

  • Jane

    Yeah, and I’m sure that guy was a total Baldwin. Keep rockin’, Leandra. Convinction is worth a thousand times more than some asshole throwing unwarranted shade.

  • Ashley

    This article reminded me of a quote I read the other day.

    “One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.”

    Screw them. You are gorgeous and the fact that you’re comfortable in your own skin makes you 100x more beautiful!

  • Katherine Mitchell

    Your parents did a hell of a job raising you. You are splendid and wonderful and I hope my daughter will comfortable enough in her own skin. I usually don’t wear make up for the same reason. I’m just a bit lazy about it. Haha. Love you!

  • Maria

    Wow. I applause your confidence. You are truly inspiring (and you ARE beautiful, I love your smile).
    As to me, I don’t always wear make-up, I do it like once a week. I never bought a foundation in my entire life, just because I tried it and I hate how it feels.
    Usually I wear what feels fun and makes me happy. When I feel like wearing a green glittery smoky eye or a neon orange lip, even if it does not compliment my face or even makes me look ugly, I go for it. Make-up should be about fun, and not conforming to some beauty standard.
    Sometimes though, when I look at myself and I don’t feel pretty (typically, during my insomnia crises), I would wear concealer under the eyes and some blusher and mascara, just to look more fresh and “awake”. But that’s for me, to feel better about myself. I would not let anyone decide for me what I should do with my appearance. If I wake up and look like a zombie and I don’t care (this happens pretty often), I just go out like that.
    So to me, sometimes make up brings a little bit more confidence and helps you get trough a hard day (but that should be YOUR decision), but ideally make up should be only about fun !

  • Michelle

    I just googled what you look like (first time reader) and you’re beautiful! I’m not just saying that because of the dumb asses who say otherwise, but honestly my jaw dropped. I’m entirely confused how someone and even more than one person has said ugly in your direction

  • johana

    I am literally baffled that some one would say that about you, you are gorgeous! you have that effortless and exotic beauty that i envy, i personally love the look of no makeup, its much more attractive to me to see a gorgeous woman rocking a clean face where it looks like she didn’t try as apposed to someone with liner and mascara who looks good, anyone can look good with makeup but it takes a true beauty to look beautiful without makeup. you are gorgeous!

  • Nana Julia Kyhn

    You are very beautiful! I love your sexy french feminin boy look 🙂 xxx Nana K, Denmark

  • AP

    I tried to wear make up when I was a teenager like everyone else and hated it enough to never do it again. I am now 41 and love my skin and never regretted not learning how to put on makeup. Amazing unique style doesn’t require crap on the skin clogging the pores to be cool! I hope you never give into the dumb as fuck morons.

  • Ari

    Half the models in the pictures at the top have makeup on just saying



  • Bronte

    I think you’re amazing, and if I had the confidence to not wear makeup I wouldn’t either, It takes to much time perfecting and correcting.

  • Sasha

    I discovered the Man Repeller because I saw your picture on tumblr and thought you were stunning!. Gorgeous eyes and figure to die for and the outfit. Lots of love from Hong Kong (not wearing make up either because it’s this season when your face just melts after five minutes outside)

  • Rachxoxo

    Thank you Leandra! I got chocked up reading the last paragraph. In high school and until college I had every one tell me “you’d be so much prettier if you wore make up.” So I started wearing make up, and eventually it made me uncomfortable not wearing any makeup at all. A few years ago I decided to not wear make up for one year to force myself to confront my natural face everyday.

    Im am so happy I did it. I began to like my face again. Now I wear tinted chaptsick religiously and mascara sometimes when I remember to. But the point is, love your freaking face. If you want to wear make up, don’t do it to hide yourself but to love it and show it off. If you don’t wear make up then hell yea for that too.

    I too will never have the model nose by industry standards, or be bag free under my eyes. But this unique combination, I can love it. And I can find myself beautiful. So thank you for that. Because most people are not put under the scope in the media like you. But saying “fuck off I like my face” in the face of a million comments and emails is powerful and amazing. My middle school self wishes she could have read this. 🙂

  • ashton

    As there are over 500 comments in response to this article, I am not sure this will be read or appreciated or anything but me typing it write now, but, this really moved me. It may be my raging hormones aggressively controlling every reaction I have but I really do appreciate your words, intelligence, and humor on a daily basis.

    Thank you for being beautiful!

  • Cris Russell

    HELL YES. Live like a badass, not prisoner.

  • Susan

    Wow! That just strikes me as so sad, as someone would even think to say that about anyone. It is entirely irrelevant however I think you are gorgeous with one of the best smiles on the books. What is so fab about your smile is that is screams confidence and genuine joy, it doesn’t get any better than that. I do have some Leandra envy 🙂 Speaking from someone older though, I don’t wear makeup bar tinted moisturiser and SPF daily for reasons of laziness and the fact I think as you grow older makeup can actually make you look older again. If I am feeling flash I might whack on some mascara and a lip gloss. Once again though the last person you should pay any attention to is someone who would think along those lines as they clearly have deeper issues and a general lack of empathy with a heightened sense of crassness.

  • Caity d

    You are so not ugly as fuck!!! I think you are beautiful and I admire your unique expression through your fashion and personal choice. I think you are a great role model to us women to shun the manufactured idea of beauty. Just cause the world sells us an ideal doesn’t mean we have to stomach it, and I applaud you for having the guts to say fuck it I’ll do what the hell feels right to me!

  • Cassandra TeLae

    I absolutely love your honesty and willingness to bare witness to such harsh criticism-it is truly vulnerable. It most definitely is NOT a YOU problem. It is a THEM problem. Haters gonna hate, so fuck ’em!

  • Ju

    You don’t have to be “pretty” to people. Is sad that we care so much in how other people looks and in how ourselfs looks like. All that matters is who we are inside.

  • Sydney

    Honestly, that is what appealed to me when I first started searching for fashion blogs. I saw a picture of you not wearing make up and I instantly had a crush on you and wanted to be like you. I thought “Here’s someone who’s interested in individuality and not perfection, rather character and expression.” And to be honest, nothing looks really fucking good on you.

  • Erica Rae Deutsch

    i am so impressed with how you kept your composure during that email, i probably would have seen red and lost my cool. the fact that you’re so comfortable in your own skin is truly awesome. four for you glen coco!

  • Bria

    Posts like this remind me why I love this site so much. We love you, Leandra.

  • ROCK ON! You are an inspiration exactly because you are who you are unapologetically. For every bit of Internet cruelty you endure because of that, know that you are sparking inspiration in thousands of others. Thank you for this honest and thoughtful post. And thank you for being you, unapologetically. May my daughter grow up to have the same confidence. And may I grow up to have it too.

  • Anna Malcolm

    First of all, I actually have had a colonoscopy without anesthesia, so I feel your pain? But it was short lived pain. We’ve all heard that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and who knows, maybe this guy has astigmatism? He didn’t seem to see the e-mail that he sent you calling you “ugly as fuck” either! E-mail him to get his vision checked yo (IN ALL CAPS).

    Anyway, perfection is boring, and if you look generic, nobody remembers you. Going without makeup keeps it real. Respect.

  • Natalie

    Dont listen to them! Ew screw them you are beautiful and natural beauty is real beauty! <3

  • tiffinee


  • Lang

    That person’s soul is ugly as fuck

  • Gigi

    He is stoopid as fuck! You are so confident! Naice

  • marie a

    Can you imagine being around an adult who would make such an irrelevant and rude comment? Let alone in an email, when he had to type that out and click send – it wasn’t like it just slipped out. And in a WORK email.
    Did you comment? I hope he is absolutely horrified and embarrassed and writes you an apology complete with elaborate explanation for being such a complete dick.

  • May

    Ugh, I love you.

  • gabi

    Just know all your true fans think you’re bee-ay-ooo-tee-full!!!

  • amy

    you are absolutely beautiful, and endlessly inspiring, a true breath of fresh air in this business we call fashion. I have been told many times throughout my life that i should try wearing more makeup. At one point I even was approached by a guy at a bar who told me i would be hot if i wore more makeup. nice pickup line. The thing i find is that the women who aren’t wearing much don’t really need so much. embrace your natural beauty because its lasting..and the haters are usually the ones who look like a completely different person bare faced.

  • Sairsyo

    You’re the best!!

  • Chic Streets & Eats

    It amazes me to read your followers comments sometimes on your instagram feed, when i read them I think to myself “is my vision impaired?” “or maybe perhaps their vision is impaired” because I always see someone beautiful when I see you on your feed. I always wonder “gosh, what the hell does she do to have flawless skin?” I suffer from redness on my skin, so I cover it with makeup not because I want to wear all this makeup but because I get self-conscious of the lack of perfect skin. I often long for that freeing feeling of not wearing any makeup and feeling confident, which I look up to you for that! your confidence is the most magnificent of all and all else is just a bonus! such fools people are to call out people like that, I find it so disturbing to see how social media grants such degradation of others. As cliche or corny as this comment is, here it goes – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, Because you are human!

  • kokiddie

    I am fairly new to your site, but want to say that your posts are fantastic. To be honest, I never noticed that you wear little or no make-up. What I have noticed is that the gal behind the slick outfits (with a side of spunk, of course), seems like a lovely mix of fun and wit. If it should matter at all, you’ve got gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile. Beauty is so subjective and yet relative to one’s culture. After a while, seeing the same type of face, body, image, etc., in the media becomes rather boring. Your style is fresh and your ability to own who you are is so damn refreshing. Keep doing what your doing! xo

  • Carolin

    This man makes me SO angry. He’s such an idiot and it’s so sad that it made you think about your own beauty. You are beautiful, you are smart and you always look awesome in your outfits. Full stop!

  • Stephanie

    I prefer someone without make up. For me make up is for a business meeting, interviews and anything for a corporate world theatre we often call work. I rather see the real you than the artistry that make up can do. As others have already said you’re beautiful. Never doubt it because someone is closed off to the beauty that is you.

  • frida

    Nothing more attractive than an intelligent, smart woman who is comfortable in her *own* skin.

  • Janet / Bare Face Believer

    What makes me upset is that because we are women, we are expected to be ‘beautiful’ every moment of the day. I personally think women without makeup are beautiful, even more beautiful than the woman all dolled up. Because women who don’t wear makeup aren’t trying to be someone who they aren’t. In this world of fake boobs and nose jobs, I find that my impression of someone without makeup is genuine and sincere. But thats just me.

  • girlinmenswear

    You are gorgeous. Fuck them.

  • MargaretInArabia

    This is by far my favorite post of all time, and I’ve followed your site for years. At 56 I still seek peaceful comfort in my own skin, and your ease, poise and joie de vivre are a great inspiration.

    In short, you’re breathtaking.

  • Zoe

    This is actually really interesting to me because every time I see a photo of you in one of your posts I always think to myself “I wish I could pull off the whole no make up thing but I think you’ve got to have this extraordinary natural beauty like Leandra”. So to read that what I’ve interpreted as such a unique beauty has been interpreted as “ugly as fuck” by someone else. That person is batshit crazy! Don’t stop doing what you do, it’s inspiring xx

  • marialankina

    Ditto. Now to speak loud about it by creating imagery that supports it and shows authenticity in a beautiful way

  • Zoe

    Fuck that guy. Seriously, fuck him. I know you’re not posting this for validation, or to be complimented, but you are beautiful. Endearingly beautiful. As well as funny, smart, witty, and sartorially gifted. And to quote Shoshanna/Girls re instagram comments – “everyone’s a dumb whore”

  • Amy

    And by the way, you are much more beautiful that many models out there….

  • yvesinsf

    it’s funny because i have always thought you were so naturally beautiful that it made me jealous that you don’t wear any make up and look that way. i hope that dude apologized for 1. His insecure rudeness and 2. his unbelievable stupidity in forwarding previously sent emails containing comments about the introduced party. Can we say, “Dumb as fuck?”

  • Léaud

    I have always found women without makeup prettier. I never understood why some of my female friends choose to put on makeup every day.

  • Nicole

    What an insecure douche! He is obviously intimidated by how wonderful, confident and successful you are. His comment was not even about you; it was about making himself feel superior, and to impress his assistant. Making fun of how others look is so primordial.

  • Karla

    Thank you so much for this post! It’ about time we (men and women) start thinking differently about human beauty.

  • CT

    Strong and confident women don’t need makeup. They haven’t got any insecurities to mask.

  • I don’t think that there is any person out there who is ugly as fuck, we are all pretty in a sense that most people may not understand. And if you feel great with what you see in the mirror, then this is the make-up that you are wearing, the big bold “you” with nothing to cover up who you truly are.
    Personally, I do not feel that comfortable with myself and make-up has come to help me when I felt like I needed a confidence boost but made sure to remove it by the time I got to sleep just to avoid creating art on my pillow.


    • Neville

      Only an ugly cûnt would say that

  • Eleonora Amabili

    simply loved this post.

    • Neville

      What race are you bîtch?

  • Anne

    how in the world is Leandra ugly?

    • Neville

      Anne please shut your fûcking mouth you slût no one cares what a whôre thinks

  • Neville

    You should wear make up you ugly fücking hole

    • !!!

      Sometimes it’s so obvious why the saying, “judge people by the enemies they make” exists. You’re pathetic, Hahaha!

      • nelly

        WOW… you’re so provacative and shocking with your obscene comment!

        • Nelly

          Oh…. and because you are bound to be a bit slow…. that was called “sarcasm”…

  • Neville


  • Neville

    He’s right you are an ugly piece of shît

  • Saskia Lo

    You are an amazing example of a modern woman. I salute you and I think you are beautiful inside and out.

  • Ayu Awkawardcheesecake

    Leandra, you are such a beautiful person. And what makes you more attractive is your confidence. That’s a really admirable trait that I really want to adopt.

  • Raissomat

    LEANDRA!! I have to tell you something. You actually changed my attitude/opinion about makeup and beauty in general. I once watched an interview video or similar, about you, on youtube.
    At a certain point you where talking about how you don’t trust makeup artist to get your look right, and then you (sarcastically) said something like “oh yeah it’s terrible to have huge hazel eyes and big luscious lips”. These words hit me hard. You where praising your features, and you where so right. I never liked to cake products on my skin, but I sometimes wore foundation ’cause I felt I HAD to cover up the “imperfections”, to not disgust people who met me during the day. You know what? fuck it. Pimple scars need to breathe too. I never wear anything anymore if not to empower myself, and never to cover up. A little lipstick, some more smudged on the cheeks. I do have great big eyes and perfectly defined lips, also an ever-growing soft nose and a few pimples on my chin all the time. I’m ok with it. You keep your foundation and highlighter YSL..Leandra is my queen.

  • Sofia

    Beautiful post! I think adding insult to injury is the fact that you actually happen to be a very pretty young woman, honestly, you are lovely. That fact that you don’t hyper sexualise yourself probably makes it difficult for some dim wits to see the aesthetics in how you look. That’s their own limited visual ability. You wear whatever the hell you want on your face and if that’s nothing ( face nudist we might call you) then that’s that.
    That this is even an issue nowadays makes me a little sad.

  • Lagamta.com

    What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally x


  • Lacedup Imagery

    The woman who founded “man repeller” is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea . I am sure this guy does not have Frida Kahlo, DV, Virginia Woolf, Wallis Simpson ,Georgia OKeefe, Joan of Arc, Shelley (from 3 women and Popeye and Shining) ect, ect on his wank off list. We all have our “ugly as fuck” days even the French, I saw a terrific movie with Vanessa Paradise, cafe florie and she was not easy on the eyes in this one but it made her far more fascinating than if she had done her model thing.

  • Maddy

    You go girl 🙂

  • Nader Dergham

    you are a cutie, I searched for you pics, that guy who sent the email was just trying to be cool and get in the other girls pants, petty but unoriginal move at attempted closeness by mocking other people….i repeat, your a cutie

    -Nader D

  • If there were more people like you (and less people like that douche bag), the world would be a far, far happier (and stylish) place. Love you and everything you do! XOXO

  • rach

    oh my goodness you are so not ugly as f. you are beautiful

  • Aliette

    Amen leandra! You are beautiful…coming from someone who gets told I look like you all the time makes me feel as angry towards these harsh critics and haters.

  • Rachael King

    ok late comment sorry but i am the same, i don’t wear make up because i am too lazy to a) put it on and b) take it off. also i don’t feel i should have to, the majority of men i know are not putting make up on to highlight their beauty. I also really really hope the person who described you as “ugly as F***” is no longer in your life. No person has the right to say that about another, and i say with 100% sincerity that you are a stunning woman.

  • this is a perfect example of how fucked our society’s perception are. despite all of the successes that women achieve, we are still measured primarily by our beauty, as though our aesthetics should be foremost concern, and our most appreciated contribution to the world will be a cute face, perfect hair, or a hot body. men aren’t measured to this same standard, and that is beyond fucked up at this point in time.

    leandra- despite what that douche-b wrote about you or grumbling of internet trolls, please be assured that while i, along with many others, consider you beautiful, i hope that the world gets what i mean when i say that your primary gift to the world is your wit and your intelligence. and i also hope that the world at large understands that my distinct prioritization of your gifts is intended to flatter you, because basically, i think your brain is what you makes you YOU and not the fact that you don’t give a shit about wearing makeup. never change!


  • NatashaNot

    I would actually like to see what he looks like, then we can judge who he is to name someone ugly as fuck.

  • rachel sans makeup

    Great piece. I think this is an idea that really needs to be promoted. Not that all women should or shouldn’t have to wear makeup, but that we have a choice to do so without being subjected to pejorative remarks because we don’t conform to a man’s (or society for that matter) idea of how a woman should present herself. We shouldn’t feel shamed into wearing makeup because the world won’t be able to see the best looking version of ourselves. I like feeling pretty sometimes, but jesus is it exhausting! We need to help stop this attitude of defining a woman’s value by how outwardly beautiful she is. Not to mention this kind of attitude bearing enough weight to become a caveat before a potential business meeting! I mean, can you imagine prepping someone before an introduction saying that a guy is, “ugly as fuck?” Regardless of that being a hugely insensitive douchebaggish remark, I couldn’t imagine a man’s appearance as having any importance to a potential business meeting. Apparently some men still think it’s worthy enough to mention when encountering women in business. What an awful thing to have happened, but I’m glad a great piece of writing came out of it. I hope you either didn’t do business with him, or signed Leandra “ugly as fuck” Medine in your signature.

  • Ugly is the mind who won’t let themself see. Really, it is not hard to look at beauty. You just have to recognize it. Therefor you are beautiful.

  • Patt

    I saw a picture of you at any page and started to figure out who you are because I am amazed that a woman of unconventional beauty was so stylish, yes, prejudice, jealous?. And started to know, a month ago, and with every picture of you I love me more, because taught me that out beauty is not without an inner flame. I work for this. And smile.
    You’re motivating.
    From Argentina.

  • ES

    Good for you! Your refreshing attitude about female expression is exactly why I follow you.

  • haapi

    I can only wonder what in the world goes through the vapid mind of someone so limited and mean-spirited.

    Oh whoops, never mind…I just answered my own question!


  • Maciel

    You are beautiful and inspire many of us!
    Those people that call you names are reflecting THEIR OWN insecurities on you.
    Keep being yourself, we appreciate it.

  • Xellye

    I think the English language needs to bring back “handsome” as a descriptor for women. A man repeller may be ugly, but she’s surely a handsome woman!

  • mollie blackwood

    I’ve never understood why people feel the need to criticize on social media. UNFOLLOW for crying out loud. Also, I wish I were comfortable enough to not wear make up everyday. Sometimes I feel daring and go to the grocery store without make up on Sundays.

  • Andrea

    This was so lovely to read, thank you
    as a girl that doesn’t wear makeup, I completely understand and agree with what you’ve said. I just think it’s sad that it has become ‘abnormal’ to NOT wear makeup. It shouldn’t be like this.

  • Izabel

    Probably the best thing I’ve ever read. Smart. Very smart.

  • lauren covington

    YES. I had a very good friend, who volunteered this unsolicited nugget, “You know you could get insurance to pay for a nose job if you pretend you have breathing problems.”

    I know my good friend wanted one for herself, but I don’t hate what I see in the mirror. I see ME and feel good about it. I see resemblances of my awesome family; why would I want to stare back at a stranger?

  • Ashley

    Hell Yeah!

  • Lilli

    Who the dick decided what is beautiful and what is not anyway? No one looks the same as another on this planet so doesn’t that make us all ‘unusual’ and ‘unique’? So really, we should all be top models!

    I love you and I’ve never even met you Leandra. That’s fucking beautiful!

  • hilbuk

    I don’t wear make-up either, also because I’m lazy, and because I like the way I look already.

  • cat

    woah, powerful message. thanks for the vulnerability and for sharing. You are very wise and those words really did inspire me. right there. you did. thank you for being who you are and being perfectly happy with that person. I think thats something that guy will never be able to achieve. boom bam your a bad ass.

  • Samantha

    I feel sorry for the insecure man who feels the need to describe you (wrongly so) as ‘ugly as fuck’. Beautiful with or without make up, plus who needs make up when you have confidence, intelligence, self love and a good sense of humor?! That shit can’t be faked or cosmetically enhanced!

  • Michele

    Leandra, I literally gasped and teared up reading about that awful email you saw. You are WICKED gorgeous, smart, funny, and empowering. Your sense of humor about yourself makes you even more inspiring. Your classy way of handling this says everything. Keep up the GREAT work. I adore you!! <3

  • Mary

    wow, what a brave and great post. I think you look great. My favorite look of yours, hair and make up wise, was the one where you did the video on the bed with the per-man-ent friend. i don’t know if it was make up or the hair, but you looked really pretty. the website dude is doomed to failure. you just don’t talk about people that way!

  • Anni

    There’s a photo of you, which shows your profile and you are wearing a white dress or a shirt that has a turtle neck and lace. Your hair is up and you have a silver bangle on your hand which you hold close to your face. That photo is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen, so much so, that I remember it this closely (without being a stalker or something else creepy).

    BUT my main point is anyhow something I wrote down to myself when I was ten: “Who cares if you’re pretty, if you’re not smart?” I’ve later found the answer to be “well, no one I’d give a fuck for”.

  • Vaguely Curious

    CAN I GET AN AMEN?! You seem to have achieved what all women strive for — to be unequivocally comfortable in your body. That’s what’s most important. It’s more encouraging than any makeup product ever could be.

  • dailyfirstpages

    Clearly, the real ugly fuck the guy. Not only are you beautiful but full of grace. Well done. http://www.dailyfirstpages.com

  • That’s really unprofessional of him. If my boss put something like that in an email to me about a colleague, it would really damage the work relationship. I hope there’s no confidentiality clause in their contract :).

  • stormesweet

    Been reading your website for a long time but never commented before. I’ve always thought you were a gorgeous girl, Leandra. You DON’T need to hide behind makeup and I love your thick eyebrows. The guy who said you’re ‘ugly as fuck’ is the ugly one. Very ugly.

  • Klaus

    Well. I’m Scandanavian as fuck and find attractive as fuck because she’s not. I don’t understand my gender. But I suspect it has something to do with being spoiled, jaded, five boroughs douchenozzle.

  • Jenny Williams

    From what I have seen, you don’t NEED makeup! Your bone structure, your eyes, your FEATURES are yours and yours alone. As a person who loves and wears makeup religiously, I think you are beautiful without it!

  • Jessica N.

    From day one of reading your blog, without ever seeing a post of this nature, you have struck me as absolutely lovely, in every sense of the word. I never have to write that as a comment under your photos though because your blog isn’t begging the question, “How do I look???” Your blog is directed at how your style has evolved and inspiring women (and men) to find their own style as well. If people are reading for another purpose–to rage on every detail of someone’s looks because they have nothing better to do–their comments aren’t worth a glance and I feel bad for them that they aren’t using every second of their precious life for a greater good.
    Summary: I hear ya sista on too lazy to put makeup on…and who cares! We all focus our time and attention on different things, so if someone chooses to spent that extra 20 minutes in the AM applying makeup, good for them, but I appreciate that 20 minutes of sleep before the work day begins. Keep on being magnificent!

  • Emily

    This is ridiculous… You have one of the freshest, most beautiful faces I know of.
    You’ve also inspired me to go au natural(as much as I can handle), and I love you for it. Keep doing what you’re doing, beauty queen. He is the ugly fuck

  • Jessica N.

    From day one of reading your blog, without ever seeing a post of this nature, you have struck me as absolutely lovely, in every sense of the word. I never have to write that as a comment under your photos though because your blog isn’t begging the question, “How do I look???” Your blog is directed at how your style has evolved and inspiring women (and men) to find their own style as well. If people are reading for another purpose–to rage on every detail of someone’s looks because they have nothing better to do–their comments aren’t worth a glance and I feel bad for them that they aren’t using every second of their precious life for a greater good.

    Summary: I hear ya sista on too lazy to put makeup on…and who cares! We all focus our time and attention on different things, so if someone chooses to spent that extra 20 minutes in the am applying makeup, good for them, but I appreciate that 20 minutes of sleep before the work day begins. Keep on being magnificent!

  • ours polaire

    One (seemingly quite nice, normal) Tinder-fellow told me I was very pretty, and he loved that I ‘wasn’t fake’, but I really ‘need to get some better photos’. I said I wasn’t interested in using the app for sex, so my photos (featuring glasses, museums and my brother) sent exactly the right message. He replied ‘You’ll have a hard time making friends, then. Guys expect girls to take care of themselves – you’re not even wearing eyeliner.’ FUCK THAT NOISE.

  • Céline Von Wallenberg

    First of all, I LOVE your writing it is so compelling and unique! And to second your thoughts; not everybody needs to look like a Scandinavian model and that is fine!!! You are unique and authentic with a great voice. Fuck what anyone thinks!

  • Beazus1116

    So, I admittedly did not know who you were- I read this article because it appeared in my FB feed. I just googled what you look like and you’re absolutely adorable if not beautiful. To call you “ugly” – even without the charming qualifier that followed- is offensive and delusional.

    Moreover, WTF is wrong with people. I’ve never been a big makeup person. Not even during those trying-to-fit-in middle and high school years. I might wear eyeliner and mascara if I’m feeling fancy. If I’m feeling super fancy, I’ll throw on a little blush, but that’s usually more of a STOP THE PRESSES- I’M STEPPIN’ OUT TONIGHT kind of occasion. Do I look as consistently fashion-beautiful as some of my friends and relatives who make a big show of doing their hair and makeup every day? No. But I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with the fact that, when I do wear my eyeliner and, I look only a tiny bit different than I do when I wear nothing at all. Yes, it brings focus to my big green eyes that I’m proud of. But when I take it off, I look more or less the same. I prefer that, any day of the week, to the people (even people I love) who look like a completely different person with their makeup on versus when they go makeup free.

    Also, I have pretty good skin and I totally think a part of that is sleep. So I’ll take my extra hour in bed instead of getting up to smear goo on my face, thankyouverymuch.

  • stylebash

    wow Leandra you are amazing! Such a great role model for all of us in this ridiculous beauty obsessed world of ours. Thanks for sharing

  • You’re damn right miss! You really aren’t ‘ugly as fuck’, loving your attitude to not let the comments affect you 🙂 xx

  • Sarah

    I’ve always thought you are gorgeous! And your smarts make you that much more attractive.

  • Veronica Villalpando


    Wow. Shamefully, I’m sure you probably have to continue to deal with this truly pathetic individual. You are stunningly beautiful. Inside and out. This so-called web-preneur fails to see the beauty that (we) your loyal readers see in you every day. I LOVE that you don’t wear make-up. I LOVE that fame and fortune haven’t changed you. And I HATE that he made you feel bad. Feelin’ very protective of you MR. LOLOLOL. XO!

  • Elizabeth

    I think women who don’t wear makeup are truly brave considering society says we have to wear makeup in order to be beautiful. I’ve dealt with acne in my past, so I’m personally not comfortable without makeup, but I think it’s great when women don’t wear makeup. I think there should definitely be more focus on good skin care since that’s what makes you look really gorgeous!

  • Jill S

    OH MY GOD. First, big hugs. That must have been hurtful to read, whether or not YOU believe you are beautiful (and of course, you are!). Second, FUCK him. What a shallow, vain, idiot. Third, you are an inspiration, for many reasons, not least of which is that you (at a relatively young age) have found a self-acceptance that many of us will go our entire lives without (not for lack of trying). Good for you and don’t EVER let the bastards grind you down. And fourth, please continue on just as you are. Or actually, don’t – keep changing and growing and entertaining us and making us think and being relevant and generally fucking awesome. I don’t read everything on the blog but this kind of honesty and awareness is why I do keep reading / sometimes posting.

  • Rosie Pidcock

    this post came as a complete surprise to me because i never even noticed you never wear makeup!! i have just been blinded by your ridiculous sense of humour and incredible sense of style for years now. opening instagram to see you rocking some kooky stilettos or something by Rosie always makes my day. i’ve lost count of the number of people i have introduced your blog to. i’m always so proud to explain the concept of a “manrepeller”, i think because i really identify with it. you just NAILED creating this new category of women who arent afraid to be themselves. so for fuck sakes, THANK you leandra for doing that.

  • Kelly

    I wouldn’t wear make up either if i had legs like yours. you are most certainly not “ugly as fuck.”

  • Amelie

    I really love you for that. Thanks for being beautiful as fuck.

  • Bjorg

    Excuse me but what kind of a beauty standard does this man set if he finds you “ugly as fuck”?

  • brittnibbrown

    Leandra. I love you. You’re beautiful in every way.

  • korin

    I have to tell you that I was soooo surprise to
    hear that this was an issue over some comments you had. I also have a blog and
    saw you in Milan and think that you are beautiful! I’m not usually comment but
    had to do it this time… It’s ok if people don’t think as I do, but sometimes they
    seem to enjoy making vindictive comments. btw thats the link to my blog if you want to check it out.

  • I emphasize with this so much. My bare face is not making a feminist statement anymore than my currently hairy legs are making a feminist. I am LAZY. I can actually apply a decent face of makeup in about five minutes, but removing it? That first requires a makeup removing wipe, then actual face wash, then extensive moisturizing. OR I can just wash my face in my 2-3x a week shower and moisturize afterward, and my face is good to go!

    But I should also say that I am very lucky to have good skin, and some of my friends have pointed out that it’s easier for me to go sans makeup because I don’t “need” it.

  • MkSid

    The fact that this post is necessary truly shocks me – I always look through your photos and am envious of how comfortable you are with a clean face! You’re also very beautiful!

  • Margaret Ely

    you glow girl.

  • Ikenani

    First, I think that web founder’s comment was totally offensive, even if it was in a personal email to someone, not meant to be public. But I think the real point of this post was to fish for compliments and that’s not very MP so I’m a little disappointed.

    • gues

      Standing up to misogyny or any kind of bullying should never, ever be construed of as “fishing for compliments.” It’s like saying a rape victim was asking for it. Shame on you.

  • Emily

    After reading this article I got really curious. I googled you so that I could see what someone who is “ugly as fuck” looks like. You are gorgeous. And if you are ugly as fuck, I must make people vomit at the sight of me!

  • Emma

    Who the hell describes a potential business partner right off the bat as “ugly as fuck”? That’s not just a shallow douchebag, but an unprofessional shallow douchebag at that. Not worth anyone’s time.

  • Such great writing Leandra! Truly. I’m not going to state the obvious points that so many other have done so (WTF is up with this person!?) but just say that what you choose or do not choose to put on your face is your own damn business, and as such, isn’t really anyone else’s concern.
    Also, I’ve always wondered what my skin would be like if I’d never worn makeup. Would it be different? I’ll never know, but I know I’d more than likely be much more confident about said skin/face if I hadn’t.

  • Shannon

    If you are ugly, I don’t want to know what I am

  • Lauren

    seriously though, F that guy. Keep on rocking, girlfriend.

  • paola

    you’re beautiful, and he’s a douche.

  • Bel

    One of the most amazing messages you could serve us. Thanks.

  • Guest

    You know what it is actually crazy? That when you built a whole attitude/structure/etc that is revolutionary, and different, and also, aclaimed for it. It doesn’t matter how, but we always try to fit it to the standards, like it’s happening now. Hell, you can wear a pants that look like lamps, but you can’t wear make up?, it’s a disease.
    It doesn’t help that the whole idea of “fashion blogs” has been destroyed. There is no more “every day fashion”, there is this dream girls, who wear dreamy clothes and have a dreamy hair, etc; and you can’t even identify yourself with them. Because you end up envy them not only for the clothes but for everything! So.. at the end the mere difference between a magazine and a blog it’s the fact that the latter is published in a newstand.

    So.. where the whole revolution stand?

    Did I just wen to far? Oops.

  • belulopezchamba

    You know what it is actually crazy? That when you built a whole attitude/structure/etc that is revolutionary, and different, and also, aclaimed for it. It doesn’t matter how, but we always try to fit it to the standards, like it’s happening now. Hell, you can wear a pants that look like lamps, but you HAVE to wear make up?, it’s a disease.
    It doesn’t help that the whole idea of “fashion blogs” has been destroyed. There is no more “every day fashion”, there is this dream girls, who wear dreamy clothes and have a dreamy hair, etc; and you can’t even identify yourself with them. Because you end up envy them not only for the clothes but for everything! So.. at the end the mere difference between a magazine and a blog it’s the fact that the latter is published in a newstand.

    So.. where the whole revolution stand?

    Did I just wen to far? Oops.

  • Kelly Eason

    I think your beautiful!

  • Kelly Eason

    And another thing… After reading your book and seeing pictures of your Mom, you look exactly like her. Very exotic and ethnic! I’m tired of the American way of thinking towards beauty.

  • EMS

    Amazing post, Leandre! I have been a reader of your blog for years and found this post to be very refreshing. I agree with some of the comments below where you should not refer to yourself as lazy with regard to choosing to not wear makeup. Not wearing makeup is a bolder and more direct choice than waking up an hour earlier and putting on the latest beauty finds. It takes inner strength, confidence, and most importantly, honesty in the sense that you show the world day in and day out this is who you are so that, in my opinion, does not make one, and especially not you, lazy.

  • TeenSpiritNeverDies

    I really loved this post, I mean it. And I don´t think you’re even ugly, you’re just not the beauty the industry try to sell us all the time, but you’re beautiful anyway. I feel the same way about myself and perfectly know when you say you’re confortable. Most of all, you are so elegant and stylish, and it makes you more pretty than any blue eyed scandinavian wanabee model. You’re in the right path, lady, don’t let people bring you down. They’re wrong.

  • Chelsea

    Confused. Just Google image searched. I think you’re beautiful. (And not the “beautiful on the inside” Dove crap; actual physical-beautiful.) Your eyes are huge, your lips are full, your skin is great, your legs are sticks and evenly colored. Dude is just mistaken.

  • pnwpenguin

    A blogging friend of mine shared this on facebook so I had to take a read. That of course made me wonder what you looked like because when someone says you’re ugly as fuck, I’m curious. I rummaged through old posts and I believe I found your face…. and I believe you’re beautiful, without make up. And further more I have seen some GORGEOUS people, until they open their mouths. Beauty is more than make up, it’s about how we carry ourselves and treat others and this guy sounds like a real tool who’s in to twenty something easy’s… he probably has a small penis and therefore finds the need to judge everyone else. To this I say whatever and keep doing what you’re doing and don’t even think twice about his words, or anyone else’s for that matter.

  • Donna

    I’ve seen you in person and you are very naturally pretty. #no lie

  • Kathlene ♡

    So umm maybe you should just wear some makeup….
    Instead of writing pity party articles for online blogs…..
    YouTube has some good tutorials , maybe you could learn how to conture…

  • Sincerely yours

    how is this suppose to repel me? this confidence and lack of insecurities is hot as fuck

  • Jill S
  • Brittany Flood

    Anyone who thinks you should wear make-up seriously needs to pre-occupy their minds with less narcissistic and shallow thoughts. There’s a lot of things that should happen and wearing make-up is NOT one of them.

  • Marianne

    Lendra, so sorry you had to go through that! I am so surprised that, idiot of a man, had the nerve to say that and other people felt entitled to mention you being “makeup free.” Are we in such a superficial culture that is actually news worthy? Who cares?

    It bums me out that as woman we put such impossible standards on ourselves and others. We have to be successful, beautiful, thin, intelligent and well dressed. Who the hell is able live up to that? Who would want to try? Lets stop putting this crazy standards on ourselves. Men don’t go around criticizing each others looks!!!!

  • Amazing post Leandra. People don’t think before they say these things, sad but true. I’m grateful for people like you who go against the tide. I’m curious though, did you confront this person?

  • =^..^=


  • pineapple heiress

    Ugh. That guy’s comment was revolting & misogynistic. As you so wisely said, saying that shit to a female assistant in what I assume was a professional context is beyond inappropriate, especially if he was helping the assistant to network with the Man Repeller. Moreover, it sounds as though since HE wasn’t PERSONALLY attracted to you, he deemed you “ugly,” since after all women are merely visually pleasing objects who exist to serve the peen. Like, really dude? Sorry a well-dressed, intelligent, funny woman didn’t make your male member do a cartwheel through a field of daisies. Perhaps being a human being is not the best career choice for that guy. I don’t think Leandra or any other woman should have to justify herself, her appearance, or her confidence in her looks and her personhood. Keep doin’ you!

  • leighrobin

    I think you look great. I am envious of how you can get away with wearing anything. it all looks great on you. also you have a really cute face. I never noticed weather you were wearing cosmetics or not.

  • super cool man repeller

  • y

    way to miss the point. Maybe read it again, slowly.

  • Jhbv

    You are truly beautiful inside and out

  • brooksied

    you. are. boss.

  • ferretman161

    I think women look much better without make-up, if I met a girl like you I would ask you out for sure.

  • tf

    but like don’t you dye your eyelashes to “look natural”..lol you’re juxtaposing your ideals



  • MouseHouse123

    You are one of the best writers of our generation, its shitty that people have to be so openly mean to others. Why should everyone look like models? I think your sexy as fuck.

  • Laura

    I agree, but why have a bunch of photos of models to accompany this article? Most of them are wearing make up too – just make up with a natural look… The photos undermine the words and for a visual person like me that’s hard to shake.

  • galaxyfreethinker

    Leandra, I think laziness doesn’t exist. It’s a state of mind, not laziness.
    You are living your individuality in all of its glory and you have the
    power to be you, no matter what the world will say. You know you can
    feel confident without makeup and that’s actually not important
    wearing it or not. Maybe because of that your subconscious doesn’t
    devote attention to it.
    So don’t be harsh to you, proclaiming you lazy. Just embrace your individuality and celebrate that you’re strong and brave.

  • Jessica B

    I think all that criticisim is ridiculous ! I dont wear make up myself. I dont feel comfortable with it on. I am obsessed with everything that is Leandra Medine. I love your fashion sense, humour, hair and I think you’re a stunning woman. I saw a little article in Stellar magazine tonight about your blog and I got a little excited. I was like “There’s the man repeller !! whoooo :D”. So cool. When I’m out shopping, I find myself thinking “That looks like something that Leandra would wear”, and I’ want to buy whatever that is.

    When I first discovered your blog, I watched a load of interveiws that you did on YouTube. I just fell in love. I think you’re so funny and your blog is so unique compaired to just another blog about fashion.
    ^I felt like I had to get that all out, I’m rambling on now^.
    Ps. I dont see that website founder with a very successful blog, as a job too. His own book and collaberations with big fashion labels. 🙂 x

    He’s clearly jealous of your success.

  • Gem

    Would be intrigued to find out whether you replied to him or pretended you never saw it?

  • Kerryn Jackson

    I think you are actually very very beautiful. I have blonde hair ad blue eyes and there’s no mystery here, my face is boring as fuck

  • Malika

    Completly agree, i always thought you were one of the prettiest blogger out there, because you are natural, effortlessy and real, and thats what makes you beautiful.
    And looking as good as you WITHOUT makeup…trust me every women out there wished to have that.

  • Ghazal

    I know you’re genuinely a cool person and probably don’t care deep down what anyone thinks of you. But I do think that anyone’s who’s somewhat famous in the social media world (whether it’s a celebrity or a blogger or etc) has been called ugly or a whore or too skinny or too fat. For god’s sake I’ve seen comments about angelina jolie looking like a man. or charlize theron being ugly or Giselle looking like a horse!! and the list goes on. I don’t think there’s one single person in the universe who survives the judgemental world. So I wouldn’t even take it personally even for one second. (And i’m sure you haven’t either)

  • Enas

    I always randomly come across your page, and I would just like to mention that you seem extremely intelligent and you are absolutely beautiful! I love the fact that you don’t wear make up preserving your natural beauty and skin without the effects of everything that we think makes us beautiful but is actually harming us, day by day.

  • moira

    i’ve always wished i looked like you, and have never once thought you were ugly. if that says anything. make ups annoying anyways.

  • Dara

    Amen sister! I also hate wearing makeup, it’s a mask against the world. I like being me : )

  • kenni

    Ironic because my 18 year old friends n I try to emulate you everyday. We all gush about how pretty and cool you are. We watched your husband interview thing like twenty times because we were obsessed with your hair n face

  • Sophia

    Go Leandra!!!! More people in the fashion and beauty industry need to have your confidence!

  • liz

    Really tho.

  • ess

    I’d rather someone who is “verrrrrrrry funny. Smart, too.” and apparently “ugly as fuck” than someone who is “verrrrrrrry” aesthetically pleasing but is boring and dumb as fuck.
    I didn’t even know how you look so I googled you – I saw natural beauty, I saw confidence, I saw someone who is content, happy and someone who is making her personal life accomplishments. And that’s more 110% more attractive than a made-up face!! Kudos to you for being brave enough to walk out bare-faced as probably 80-90% of the western world can’t do. Now, THAT is attractive.

  • anastasiaC

    wow – how unprofessional !!! Who talks like that to their Assistant and who wants their boss to talk like that about someone they want to eventually collaborate with? Hope he/she gave them a piece of their mind?! as for no makeup – good for you in not feeling you need to ‘mask’ your face each and everyday… when visiting the USA I did notice girls wear a lot of makeup, they cake it on and some weird tattoo eyebrows too – whats up with that? Come to Australia we love the care-free natural look!!

  • Bbaldwin

    I adore this article. I love how authentic it is and how genuine you come across. In my opinion, makeup is equal to no makeup, fashion sense is equal to no fashion sense, haters are equal to lovers. Everyone is just living out their shit just as they are supposed to. It really only reflects itself back in the way one sees themself anyway. Much love….

  • julia

    I agree. I wish there were photo’s of real women and not just models who have the appearance of no makeup. 🙁

  • Marissa

    More power to the choice of just being lazy and not wearing make-up. I do hope you wear sunscreen though.

  • Brit

    You’re a hot bitch.

  • Wendy

    Amazing and empowering!! If more people thought like you, the world would be a better place!! You are beautiful!!

  • yvesinsf

    I have always been so jealous that you are so striking without make up and am appalled at this dude’s damage. I hope that he at least 1.) apologized to you for his obvious insecure need to create flaws in other people to make himself feel more important (or funny, or relevant, or clever) and 2.) realized what a dolt he was for being so cavalier about forwarding emails (can you say, “Dumb as fuck?”).

  • Natalie Tatalie

    Honestly, this was one of the best pieces I have read on Man Repeller. It was very sincere and it spoke to me and I promise, many of the woman readers. It sort of had a unconscious subliminal to accepting who you are. Love, love you Leandra.

  • Vanessa Chua

    This is why I love you.

  • theartofwor

    good for you for not bowing to the pressure/ caving/ having the confidence… to no wear makeup. one of my ultimate goals it to feel comfortable enough to leave the house on a regular basis makeup free… im very much still working on it.

    you are absolutely gorgeous, and don’t let anyone tell you different!

    what i really want to know is what did you reply to this shockingly and unbelievably stupid and insensitive man’s email?

  • Moi

    You’re an exceptional human being, and lots of lesser human beings look up to you. With misty eyes in my case (it’s ok I don’t do makeup either).

  • Djeeez Louise, did they really write that!?
    .. But seriously Leandra, keep on NOT wearing makeup, cause I myself would love to look as flawless as you do with your natural dark eyes and brows. All the makeup would just ruin it. If you are a man repeller, you must be a woman attracter. No homo.


  • Cindy B.

    Love, love this.

  • Vi

    Bow down! Love this post!

  • viv

    I too do not wear makeup on a daily basis, but not because I am lazy, but because I do not find it necessary. I am happy with the way I look. Yes make up can make you look nicer, but that is not my concern on a daily badis.and if people dont think you look nice that is their problem. I had no idea what you look like so I googled you, and I think you are beautiful. I do wear makeup on occasion and I enjoy it,, and have no criticism of people who wear it on a daily basis, but I find it sad that people feel like they

    have to justify not wearing makeup everyday, the idea that women should wear makeup everyday should not be the norm.


  • Beauty is the ability to be comfortable with yourself, but it is also a kind heart and a sharp wit. You were lucky enough to discover this early on, Leandra. I would be honored to know a hundred more women just like you.

  • KN

    What’s wrong with that guy? Is he blind or just plain stupid? I usually don’t comment blog posts (I’m just a humble reader) , but this time I JUST HAD TO REACT.
    This is the cold truth – you are simply gorgeous girl with attractive facial features, beautiful smile, nice skin and proportional body. It’ s not flattering, it’s a fact.
    Your intelligence and a sense of humor is just a huge plus (killer accessories).
    Greetings and kisses from Croatia

  • Bindi

    you are gorgeous and such an inspiration.

  • Jen

    As a fellow no-make-up gal, I LOVED this post. This has nothing to do with being lazy, it has everything to do with being happy and comfortable with yourself. Nothing makes me more annoyed than when I hear people talk about putting on make up to “look like I made an effort” – WTF! I do plenty to take care of myself that takes a hell of a lot more effort than just swiping on some mascara or blush – I try to eat well, I exercise and most importantly, I am happy! Nothing makes someone look (and feel) better than confidence, wellness and happiness. Maybe you can do a follow-up post on embracing grey hair? Because I’ve never colored my hair either, and I’m too lazy to start. 🙂

  • kea

    Your response here is perfect and I can’t imagine what it’s like having people follow you and make comments like that. The truth is, you are original and first rate – that’s why I and so many others come to your website and read what you write. It’s why you’re successful – you are smart, interesting, funny, and again, original. I’m not that interested in fashion but you make it interesting and funny and you have an attitude and point of view that is unique that I can’t find anywhere else. You know this Leandra – let’s be honest – you are awesome. People don’t know what to do with people who look and think differently than the status quo. You stand out, and have an genuinity – a blend of intellect and aesthetics (in an industry that is obsessed with conventional beauty, thinness, and an unattainable expectation and obsession with beauty and “sexiness”) that makes people like me and so many other people want to listen to what you have to say. What’s funny is you are beautiful. The man that said that – and everyone who says that – can’t handle the fact that you’re so smart, successful, and original (because again, let’s be honest – they aren’t).
    I don’t wear make up and people at work ask me all the time why I don’t. I’m also lazy – that last thing I’m going to do in the morning is spend time putting stuff on my face. I put sunscreen on, put my wet hair up in a bun and make my way. If the rest of the word expects us to put make on, and thinks I’m ugly, well too bad.

  • 21è

    You’re absolutely gorgeous and I totally love your style, you’re such an inspiration!

  • Gabi

    My husband doesn’t even like when i wear makeup! I think we gotta feel good about ourselves, be who we wanna be – if that is wearing tons of makeup everyday cause it makes you feel better, or wearing nothing at all, it should be ok. We should invest more of our time trying to make ourseves better people on the inside rather than the outside only.

  • LynnAnn

    I actually walked past you once in Soho and I thought you were so pretty in person, you had this air of confidence and such perfect skin. I actually said to my friend , “oh my goodness I’m a huge fan of hers” and when they responded with ” to say hi” I thought to myself ,” ugh I look gross today I could never go say hi to someone to perfect looking. It’s all perspective and now I regret not saying hi for such silly reasons.

  • Gene

    Expose him for the shallow, rude, unprofessional lout that he is!

  • gyroEMILYfeta

    You are SO beautiful, but trolls will be trolls. You have such a refreshing outlook. Keep on keeping on.

  • Nicole Yerkes

    Ugh I remember reading that guy’s email on instagram. So horrendous and rude, I couldn’t believe what a good attitude you had. Now that you get to explain yourself, I applaud you all over again! Really proud of you and your natural beauty and sticking to your practices even when you have to defend it.

  • Kelsey Montague

    Amazing post. I’m working on an art piece right now to share with my art community on instagram that will highlight this awesome post. Other women need to read this.


  • Ana Carolina

    I follow you since the beggining of MR, and I admire you more and more each day. Congrats!

  • ogbasb

    You don’t have to wear makeup – your skin is luminous. I only wear because I try to look like you do without…that all being said, you are really beautiful.

  • jhevans

    I also think of myself as lazy for not wearing make-up, but to me, it’s not worth the effort 🙂 Thanks for writing this!

  • Lainey

    Individuality is beautiful, and you are gorg. xo

  • ankerr

    I very rarely wear make up too. I think you are wonderful looking. Anyone who is putting you down is just jealous. that simple. I heart you.

  • Preach, beautiful. And if email-man is so bold as to call someone “ugly as fuck,” I’d like to know his daily makeup routine to enhance his beauty.

  • addy

    I love your blog and sense of humour – you’re talent is raw for all to see. you are beautiful!! I would kill to write 1% as well as you do – tell the asshole to hit the road. Also, to quote SATC “walk into a room full of models and you will realise they are the most insecure group of people in the room”.

  • AJ

    I adore you Leandra and for the record, I think you are beautiful. Your self awareness, self confidence and undeniable wit brings out more beauty than any tube of lipstick or mascara could ever hope to create.

  • Filipa

    Well, i never comment, but this I really have to. For me you are really beautiful. Great skin, gorgeous lips and a stunning brain to go along. No makeup needed!
    Love from Portugal!

  • j.

    What the…I just looked up what Leandra Medine looks like (as I had no idea), and she is not ugly at all. She’s really pretty. She doesn’t need make-up at all.
    Hurts my heart a little bit that someone would call her “ugly as fuck”.


  • Poe

    What a horrible experience, I hope that guy feels like a major douche. You are a role model for so many girls and women – and your unabashed way of self-love is what so many love about you. Fuck the haters.

  • Ching

    An ode to confidence in idiosyncrasy!

    Let me just say that since I started following you, Leandra, I have gained confidence. Confidence that doesn’t come across as arrogant, but as strong and directional. “I know what I’m here to do so I’m going to do it.” kind of thing. I heed advice and criticism but only the ones worth heeding. That degree of worth is arbitrary in terms of me. So in the way you reacted to this small little nuance, I back you up completely.

    Chemicals in bottles and in sticks and what-not doesn’t define pretty-ness. Heck, the chemicals in your body and brain drive you instead. I don’t wear makeup because I don’t want to (plus it takes away from my studying, dozing, and other important things). And, I believe that you are only as beautiful as you think you are. Another factor is that I think nature is the best remedy to keeping healthy skin healthy. Boy do I love me my Aquaphor, Cetaphil and eczema cream.

    I find it very odd that there are people out there who would do such things as to put someone down in order to feel pseudo-empowered. But then I realized that everyone battles with their own struggles and all have self-conscious times and moments of inferiority. I understand their perspective, but, unfortunately, I don’t value those people and their comments as worth heeding. I respect your reaction to this situation. You are a strong person, Leandra, and I just hope others, too, can grow from this and your presence.

  • yeaaa, I just can’t put in the time for make-up >___< too lazy… XD hehe

  • LPaup

    What a beautifully written post. And thank you.

  • Michelle

    Beautiful inside and out. Can’t say the same for the negative commenters of Instagram though. Some days I choose to sleep in rather than give myself the time for a full face of makeup. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, right? Thanks for posting.

  • Kristin Hilton

    As a Makeup Artist in NY, I probably wouldn’t even put makeup on you! Im a big fan of the Make-Under. Look at french women for example, they barely wear a stick of makeup and to me that exudes confidence and they are known as the Chicest women on the planet. I think people love you because you are real and that is what makes you beautiful! Keep on keepin on you’re a total babe.

  • Angela Brown

    People are assholes. It’s incredibly easy to hide your own insecruties by hiding behind the anononymity of the Internet. You’re awesome. The end.

  • Kate

    Leandra you’re the most beautiful!

  • kristen

    I have always thought you were one of the most beautiful women of our time in fashion. Your face and body is stunning; at least I’ve always thought. I agree with you on all of this, it really is quite hard to do what you do. Thanks for the great post!

  • luisa

    Leandra! Awesome post! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • StrunkandWhite

    You used the word infer wrong.

  • SilkOne

    I’m glad he said what he did — I would not have found your wonderful blog otherwise. Make no mistake — he’s an ass of the highest degree and you are beautiful (and smart, and funny!)

  • dlee

    I only wear Light make up on certain occasions. Other wise I wear none. I’ve been asked often (and told) I should. While I appreciate their prospective. What they are saying is, “I feel uncomfortable because you aren’t wearing it.” It actually makes me smile and reinforces my self image. If you can not see my beauty, then take off the rose coloured glasses and look into my eyes.

  • Jane

    You’re a total babe.

  • Sam

    I am a follower of your instagram page and I often look at your pictures and think “wow she’s really beautiful” I think that as westerners we ascribe to this idea that beauty falls into a very narrow description. It is always very easy to look at another woman and think, I wish I had what she had; thicker hair, clearer skin, a tan. But in doing so we forget to validate what we love most about ourselves. Maybe it’s the slight bend in our nose, the freckles on our cheeks, or the way we feel most confident with no makeup on. If we all manufactured ourselves with the same makeup, clothing, and hair are we not just creating superficial drones and denying the true idea of individuality? The idea that you “should” wear makeup implies that the norm is to wear it, so that those who don’t aren’t meeting some imagined criteria for women. While it can be nearly impossible to ignore criticism, especially mean spirited, I would use it as inspiration to influence and change the way women see themselves (not as a reflection of media, or what we should look like for a man). Which I believe is exactly what you are doing with the manrepeller. Cheers.

  • anna

    Wow. Style with you has not only a shape but also a substance. So smart!

  • Farah K

    His revelation is great because it caused you to reaffirm your acceptance of yourself, but in those few moments when you wonder if what he said is true, realize that the “man repeller” does just that. Unfortunately, for many men being smart and funny makes a woman threatening, and thus less attractive. Actually, let me correct that, it makes small, insecure men think you or any other woman who isn’t dying for male attention and willing to stifle herself as less attractive. I wear make-up every single day, and its like a ball and chain weighing me down with societal expectation. Your skin is beautiful, your eyebrows are perfect, and your eyes are kind and intelligent in a way that makes you appear like the right person to sit next to at a wedding where you don’t really know any of the other guests but you’re still spending your Saturday night there so you want to have a good time.

  • Fashionbytander

    Love this post! Self-Loveabove all else!

  • sj

    i’m new to your blog…but i just had to comment to say that I had to search for your photo online when reading this post of yours…i kept searching b/c I felt that surely this could not be the ‘ugly as f..’ girl.. Seriously you are so adorable and beautifuland I wish I had your skin. For someone who has suffered from breakouts for ages (i’m in my mid 30’s) I would love to not wear make-up – had it ever been clear enough to not have to cover up I too would go make-up free on a daily basis.

  • Camila

    I have followed your blog from the very begining and have witnessed a lot of different Leandra looks- longish straight hair, buns, ombré and the family dilemmas it caused, hair chops, Parisian aspirations, messy dos and the selfies of hair cuts. Odes to eyebrows, incredible lip stains that give each person a unique hue… Anyway, you have always been an inspiration.

    Sure, your writting is witty and spot on, you are funny and intelligent, your concept is innovative and liberating for girls all over the world. Sure, you have one of the few blogs that really celebrate uniqueness, and being yourself, and dressing for yourself, not to please anyone else. Sure, it’s all genious, but you probably know that – I myself have said here and many more have too.

    But the thing is, on top of all that awesomeness, and that gifted brain of yours, you ARE beautiful too, both inside and out. You have eyebrows that are on the top of the wishlist of most fashionistas right this instant. You have a beautiful and genuine smile, locks that look always so effortlessly cool – even when you claim to be having some sort of styling tool malfunction, and legs that were simply made to be framed (or covered, depending on the weather) by the most incredible sartorial creations. I am not nearly as eloquent a writer as you are, so I’m putting this in simple terms, which are, nevertheless, still a good enough description of those jealousy-fueled comments and e-mails: HATERS GONNA HATE!

    I don’t know… this might be just a fan-girl thing (after all, I almost fainted once when you retweeted me and prodly shared a print-screen of this fact on my facebook…). But I’m sure tones of others will agree too. And aren’t we all so lucky that 1-there’s life for mere non-model-mortals, 2-there are more important things in life, 3-we can all find love, after all there are so many different tastes and, why not, fetiches, 4-we can all be happy independently as well, should we not want/not find a partner…

  • Waterbears

    I just found this place so I had to image search a picture of you, and from a completely neutral outsider’s perspective I’d say you are an objectively attractive person. The guy who wrote that is a whole bag of smashed assholes, and also sexist. I think I’m going to like your site though!

  • Ana
    • Leandra Medine

      Oh! I should absolutely clarify that I am not AGAINST makeup at all. I love putting on a red lip sometimes. I play with eyeliner and toy with the idea of eyeshadow regularly. My point was ultimately that when I don’t wear makeup, I don’t feel like I am doing a disservice to myself or to anyone else and if and when I do — or will — it should be about me.

  • Melodie Nicole Akers

    These people are JEALOUS (I know that’s become a cliche but in this case I stand by it) and don’t understand fashion. You pull off the no makeup look in the most literal sense—something everyone wants. You’re a total babe and I’d swap faces with you any damn day. (I’ll also swap legs with you if you’re down.)

  • Anthony Rogers


  • Mary

    I´m brazilian and when I was 17 I lived in USA for a year, for an Exchange Program. In my 17 beauty I really didn´t need to wear make up, but one day my host mother came to talk to me, trying not to offend me, and told me that I really had to wear some make up to go to school. I was confused but she said all girls in High School wore it, and I could feel bad if I didn´t. Now I´m 30 and I never leave my house without make up. Guess it´s a trauma.:)

  • Sam

    I love this article, and all the individuals with their nasty comments are completely uncalled for. Calling someone ugly is not only extremely hurtful, but it sure tells you a lot about their ignorance and makes one wonder about their bizarre need to try and hurt the feelings of someone they’ve never even met. You are beautiful and you should be allowed to decide what exactly that means to you as an individual person.

  • Mary

    Whether or not a woman wears makeup is an easy thing to grab onto in the judgement of a stranger. It is really uncool that one should have to provide narrative justifying this inconsequential choice, but we do, and I appreciated reading yours. It’s a silly and shallow question, but might as well have a real answer and shut them up.

    No matter how confident we are or how much self love we mindfully show ourselves, it hurts like hell for a least a few seconds to have someone say something mean about you. It’s especially baffling when you don’t know them at all, or, in your case, you know them just a little bit and thought you’d had a happy encounter. It can make you question your intuition.

    I know you didn’t post this to fish for compliments, so I hope you take all of the nice things everyone here as said sincerely.

  • llm12

    This is beautiful– thank you for writing it and for encouraging all of us to embrace individuality!

    x Lily

  • Suzana Ginez

    I think you are beautiful!!!!!!

  • Gabriela Cepeda

    I am 29 and have never worn makeup… Unless I want to look like Edie Sedgwick or I really feel like it. It’s funny because a lot of people have told me I look younger than my age and for some reason I always answer “Maybe it’s because I don’t wear any makeup.” I’m lazy too.

    I think you are very pretty and cool by the way 🙂


  • Laureen Sicart-d’andrea

    You are absolutely beautiful and not just in an apparent way. You are strong and confident and indeed, smart and funny. Good for you for knowing it and I hope these truly ugly people never bring you down.

  • breanna

    I have been a makeup artist for just over 10 years now, and it is just a fact that makeup has the ability to empower women. When I say makeup, I do not mean just the little tubes and compacts, it is so much more than that. It is the ritual of the 10 minutes of alone time at my vanity each morning while my coffee brews. It is the history of my mother telling me as a teenager, “The trick is to look like you’re wearing nothing.” It is the ability to use your features as accessories; a red lip is as bold of a statement as a jeweled clutch, and all the more classic. It is having control over the face you put out into the world. It can be said that it is wearing a mask, covering what is really you. Do you know what isn’t me? Adult hormonal acne. Bags and dark circles that look far worse than usual because I was up all night dealing with family illness. I want to put the face out into the world that I want to put out there, and the first thing I want people to see isn’t a big disgusting zit. For all of these things, you are making a makeup choice that has the ability to empower you. That choice of empowerment might be to not wear any at all. It is all about how you feel, that is what is important.

    You are a gorgeous woman Leandra, and I think you are more empowered by your makeup choice than you think. If you had a different face, different skin, different lashes, you might make different choices, or you might not. I see your face and I see a complexion without much hyper pigmentation, inconsistencies, problematic areas. If you were a client in my chair asking for makeup, the focus would be on the look you wanted, not on covering anything. I see many have mentioned to you before about your under eyes, to be honest the creams you talk of using will help you the most, I don’t like to entirely smear on product and cover this area as I think you lose natural dimension and it takes away from the eyes. This (and please anyone reading this, know I am speaking from the job that I do and the assessments I make in that job, not judging for judgements sake) is not always the case for many women. Some women want to have fun and have a totally “pinup” look with a doll skin finish face that’s totally matte and sculpted brows, winged liner. It is fun to play with just like putting on a new dress or buying new shoes. If you’re someone who likes fashion, who sees it as art and expression, it isn’t far off base to see makeup and even hair as the same thing. If you’re choosing to do something cute to your hair, a top knot, a braid, making a choice for how it looks isn’t much different than wearing makeup for the same reason.

    I do wish you had mentioned in this article that you do sometimes wear makeup. Being a casual reader I know that you like a bold lip every once in a while, that you like Laguna bronzer, Clinique chubby sticks. More than just your usual reader base who knows this will see this article. I found it via Facebook, where the comments on the post were all talking about thinking mascara and lipstick are unnatural and gross, which is a fine opinion to have, but the connection and assumption being made was that you don’t wear makeup at all, ever.

  • Megan

    Ultimately, smart and funny will serve you far better than pretty… especially as you watch all the beautiful girls lose their looks. But you are beautiful, so don’t listen to them.

    I hope you didn’t end up working with that guy. He sounds awful.

  • Leandra,
    You have a unique beauty and that’s the best kind–well, apart from inner beauty, which you also have lots of. People will diss anything that intimidates them and their conventional ideas. Plus, you’re the one inspiring others to be themselves, which tops any asshole’s vision of beauty!


  • Isabelle

    I admire you and your self-confidence! Just don´t care what others think about you because, honestly, I think you ARE beautiful. How boring would it be if everybody was the perfect beauty? And good that you explained the philosophy of The Man Repeller once again because I suppose some people don´t have it in mind anymore.

  • MikeyParks

    This repels men? I always hated women who were slathered with makeup and soaked in perfume. I’ll bet a lot of men feel the same way. Women dress for women anyway, not for men.

  • john

    I’m looking for a girl that doesn’t wear makeup

    • Nobody

      well you’ve got plenty of boring plain janes posting here to take your pick

  • bk

    What a twisted standard he has. You are gorgeous — and no, not JUST because you’re smart. You really have a beautiful face! I never wear makeup; glad I am not the only one who dares buck society’s expectations. Here’s to Woman as she was made — human and perfectly imperfect! I’d love to subject that guy to all the typical routines we women are supposed to go through every day, every week… how many hours of my life am I supposed to sacrifice just so some dude can feel better about himself through my appearance?

  • Ashley97

    Don’t listen to that jerk. He probably has a very non-inclusive, spoon fed idea of what “beauty” is.

    You are TRULY beautiful. I totally admire your style and the MR philosophy. I love coming to your site because you and the MR staff are so authentic, intelligent, and real. Please don’t change or second guess yourself because of some insecure, thoughtless asshole.

  • mariel

    You’re beautiful and lovely Leandra. Don’t mind them.

  • lilbear68

    good for you for disdaining makeup. ive always thought it was a bit ironic that women want us men to tell the truth when their appearance is based on lies and deception. Ive often asked women how many men have asked you to go back and put on More makeup. the nitwits that made the comment about ugly are classless fools. the no makeup side is very appealing and attractive.

  • Jaclyn

    cheers to you!

  • Selena Delgado

    I love everything about this essay. Thank you so much for writing this. Words hurt, really badly. I am in my mid-30’s and have really bad days, especially when I’m told that I am a “throwback”, thank goodness you have the good sense of combating the hate with love and intelligence. Above and Beyond

  • annelie

    Your face is wonderful and amazing and I’m sorry I ever questioned your writing, I was being a dick. Thank you for this.

  • Anna

    I wish that every woman could read this post. It’s amazing.

  • The most important thing is YOU ARE NOT A BORING FUCK. No make-up can fix that! It’s not your problem if they don’t get your brand. Stick to your guns!


  • goldsage

    I thought superficial beauty had become passe. I guess not. I would rather be smart, because as a 60+ year old person, I know beauty fades.

  • swizz chard

    that dude is the definition of ugly as fuck.

  • E

    Wow. Seems like people just HAVE to find something to complain about. (re: comments). Obviously this site is about money. Blogging is a business nowadays, why would you expect anything else? Which granted is kind of sad but lets be real The Man Repeller is not responsible for that so why bother trying to blame her? Blame the male execs that make this kind of marketing the norm.

  • Sharon Macklin

    Wonderful essay. I have no words for that guy…he is truly ugly as fuck.

  • Ita María

    And this is why I simply LOVE HER. That and the clothes.

  • Christelle

    I don’t know anything about you other then what I just read in this article. I decided to look up your image and your really quite beuatiful. The whole “ugly as fuck” comment kinda confuses me, but I guess you can’t please everyone. I am pleased though, for what it’s worth 😛

  • Elizabeth Catherine Barr

    Bravo! I always fancied you quite pretty.

  • Isa

    YAY! Well said. I saw that ass email on your insta and also saw a horrible comment on another pic recently which you responded to v graciously. I used a more makeup when I was younger. I still use a little but honestly I like trying to make my face look its best without looking like I’ve tried..ultimate vanity in a way? Opera Winfrey – goddess of self worth that she is – once said (and I paraphrase) “some ppl like pineapples and some ppl like oranges, people just have different tastes, it doesn’t go to the inherit value of the pineapple or the orange. Some will find you attractive and some won’t, it doesn’t go to the inherent value of the person.” Point being you’re a pineapple – and lots of ppl think pineapples are the best, but ass email dude like oranges (and being inexplicably rude), insta trolls like the idea of a pineapple with make up on… Okay I have stretched the metaphor. But do you get me? So glad you wrote this – and for the record I think you’re crazy stunning.

  • badea.alexandra

    I think everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle and choices. You shouldn’t even bother explaining why you don’t use make up, but it was a rather cute post than the obvious “Oh i don’t do it because,I’m so hurt you said it”… You can be lazy, you can be whatever, we like you Leandra. #YOUSELLS

  • Sleeping Beauty

    5 minute face. 15 minute makeover. 1 hour miracle. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ve got better things to do with my time. Like sleep.

  • Amelia Scott

    I am 22, and my personal journey from 17 to now can be tracked by the changing ways I base my “self-love” on. Years ago, my self-love was based on what looked back at me in the mirror, and where I felt I stood on the continuum of 0 to, say, Candice Swanepoel. Luckily, I came to realise that my academic interests and abilities put me close to the top of a different game, and one that will likely define my life and relationships much more than my waist to hip ratio. Now my role models are people like Leandra, whose success has come from intelligence, creativity and hard work. Who cares about full lips when you have the eloquence and wit of somebody like TMR?! She is undoubtedly more successful than 99.9% of those in the ‘model’ biz, and will be reaping the rewards for decades to come. It’s such a shame that there are so many young women pinning themselves against such shallow ideals, but it’s so refreshing to read these wise words.

  • Jess

    intelligent, funny as fuck, and have the grace to not name and shame?
    thank you for being a great role model 🙂

  • Sarah

    I would love to hear the rest of the story. Did you confront him other than this post? I assume the deal was off? It would be awesome to continue to work with him and see him do a lot of squirming.
    I have a very chauvinistic friend, by default really, long story, who owns a successful menswear company, who once asked me if I knew of any good looking women accountants because he was sick of getting rid of ugly ones. Yep, for real. I told him to call a model agency to see if the had any, whilst my face contorted into a million grimaces.
    And this guy is no oil painting.
    Problem is, comments like that can stay with you forever, no matter how confident one feels. But as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so who is he to judge you? I personally don’t find Giselle Bundchen attractive, go figure.

  • N

    Time is a precious thing, all women that I’ve known and not known in life that have not worn makeup have historically been productive and life loving women (my Mother included). The freedom of feeling the wind hit your face is worth it on it’s own. You’re a wonderful writier and it’s unfortunate to have to visit a frivolous subject.

  • LeeAnn


  • CocoPink

    NO woman who considers herself an arbiter of style should EVER leave the house without a bit of shimmery bronzer, nude pinky gloss and eyelashes curled (Shu Uemura is the best). It’s not about “conforming” or any of that other pseudo-political crap…it’s just about being polished and refined. Your mother is right!

    • guest

      Says the arbiter of style, yes?
      #1 rule about style….there are no rules. Certainly not yours.

  • susana

    I just cried….people are so men, for no reason.

  • PaulinaDiazschussler

    You Are amazing!, inspirational, i`m from Chile, you must see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBC-pRFt9OM and do the same, haters will always be haters, because they don´t know how to do it better, they don´t see beyond a pretty non-painted face, so be yourselve!!!!! and never change, sorry for my gramatics hahaha

  • Ihearyou

    YOU ARE NOT UGLY! Please don’t consider that troll’s hideous opinion to be of any value whatsoever. http://youtu.be/xPAat-T1uhE

  • I want to kiss your beautifully housed brain. Fantastic ode to individuality.

  • Guest

    Not that it should matter to make your voice valid, but…you are perfect.

  • Not that it should matter for your voice to be valid, but…you are beautiful and perfect.

  • sarah

    I am exactly the same! lazy as fuck! I don’t wear make up to the office, to the gym, to the grocery store, etc… I wear itonmy terms when i want how ever mumuch I want. We are beautiful the way God made us!

  • Tiffany

    This article is incredible. It’s exactly how I feel about wearing makeup. I don’t wear makeup for the same exact reasons (the laziness, the eyelash thing, etc.), and my mom often makes comments about how it would be nice if I would wear just a bit of makeup. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to always wear makeup and have everyone around me get so used to it that one day if I’m in a rush and don’t have time to put any on, I look sick to them. Or I don’t want people to only know my face with makeup on and have it be “shocking” when the boy I’m dating first sees me without makeup. So I just don’t wear makeup almost ever. Once in a while, I’ll put on a bit of mascara and blush but that’s about it. And I like it that way. And no guy has ever said to me that I should wear makeup. They’ve said nastier things, but nothing about makeup. I’ve had one boyfriend before and I have a wonderful boyfriend now who thinks I look beautiful without makeup and wouldn’t have me any other way. So what I think is, who the heck cares if other people think you’re ugly! If you like the way you look without makeup, eventually you’ll meet someone who will love you for that as well.

  • Style with hart

    Love this ! You don’t need makeup to feel or look beautiful ! Go tell em X

  • After reading this, as a fellow non-makeup wearer (well, excepting for work!) I just had to see your photo. Whenever I come across these no-makeup articles, I’m usually greeted with photos of diverse, yet impossibly symmetrical and beautiful women. Just like this post.

    It’s always such a straw-man point of view, because of course beautiful women don’t need to fake it.

    And you are absolutely one of them. They had to have been joking, because you are model-pretty. You are easily no-makeup pretty. So while I commend you on a well-written and thorough tome of self-acceptance, you are too pretty to even worry about it.

  • Ana D

    I love this article, and if I looked as beautiful as Leandra does without make-up I’m sure I’d feel the same way! Some of us aren’t so lucky.

  • tyjomika

    standing freaking oooooovation!!!!!!!

  • Bell

    What I find shocking is, you are in my opinion very beautiful, as well as smart and funny! Even if you were ugly, what an imbecile. Luckily you have the self confidence to overcome this idiotic comment from him. Wish I knew who the guy was, hope he reads all of this. x

  • Liana Goff


  • Natali O

    that website founder is tasteless as fuck!

  • kelseylately

    I have always thought you were gorgeous. This essay almost brought tears to my eyes. If didn’t have blonde/invisible eyelashes and brows I wouldn’t wear any makeup either!

    Thank you for setting such a positive example in so many ways.

  • Luana Abreu

    I don’t know what men may think about you and your beauty patterns, but for me you’re so, sooo beautifull! you are authentic, fashion and have great big eyes and a wonderfull smile. I really don’t understant why people insist for you to wear make-up if you are already gorgeous the way you are. Anyway, people should understand confortability comes always first and it is the primary way to find a person’s real style. And sorry about my english mistakes.

  • PREACH. And that website founder can go F himself. Seriously, I hope if you chose to still do business with him you called him out on that faux pas. Actually, I hope you called him out either way. What an ass.

  • Cheeky

    I had no idea who you were until someone on Facebook shared your page. After a quick google image search, I am SHOCKED that anyone would say that you need makeup! You are a natural, fresh-faced beauty. And I really love your approach to makeup. I feel better with makeup, so I wear it, but if I didn’t, I would hope that I could learn to love my unpainted face with all of its quirks and flaws.

  • Ingrid

    Bravo. Stand your ground. Be who you want to be. You’re an inspiration and more people should find the strength and self respect to say the same.

  • Great piece of writing Leandra! If only all people could be as honest and confident as you are!

    -x Sabine

  • Fete du Juliet

    I’ve always thought of you as pretty. I think that’s why I was so happy when I started reading your blog years ago. I was working at an online legal publication and most of my coworkers thought I was dim because of my love of fashion. I practically threw my laptop at them when I discovered your site. “See people! Smart, fashionable AND pretty.” I also have to say that as your popularity grew I attributed it to your looks. “Like is she wasn’t so thin and pretty…” It’s something I struggled with when I first started blogging. I questioned myself on whether I should lose more weight before I began posting OOTD photos. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Danielle

    So much love for you Leandra! You are GORGEOUS and inspirational!!!

  • Suhda

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read :)))

  • NIna

    Amen sister, you go! Maybe less people should actually wear make up.
    A lot of people use way too much and that is would you could say is “ugly as fuck”. Maybe not sink to their level, but less is more, also with make up ladies.

  • NIna

    Ps. People need to remember that these pictures are of models with good skincare or photoshop’s healing brush.. Plus the photographers know how to place their light to make a face look stunning.

  • LilyP

    Smart, ugly girls always get the hottest guys. I’m not worried 😉

  • Lauren

    as the creator of this wonderful and prolific blog it seems highly unlikely that you are “lazy.” No excuse is needed for why you do not wear make-up. you are an inspiration to young entrepreneurial women everywhere. people who chose to fixate on whether or not you wear make-up are fucking stupid. who cares if they think you’re fucking ugly?

  • Laura

    Superb. Stay excellent.

  • alexandra Penagos

    I love this and you! I have seen you in person on various occassions actually, and I have always thought you are so pretty. You are so kind and so fucking cool, you are more accurately STUNNING.
    I also do not wear make up, have thick eyebrows, and giant bags under my eyes. From kindergarten to high school, there were times when I refused to go to school after being bullied because my HAIR of all things, was associated with being manly and ugly, haha.
    Back in high school, I wore bold clothes but tons of make up to cover up my insecurities… these days, I keep it minimal. I just don’t need other opinions of my level of attraction to measure who I am. I wear what I want, whether it is bold or traditional. I cannot be reduced to some chauvist pig’s ideas..

    Anyway, thank you so much for this post… for reminding us that beauty is total perspective/// in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, people just don’t realize that they are in the presence of a ruby in the rough

  • You are gorgeous in ways this bro-douche will never get. No Leandra/MR bumppp for him or his brand. He’ll never sell flare jeans (or what have you) in this town again.

  • Stephanie lee

    I read the first few comments below and had to stop. I’ve never left a comment on a blog. HOWEVER, I must say, PEOPLE! Chill the eff out.
    ‘Oh So sad don’t say lazy or lazy will become you’, ‘why so many models with make-up?’
    I can only assume these commenters simply don’t “get it”. Personally, I think the models look great, it makes the ads attractive. Do I wear make-up? Sometimes I shade in my brows , maybe curl my lashes. Why? One reason is that I get to sleep a little longer in the morning.
    (I’m aware of the punctuation + grammatical errors, unfortunately I can not scroll up on my phone to edit).

  • Steph lee

    Sorry,I must clarify I HAVE commented. Once before. (Back to a life now:-x)

  • Rimble

    10/10 would bang. Without make-up.

  • Léopoldine Dumas

    I love you. I don’t wear make up either and I don’t care. Capucine Safyurtlu doesn’t and she’s a goddess.

  • Whether or not a woman wears makeup is such a huge mark on how people perceive her. And not only that, but how much makeup, and what kind, and what colors, and how good she is at it. And if she isn’t wearing makeup, is she maybe wearing just a little? Does she take good care of her skin? There isn’t a not participating status, because people will judge you either way. That’s an unfortunate condition of society right now. I think the simple fact is that most women do look “better” with makeup, better meaning typical ways most women want to look (thicker/longer/darker lashes, even skintone, sculpted cheekbones, etc.). I feel like for women who wear makeup, it’s frustrating to see women who aren’t seizing their potential for what all their face could be with makeup, and I think for women who don’t wear makeup it’s frustrating to see those women working so hard to cover up who they are or to feel like they need to be perfect or like they don’t love themselves. All of those feelings are understandable byproducts of this choice women have to make. I think ultimately though that choice is yours and you can change your mind or stick with it and other people can’t control you and they shouldn’t try to, and it’s unfortunate that you’re getting this pressure in that way. I do think it’s interesting though that you read “ugly as fuck” and went straight to makeup, not thinking it had something to do with your clothing or hair or facial features or weight even. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with those components of you, I’m just saying if I heard that said about me, makeup wouldn’t be my first thought. Anyway, I’m glad you love yourself, I’m glad you wrote this, and I hope this helps people reconcile with your choice.

  • Your confidence and self-acceptance is inspiring! I wish I could wake up in the morning and feel beautiful. In some odd way, when I read Man Repeller I feel like I learn to like myself just a little bit more. So Thank You for inspiring me with your blog. Also, for what it’s worth, You Are Beautiful.

  • Lisa Thomson

    This post makes me angry. How could someone say such a cruel thing about you? Aren’t we all beautiful? Make up isn’t equal to beauty, IMHO.

  • Diana

    I love your article. Screw everyone else who tells you how to be. You are truly beautiful for being yourself, and indeed a strong woman as well!!

  • styleinlima


  • Alexandra95

    I don’t understand all that mean comments on your instagram post, i think you are beautiful and i don’t say it to be nice or anything i just really mean it , you seem always like so happy of everything i know a lot of people who would Like to look Like you, jncluding me!
    Keep being always so beautiful, happy and confidence with yourself!! You are a true inspiration for all of us!!
    Take care

  • Vicki

    Such an amazing article. You have such a way with words. People that decide to place nasty comments like that on the internet (and in real life too of course) make me so angry. You are beautiful, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a huge inspiration to me, and I’m sure many others. Amazing x


  • MGF

    Dear Leandra,
    I love you without meeting you. Tout casse, tout passe, tout lasse; charisma is the best anti-ageing on earth.
    “Always always always believe in yourself, because if you dont, then who will sweetie ?”

  • MGF

    BESIDES, you must wash your face every evening AND morning, because our body is the single thing we own!

  • Heelsavenue

    I will take your face, your wit, your smarts and your closet any day. You can never change ignorant people and their unnecessary comments. Most of them really wish they are you. Keep pushing the boundaries and cliche of fashion and how it should be perceived. Love you Leandra


  • Lea

    Leandra, you’re a stone cold fox. You say “Just because I don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good skin.” which is my sentiment exactly. I’m 25, and have spent the last few years transitioning from a mindset of ‘this is gross, this needs covering; these are fuzzy, they need plucking; this needs this, that needs that’ to realising (for my skin at least) the covering of ‘gross bits’ is what was causing the gross bits to hang around, and that after a self-conscious period of NOT covering up, my face finally started to clear. I now wear mascara and a mineral blush at the most, as well as filling my eyebrows (which are now quite comfortably fuzzy and I don’t mind). However, I’m still yet to decide on skin care products to invest in. I don’t want to throw $70 at a pot of cream to have it grease me up. So I would love (and if this has already been done, feel free to throw a link at me anyone!) a skin care post, perhaps from all the team at MR, about their favourite daily moisturisers, SPFs, antiageing creams etc.

  • Donna

    Such a babe, Leandra! Do you sista. Articles like this is why I’m happy blogs exist. Because being different is way cooler than just doing what’s trendy.


  • Luap

    Ugly as fuck???? But fucks are lovely?

    As are you… as a bloke I much, much prefer a woman without makeup for a number of reasons. Amazingly, most of the blokes I hang out with say the same. Some explicitly detest makeup. For the time it wastes. For the cost to bank balances. For the mess it creates. Yeuuuck. Slimy horrible foundation etc.

    Women, stay natural. And that includes no Brazillians!

  • Chris

    I just came across your blog when I read a newspaper article about this email and while as a male I’m not very interested in fashion, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re gorgeous and any comments from people saying otherwise say a lot more about themselves that it does about you

  • Viveka

    Sadly it seems to be in (many, but not all, people’s) human nature to try and knock down those who are up. Pay no attention though – You Are Fabulous!
    Whether you were as beautiful as the day is long, ‘ugly as f##k’* or somewhere in between, your strongest weapons would always be your personality and your wit.
    Keep up the spectacularly good work, the word** needs you.

    * to quote the acquaintance with whom I hope you did no business, not because you’re bitter, but because of his huge lack of professionalism.

    ** meant to write ‘world’ of course but the ‘word’ needs you even more perhaps, so sticking with my Freudian typo here.

  • Megan

    I find this post absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your honesty and for proving you can find true beauty in yourself even amongst flaws, haters, and the pressure to fit a mold. This is perfection.

  • V.

    I always thought you were very pretty & one of the people who simply don’t need make-up, because the look the most awesome without!

  • Lauren

    You are so fucking awesome. That is all.

  • Gina

    You’re beautiful, Leandra. I love girls who embrace their natural beauty and never wear makeup. I’m 22 and since three months ago I’m going no-makeup, too. My late teen years I just couldn’t leave the house without mascara, blush, concealer and mattifying powder. I know, this is not a lot of makeup, but even with that little, I felt so insecure if not wearing it. First, I cut off the powder: my skin improved radically. Then, I cut off concealer: dark circles are part of my face and concealer was just causing dryness and little wrinkles. Now I just cover some blemishes like hormonal spots. Then, I cut off mascara: within three months my lashes are longer and fully than ever. The only think I didn’t cut for daily basis was blush, cause I’m really pale and I look a little sick without it, but I use a very little amount. Now I feel confident to show my nude skin and I feel better than ever.

  • Garmentory

    Nothing wrong with feeling lazy. We all get there. And we think you’re beautiful. F*k everyone else.

  • Jen

    A comment like that reflects more on the person saying it than anything. It makes me absolutely sick that someone would (subjectively) comment on the attractiveness of a woman. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but to say something like that casually over WORK email to another woman shows how much women still have to fight to not be judged on our looks and weight. I’m sure the guy didn’t think anything of the comment which is the worst part. It’s just ingrained in him that it’s OK to say something like that. Side note – Leandra – I’ve read your posts for awhile and I have never thought anything negative about your looks. I think you have a lovely face.

  • lisa

    i think you’re gorgeous.

  • Ellen Grace

    You are beautiful, Leandra. Mothers are great, aren’t they? 🙂

    Thanks for your enlightening, beautiful words.

    Much love & Cheers to you,

  • Fan

    Sorry – I don’t agree with “ugly as fuck”. I’ve been following you a while and always thought you were totally gorgeous.

  • Dave R

    I’ve seen your photos. You’re as hot as fuck. Ignore what some idiot says about you, it only shows how ugly they are… on the inside.

  • Lina

    This is the best post ever on this blog! I love you Leandra no matter how other people think you look! I think you are gorgeous!

  • megmel

    This concept of ‘ugly’ is fascinating, there are two words that society believes are the most damaging to say to a woman – fat and ugly. Well I’m both of those (in the eyes of most white, first-world men) and it took a long time to realise that it really didn’t matter that much because even if I was pretty and thin, it would not save me from being verbally abused by men. I distinctly remember a night out about 10 years ago, I was in a bar, a drunk man came up to me randomly and told me I was a “fat, ugly cow” and stumbled off. I sat down on a sofa nearby to ponder why exactly he felt the need to seek me out of the crowd to tell me this. Moments later a beautiful, thin, young woman sat down abruptly next to me with one of those full body sighs that just says ‘I’ve had enough’. I smiled at her, she raised her eyebrows at me and before she could speak, a young man leaned down to ask her to dance, she told him politely ‘No thank you’, at which he called her a ‘frigid bitch’! We spent the next hour discussing the problems of being ‘fat and ugly’ vs being ‘pretty and thin’, they were surprisingly similar. She had spent most of her social life fending off unwanted attention from men (of all ages) and being abused for not being ‘welcoming’ of this harassment and I had spent most of my social life attempting to ignore the outright verbal abuse that is often flung my way. So what does this say about men? To me that they have an underlying hatred of the potential power women possess. We could control the world (and they know it) if only we were not devalued by society’s message of ‘beauty = worth’. So I proclaim I am ‘ugly as f*#k’ and I am quite happy to be here, thanks very much. My worth has never been, and will never be, measured on how I look or dress, it will be based on my values, my ideals and my generosity of spirit, if that’s ugly, I’m all in.

  • Ursula

    You know what Leandra? You ARE beautiful. Beauty is not just skin deep. Your beauty is unique. Your wit, your cleverness, your honesty, your captivating eyes, your incredible fashion sense, your smile, your chic hair, I can go on forever. To those who are empty inside and deprived of their humanity, those who are capable of calling someone “ugly as fuck” , to them you are so rare, so rare, they cannot understand true beauty or a true soul.

  • Sophie

    Took a peek at your Instagram feed. I WISHED I looked like you with no makeup on!! I don’t know what that website founder is talking about…

  • kristina

    that’s the reason i read your blog. Thank you!

  • Noelia

    WTF Leandra!? You are GORGEOUS as fuck! And smart and funny and so confident, my god I wish I could be you! You are such an inspiration for me.

  • Sabrini Nhaa

    I ve always been attracted to your blog and your original, funny and cool style, Leandra, and now after reading this post I can’t agreed more with you. Why do we always have to fit in a certain stereotype? why do we have to follow the flow? why can’t we just be ourselves without being criticized ?????? you are an inspiration for all REAL woman!!!

  • EllenQB

    This is so eloquent and lovely, and a perfect summation of that ethos which sets this site apart from other Fashion/Lifestyle/Opinion Blogs.

  • Rachel

    I think you’re cool as fuck, beautiful as fuck, smart as fuck and hilarious as fuck.

  • Zahra Ayub

    Fuck what people think, you’re amazing and successful. Btw I saw you at Soho House Coachella and you looked great.

  • You go, Leandra! I love this article and everything it represents. You’re beautiful!

  • Thumps up! What’s wrong with going bare face? Nthn! Why we need to look beautiful in order to go on in life?

  • Laura

    Kudos. This is -hands down- my favorite post ever.

  • Kristen

    The idea of beauty is an interesting one, in that it is fleeting and subjective. Yet as a society, we place a high value on youth and beauty. I do not say this to sound superior, or in some way, more enlightened than the masses; but rather, a woman who has been judged solely on her looks, favorably and disfavorably, and at some point in time placed a high value and, perhaps admittedly, a bit of her self-esteem on how she presented to others. It is as I look towards the ripe old age of 30 that I must say it is better to strive to be a kind and interesting person than to be beautiful. Beauty is fleeting and I refuse to be someone chasing the past. I applaud you Leandra for effectively saying this is me, take it or leave it.

  • Chloe

    I think that’s awesome!!! I follow you on Instagram and you rock! You have an amazing sense of style!! I am also trying to wear less makeup because I believe that natural is so much more beautiful. It’s like an imperfect perfection. You can feel the person much more I think. I know sometimes it must be hard to hear people talk like that about you or say mean comments, but don’t ever let that bring you down. You are amazing for sticking to what you believe in dispite what people think!! That’s one of the best traits to have.
    Keep on being you girl 😉

  • Jess Candelaria

    You are beautiful, with or without makeup. Your instagram feed makes me want to give up my makeup routine!

  • Sydney

    Ms Man Repeller, this is an inspired post. Kudos to taking the high ground. This just reinforces your message/ethos/attitude and offers the perfect counterpoint to a jaded and negative popular culture. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • NikkiG

    Your article compelled me to check you out on instagram…. you are FAR from “ugly as fuck”. Good grief!! What is the world coming to? p.s. you are an inspiration. I carried MFD for a while until I had a breakout of adult acne. Your article has inspired me to carry MFD all over again. Thanks! Wonderfully written!

  • burcu

    You’re truly beautiful Leandra and I am sure “legions of others” see your beauty too.

  • bubbles

    i am so very sorry that man was rude about you. What a truly cruel thing to say. We should really try much harder to make every interaction we have with people a positive one. I try to teach my children to be kind to people and would be devastated if they where ever this cruel. I hope you don’t believe him.

  • This post has been stuck in the back of my mind for a few days now… I supose I can’t aticukare my thoughts about what you’re describing in a way that truly expresses my absolute repulse towards this guy!
    I used to follow your blog..and then I didn’t anymore… I guess it’s because it used to be a lot about looks and less about thinking…at least that’s how I felt. But for some months now I’ve refollowed your blog (is this even a word?) and I am truly interested in the contents. So, I guess, WTF matters how you look? None of this is about it!
    Keep with the good work (blogging)!

  • Jessica Thornton

    I love you so much.

  • UniquelyTypical

    I wear very little makeup as well. It was about a week ago that I walked into my showroom and the sales director looked at me and said ” you really dont wear much makeup in the morning” Now this would have been fine is she was a good person to begin with but considering the fact that she sucks it was really fun to look at her and say ” i know im like naturally really pretty” Now that I experienced the mean girls lindsay lohan conversation, I must say, I feel
    bad for people who take life so seriously. I am endlessly creating myself.

  • Naznin

    I think it’s an ideal we as a global society are not ready for. There will be a time where our descendents will look back on us and wonder in amazement that the female members of our species had to “attract” the male members by applying paints on our faces.

  • It is great that you are comfortable in your own body. You sound healthy. And you are beautiful to me. xo

  • Fanny

    Eh, to each his own. I think you’re lovely, so there.

  • Tara K.

    I’m going to admit that I googled you to see just how ugly “as fuck” is. I was expecting to see the old woman in the bathtub from the shining, but alas! There you were all over the internet looking like a woman should look: normal as fuck. Thanks for that, and thanks for this article.

  • Kitty

    Ummm, ok, I just Googled you. You’re gorgeous. I know it doesn’t matter what I think as long as YOU think you are gorgeous, but well, you are.

  • Mic

    yep. I am the same way. I don’t wear makeup or blow-dry my hair or get the latest hair-do or a manicure. Could I? Sure. But I don’t. For me it is because I would rather spend my time doing other things. those 15 extra minutes in the morning, I would rather be asleep. the hours I don’t spend at the salon are spent with the people who matter to me. the money I don’t spend buying every trendy or costly cosmetics is spent on more important things. Am I lazy? No. It is a conscious choice to define myself by my own standards.

  • Arielle Yeap

    Great post 🙂 we need more of this ethos in this day and age

  • I rarely wear makeup. Sometimes, if it’s a special occasion, I’ll wear a primer, eye shadow, and lipstick. That’s it. My hair is going gray. I have full eyebrows, probably dark circles under my eyes, and sometimes my skin looks a little splotchy. And it’s not that I don’t care what I look like, but I’d much rather look like me than some made-up version. I have 3 kids, a dog, 2 cats, oh, and a husband. My time is precious, and I’d rather spend it doing things I enjoy. Being yourself and being confident are beautiful in my mind.

  • Frederique

    I was a model, but I quit because it made me feel bad about myself. At every shoot, people took hours to smear make up on my face and after make-up, hair and photoshop i received photos in which I literally didn’t recognise myself, even though I met all the ‘weight and looks’ requirements, they said.

    I don’t wear make-up, as a statement to my surroundings. Yeah, I know I look prettier when I wear make-up, and sometimes I do. But this is my face, and I don’t want to show people the photoshopped version of me.

    Whatever the motivation, I think any woman not wearing make-up, whether she is considered pretty or ‘ugly as fuck’ (and to be honest, I’ve never seen such woman), is a good development in this world that is so obsessed with superficial beauty.

  • Victoria Smith

    i really want to be the fly on the wall at that website founder’s whereabouts just so i can see them curl into a little ball of shame. i think you’re stunning, so i am honestly really confused. if this is ugly, i want some.

  • Lindsey

    Your features are bold and beautiful and you absolutely do not need makeup (and I’m kind of jealous.) Anyone who thinks you’re “ugly as fuck” has a black soul, so who needs ’em?

  • Sarah

    Great post – cheers to you for standing up for yourself as you are! It’s shameful that people feel inclined to tear down a beautiful woman who is comfortable in her own skin. I would like to comment on your reason for not wearing makeup being “laziness,” though…

    In my humble opinion, women need not defend their choices – whether or not they wear makeup. Others commenting on a woman’s personal appearance – and tearing her down for it – is just another way that our society wrests control of women’s bodies from them. Why are women’s faces not suitable for public viewing without makeup? But men’s faces are perfectly acceptable makeup-free? Ridiculous double standards that aren’t doing anyone any good.

    You have many more interesting things to do with the extra 40 minutes in your day not spent applying and removing makeup. Keep the witty writing coming!

  • Holly + Casey

    So amazing, thank you for posting this!

  • Jaclyn

    I have ways found you annoyingly, effortlessly beautiful. And it pleases me that you think you are beautiful.

  • Summerly

    I love this article! I’ve had severe acne since I was 14, so I started wearing foundation to cover up all the “insecurities” on my face. I’ve had people I barely know tell me that “ya know, clean and clear works” or “you should see a derm” to which i’ve responded “REALLY??? NEVER thought of that!!! You’re a genius!” that usually shuts them up. I digress, because I’ve seen lots of photos of you and I think you have a unique beauty, brows for days and clear pretty skin (that I totally envy), I wish I had the guts to go without foundation but having acne really, really bothers me and I feel more confident wearing it.

  • FU

    Leandra, to hell with makeup. Eff the haters. You are gorgeous end of story. I would kill to have eyes like yours. Some people (men) are so insecure with their manhood that they get there rocks off bashing successful, independent women that they would never have a chance with for the decisions they make. Makeup is oppressive and every woman has a right to wear or not to wear it. And don’t get me wrong it looks good but dig a little deeper people. What is wrong with the world?!

  • Emily Nilla Austin

    This was a truly beautiful article. Very inspiring. This is who girls should look up to. A woman who believes in herself and her natural beauty.

  • Elle

    I had to google you to see your face as I am not familiar with you or your posts, (saw this on Facebook) and can only wonder at the man who calls you ugly. Clearly he needs glasses. (New ones?) That said, you should have used a picture of your own face with this post to illustrate your point.

  • Diana


  • Saint Martha

    I am sixty years old and have never been able to get into any kind of makeup regime. My skin has been oily all my life, and makeup always made it worse. No one ever complimented me on my skin, on my beauty, until I was in my fifties. It’s never too late to be considered beautiful in your own makeup free face.

  • I actually had NO IDEA you didn’t wear makeup! You always looks so put together I just assumed. This post has actually made me feel so much better about myself (I also don’t wear makeup). It’s nice that you provide validation that makeup is not a requirement for fashion.

  • i don’t even get it. you are a gorgeous woman, leandra – with totally unique features – your eyes!! and the best style EVER. i can’t believe how disgustingly rude that editor was/is!

  • Becca Monkey

    I am a lady that wears makeup everyday! I think what you have is great – love for yourself, your inner strength to appreciate yourself even if others don’t. That stuff is tough. Wearing make-up makes me feel better, to some extent, it is because I feel I am likable to others. But after reading this, I am inspired to try a make-up free week, just to experience self-appreciation in a different, very candid context.

  • Krystal Kelley

    I think we have become so used to seeing perfectly painted faces that we don’t know what a real face looks like nor are we able to see the beauty in an undecorated face. Could she be cuter if she had on make-up? Yes, but that goes for everyone. Besides, I think a good skin care regime, staying hydrated and keeping ones eyebrows cleaned-up will do far more for a person’s face than tons of make-up. Even if she chose not to do those things, as long as she loves herself, she is doing far better than a lot of people in the world.

  • Emmalou

    You’re so beautiful! That guy is crazy. Fuck that guy. His eyeballs don’t work.

  • Rachel Frost

    You are gorgeous! I love your face! Sweet and beautiful and animated! Those are my thoughts.

  • Christine

    I loved this post and I think you are beautiful!

  • inge

    I don’t wear make up either. Mostly because I’m lazy and extremely time deficient. And when I have – I look a bit like a racoon. Its no improvement.

    Out of curiosity Leandra – I googled you to find an image. And I really just have NO IDEA why anybody would call you ugly. ever. Cause you just aren’t.

    And that aside, and to state the obvious, your face doesn’t have anything to do with whats inside. I’ve met all sorts of people, and those who I find the most beautiful are the ones that are imperfect – but its who they are that creates the beauty.

  • Natalie Carter

    I think you’re as smart as fuck… and who cares about the rest (I haven’t seen a picture of you, for the record), but I maintain this one fundamental value for myself: judge people by their hearts. I don’t care about the rest. I truly don’t! Well written article!

  • Domenica

    You go gurl! Corny as hell, but who cares. Media has corrupted our ideas of beauty. I don’t wanna look like everyone else. Fuck ’em!

  • Danielle

    Your experience that arises from not wearing makeup is similar to mine, but I don’t make excuses for not wearing makeup regularly. I don’t say that I’m lazy or find some fault with makeup. The fact is I just don’t paint myself because it just doesn’t interest me. I do like serums and creams and facials though. I admit that I would definitely look prettier if I actually put on some makeup. I bet I would even look gorgeous with a more even skin tone, proper contouring, glossy lips, and neutral eye makeup, but I just don’t want to.

  • OliviaRysenbry

    You are Rad.

  • Tash

    Do you know what? Reading this, all I could think is… she has a unique look, and that’s amazing! All the girls out there who cover their face in slap just look like everyone else. They have lost the natural unique features that make them better than the others. When I see a photo of Leandra I know it’s her straight away. She is lucky to have amazing skin, thick eyebrows and full lips. She doesn’t need any ‘slap’. Me, I’m pale with freckles, uneven eyebrows, thin lips, curly frizzy hair, and average skin. But even I wear very little make-up cos who cares! If you are happy with how you look then wear it with confidence. Fuck the others.

  • prettyisontheinside

    I don’t understand why people need to be so rude. We all weren’t made to look the same for a reason… because all looks are beautiful… society has sold us what is beautiful but as cliche as it sounds Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Truth is most people are easily persuaded by what they are told: tall and skinny. Whoever says someone is ugly is just because it that person is not what they like, it doesn’t mean someone in the world that person is not beautiful. Also when people say someone is ugly its because they have a trait that is far different than what they are used to… that one trait makes that person uniquely beautiful. Why be a copy of someone else? Because you think I am ugly? No thank you. And Give Ms. Medine a brake! Truth is sometime we are too LAZY! Too lazy to brush our hair, too lazy to put on makeup EVERYDAY! She never said she never wears makeup. And based on her success @coleen “By labeling yourself lazy you will act in lazy ways. ” Your comment couldn’t be further from the truth. People can relax and not want to do something sometimes. People stop over analyzing the article… I found the message very inspiring… If you didn’t get the message its about finding beauty in yourself and not caring what you critics think, because in the end what you think doesnt matter. #Rantover #Inewnottolookatthecomments

  • Marvellous. Thank you. And it’s only 9am. Love from Berlin.

  • Lizzie Thomas

    You rock! Thank you so much for being you, it empowers the rest of us to be ourselves. It is so hard to come across role models in this day and age that have as much integrity. By you ‘daring’ not to wear make up, the ‘ugly as fuck’ observation that that fuck made was more about his own shallowness and insecurities than it was about you. Your lack of makeup or subscription to the formulaeic notion of what ‘beauty’ is nowadays, scared and confronted him; what he described was himself. Honesty and genuine beauty shine for those who are able to see it; you are gorgeous despite what that ‘man’ thought.

  • Renee

    I think you are gorgeous. Utterly shocking that someone thought otherwise.

  • Alteregokoda

    I cannot believe someone would think of you are Not Beautiful, let alone “ugly as fuck”. People’s perceptions of what is and isn’t beautiful disturb me frequently these days.

  • Megan

    Here here sister! Rock on.

  • JJ

    you look great! you don’t need make up. And I am incredibly jealous of your eyebrows. much love, just ignore the haters

  • Bonnie

    Just what this world needs is a post like this! Thank You, Leandra the Beautiful

  • Constance

    Bravo!!!! We need more women like you and less like those hidden by a huge slice of bullshit!

  • Laura Robinson

    You’re a beautiful woman, Leandra. I have, as of late, decided not to be political about my clothing and make-up. I’ve always struggled with the fact that I’m a feminist AND I’m more comfortable in make-up AND I like clothes, both trendy and classic. I have big boobs! I’m tired of hiding them because I worry about people thinking I’m objectifying myself. I’m a feminist who likes to play dress up. I’ve decided it’s my body and I’ll decorate it anyway I choose; covering it and uncovering it as I choose with clothing and make-up. You do you. Haters gonna hate.

  • jen

    Leandra, I enjoyed your post, but think you may have meant “innumerably” (too many to count) instead of “enumerably” (countable)?

  • L

    Even though I’m embarrassed to admit it, I had to find some pictures of you after reading your post…people don’t just refer to others as “ugly as fuck” very often, so I thought it pertinent to see what your website founder “friend” was actually referring to. He must be blind. There is no way you could honestly believe him when he says this about you. It’s just wrong. I’m not a kiss-ass…and I NEVER leave comments… EVER! But this one was just to heinous/egregious/ridiculous to not mention at least something. I actually think you’re extremely attractive…and makeup may actually look a lot less authentic.

  • so sez 1wyz-x-wyf

    After reading the article, and some comments I have something to say. Seems to me that everyone is forgetting what beauty is. This writer has negativity coming at her from every source, including her mother. I see (hidden & obscure) rebellion, not laziness. Make-up is on the outside and it’s shallow, narcissistic, vain and a mask. Why “spend” one’s time, effort and energy on something or someone that has no ability to see the real inner beauty you have and offer as an individual.
    Your “make-up” can be thought of as the glow of life.
    Never be a cookie cut-out kind of person.
    PS… That person that made that comment let his inner ugliness out.

  • Bridget212323

    You need to spill who that man was – and we’ll stop buying/going to that site. If I was his assistant I’d make a beeline to HR.

  • This!

  • This was an wonderful article <3

  • Sharone Ostrovsky

    I can’t believe that people who read your fantastic blog are this ignorant. You are beautiful and you don’t need make. I’m not just saying that in the feminist ‘all women are beautiful’, I mean you are REALLY beautiful. I get the being lazy about it. So much work.

  • c.g.

    So I read this via a post that a friend made on Facebook. I had no idea what Leandra, looked like. So after reading that someone called her “ugly as fuck,” I thought, “come on, what can she possibly look like to get called that?”
    So I Googled.
    And then I was appalled. Not by what I saw – but that anyone would ever look at Leandra and think “ugly as fuck.” Ugly? As fuck? Really? That’s a pretty strong statement. What is wrong with people who say those things?!
    Is it that if you aren’t wearing make up as a woman, therefore you’re automatically “ugly?” Because that’s false. Leandra obviously doesn’t need me to say that, and it really matters little what some anonymous stranger on the internet thinks, but she’s an attractive woman. She doesn’t need make up to enhance anything.

    Of course I also hate it when things like, “Pretty even without make up” are said.

  • JB

    The haters show their ugliness with their words. Fresh faced and loving yourself? The ultimate beauty!!

  • Melissa Wilfley

    I think you are gorgeous with a brain and inner beauty that radiates through your writing and pictures. The kinda girl you’d want to be besties with.

  • amy

    I love this post! I rarely wear makeup (or comment on blogs) and sparingly at that. I can’t imagine someone judging me for that. I love how honest you are with your readers. I have watched MP grow since you started it. You appeal to people because of your honesty, brains, wit and style. When it comes down to it, the “ugly as fuck” guy is the fool who will have lost the opportunity to work with such an influential woman. Shame on that website founder for allowing his assistant to have that kind of response in the workplace about a potential client or collaborator. He’s lucky you are classy enough to not reveal his name or website to your readers. Thank you for this post, Leandra!

  • A + P

    Who the fuck is stupid enough (and as a considerable founder nonetheless!?) to not erase the previous emails? We hope you blacklisted that fucker.

  • Lindsay Urban

    Women should be their natural selves on an everyday basis, so we are accustomed to and like the way our faces naturally look. Then, makeup can be saved for special occasions when we want to look extra nice. This way, our “bar” is set at natural and we are able to go up, rather than setting our daily bar at made-up, and then feeling as though you’ve gone “down” without it.

  • Rebeca

    You are indeed beautiful, inside and out! And have so much to teach this world. I am blown away by how depth is your understanding of humanity and beauty 😉

  • People can be such incredible assholes. (I think you’re lovely, despite that not being the point.) I’m an online dating coach, and I see ALL SORTS in my work—traditionally attractive people who struggle for any romantic connection, and quirky-looking underdog types who are swimming in trysts and options and romantic attention. In addition to being mean and inappropriate (and showcasing incredibly poor judgment and tech skills for a *website founder*), that guy’s comment was boringly reductive, you know?

    I get this appearance-bashing BS too, in a different way. I’m six feet tall, reasonably attractive but always kinda disheveled looking, and on the heavy end of the spectrum at present. I get Tinder messages attempting to neg me with “Sup fatty?” and I get YouTube comments dismissing my advice or opinion because I’m clearly only capable of addressing “chubby chasers.” Incredibly salient points, fellas.

    It’s your f-cking face; put what you like on it. The right people in life won’t much care one way or another. <3

  • Suzy Bell

    omgoddess I Love you. Thank you for your honesty, wit, genius & transparently brilliant brave authentic sharing…

  • Baies d’Erelle

    Learning to love ourself as we are is the most difficult part of life. Learning to be benevolent with our own body, with our differences and our imperfections that makes us unique, fragile and beautiful is a long path. Because, when you start to accept the parts of you that the society and the magazines judges as defects, you start to be free of influences. You start to let your own beauty shine and be seen in its singularity. That is a step ahead far from society codes. People can hate you for that. As y mirror, the reflection that they see in you make them question themself about their ouwn beliefs, their own beauty. And who likes that ?

    Because we are twisted, not free of our own thoughts, and probably narcissistic, we imagine that the codes of beauty dictated by society are to adopt as standards. This is the story of all the society through history, in beauty codes, dress codes, and behavior’s code. Maybe is it time to rise for a change, starting with thanking and supporting those who break these rules and giving us the opportunity to do the same.

    Leandra, you are beautiful the way you are, in the way you act and in your state of mind. Don’t change that. Go ahead. You are such an example for all of us.

    Erelle from switzerland (sorry for my poor englinsh).

  • Erelle

    Learning to love ourself as we are is the most difficult part of life. Learning to be benevolent with our own body, with our differences and our imperfections that makes us unique, fragile and beautiful is a long path. Because, when you start to accept the parts of you that the society and the magazines judges as defects, you start to be free of influences. You start to let your own beauty shine and be seen in its singularity. That is a step ahead far from society codes. People can hate you for that. As y mirror, the reflection that they see in you make them question themself about their ouwn beliefs, their own beauty. And who likes that ?

    Because we are twisted, not free of our own thoughts, and probably narcissistic, we imagine that the codes of beauty dictated by society are to adopt as standards. This is the story of all the society through history, in beauty codes, dress codes, and behavior’s code. Maybe is it time to rise for a change, starting with thanking and supporting those who break these rules and giving us the opportunity to do the same.

    Leandra, you are beautiful the way you are, in the way you act and in your state of mind. Don’t change that. Go ahead. You are such an example for all of us.

    Erelle from switzerland (sorry for my poor englinsh).

  • Shannon

    I also don’t wear makeup! There are many reasons, but the most basic is not that far off from yours. I’m just not interested in spending the time and money on makeup, and never got into the habit of wearing it. I like my face as it is. And makeup has never struck me as something that really “improves” a person’s appearance. Wearing makeup makes most people look like… they’re wearing makeup.

  • Arielle

    I never comment because I’m frankly too lazy to sign in anywhere or to enter my email address.

    But I will comment here because jesus fuck, how the hell do people live with themselves while being such ass hats? Who raised these legions of dickbags with no sense of decency?

    I feel like this will come across at worst as patronizing, at best as pointless, but I think you’re beautiful. I always have, no matter how much I hated your outfit, which sometimes did happen. I still have a mental snapshot of the wedding photo you posted when I can’t remember what I last re-pinned on Pinterest. You are gorgeous. And you are a style icon. Fuck all those liars. And shame on those who raised them.

  • love this. especially your honesty as to why…..not incredibly deep reason, no bottled up resentment towards women who do, just because you don’t feel like it.

    the reason i adore that soo much is because too often i get the feeling of a competitive attitude, as if someone who doesn’t wear makeup is better, more real, more authentic then someone who does. Same thing with girls who choose to straighten their hair instead of wear it natural, or vegans compared to non-vegans, etc … it becomes sort of cult like, and instead of appreciating each other we use it to judge/label them from a completely biased standpoint believing their ways are superior.
    even as someone who wears makeup, this was comforting and motivating.
    just from the standpoint of being a woman.

    your boldness and faith in yourself and your choices, and your decision to live life as yourself, regardless of some standard, is more of what young girls and growing woman need to see lived out.
    thank you times a gagillion !! xo.

  • Bravo, Leandra. This was a really brave thing to write, which is unfortunate in and of itself. We as women shouldn’t be afraid to love ourselves as we naturally are. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what the world asks us to do, repeatedly, every day, every hour and every minute of our lives. As someone who works in the fashion industry, I struggle with accepting my physical “flaws” and reading this really helps remind me what’s truly important: loving oneself and not the unattainable self we’re told to strive for.

  • Bare-faced babe

    Fuck yeah Leandra. Although you should have never have had to dignify such a ridiculous insult with a response, I’m glad you did, you’re a bare-faced babe. Thanks for your admirable words!

  • Cathie Bella

    i am 37 years old, i never wore makeup a day in my life and never will, i am always told i look much, much younger then my actual age, i get carded everywhere, and often mistakened for a teenager, i eat healthy, drink lots of water, work up a good sweat everyday

  • theprettieststar

    i am curious — did you call the guy on it directly? do you have to be “civil” to maintain a work contact with him or did you tell him that you won’t be working with him?
    ps — it’s regimen, not regiment.

  • Haley M.

    I don’t understand using that kind of language to describe someone you’re trying to introduce to another person. What an embarrassing lack of class, and what an idiotic way to reveal yourself as a total dirtbag.

  • Amanda

    Wow I can’t imagine anyone ever typing such a rude comment in am email. Don’t put it in writing people! Also, I completely agree. The successful women I have worked for didn’t wear make up and I just have better things to do with my time.

  • Beautiful. A beautiful, thoughtful piece by a beautiful, tough chick. You are perhaps one of the ONLY influencers out there in fashion world that bring something different, natural and real to the table. Whoever wastes their time to comment on how “bad you look” are the ones that are ugly as f*ck. Perhaps not on the outside, but DEFINITELY on the inside.

  • Cynthia Martinez

    lovely words from a lovely woman.

  • Hudson Berry

    Well said.

  • Random Gal

    I like your cape shoes and plethora of stunning quirky close. #stayfab

  • Nicki

    I think you are beautiful too. Sincerely. I don’t know what those people are talking about.

  • Maria Barbosa

    So, real quick: i just watched your series of videos for style.com before reading this, and the whole entire time i was thinking “daaamn she has such good skin, oh God look at how glowy she looks and she is barely wearing any make up” Fo real sista, in my own personal opinion i think you are freaking hermosa! i’ve always though so, and even tho i kow you must be over that comment about you, the person who wrote that is ugly as fuck on the inside, sure thing.

  • ellky

    You don’t look like a model – you look like someone I’d love to have a conversation with. All my friends look like you. Your fashion sense is lovely. Hooray for nice, intelligent people!

  • repellmeback

    People are such idiots. I think you’re “hot as fuck” and the blog is brilliant! If they don’t get it/like it, why bother reading it??

  • Alix Verley- Pietrafesa

    Darling one. As it happens, you’re cool and beautiful as fuck. Well said and bien fait!

  • Bozz

    You’ve chosen a selection of stunning looking women for this post (some who I suspect ARE actually wearing makeup – at least a slather of foundation that is “hiding their flaws” – defeats the enormous importance of the point you are trying to make :/ The world has been “sanitised ” of images of less-than-beautiful women since the beginning of time and unfortunately, you have continued this with these photos 🙁

  • Rin

    You are beautiful!!! Fuck these hoes!!!

  • nicole

    wow. i think you are a total babe. cannot believe that dude said that. what a pig. and as for the negative commenters– you know all the nasties are louder than the normals, so try to tune out all the noise in those comments. they aren’t an accurate representation of your readers.

  • Cat

    You are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • Estelle

    You are a true beauty!

  • Emma

    I started reading this article not knowing who wrote it, and got curious as to “how ugly as fuck” this woman could really be… THIS IS CRAZY. This woman is so clearly stunning, why would anyone think otherwise? My mind is blown.

  • Uglier than fuck

    Well for fuck’s sake, if that feejit thinks you’re “ugly as fuck”, what the hell does that make me?

  • Maria

    “it is a love letter to individuality,” this is what Man Repelling has always meant to me…well put. Do you!


    Shouldn’t we all put ourselves in the spotlight; with fame and notoriety comes scrutiny. Let everyone with negative comments post images of themselves. Let them do what you do, on a daily basis, and see for one minute if they could hold a candle to you and your efforts. I imagine many of them try and are not able to gain any headway. Congrats on all criticism and attacks on your looks- you’ve made a large enough impact to achieve them!! Cheers to you, Leandra. I have never posted on your site, but have been a reader for years. I enjoy, even more now, thinking at times we might even look a like! The attitude you imbue is something I admire and feel I imbue as well. Thanks for all of it. C

  • Danielle

    Both men and women alike will always wave that banal, ignorant flag. Some cultures are high-minded about the caked on, clowned-up makeup Americans wear and our culture belittles women that decide not to wear makeup. Either way, the makeup results can be striking. Have you ever seen someone without makeup that always wears foundation, bronzes, highlights, etc. or felt the slight awkwardness in noticing the amount of makeup someone has decided to wear that never has? I bet I could be stunning with the right colors and contouring, but I am not interested, and I don’t think I should be downgraded for it. I don’t use excuses for deciding not to wear makeup either. I won’t say I’m lazy. I like a clean, moisturized face, clean teeth, and groomed brows on a daily basis and sometimes I use eyeliner, mascara, coral blush, bronzer and even, albeit very rarely, some bright-pink lipstick. That’s what I like. I think it’s best to learn to see beauty in imperfections and the creativity and capitalism within the makeup industry. I prefer nude lips, but I like to slide on some Rouge Dior 766 at times too.

  • What a beautiful article. Thank you so much.


    Well if you’re supposed to be ugly then that leaves little hope for me cause you are super lovely looking. I don’t wear makeup either because I just don’t really see the point (which may seem strange to some people for a 25 year old woman these days) and I prefer having skin and eyes that feel clean. If people aren’t going to like me or judge me because I don’t wear makeup, who the hell cares? makeup wouldn’t change the person I am or the standard of work that I do, and if they think less of me because I don’t wear a layer of face then thats more a reflection on who they are than who I am. Keep doing what you do Leandra! You are a breath of fresh air.

  • Jackeline

    This is super awesome. Keep on being you, Leandra. <3

  • esgilim

    Hi Leandra,
    I am Ezgi from Turkey who is also a blogger and mostly inspired by you and your attitude. I’ve just read this post and I am very proud of your point of view as a woman and a human being and I respected you even more. I think you are more beautiful than ever! I just wanted to say that.


  • Nurai

    I cannot believe that people would think that of you.. You are one of the people that pop up in my head when somebody asks me who I think is beautiful. And that’s not just because you have a pretty face, but also because you’ve got character. Just wanted to make that clear.

  • S

    I think the absolute meanness of the remark would’ve made me want to cry a little. Apparently nastiness passes for meaningful observations nowadays. It doesn’t matter what I think at all but I happen to think that you’re smart, funny and incredibly cute!!

  • Oh God. I’ve been called ugly too. By two children!…Who were staring at me while I sat in a car waiting for my boyfriend to come out of the drug store. It feels like getting shot, you’re right. I’m sorry. Plus, that guy can’t spell though.

    Anyway, I basically wear brows, lashes, sometimes lips. That’s it. Any more and I feel like a clown. And a funny thing has started happening when I look at other women lately. I start to wonder why they’re gunking up their faces with so much makeup. I always think they’d look better with less.

    Too many people learning how to “contour”, I suppose.

  • Valerie Hecht

    The article is well-written. I couldn’t tell which of the photos is of you, so I did Google you. And no surprise there! I can concur with the rest of the comments. And please do not take this as an offense, but I think that as a young and attractive woman (who looks like that with no makeup), you are writing from a position of luxury (indeed, privilege) when you write about appearance.
    The photos here are also a bit problematic. These are also all women who could all be described as extraordinarily beautiful in an everyday world (or possibly quite ordinary in the modeling/fashion/media world).
    The problem I see here is that sites like this one or any type of media that promotes that “all women are beautiful” rhetoric, do not, in fact, show an accurate representation of “all women”. Indeed, all of the women I’ve ever seen in texts like this one are women who fit very comfortably in the range of what the majority would call beautiful in the conventional sense.
    But even the “unconventional” ones fit a norm.
    The authors of texts who claim to “celebrate every body” also typically show only young, thin bodies. Oh, ok, I guess we do see the occasional fat girl whose “smooth skin” and “proportioned curves” allow her to become an honorary, temporary member of the Pretty Committee.
    The fact that so many types of women are left out of these representations of beauty – and, why oh why should we all have to feel beautiful, anyway (theme for another rant) – only perpetuates and solidifies our notions of attractiveness, and more dangerously, of acceptability when we consider access to things like employment (theme for yet another rant).
    Also, not much racial/ethic diversity there…
    Where are Native Americans? Not those willowy models who claim an eighth Cherokee, but the ones from my reservation, the strong ones with a big Sioux nose and maybe a few scars or pockmarks.
    Where are the mommies who never did bounce back after giving birth?
    Why all these pictures of girls in yoga pants, but never in softball pants? Oh, wait, softball pants flatter no one. Scratch that.
    Maybe I’m just sad to never see people who look like me and most of the people I know when I consume any texts from our mainstream cultural production or in advertisements.
    But still, I sometimes wish media and/or “creatives” would put their money where their un-lipsticked mouths are. I dare you to go out and find beauty in those who are not in the range of acceptability. Find beauty in, for example, the People of Wal-Mart. It’s there. You just need to remove a few filters.

  • Kelly M

    From one woman that doesn’t wear make up to another: I am in admiration of you. I find it irritating that so many young women feel the need to spend countless hours applying make up or perfecting their hair. You are who you are, I suppose your mother is correct in how it enhances the already beautiful; but it also detracts from it. There are individuals that look so ostensibly different when their “faces,” are taken off. Be you. Be natural. Be happy. I get comments all the time, “How come you don’t wear make up, do you think you’re too pretty?” WTF? I am too lazy to spend time painting my face or spraying my hair. People make time for the things they want to make time for, right? Keep doing you. This post was one of my favorite yet of yours yet.

  • Jacqueline Depaul

    refreshing… thank you

  • Sorryibrokeyourheart

    Life is exhausting.

  • Cecilia

    Great post!

  • jessikate

    i honestly think you are absolutely beautiful and i am not just saying this xoxox

  • Malika

    First, I agree with Miketimrandy; where is your photo?
    Second, why are women always judged on the basis of their looks and not their brains and their personality? Why do they always have to hide behind masks, be it tick layers of makeup or veils or even very revealing clothes? Why aren’t men judged in the same way? Even the very ugly ones (I don’t want to use the F-word here) still judge women on their looks. This is because men made to think that they are desirable by women no matter how ugly they are, and this gives them confidence and faith in themselves.
    The very name of this website reveals how women stand in this life and how they think of their own existence as being dependant on how desirable they are by men, as if they were created for the sole purpose of pleasing men, and if they can’t, it’s better they make an end to their life.

  • Bethany Dahlface

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and I’ve never once thought you needed more make-up. “ugly as fuck”?? That’s just plain rude and categorically untrue. Then again, I don’t wear make-up either so what do I know. P.S. Love your eyebrows!

  • melissa

    Well its because usually parents don’t really tell that looks matter a lot. This had left me confused for a long time. Also movies and TV say they don’t and to look for inner beauty but the truth is, first looks are very important. I mean you can be friends with ugly people, I have lots of friends, but it is hard to be viewed romantically. Prettier people, especially woman are liked better and they get better jobs and stuff.

    If you don’t want a boyfriend then you can easy go with no makeup and don’t bother at all. Except it might make you fell worse at workplace where everyone else does wear makeup and you don’t fit in.

    Makeup is how below average looking woman can try to look like average. Because even if the article picture tries to show woman without makeup and with, it is obvious that woman is already beautiful – correctly shaped eyebrow, small not pug shaped nose and full lips. Everything so symmetrical.

    If she had big nose, closely put small eyes, only a very big amount of makeup could try to mask that. If that’s you in the picture, you can safely go with no makeup, because you already look good. But sad truth is that not all woman are that blessed.

  • Niru

    You go, girl! I wonder if all the people pushing makeup know that the ingredients are not subject to any legislation, that you skin absorbs this stuff and it is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! Especially add to this that it is used everyday.

    Apart from moisturiser, I have never used any makeup – maybe lipgloss and eyeliner if it is a really special dressy occasion – and at almost 61, my mother told me I have the same skin now as I had in my twenties. I have grey hair that I refuse to dye – I actually like it. My aunt of 72 recently stopped dying her hair and as she is really dark with pure white hair, looks stunning. Everyone thinks she is dying her hair white! I am waiting to get that look…

    Dont give into the cancer causing crap that is marketed as “enhancing your beauty”. Healthy hair and skin looks great by itself.

  • Malesapiens

    Some years back, I saw pictures of a couple women in a journal. I was hot for the one withput makeupmwhile my collegue was hot for the one with– we each thought the other somewhat unattractive….

    In reading captions more closely, we were proven the fools we are—they were of the same woman…

  • Amy

    Okay I looked at some photos of you, while I expect you don’t care much about looks, you are a beautiful women and I cant believe someone would have the cheek to call you ugly as fuck?! is he around supermodels all day? has he never seen what a natural woman looks like? Totally ridicoulous!

  • Stephany Aulenback

    I’ve never commented here before but I feel compelled to say that you are extremely attractive — you have a very interesting face.

  • JL

    A human’s worth does not lie in a bottle, you are a construction of your own choosing.

  • Thais Linhares

    The first thing I though after reading the tex: “indeed, beauty NEVER was a premiss in finding a good partner – suposing that is the objetive of putting make up in your face”. The happiest couples I knew, aren’t the “model look” ones. And then I went to Google, out of pure curiosity, to see how you (Leandra) looks. I expected to see a “ugly as fuck” but I found a gorgeous beautifull woman! What the hell, that dude need eyeglasses!!!

  • Miriam Von Brait

    You basicly are a real woman , no lies on your face , no preteding.And the men who ask for makeup , they don’t as for a woman , they ask for a slave doll always ready to get in bed and say whatever is fashionable to say , quoting the last bestseller and movies.

  • sara

    It’s refreshing to know that there are others that share this mentality when it comes to makeup. Although it may not appeal to the eyes of many, there is just something much more refreshing about the raw realness of a face sans makeup, mostly because its become so uncommon. Not to say that it is wrong to wear makeup, it is not, but more power to you if you can confidently walk out in your own skin , imperfections and all. Besides, is it really a crime for a girl to be too lazy to apply makeup? I’d rather take the time to take care of my actual skin than become enslaved to makeup.At the end of the day, makeup, no makeup, we all have the right to choose and not be persecuted for our choice.

  • Lumefly

    I used to wear makeup every day for about 10 years. For the past year, now I only apply SPF lotion (non-BB,CC or BS) on a daily basis and not only have I learned so much about my skin, but also have grown to accept myself and love myself sans-concealer. Now, I do sometimes wear makeup on the weekends and for special occasions, but the bare minimum. I’VE NEVER FELT FREER AND MORE IN LOVE WITH MYSELF! And the beau couldn’t be happier to be kissing my bare cheek, instead of the makeup!

  • Wendy

    I think you are really pretty so I don’t get it.

  • NYCApple

    Let this be a lesson to everyone to be careful what you put in writing.
    The man who wrote the email should be embarrassed and ashamed.

  • Mary Jo Singleton

    I have not worn much or any make up for years. It started when I cried once as a young woman and all this mess was streaked across my face. I take care of my skin, no one seems to come close to guessing my age. When it is called for, I wear make-up, but for everyday it is so very light or non existent. I say good for women who feel comfortable in their skins, freckles and all, to make the choice to wear it when they want.

  • Notdead

    while you wouldn’t be considered a ten, or beautiful by societies warped, digitally altered, stands. Calling you ” ugly as fuck” seems rather extreme; you are an attractive individual, whose worth should not be over looked by tools with missing ribs:P

  • Fer

    I, too, don’t wear makeup on the regular. I either dress up or wear makeup, never both – I’m not Olivia Palermo, just a fashion enthusiast with a lot of spare time but very little patience to do things I don’t feel like doing. I’ll admit I do fil in my eyebrows bc they’re nearly non-existant and I’m self-conscious about that. Putting together an outfit and then wearing makeup that matches said outfit takes too long, honestly! If people want me to wear makeup, they can become my personal makeup artist pro bono!

  • SRR126

    So – congrats for following in the footsteps of billion of men – 2nd place as usual.
    I too do not wear make-up except for that one time in the seventh grade with that a$$ Kenny – and no matter what he tells you – I didn’t look cute in that dress.

  • Regina S.

    Bravo, so well said. My daughter is five now and watches me when I put on my makeup (a twice-weekly event at best), and often asks me why. To cover the blue circles? Smooth out my color? Make my eyes stand out? But really, it’s because I’m uncomfortable with how I look without it, when in public. Which is not what I want for me, or my daughter.

  • Anna

    Wow – you are so inspiring. I also want to point out that I think you are very beautiful, with or without makeup. Scrolling through your instagram photos for the first time, I think I am more drawn to the ones where you aren’t wearing makeup – you are a real natural beauty seriously! I am never shocked at what some males have to say about women who don’t fit with their version of what is beautiful. Not all men feel this way it’s just pigs like the one you mentioned in this post. I wonder what his sister looks like or his mother, I wonder how he would feel if someone referred to them as “ugly as fuck”. And why did he feel the need to comment on your appearance? Especially after mentioning how incredibly smart you are. Gross.

  • DJ

    This website founder is insecure as fuck. And truly basic.

  • louise

    you are beautiful.

  • Rangoli Kute


  • Manupno

    I love my lipstick. I’ts in my purse. I war it once a week. Love my eyeshadows. Use them 2-4 times a month. Love my foundation. Sometimes I actually war it more than 10 times a month bc it has SPF30 .Love to waer my NIkes all the time. What really is a manrepeller???

  • TMZ

    I googled Leandra’s name just to see what she looks like. I don’t get it. Leandra is pretty. Pretty even if, hypothetically, she were dumb and only talked about boys and shoes all day. I feel a little cheated that someone so pretty and obviously stylish would have to deal with “ugliness” comments that merits a whole article that garners 1000 responses and counting. Seriously that is fucked up. Maybe the “ugly as fuck” commenter was just being ironic or satirical or maybe he is clinically blind. I feel like this article has no base.

  • Carolschanson

    You are fantastic. Period.

  • Amanda B.

    Wow the guy who said that about you is obviously an imbecile…first of all, that is completely unprofessional of him. Second, you are not “ugly as fuck”. Personally, I think you are really pretty. That guy is obviously very single minded. I have had men say that about me as well, especially in high school when I never wore makeup. And then I have had lots of men hit on me and tell me I am adorable/sexy as fuck. Beauty is completely subjective and confidence can make anyone seem attractive. Don’t listen to them. I wish I knew who said it because I would seriously have a few things to say to that guy.

  • Allie Parker

    Thanks, I love this article. Very convincing!

  • Muse22

    I find you pretty beautiful. You and Margaret Zhang are two women I aspire to mimic and neither of you wear much makeup. I’ve had male friends actually ask me why I would “wear no makeup except red lipstick” because “guys don’t like lipstick and girls should always be thinking about impressing guys.” People are idiots. You rule.

  • Lily K

    I also barely wear make up for the exact reason. I’m lazy as fuck. And if being lazy as fuck means looking ugly as fuck then so be it.

  • Irmarie

    My mother asked me the other day why I don’t wear make up. I have a simple reply, “I don’t need it.” It annoyed the crap out of me that she claimed that I do need it. No one NEEDS it. Sure it may enhance some beauty and I’ll wear some eyeliner, maybe some mascara but I’m not about to make half my morning routine about my makeup. I have thick curly hair, all my attention and time is going towards the hair. I think I’m alright, my boyfriend thinks I’m attractive, I have people tell me that they wish they had my (insert feature). Make up is wonderful (and a bit horrifying sometimes on those who abuse it) but it’s not necessary.

  • Tyger

    I literally hate make up. And people shouldn’t be calling other people ugly. Men don’t wear make up and they don’t get called ugly! My saying is Born natural, die natural. If people don’t like you, that’s their problem. I don’t wear any because it bothers me, and I think it’s a waste of resources. It can make you look better, but a guy would basically be saying, “do you see that girls make up? It is the bomb!”, and no guy ever said that

  • justme

    There’s really no reason. We seen men as attractive, and they don’t need to “enhance” their features. Why do we think women do? Because it’s what we have been fed by our cultures our whole lives. God made me beautifully, and I don’t understand why we should pour cancer-causing chemicals all over our selves just to prove something.

  • Mimi

    I find it shocking that expressions like Man Repeller even exist. Ever heard of a Woman Repeller?? I could easily describe what that looks like though.
    I like the article; agree with the lazy aspect (same for me, I often can’t convince myself of getting up 10 min earlier or sit 5 min less starring out of the window, a cup of tea in hand, to have the time to get my makeup on, even though I really like myself with makeup and realise that people treat me differently, which can be useful sometimes) but I also would have preferred real photos and – a photo of you! I would have loved to see a photo of someone some asshole described as “ugly as fuck”.
    Btw, many of the models on those photos do wear makeup, it’s just the very natural, “flawless” type that can take much longer to put on than the more obvious type…

  • Madeline

    I love makeup…I’m actually not sure what I’m doing with fashion, that’s why I love MR- it inspires me to get into clothes, but more importantly, to have fun with my own personal style & to be me. I can’t believe someone would say such a vulgar thing about you. I have always admired your looks & natural beauty! Thanks for everything you write/do.

  • Jen Grigsby

    You are 100% darling. With or without makeup = perfect.

  • You go girl! So inspiring.

  • Hiphunters

    I’m going to say I love your article, mainly because I really like your attitude towards those hurtful people. As far as I’m concerned, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you’re really pretty! 😉 xx, Alma

  • Em

    I always thought, and think, you look lovely Leandra. Remember that, for someone to make such an obscene amount of effort to troll, they must feel strongly enough to do so. Who has time to do that sort of thing? I myself have approximately enough time in my day to focus on the things I love, and after that it’s like, well I suppose I can do some dishes or something. It’s almost like a boy expressing his adoration for you by treating you meanly…very 3rd grade, or what have you, but hey, we all regress from time to time. This is not to excuse their behavior, in fact, in thinking this way I almost have pity for the trolls. Don’t you? After all, in the circle of emotions, we all learned that love is soveryclose to hate, with indifference, actually, standing on the opposite side of the circle. A small shuffle a mere centimeter to the right, and suddenly, the feeling one possesses is love. It’s fascinating, really. You are a bright and brilliant person, and just because people do not know themselves enough to see that they admire you, or cherish your contribution to the world, does not diminish either in the slightest. If what they seen in your face is something they have not accepted in themselves, let it be what it is and take no pains of carrying their burdens for them. The most lovely people, I have found, are the ones who accept themselves as much as they can at that point in time. I’ve always adored your writing, and the general attitude that you offer up to the world is both refreshing and empowering. Keep your light, share your light, and waste no time on people who choose to use their time poorly. And I think you look fantastic without makeup, rock it girl.

  • Alycia

    I just stumbled upon this blog. After reading this post, I had to look elsewhere for your pictures. Now I’m thoroughly confused! Seriously, someone thought you were “ugly as fuck?!” I get that people have different types, and you do have a distinct look, but I think you’re lovely! I have always wished I had a look similar to yours. What is the matter with people?

    • Amanda

      I agree. I don’t think she knows what ugly really is. She is pretty and I am a little jealous.

  • Amanda

    There are quite a few shallow people out in the world. It’s amazing that most of them are ugly men….

  • Mel

    I had to google her because I had no idea what she looked like. I don’t think she is ugly AT ALL. she has lovely skin, great hair, pretty expressive chocolate eyes, great eyebrows, good teeth, nice lips and hell even though her nose is big by today’s standard it fits her, it fits her face. She looks pretty to me.

  • Chicho

    I think you’re quite attractive! Keep your fabulous chin up.

  • PepperReed

    <3 this So. Hard.

  • Kathy Cee

    I just saw your picture. You must have had a hard life.

  • lauramars

    You are by no means ugly. That’s ridiculous.

  • Kashedra

    First, the dude that said that is a straight up a**hole…I have to say I admire you. You’re very strong to not let such an ugly comment make you second guess yourself. Everything you said in this article is simply the realest insight I’ve ever heard. When people become comfortable and accepting of who they are who gives a F*** what other people think or say.

  • J.

    By “Ugly as fuck” I think he meant “I know she will never sleep with the likes of me so I’m going to insult her and beat her to the punch so the rejection wont hurt as much because I clearly didnt want her anyway because I’m a giant man-child.”

  • Patricia Sweeney

    Loved this!!!

  • Kimberly

    I think you are beautiful. You have great features!! And I agree with your article. 🙂

  • Shawn

    Sorry, but I find you attractive with or without makeup.

  • As If

    “I am comfortable with how I look….I think it’s, I don’t know, beautiful” There is nothing “ugly as fuck” about a person who feels that way about their beauty….I am curious if you ever made it know to the guy who wrote that email, that you found that comment in the thread?

  • fanatic013

    Well said. I feel the same way! Such a beautifully-written piece, Leandra! And so profound! I think you are truly beautiful!

  • Monique

    I adore cosmetic! I usually spend 1-2 hours applying makeup, with that said I also have lazy days. When those lazy days do happen I ALWAYS hear comments like, “what’s wrong?,” Why do you look so tired?,” or my favorite, “You must have gone out last night.” What no? I’m just lazy! Society is so obsessed with appearances to the point where everyone feels it is okay to bluntly express their opinion on someone else’s looks. No it is plain out rude and disrespectful. I admire your confidence, and I look up to you. Women should be comfortable in their skin, no matter what people what people say.

  • Drake1811

    I went to Yahoo and looked at pictures of the author and she is cute. People are so hung up on looks and that is a shame. I do want to point out something else. I try to teach my kids proper English and it is difficult now with all the bloggers online. People look at bloggers as journalist (right or wrong). I don’t know what education level this author completed, but if one blogs they should try to use correct English. If you are laying down you are putting or placing something. If you are in a prone position you are lying down. I know this seems like a small concern but we need to value our grammar.

  • mander

    Makeup is such a pain in the patootie. I wear some sometimes, but unless it’s a special occasion I don’t put much effort into it. Would I look better with some? Probably. I have rosacea and delicate, washed-out features; I prefer to let my eyebrows be, my cheekbones are invisible. But I just don’t care that much. My husband thinks I’m beautiful, and he’s really the only person whose judgment matters in that particular arena. As long as I’m perceived as competent and treated respectfully, I don’t give a monkey’s whether my colleagues think I’m attractive.

  • cashtext4all.com

    nice little article..had fun reading it…give me a call if you need a real man.

  • elizabeth

    Not only is this article beautifully written, but the author herself is absolutely stunning. I Googled her and I have to say I was half expecting a gargoyle, but she is actually really beautiful. She should be proud of her natural beauty.

  • poopsie

    You make strange unflattering faces in some photos but I think you are very attractive otherwise.

  • geepee

    I know I am late, but you are far from ugly as F*ck….

  • Sharon Abitz

    Leandra, love your take on makeup. Outside of a one week period in high school, I’ve never worn makeup and I’m 56 years old. Why don’t I use it? I hate makeup! I hate everything about it; the time, the cost, the commercials. Mainly, I’ve always thought I looked like a clown with it on. I’m happy makeup free and I’ve known a lot of men who are themselves repelled by makeup. Any person who would demean a woman for not wearing makeup has issues with their own humanity. HIGH FIVE to you!

  • macks7

    Makeup or no makeup, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have been described by different men as ‘fucking ugly’ and ‘classically beautiful’. It all depends on the particular mans’ subjective concept of beauty. As for makeup, in my opinion, it only enhances what’s already there.

  • Chloe

    I love you!! and I think you’re beautiful! and you have a beautiful soul to match. 🙂

  • Aislinn

    I Have dark circles under my eyes too and an uneven
    complexion. I’ve always been worried about it and put on makeup. I’m a 2nd year
    college student now and my perception of myself is changing. I’ve stopped
    wearing any makeup at all and I’m addicted to it. I feel so free. I accept
    myself and in fact love myself. I don’t need the world’s advice. Whether people
    praise or condemn me, I try not to be swayed either way. I know who I am.
    Besides, I’m not interested in attracting the kind of guy who just thinks I’m
    pretty because my youth, and consequently my good looks, will fade quickly. A marriage
    is not a love affair, it’s a lifelong companionship. I need a partner that will
    accept me for who I am, not a goddess… but a human.

    • Ohoyo Tohbi

      Well said. 😉

  • Shane

    I had to do an image search for Leandra Medine, since I didn’t know who she was. Having done so, I was shocked…at how *not* ugly she is. She’s a normal, nice-looking lady, who in my opinion shouldn’t even be considered unattractive, let alone ugly. It’s really telling about what a terrible person the unnamed website founder is, for him to say something so ridiculous and callous.

  • Gisselle P.

    I hardly ever wear any makeup unless it is a special occasion, but I could care less if people comment that I look tired because at least I don’t have to worry about my mascara running in the common occasions that I am prompted to cry (usually because of happiness), or makeup rubbing off on my boyfriends crisp white shirt when I lunge at him for a rather aggressive hug. I enjoy the freedom of rubbing my eyes and not having to stress about ruining my makeup, and even better, when I was a college student I did not have to worry about waking up an hour before class to get ready because I was too afraid to let anyone see my TRUE face. I relished in the luxury of rolling out of bed, washing my face, brushing my teeth and running to class.

  • LEM

    I don’t think what he said has anything to do with how you really look. Personally, I think you’re beautiful! Maybe it really has to do with how you made him feel. Maybe it was your confidence or that he could clearly see that you love yourself enough to show the world your true self. It sounds like he’s the one who is feeling ugly as f… Beauty comes from within and a comment like that says a lot about a person. I say keep being who you are, beautiful both inside and out! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  • PJ Bear

    Here’s the thing.. Why can’t people be who they want to be without judging others for not doing the same thing? Why do so many of us insist on others following our example both in thought and form? Here’s my story: I was a model back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. As a male I’m not going to pretend the bar was set as high and unrealistically as that of my female colleagues..but it WAS high..and almost impossible to maintain. Back then male models weren’t about muscle..they were about anorexia just like women. And I had to do it or simply not get work. No hard decisions there. So I basically stopped eating like a normal person and subsisted on less than 500 calorie days. Back then..air-popped popcorn with no butter was like eating dessert. Now..I’m not normally a thin person..genetics weren’t that kind to me..so this was a literal hell for me. Day’s of hoping people wouldn’t hear my growling stomach. Day’s of popping OTC diet pills like candy..of which now an ingredient has been implicated in heart problems and to which I now wonder if it’s the cause of my current chronic illnesses. Was it worth it? Yes..but mostly no. Yes..in that I had some amazing experiences in doing things and meeting people that I never would have if I hadn’t been that super thin model guy that others kept complimenting wherever he went. No..because I am sure I damaged my body in the process..it gave me a false sense of security and a false idea about who I was and what my self worth is. Today..if you were to look at me and hear me say “I used to be a model..” you would probably either laugh out loud..or really snicker inside. I look like a regular joe with a belly the size of a guy who has enjoyed one too many chinese buffets. I no longer have strangers stopping me on the street and telling me I’m the most beautiful man they have ever seen..and would I like to go out on a “date” with. I no longer look in the mirror and think “wow..check you out!”. But I am also no longer hungry all the time nor wonder if people heard that huge grumble that came from belly. I no longer feel the pressure to be some living artificial image created by a bunch of forty and fifty-something year old old fashion executives with a really bad notion of reality..who are probably eating a cheeseburger and fries at their desk while they judge aspiring models seeking employment as not looking “auschwitz thin enough”..or “why can’t I see their ribs or hip bones?”.

    Those days are over. And while I admit I do miss the ego boost of having perfect strangers stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful I am (C’mon..we all like hearing were beautiful..right?)..it’s more important for me to feel normal..to feel full..and feel like a healthy (or as healthy as I can be after all my starvation damage) person again. Both mentally..physically..and spiritually. And if I really want to hear “your beautiful” again..I say it to myself in the mirror..and then do my best to believe it. =)

  • VioletKanian

    Can I just say that I just googled you and you are REALLY pretty! Your headshape alone is to die for (I know, weird.. I have a thing for headshapes). I’m a former beauty pageant girl and seriously.. whoever called you ugly needs major help. If I was you, I’d never in my life wear makeup and I’d save a hell of a lot of $$!

  • leslie

    That’s great that you focus more on self love and not trying to please others ideals of beauty. But just as a side note, I googled you just to judge for myself. The “ugly as fuck” comment was so far off. That guy was a superficial dick. You’re actually a very cute girl, for whatever that’s worth. Just goes to show, you can’t worry about other peoples opinions about you because one person thinks you suck and the next will think you’re great. So, there it is.

  • googoogaga

    hmmmmm. i saw your pics and i think you are pretty and exotic looking, so if you are ‘ugly as fuck,’ well, then many of the rest of of us are screwed. it sucks that we are reduced to our looks anyway, and makeup is there to remind us that.

  • anita rivas

    You are beautiful, and you’re very funny and have a unique point of view. You also write very well. I come by your blog on occasion and like it because it actually contains words and not just pretty pictures, you are a woman of substance. You do have beautiful skin, have you considered using lash enhancers? Talika Lipocils is the most natural and safest to use, it’s the one I swear by, because naturally longer lashes can’t hurt right? Talika was created for burned victims who lost their eyebrows and lashes due to fire…I usually on the weekends just curl my lashes and apply it….it’s really easy.

  • Chicagoshopper

    I cannot imagine for the life of me what his opinion of your looks has to do with your ability to do your job, which is harassment, but moreover, you are beautiful. You are naturally beautiful and for someone to say otherwise is shallow and inane.

    Furthermore, your style rocks!

    But “they” say women dress for women, not for men; so there you go.

  • Rebecca Five

    I’m kind of curious as to how you handled this with the idiot who called you “ugly as fuck”?

  • mary gullo

    I love this. man repeller.. wow that’s me! im so ugly people that I was a transvestite 9more than once!) no amount of makeup can cure it. what I did do in an effort to look more like a woman is have makeup tattooed on. now at least people think I am an actual woman

  • ThatSynGirl

    Okay, I just googled you. You’re not fucking ugly, so I don’t even know what you or anyone else is talking about. You’re pretty in your own way. You have a very pretty set of teeth, and your smile is quite nice. Your eyes may not be blue, but they’re pretty how they are. And the color isn’t just pretty, but the shape. There’s innocence behind them, whether you agree or not. Ugly as fuck has no place in a sentence describing you.

  • sam

    I love this. I think make up ensues pretension. I love what you said about wanting to fall asleep and leave nothing on your pillow and that falling asleep with mascara on your lashes makes them fall out. Going natural is healthier for your body. The ingredients of make up are comprised of dangerous chemicals that will threaten your skin and body’s health if worn every day. My boy friend loves when I don’t wear make up because that is the absolute authentic me. And he loves me. Your skin will thank you for not wearing make up and God will smile upon you for choosing to display the you that He created, freckles and all.

  • June

    all these photos are woman who have typical model-like facial structures which makes viewed as natural beauties already. so uh, of course they have no need to wear makeup. i don’t wear make up either but i’m now nearly as model-like as these girls. if you want to have a stronger message, put some pictures of women of all shapes and sizes. props for the diversity, but honestly, that’s not what the world looks like. the more relatable, the more hearts you touch! overall, great message though! x

  • Lluvia

    Leandra, thank you for your blog. The dude who said you’re ugly as fuck is a fuck. You inspire me and I think you are so very beautiful. xo & and greetings from Los Angeles.

  • Willow

    For what it’s worth, all I felt was typical female jealousy when I first saw your pictures on this site — e.g. I thought you were super pretty and elegant and chic with amazing bone structure that could pull off all of those editorial looks. I honestly don’t know what that douchey guy was thinking when he said that about you. I’m sorry that he made you question yourself because you were correct to be confident in the first place. Besides, God doesn’t make mistakes in what He makes.

  • minxcomix

    I am over 50 and get many compliments on my facial skin and lack of wrinkles. Then they ‘hate me’ when I tell them I simply wash my face with water, only using witch hazel for when it is dirty from gardening etc, and use a generic face lotion with sunscreen ‘occasionally’ when I know I will be exposed to the sun.
    I strongly believe the reason why my skin is so good is because I stopped wearing makeup except for the occasional wedding or such 25 years ago. Nothing to clog up those pores.

  • _raye

    I’m really confused by the photos in this post. Most of the pictures are of models. Somewhat above average on the scale of natural beauty. And, a lot of them are wearing makeup in the pictures. Not a lot but you can see lip gloss, eye liner, mascara and highlighter have been used on many. Pretty ridiculous.

  • Michaela

    That guy is an asshole….and also idiot when he forgot to erase your e-mail while having a conversation…Really digusting how poeple blame the natural look. Every day we can see magazines with tons of make-up on the face …yeah…even the ugliest woman on this planet will look as a supermodel when she sits on the chair and stylists, make up kings hair stylists and photographer do their masterpiece…we all could look like supermodels… but even I do not want to put these color crap on my face…I feel like in a plastic bag..yeah..I look pale and tired… and yes sometimes even ugly for myself… and others maybe. It is really sad where we moved to…. from the natural beauty to unnatural plastic Barbies look… uf.. so say

  • Laz

    Some of the most grotesque (personality wise) women that one could hope to meet are the ones who slavishly mould themselves in accordance with the tyrannical narrow description of what contemporary consumerist misogynistic culture defines ‘feminine’ beauty as. False eyelashes, excessive mascara, foundation, blush, lip gloss, dyed hair, fake hair extensions, fake painted nails, breast implants, fake tan, skimpy dress. Do women do this for themselves as individuals, or do they do it to win the superficial approval of men? I say superficial, because much of the time men are willing to use such women for sexual purposes, treat them without love or even respect, essentially objectifying them into dolls. (See Natasha Walter, Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism). The language of the 60s feminist sexual liberation movement has been hijacked so that now women are hood-winked into thinking that by obeying the rules set down implicitly by our new misogynistic culture, by making a conscious decision to do so, they are somehow ’empowered’. Empowered, in the same way, that an murder victim who consents to their own murder, may be ’empowered’. Just because there are options available and the opportunity to make a decision does not mean to say that you will necessarily make a decision that is in your best interests.

    It is possible to wear make-up and pay attention to your external appearance and still be noble: the difference is, that those women do so in order to satisfy themselves (self-approval) not in search of crumbs of approval dropped from the hands of misogynistic nobbers.

  • HarryPsalms

    Hmmm I looked up pics of Leandra Medine…. I think she beautiful.

  • Vy

    Bravo! Who cares what everyone thinks. You can’t make everyone happy so just make yourself happy. I never do anything to hair or face. As a mom of 3, those extra 30m of sleep are like gold. You don’t give that shit in for anything!

  • Kiriel

    I think you are beautiful, and getting more beautiful as you gain those natural lines from laughter and happiness.

  • Charliegal

    I rarely wear make-up both because I don’t like to take the time and because my husband likes me without it..moreso than I do, even, as I get older…lol. But, what I truly don’t get is, after googling Leandra to find out what “ugly as f^&*” looks like, I found what I think is a pretty good looking woman?? Not sure what this website owner thinks is pretty, but I think you look great.

  • Jill

    I Love this. First time on the site and I get to read this awesome post. You have definitel y gained a new reader.

    PS I looked at your IG. You don’t need makeup! People be cray.

  • Nobie

    Not that it should matter, but you are not “ugly as fuck”. I’ve come to the conclusion that the comment itself doesnt bother me, it’s the high standard of beauty it implies. WTF do guys think we look like without makeup? Very few and fortunate women have perfect complexions and even skin naturally. I think he and other men need to google “celebrities without makeup” so they can see what the women they drool over look naturally. Get a dose of REALITY.

  • Nicole

    there are a lot of women who wear a lot of makeup and don’t love themselves so PRIDE yourself in that as a great thing; you are capable of loving yourself and don’t hang on what others say or think about you. also, people say terrible things regardless of whether you’re “hot or not.” people are insensitive, mean, and just downright wrong sometimes. who cares what they say? WE DON’T and that’s something to be proud of. %*$# ’em!

  • coffeeegg

    I like your article. There are men who comment to me I am plain and no matter what angle i posed for camera, the picture will be ugly. Those are words that really hurts and probably their standard of beauty are really high. Anyway, as I grew older, I don’t give a shit to those comments and I will reply that I am happy to be plain and healthy.

  • Joni

    I just looked up pictures of you and I don’t think you are ugly at all. I think you are very pretty, with or without makeup. I don’t know what the heck that guy was thinking. Weird.

  • Motionless Tide

    I do not find you ugly in the least. i think you have a beauty that is hard to come by. It is real beauty.

    I am glad you are not listing to everyone else. I am glad you are comfortable with you. I hope your life gets filled with more blessings and gifts then you can count. I know you are helping others accept and love them selves by example.

  • Paula

    What kind of miserable fuck would make such a derogatory comment for a young woman??!! I have found out that men’s perception of beauty is weird, very subjective and very different from a woman’s. Men can be mean out of ulterior motives as well: if you didn’t strike their ego, they can say very hurtful things about you just to feel good; or as somebody else said, if he was trying to get into the other ladys’ nickers, he thought that this was a good way forward! I bumped to your blog accidentally, so I am not a fan trying to make you feel good. It’s a fact: you are not ugly at all. Actually, you are pretty and very photogenic and I like the way you dress and combine items. Keep on being you!

  • dnotes

    Great article showing that choice of makeup can be largely due to a healthy measure of self acceptance & personal confidence! But what about lipstick? Hell, even I have many days when I’m just too lazy to put makeup on but I always put sunscreen all over my face and neck followed by my choice of lipstick and or just gloss. I think our grandmothers from the days of WWII up through the 1950’s had an easy thing going with their beauty routines that mostly consisted of just moisturizing their face and putting on some red lipstick!

  • Arielle McManus

    It’s honestly disgusting that someone would describe a woman that way. The fact that you don’t wear makeup is refreshing. In this day and age, almost everyone does, including myself. I’m not saying I hate that so many people wear makeup, I’m just saying that I love that you don’t feel the need to. You don’t need it. You don’t need blue eyes or Scandinavian bone structure. You are beautiful. Every woman is. It’s people that say shit like that man or the horrible people that try to make you wear makeup that are the problem with today’s society. Frankly, the fact that you don’t wear makeup makes me admire you even more. You are a true role model. Thank you for all that you do and all the ways you inspire.

  • marian

    Are these people kidding? I just looked you up on google. You are absolutely gorgeous!!!! As a woman who has struggled to stay natural and uniquely beautiful compared to standardized ideals, I do see that people (especially with low self esteem) struggle themselves. Rather than to see their own beauty in themselves and others, they tear themselves and others down, hence their nasty comments. You are beautiful!!! 🙂

  • Ana

    did the website founder ever find out that you had read what he wrote about you and did he apologise?

  • Breda Mc

    WTF…….I have heard many people recommend that I follow your blog, but only got around to doing it last week. What an amazing journey that was, i loved all your posts, especially your videos. I love the fact that you have fun with clothes. But I must admit that if you are under 5′ 4″ and weight more than 140lbs then it is not easy, its scary. The oversized boyfriend blazer that you wear so well can suddenly look like like a bed spread or a large chair cover. Anyway, I just wanted to say how beautiful, funny and intelligent I think you are. Please ignore what the asshole said and continue to do it your way. It works!

  • cj121

    I don’t know which is worse, men saying we wear too much makeup or too little. In my opinion, it none of their d**n business what I put on my face. I don’t wear makeup in the house with my bf, but put some on when I leave the house.

  • Lyn

    So I’m procrastinating on another website, clicking all the links and reading all the things and there’s this article with a slideshow of this gorgeous, vibrant woman with a killer smile, who is apparently “ugly as fuck”. I’m sorry, what? I scrolled the whole slideshow and saw photo after photo of Leandra looking comfortable, confident and of course that aforementioned killer smile and I just had to shake my head because really, what the hell is going on with this? (I don’t wear make up either, btw, not because of any social statement, I just can’t be bothered putting it all on).

  • Jen

    Since when is it a woman’s duty to wear makeup for other people?! Why do you owe everyone a “look” that they want to see?! I think you’re beautiful, and all the more so because you think you’re beautiful and that comes through. I wear makeup almost every day, but I do it for me, because it’s fun and I like the way it looks. I also don’t wear makeup several times a week, because I’m lazy, or I feel the need to let my skin breathe, or I just didn’t feel like bothering with it. And you know what? ALL OF THOSE are fine. And girl, when you have eyebrows like yours, you don’t need makeup. Your face is fabulous juse as it is.

  • poopadoop

    I dont wear makeup either and im not pretty. But I’m happy. There are more important things. So yeah, fuck em. 😉

  • Lala

    I wear makeup like war paint. Three layers of foundation, powder, blush, mascara, and I fill in my eyebrows, and that’s my basic makeup for everyday wear. I also wear glasses, even though I’m told often that people wish they could “see my eyes”. I like my glasses. I like makeup. I like the way I look with both on. I don’t think I’m ugly without makeup on. I’m still me, and I like the way I look regardless. A lot of makeup is just my personal preference.

  • Denise

    You’re gorgeous, Leandra. Fuck them all.

  • Maria Thereza

    I admire you so much for what you just wrote… Society is always telling us how to act or how to look… I think you’re SO gorgeous. Beautiful is not the make up that you put on everyday… Beautiful is how your bare skin shines when the sun hits your face, your natural lashes, your pimples and dots… Beautiful is the naturality! Love your own skin girls.

  • Adriana

    Are you freaking kidding me? It makes me sick to the stomach to think that someone called Leandra ugly. She is absolutely beautiful!!!

  • MomMyth

    “Ugly as fuck”??? Seriously?
    I simply don’t get that. His perceptions are seriously skewed.


    Unqualifiedly beautiful.

    Not that my opinion matters in the least, ne?

  • Sorry to hear that guy was such a jerk. We’re fans of the no makeup look. In fact, we quoted this article in our own: Go Nude: How To Make the ‘No Makeup’ Look Work, Even When You Don’t Have Perfect Skin

  • angie

    Love this. Stopped wearing makeup 3.5yrs ago… because I felt like it! And I’ve never been happier 🙂

  • Georgia

    I wouldn’t have been thrilled with your mom’s rhetorical question. Who cares if your features are enhanced. You are beautiful the way you are. True beauty is that which shines with no makeup. Just like yours. You don’t need makeup. You are naturally beautiful. Don’t change a thing and definitely don’t give anymore though to that idiot website founder.

  • I constantly find your arguments well structured and sensible. I always prefer to read the class and glad I found this thing in you post.

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  • JoeyJ

    I never wear make up, a little bit is ok, but too much is unattractive.. https://vidd.me/tfs

  • miawallace

    I echo your vibe

  • Robert in LA

    One of the elements of your self presentation that I find most endearing is the absence of make-up. I am not sure why this is so, but I know that it is so.

  • Wearing makeup — even if it’s the natural-looking kind — requires a daily dedication that gets very tiring after a while. Even though I think I do look better with tinted moisturizer, concealer, highlighter, eyeliner, curled lashes, and mascara, I wish that I could go back ti the days when I was makeup-free, too. I truly admire your ability to go out into the world au naturel. I think it makes life so much easier, saves you so much time, and makes you feel freer! And I’m glad that you didn’t let that dude’s insensitive comment crush your soul. Keep being you! You’re FAR from ugly.


  • I think you’re so flippin cute, and beautiful. First of all, I would kill for your cute lil bod, second of all, your clothes are literally what i dream of, especially that boyfriend button up collared shirt ( i dont’ know the real term for that sexy I just woke up, and put on my beau’s collared shirt is called) and your face is so cute. I can’t even believe you’re able to look that good without makeup. Girl, haters they gon hate. and good for you for calling out that jerk on his bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that girlfriend.

  • kid_you_not

    “As recently as last week, I’ve been called an ugly whore…”

    This sounds like something you made up.

  • Jessica

    This, times a thousand. I HATE makeup. I hate how it makes my skin worse (it ruins my acne and makes me prone to eye styes), I hate how it feels, I hate how long it takes to get it off and to apply it, and I hate having to take the time to do it. I also really hate that my appearance has anything to do with how people perceive me. I am damn smart and very good at what I do. But not wearing makeup makes people perceive me as dumber and lazier (there are even peer reviewed studies on this). In fact, when I was trained for substitute teaching, they spent fully two hours telling us how to dress and exactly none teaching us what to do in case of an emergency with the kids.

  • Josie Lawson

    So, I followed another article about a musician who had done a video/song about not wearing makeup, etc., to this. Then I had to see what “ugly as fuck” looked like, so I googled images of you. You have an awesome face! (which didn’t surprise me). What in the fuck is wrong with people?

    Most days I don’t wear makeup, though I do use not-overly-expensive sun-screeny face creams. When I do wear it – especially several days in a row – it’s a pain to put on, a pain to get off and, if I don’t get every molecule of eye makeup off before going to bed (regardless of brand or how “hypoallergenic” it’s supposed to be), the next day I wake up with a sinus infection

    I do love in-your-face red lipstick, because the first time I wore it (a tomboy in the sixties – so it was an inoffensive pink), as I got on the schoolbus, feeling full of myself and pretty, one of the neighborhood boys yelled, “BOYS DON’T WEAR LIPSTICK!” At which point I wiped it off and didn’t wear it again until I was in my late 30’s (after a couple of decades of trying, and failing, to be what I thought I was “supposed to be”) at which point, everything I did was about “fuck you and what you think of me”. Now, it’s about what I feel like doing at the moment, so I’m growing out my silver and black hair (it was platinum blond for a while) and, when that’s done I may paint in purple streaks here and there.

    Why not? In-your-face red lipstick and purple streaks in my hair – or clean face and just-out-of-the-shower hair – why should we care about what anyone (except the awesome few we allow to be close to us because they love us no matter what) thinks?

  • Natural

    Fuck that guy.

  • L H

    “meant to enhance the natural beauty of a woman” — Meant to, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily does. Beauty is relative and subjective and conditioned. I live in a place where women who wear makeup are the exception, and when you’re used to looking at natural faces, makeup looks odd.

  • Britt

    It’s utterly repulsive that someone would describe anyone in that way. I find the describer even more repugnant because it is a complete and utter lie. Leandra is incredibly far, far away from ‘ugly’ not to mention beauty is a cultural construct and differs widely from person to person and country to country. It is so sad that our way of using makeup in western society has become so ingrained, that one would feel fine describing a natural, attractive woman as “ugly as fuck” because she doesn’t wear makeup, in less than a century. To feel okay saying that all, no matter what, is deeply disturbing. People like that need some serious lessons on how they view the world and others.

  • Hitomi Kato-Moore

    To be content and satisfied with the way you are is the key to deep happiness I think. So many of us go through life never being quite content, thinking that its okay that ‘my nose is pudgy’. I think you’re beautiful

  • SG

    I actually cannot stand makeup… Ugly is as ugly does… So… I cannot see the point

  • Luiza

    get it girl. keep it granola!

  • AnneFoxgirl

    A lot of the women that men call ugly are really just plain/average in the looks department, so it always confuses the hell out of me when guys caterwaul and stuff about how ugly a so-called ugly woman is and I see her and she’s not ugly.

  • Frederick McDonnell

    To quote Jack Cayless of Bumrush comics (Don’t go there unless you are ok with hardcore porn), “Only boys are ugly, women are “niche”. A surprisingly good insight to human nature.

  • a fan

    fab essay. shit like this is why I read you. you ARE beautiful!

  • rbm

    i think you are beautiful.

  • Junglesiren

    Wow. Brutal. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder but really girl, no one can call you ugly with a straight face. I hardly wear make-up too and I like what I see. When you find those little normally off-putting things kind of beautiful then you’re really growing. I just had brain surgery and have had part of my hair shaved. At the gym I cover that spot (just above my left ear) with a wide hair band. But I looked at a photo of myself the other day. It was taken 2 weeks after having my head sawed open, I still had the staples in… it’s the most beautiful I’ve ver looked in all my 53 years. It is so true, at one point you just have to love yourself as you are.

  • ryan

    much love lady. you’re the bestest <3

  • greg

    I really don’t get why people think makeup is attractive. I find it a big turn off. I cannot find a woman wearing makeup attractive. I think it says a lot about the individual whether they wear makeup or not. How secure they are about their looks. If they are too concerned about what sheeple think. A face can be beautiful. A layer of gunk on top of a face – nu-uh. (Well not makeup gunk anyway). Then there is the health aspect of it – a lot of makeup contains carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting chemicals. Why would you want to rub that into your skin? I have more respect for those women that don’t wear makeup.

  • I really hope your reply was just ‘ugly as fuck huh?’. Please tell me it was.

  • badmoca

    So fucking true !

  • Simple gal.

    This is lovely <3
    I am the same, however my reasons are a little more on the side of I want to simplify my life and having to carry around and paste various concoctions on my face each morning and worry whether they have smudged is definitely too much concern. I'm going for the worry-free life. Needing a moisturiser is worry enough thanks.

  • Joanna Maziarz

    YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Just a you are <3 (it's refreshing to read your posts and Instagrams) which are a perfect combination of beauty, wit and intensely picked sarcasm (my favorite) YOU GLOW GIRL 😉

  • lama

    creepy as it sounds, to me, you are the world’s most beautiful woman.

  • I’ve seen you in person, taking pics with fans and readers, being so gracious and sweet. I think you’re beautiful inside and out.

  • anon

    who care’s what they think of you they sound ugly there are people out there that will like you reguardless of how you look and even love you for your flaw’s and they wont try to change you unless your pure evil and your personality, is rotten to the core then, i could understand why they would call you ugly but. i dont no anything about you just dont let them get to you to much for all you no they did that just to bug you

  • Gina Duffy

    those eyebrows are the only accessory you need on that face. they’re gorgeous. i wish i wasn’t such a pussy and went out more without makeup. tired of hiding behind my makeup sometimes.

  • Gina Duffy

    Also I agree with the other ladies. It’s brave to be out there with a “naked” face.

  • Kate Hanna

    I’ve always admired you for not wearing makeup. I thought it was a reflection on your being cool? No? (Yes.) Who are these other muppets? I came to realize (in that slow, meandering way) that the girls I’m most curious about accept themselves completely.

  • cyleste

    Hope I don’t have to log in to say this….I agree, I once woke up after a long drive and wouldn’t go into a gas station without “checking my look in the mirror”…. I’m older and wiser… I’m proud that I don’t need makeup to be who I am. It is called make-up for a reason. … I don’t need to “make up” for anything!

  • Alex

    Haha! 😀
    That is exactly why I don’t wear make-up, sandwiched between the fact that I don’t encounter too many mirrors in the run of a day, so I’m not the one who has to endure the view of my make-up-less face until I walk by a mirror and is suddenly hit by reality – “HOLY SKEETS!!! I look like a Kopi Luwak coffee bean”
    …But then I leave the company of my reflection and I think to myself “..well…people have seen look better…so they know that this Adams-family-worthy-face is just a fluke.”

  • Jane

    “Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.” I really admire that you don’t wear make up, I have gone two months now with no make up, but I only have the confidence to do that in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan. Otherwise I usually wear some mascara. I read this page by coincedence and just wanted to say even the most beautiful models get criticized… people will always have something to say. Focus on the more important things, a pretty face is only a pretty face <3

  • Lauren

    Thoughts? Just a few. You are physically beautiful objectively, although I also agree with your conclusions about individuality being beautiful.The guy is just a dick and his comment only reveals his own issues. And people always project their own preferences on others, so Instagram followers who like makeup think you should too.

  • evibevi

    I always think you look really cool exactly because of that face and attitude of yours! I think it was lazy of him to let himself stoop so low…ignorance!

  • Heidi

    I have this lament too and I have realized that wearing no makeup is simply telling the truth to myself and others of who I am. I want to enjoy what my face looks like now instead of covering it up with what is should look like. Why should I waste my money on something that will slowly erode my self-confidence?

  • Heidi

    and one more thing – that guy who insulted you is a “woman repeller”

  • Heidi

    I don’t like living in this generation. A generation that values outward appearance a generation of narcissists.

  • Ella

    You are not lazy, you are natural. I think you’re beautiful. Shallow people find justification in their misogynistic personal attacks if you’re not wearing artificial layers of pigment on your skin. I was told this morning on Plenty Of Fish by a guy (who I thought was a decent) that I needed to “make more of an effort in my photos”. He seems to ignorant of the fact that for us women perusing male profiles it’s not uncommon to see photos of men who are scruffy, unshaven, with a cigarette hanging from their mouths proudly holding a carp they’ve just caught. This is an issue of gender. Beauty is being used as a stick against women. Any person who calls another human being “ugly as fuck” is ugly on the inside, a disgusting waste of DNA. I deliberately show my natural, every day self on my dating site profile photos. Not my worst, not my best. I am good enough. You are good enough. Don’t tolerate bad behaviour.

  • Ella

    You are not lazy, you are natural. I think you’re beautiful. Shallow people find justification in their misogynistic personal attacks if you’re not wearing artificial layers of pigment on your skin. I was told this morning on Plenty Of Fish by a guy (who I thought was decent) that I needed to “make more of an effort in my photos”. He seems to be ignorant of the fact that for us women perusing male profiles it’s not uncommon to see photos of men who are scruffy, unshaven, with a cigarette hanging from their mouths proudly holding a carp they’ve just caught. This is an issue of gender. Beauty is being used as a stick against women. Any person who calls another human being “ugly as fuck” is ugly on the inside, a disgusting waste of DNA. I deliberately show my natural, every day self on my dating site profile photos. Not my worst, not my best. I am good enough. You are good enough. Don’t tolerate bad behaviour.

  • Laura

    I actually think you’re gorgeous! I try so hard to step out without wearing makeup but my own insecurities get the best of me! The amount of tiiiiiiime that I’ve wasted by putting on makeup, taking it off, doing my hair, re doing my hair..I don’t understand how I haven’t gone crazy…but actually CRAZY.

  • Palesa.

    this is all me, Thank you Leandra,i dont wear make up as well and I wont lie there are days when i look at other woman and appreciate the efforts they have taken to look “pretty”, however I wake up and wash my face and moisturize and LOVE how it carries me through out the day and I can touch it wen i want to laugh at something really funny, and never worry of my mascara or eyeliner smudging after a good weeping session. These are all natural emotions and reactions that could possibly happen through out ones day and i dont worry about touch ups or being afraid of messing up this perfectly applied make up on ones face.

    I respect other woman that use it and have a lot of friends that apply make up, but I’ve accepted the fact that I’m more comfortable with myself and feel really out of place when i have make up on.

    So yes my definition of my good looks is me ‘WITHOUT” makeup

  • AL

    I really wish I had the courage to go without makeup. Im in awe of girls that do. I always think they’re on another stratosphere of cool.
    you’re lucky though that you dont really need to wear it. other than the fact that you’re naturally pretty, you have dark eyebrows, eyelashes etc which naturally accent your features. If I had that I dont think i’d wear makeup either. I have naturally really blonde hair and fair features. I look sick without makeup. In fact, I once tried to brave the no makeup look (its so french and so chic!) only to have one of my friends ask whether i’d singed my eyelashes. another person asked if i was doing ok, with a really sympathetic tone. as if i looked like i was going through some traumatic episode.
    anyway, i reckon your vibe is awesome, the fact that you wear no makeup makes your street style looks more real and accessible. i kinda loathe the really processed, immaculately put together street style girls. it looks so manufactured. you on the other hand look so cool and effortlessly chic.

    that dude is rude as fuck. much much worse

  • James Torres

    You are not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. That person obviously has sociopathic tendencies, and probably teases spiders.

  • Jacksaid

    Most of us don’t really care whether you wear makeup or not.. We will just skip right over you to the attractive women that care about their appearance…

  • Honeybee

    “More important than that though, I am comfortable with how I look.” What more would you want?

  • Anthony Peters

    Where’s your Photo Au Natural? I bet Big your Beautiful!

  • Kerrington Cai


  • Petunia Wigglebottom

    I’ve NEVER worn make-up, except the time I got sat on by a rather plump friend and threatened with a backhand by my stepmother. I got plucked, trimmed, and painted under threat of something worse than death. I think make-up is a superfluous, often toxic waste of time and money that turns people into illusions. Take me as I am, or stake yourself on one of Vlad’s poles!

    Well, I did hit Frisco and a couple of night clubs a couple of times looking like a cross between a member of Motley Crue, Kiss and Alice Cooper, but that doesn’t count. Anyway, that was felt tip pen and Halloween make-up.

    • Petunia Wigglebottom

      I forgot something. My buddy then dragged me to her house to show me to her sister, and her sister said, “THAT LOOKS STUPID”, wherein I immediately went to their bathroom and washed that crap off. Man, I couldn’t even recognise myself under that warpaint. And the thinned eyebrows were a pain, since there wasn’t enough left to protect my eyeballs from the sweat that dripped into them when I worked out at the gym in the good ol’ days when I used to work out.

  • Esha Gupta

    love this post. how empowering and inspiring. Leandra, you are such a #ladyboss – and just for the record (not that it matters, but I want to express the sentiment anyway), I think you are truly a beautiful woman! truly, truly!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Maja S

    Oh Leandra. They are ignorant fools. You are really pretty. You have really striking facial features and you really don’t need make up. Too much make-up would just be an overkill.

  • Faye Lessler

    Thank you for being you, Lady Leandra! Who needs artificial beauty that you don’t, yourself, find fun to wear? Isn’t that the point? To have fun with fashion and to love ourselves enough to be able to do that? Wear makeup when you feel like it, don’t listen to the self-conscious assholes. I actually find your face quite hilariously adorably beautiful!

  • insel birinci

    I second that. Well said! 🙂

  • Elle

    This was actually a little inspiring! Thanks, and I don’t know what that guy was thinking, you are NOT “ugly as fuck”.

    -One of the few 16 year olds who don’t wear make up

  • Teri Jo La Chonce

    I don’t think I really can believe this story. Because it is ridiculous that anyone would call you ugly, or even anything less than gorgeous.

  • Andrea Gutierrez

    I’m not lazy at all when it comes to make up. My mom is one of those ladies who would wear make up just to water the plants. And so, I was raised thinking that going out without make up is like not wearing underwear. When people with natural beauty (yes I’m talking about you) just choose not to wear make up, I just get SO obsessed trying to get that natural and healthy glow. That’s hard for me, because I’m not used to it. Lately, I’ve been trying the all-natural kind of look and It’s nice giving my skin a break. It just feels right and I feel GORG. Maybe going out without underwear ain’t that bad at all hehehe. YOU GO GIRL!

  • Jen

    This is all fascinating, as I just saw you for the first time and thought that you are deeply beautiful.

  • Cory

    Personally, I think makeup makes women look disgusting and fake. its like a bad marketing campaign,. I’d imagine its not really ‘lazy’ thatyou dont wear any, maybe ‘busy’ would be a more accurate term? It’s actually because my wife doesnt wear any makeup as to one of the biggest reasons I FIND her attractive.

  • ehas2doggies

    You’re rad as fuck

  • Mark Kalvin

    Makeup should only be applied by undertakers.

    You are what you are when you wake up in the morning or you’re lying. Who needs to get acquainted with your lie?

    Makeup should only be applied by undertakers.

  • Frozen_Planet_Fan

    How on earth did someone call you “ugly as fuck”?!? We’re all doomed.

  • Mathilde

    Makeup is overrated. You look great without it, because you are a great person! Awesome people look great no matter what the hell they do.

  • Gloria

    This was so beautiful! To ignore the shallow puddles of dick head men like that is an achievement. People will always find our flaws they used to call me olive oil in school because I was so skinny. Your either too skinny or too fat. Wrong hair, too much make up, too big of a butt, flat chested! The list is endless. We will never get aprroval from the world. Only as we make peace with what we see in the mirror and learn to appreciate every part of it will we did true happiness.

  • Magdalena

    While i can relate to the message of your text, i don’t see why you chose the photos above. In most of these photos the women are actually wearing make up. Maybe not the full-on, red lipstick and glitter on eyelids-version, but you can tell most of them are wearing foundation, a slight blush or/and a bit of lip gloss.

  • Simon Wedin

    After having googled pictures of you I can’t come to any other conclussion that the guy was nothing more than a douche.

    You’re beautiful! And what’s even better: you already know that 🙂 And if you were labled as “ugly as fuck”, what would that not make me? “Grotesqe as a swamp monster”? But, I don’t either care about the comments from shallow idiots who for a second cant think about the narrow box that collective society sets up in its norms. Dare to use your brain or be a slave to others!

  • Miriam C-S

    I first read this when you first posted it, and after re-reading just now it you have re-reaffirmed my choices about my lack of a regular make-up regimen. Thank you for being you, Leandra, and thank you for speaking out on behalf of lazy people who feel good in their own skin 🙂

  • Amber

    I agree with everything! Laziness gets to me too. I feel no need to spend more money on makeup, when I could spend it on something useful… like you know, food. If someone says I’m ugly, I would say, “At least I don’t look like you.” #thoseoneliners

    And I recommend everyone who reads this does the same thing.

    Lazy is a fun lifestyle!

  • this is incredibly awesome. good for you. so inspiring.. and well-written.

  • Aliza

    <3 <3 <3 This is so touching. Thanks for sharing your entire thought process. It is beautiful. You are absolutely beautiful.

    Oh. And I'm wearing your OPI nail polish right now. I can't wait to own your "Am I French Yet?" tank. You're so amazing Leandra!! XO

  • Roxy

    Thank you so much for this. I absolutely love your attitude and approach to this topic and I send my love to you for having the strength to love yourself wholly!

  • Lacey

    If your ugly then im a mutation from an evil scientist! Dont listen to mean people! Your beautiful! More so then many models out there today!

  • Caro

    Love and appreciate your blog. You are the one blogger that keeps me in the game. You are beautiful just like me or anyone else- because we are who we are and we make the best of who we are every day. It’s not mascara or Botox that fixes us in fact it’s your fearlessness and vulnerability that fixes the issues many people have with self image. Great post!

  • Jessica

    I stopped wearing makeup because I realized something that you provide a clear example of in this article: People are more affected by a comment about their appearance than their personality or character. You were called smart and funny but ugly and you were extremely upset about it. And I might still cry over something like that but I want to care more about who I am than how I look. I want the fact that I’m a smart girl to matter more than being a pretty girl. I also hope that being called a nasty person would make me more upset than being called ugly.

  • Chris

    I think you’re gorgeous! I’ve always been fascinated with your au naturel look. It’s very French. I’m an Asian girl, btw.

  • Malene S Jensen

    “Ugly as fuck” must be slang for BEAUTIFUL in the fashion world or he must have been blinded by your beauty not to notice it.. Because you are a freaking natural beauty, YOU DON’T need any makeup.. You are born this way.. <3
    I wear mascara daily and that's it (sometimes none at all) , not because of laziness, but because i prefer it.. 🙂

    ps. Stay "ugly as fuck".. 😉

  • katrinarelliott

    A woman who is comfortable without wearing make up but is still proud, intellegent, and graceful is worthy of so much respect.

  • Nilofer

    I love you more after reading this! 🙂 I love your attitude..

  • Micheline Drebert

    me too agree with you do my assignment with perfection

  • Vera

    What??? Just read that post now and I am really irritated. You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Lucy

    We do not have unlimited spare time. Putting on make-up and taking it off takes up a lot of time. If women enjoy using make-up enough to prioritise its use ahead of other things, that is great. If women feel pressured to use make-up to conform to social expectations of female beauty, and in doing so use time they could spend on things they enjoy more or need to do (for example, sleep more, study more, create more, work more, enjoy more time with their families and friends), then that pressure is oppressive and not in women’s best interests. Liking make-up is not bad. Feeling pressured to use it sucks. You are not lazy. You are prioritising.

  • Jules

    Ugly as fuck could mean anything at all….from, I don`t fancy her, to she threatens me, she does`t fancy me so I will say she`s ugly as fuck, many, many permutations 🙂 Words from an ugly soul methinks!

  • CyprZZ

    Disappoint! You spent time on two reasons. Laziness, and then you described how you embrace your natural self.

    Laziness was either the truth or a statement to allow you to also include the statement that followed.

    ME: I DON’T WEAR MAKEUP! I am beautiful the way I am!

    If I want to entice a partner with pink cheeks, it will be because my cheeks are blushing due to being aroused.

    I don’t need to wear products made of animals and petrochemicals. That mask harming my beautiful facial skin, clogging my pores, prematurely aging me, and allowing me to hide behind a false vision.

    I go without the mask! I’ve never regretted it!

    I only regret wearing makeup, as a teen who was too young to know better.

  • Dreamy

    You’re brilliant. I can’t believe people said those things. I think you’re completely beautiful! But even if you weren’t… jeez, people can be so emotionally stupid.

  • NikkySkyy66

    I’m the same way, so very lazy sometimes I don’t even like doing my hair.

  • Jay Jay

    Dear Leandra,
    I think this article focuses on a very important topic and the e-mail you quoted illustrates the point: Calling someone smart, funny, but ugly as fuck depicts how the most important feature of a woman is still considered to be her looks in most cases.
    I know that your blog focuses on presenting and selling fashion, not promoting feminism, but I think you could have used this post to send a clearer message. Considering your elaborate style and the effort you put into the rest of your looks (e.g. hair), it is hard to believe that you not wearing make-up is based on pure laziness or “not caring”. Also, being afraid that it harms your skin / eyelashes sounds a little childish; You’re not supposed to sleep in your make-up, just like you’d be uncomfortable sleeping in your clothes. These arguments sound like somewhat weak excuses to me. But of course, I can understand that openly discussing your bare face must be a sensitive topic. Why not just stick to your conclusion? You don’t wear make-up, because you find your bare face beautiful. That’s an inspiring and incredibly strong sentence!

    The Man Repeller’s message, celebrating individuality without basing it on acknowledgements from men, is even more important to be promoted in a business as visual and sometimes superficial as fashion and sometimes I think you could focus on it more strongly on your blog.

    I highly respect your amazing work, your personality and intellect that shine through in every post! I hope you will continue your promotion of unconditional self-respect and self-love and help others cultivate it for themselves!
    xoxo JJ

    • Aly

      I’m not going to argue with Leandra’s explanation. From what I’ve read on blogs on the discussion of wearing/not wearing makeup, it seems that for some women who’ve never worn and never will wear makeup, it’s hard for them to understand that you can love your bare face *and* enjoy the application of makeup from time to time, when you so desire. I wear it every day because I’m one of those so-called Scandinavian types (actually German-Irish), but definitely not model pretty. What I mean is, I have no eyebrows or eyelashes and I pretty much blend into the wall. God, what I would give to have some of your features, Leandra. That’s just life. I still love and respect myself, though. And when I look in the mirror after applying some mascara, brow powder and tinted moisturizer, that’s when I say, “I’m really killing it now.”

  • Erin Fellows

    Wow. Those people are ugly as fuck. In their hearts.

  • Amy

    Whatever! You are a bad ass bitch and I am obsessed with you.

  • Danielle

    Best ever. And my boyfriend thinks you’re a total babe.

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  • Ivy

    Your gorgeous! I’ve never seen a picture of you but read the article first then looked. Are you kidding? I half expected to see an unattractive woman in some sense and no! I thought why did she even give those “ugly as fuck” comments a second thought?

  • Brodelette

    I don’t wear makeup anymore – for the same reasons – and won’t go back to every day ever. When I wear it on special occasions now it makes my eyes itch like crazy. And FWIW, you’re gorgeous.

  • Evelyn Brockmann

    Just today my gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous friend lamented that she overheard someone calling her the Hungarian equivalent of fugly. She started crying over it which led to me to screaming out and then spending a good couple of minutes of publicly shouting at her before storming off.
    Not the best reaction surely.
    Now that I have calmed down I will call her and read this out and all shall be well and thank you thank you thank you you are amazing, truly and dearly you are.
    Thank you Internet, well played.

  • Ana

    Oh man… Im curious what your response was to that email? Could you afford to tell him to fuck off? Call him smart but ugly as fuck in some passive aggressive way?

  • I do not wear make up either. Only out for a special event/occasion do I apply make up. That does not mean I don’t care about how I look, I do, but I don’t need to make my face every single day to feel pretty. It’s so awesome to see some one so involved in the fashion industry who is comfortable in her own skin. You go girl!

  • sarah


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  • It’s unbelievable how mean people can be when they think we are not watching. Leandra, I have seen you in person in Soho many times and I believe you are beautiful. Your eyes are bright, intelligent and lively (unlike many women who live in a drugged out stupor) AND you have a great smile (even when fans approach you at Zara and scare the crap out of you by accident… like I did). Yes, I think it’s a positive thing that you don’t look like a Scandinavian model or a Kartrashian. I think it’s even more positive that you’ve created a space where women (and men) can be who they are, without trying so hard to be liked by others. It’s a label free zone and one of the few on the internet. Yes, I think you are beautiful and whoever wrote that snide remark can kiss your a$$ (a skinny one) and mine (a not so skinny one). Peace and Love. Lady Lemonade!

  • Sara

    Too many girls don’t understand that ugliness and imperfections are a HUGE advantage! When I look around me, I see that the prettiest women ended up with the most shallow and selfish men, whereas the women with imperfections and ‘ugly’ appearances got all the nice guys. You see: imperfections are the most effective ‘jerk filter’ in the world. They sort out the guys who are more interested in your looks than than they in you: a real and whole human being with thoughts and ideas – and imperfections. So to all girls: flaunt you imperfections – they are your friend!

  • Karalyn Rae

    This has been one of the best posts in a while. I’m all for some self reflecting and of course, Man Repelling. You do you girl.

  • dontmesswithjess

    So encouraging, awesome job and keep it up. This inspired me, and I think I’m not going to wear any today at least.

  • Kayla

    I am an avid makeup wearer. The reason I wear makeup, allow me to be frank, the reason I do not leave the house without makeup is because I have many many deep rooted insecurities. End of story. However, my real purpose for commenting here is because : #1 I whole heartedly agree with your opinion, and #2 I just googled an image of you… uhhh “ugly as fuck”?
    Nah, you are without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. You have what I define as definitive natural beauty. Something I myself do not feel like I have. All I’m saying is I would totally “wife you up”. Ha! 🙂

  • Kayla

    I searched your picture up and franky, the first thing I thought was, “Wow. She’s beautiful.” I don’t wear makeup either, and people have asked me why I don’t. I tell them I’m confident with my natural beauty and I’ve heard confidence itself is beautiful.
    If people cannot get over your outer beauty and not see your inner beauty as who you are, then honestly, they’re not worth your time. It’s your personality that makes you who you are, but sadly people in our cruel world cannot see this.
    “But our lives will only ever always
    continue to be
    a balancing act
    that has less to do with pain
    and more to do with beauty.”
    -To This Day, a poem, by Shane Koyczan

  • se7en

    Thanks for sharing…58eveningdress.

  • Kristin

    She is well spoken but she has no legitimate reason as to why she shouldn’t put on make-up. It just seems more about a post of excuses. “Oh my towel will get dirty”….? Theres this modern invention that will wash all your garments. It’s called a washing machine.

    “I’ve learned to accept my [state]”, just translates into another lazy way of saying “I’m too lazy to wear makeup so I’ll further justify my laziness”.

  • Brittney

    I’ve always thought you have a strong face. The sort of face a woman gets when she’s successful, smart, busy, thoughtful, and kind. It’s a face that shows character and collects experiences that other people can see immediately. That’s the kind of face I hope people see when they look at me too. Bravo to you for not trying to cover that kind of beautiful face up.

  • francis

    okay, so i looked you up as well…oh my gosh, you are beautiful! photo after photo…you are beautiful. i couldn’t understand the ‘ugly’ comment at all, that is, tee-hee, until i finally came across a photo of you in pointy pink sunglasses that hid your beautiful face (what? why?) while wearing satiny-green diaper-ish looking shorts (what??? LOL WHY???) but that really has nothing to do with how gorgeous you are…that one outfit was just so shocking to look at that he probably couldn’t see how genuinely, extra pretty you are. so…that must be the one and only photo he saw! U R BEAUTIFUL! (but do consider burning the shorts and losing the pink shades, even if they are the rage in Paris!) PS if you’ll still let me, i’ll be signing up for your blog 🙂

    • francis

      PS i posted the photo of you but it didn’t go through, but I hope you accept my comments in the spirit in which they were intended…complimentary, but your blog put me in a humorous mood!

  • Chong Xing Juan

    I as a girl and a future women do not want to be dated just because I’m beautiful. I don’t wear makeup and like you, I am not ashamed of this fact.
    I am proud of the look god gave me and I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • Lucy

    On a daily basis I don’t wear makeup I work as a chef when I do go out I don’t wear it then either it’s the hassle and annoyance of putting on and taking it off. I am very lucky that I have never had to wear mascara as have thick eyelashes but everyhing else perhaps if I was meeting a guy or a very special date but I would rather people like me for who i am rather than what I look like

  • Abby

    love it. I can’t be bothered either… I just don’t look prettier with it. and I’d rather look like ME all day.

  • Melinia Owens

    I did no makeup May years ago and now if I WANT TO I swipe some on… if not–meh. I am free of those social constraints and loving it!

  • Jane

    I have to admit, after (finally) reading this post I just HAD to google a picture to see this “ugly as fuck” woman. Wow, you are gorgeous!! Naturally beautiful – I’d love to have that. I’m shocked that anyone could every describe you as ugly, let alone “ugly as fuck.” People will never cease to amaze me I guess…

  • Linda

    I don’t wear makeup either. It’s way too expensive. Besides, you can’t improve on what God created.

  • Sherrie

    After reading this essay, I had to google photos of Ms. Medine. Oh my heavens, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t a very pretty woman with nice skin. Apparently, she meets way too many people who have all of their taste in their tongues. I, more or less, gave up make-up when I started dating my husband back in 1983. His stated view was, “Why do you women put all that gunk on? You would look much better if you washed your faces.”. LOL, I stopped wearing make-up for a man! Now in my mid 50’s, I feel like I’m wearing a costume when I put on cosmetics. Even though I no longer have fresh, youthful skin, exhibit mild rosacea and a few wrinkles, the husband still finds my face lovely. Oh, and I do still get the occasional not-my-husband who flirts and makes passes, so it’s not a “just one guy” view.

  • whitemetalrabbit

    I don’t think you should call yourself a ‘man repeller’ because you don’t wear makeup. That keeps them in charge. You don’t wear makeup because you realize you don’t need to spend all that money and time to feel ok about yourself. Period. Who cares whether you’re beautiful either way?

  • Ashley

    you literally took the words out of my mouth! I am a 15 year old girl in high school and i always get asks that question. Once i read this, i thought this was brilliant!

  • Carrie

    If you’re ugly as fuck, then I need to just put a bag over my head.

  • Erica Yum Gary

    I think she is beautiful.

  • Nature Girl

    Women are naturally better looking than men. Men don’t wear makeup – why should we? It is a shallow man who gets attracted to the artificial. You know the saying, “Potty and Paint make the Devil look like a Saint!”

  • mandy

    Um….ugly as fuck and you don’t mix. I googled you and then had to check the name twice because the person I saw was far from ugly

  • Pinar

    I think you are beautiful and you look your best when you go ‘au naturel’ with a big smile on your face. I can’t believe a grown up adult man refers to a woman ‘ugly as fuck’. It shows what type of a person he is. It is just sad.
    I am married for 10 years and not once my husband said something like that about a woman. He called me beautiful at my worst state (try to picture me pregnant with a 10 pound baby). Well I guess that’s why I am married to him.

  • Mo

    I’ve never really worn makeup, except on special occasion and Halloween, actually it’s mostly just Halloween. I never bothered to learn how to apply makeup, because when I did wear it, I didn’t feel comfortable. I thought and still think that makeup looks lovely on others, but sometimes it can create false impressions for oneself. I use to hear friends talk about how ugly they felt without it. It was mostly because they ended up comparing their made up face to their “naked” face. (what a silly term, a naked face…) They felt what they were, could not be compared with what they were with the “armor” on. I know it’s a problem for a lot of people, but for me it was always the opposite, I would rather be myself in the world, than feel like I’m representing myself as something different than what I am. I think the choice to or not to wear make up, should not be about how others see you, but rather by how you with it on, or with it off, feel. What makes you feel like the you that can go about the world and do what you desire, whether you are comfortable with, exactly as the author of this piece said, who you see in the mirror.

  • dragonfly

    ahhh, patriarchy certainly has thoroughly fucked over those-with-wombs… a male god (with a circumcised penis – and who performed that operation?) with a divine son but no divine wombs (mother or daughter) in his penis-is-paramount domain… and of course one needs only to look at their last name and where it came from (a male), while simultaneously disregarding who you popped out of, to see how patriarchy keeps empowering it’s deranged male-power-over-scam… in pre-patriarchal (‘pre-historical’) times, one could trace one’s lineage accurately because all lineages were traced through the mother, for they well understood a very simple concept – one always knows who their biological mother is, but the same cannot be said for one’s biological father (recent studies of different populations have shown up to 30% of children have no genetic connection with the man everyone thought was their biological father)… this is precisely why chastity belts were invented and why one is only considered jewish if one’s mother is jewish – because the jews know the only way to accurately trace a lineage (back to Abraham’s wife Sarah) is to track it through the MOTHER… and of course the concept of a ‘male’-with-a-fetus (fe-male / fetus-male) taking her husband’s name to symbolize his ownership of her is even more insane – utterly beyond belief any ‘man’-with-a-womb (wo-man / womb-man) who considers herself a ‘feminist’ would actually still be breathing life into patriarchy with that stupidity… don’t like male dominant patriarchy? kick it in the nuts by simply dropping your daddy’s / husband’s name.. costs nothing and you can do it in 2 seconds… don’t worry about changing your name ‘legally’ – who gives a flying fuck what the Machine knows you as… simply stop IDENTIFYING with and claiming your alleged ‘father’s’ name or your husband’s name…

  • Jenn

    Maybe this was too anti-feminist of me (because if I really enjoy reading your blog, it shouldn’t matter how you look, so why look at all?) but on the other hand, I’ve always been an incredibly curious person. My best friend and I have “people-watched” and made up stories about the people, just because of that curiosity (and for our own amusement, as we waited for one of her friends to get out of school)… but after reading this, I was compelled to “google” your name and see what you really look like. I’m new to your blog, so I’m unaware of what “Man Repeller” is referring to, and to see that comment from whoever that guy is about you “truly being a man repeller,” well, that seemed messed up regardless of how you look. I mean, he can’t speak for men everywhere, can he? Or does he really think himself so all-important that he can do that?

    Anyway, I googled you, as I said, and I’m not makin’ it up when I say that I actually found you to be quite beautiful. I have a few really great friends who share a lot of your qualities: the dark eyebrows, the goofy personality. You seem like you’d be an absolute blast to hang around. I don’t understand why people (especially guys, who as a group tend to believe women are the big gossipers in the world) feel the need to talk badly of people. What does it gain, really? I’m not saying I NEVER do that (because I’ve been guilty of it as well), but I try to have a little bit of self-control and see the other side of it. I don’t feel I can criticize without really knowing a person. And honestly, I’m pretty sure there’s a fair amount of men who aren’t repelled by your appearance at all. You look like a beautiful, confident woman. What’s repellent about that? 🙂

  • Ariel

    There are just as many, if not more, people who read MR that think you are BEAUTIFUL! Not that you should care what we think 🙂 But really, you are gorgeous!

  • diane

    OMG! You’re cute as a button and so fresh faced. Even if you weren’t, how dare that person say something so negative about another human being. You just continue being the adorable young lady that you are and let them wallow in their negativity.

  • Maria

    Not all women want to be like Scandinavian models or all men like super thin blondes ….. that’s just a stereotype. I know many men who do not like at all and never would come out with a slim blonde

  • Kate

    I have never worn makeup in my life, kind of because maybe I really like sleeping in the mornings, but also because I really do like my appearance. I know I’m certainly not a supermodel, but nobody else looks like me, so why would I try to erase my uniqueness by wearing makeup in the same fasion as everyone else? It’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels like this.

  • Lucy

    I agree with you on this, but can I just point out that the majority of the 20 photos at the top of the page contain women who are actually wearing makeup, even if it is natural-looking?

  • MC

    I love this!! Great piece.

  • Sofia

    I think you’re pretty. You’re not a commercialised fake mess rather which is refreshing!

  • Merita Memisi

    I have never felt so compelled as now to leave a comment. I don’t wear a shred of makeup, not even a tiny bit. I was called ugly too (actually a lesbian viking), so I decided to do something truly grating to my psyche to shut the ‘haters’ up. I became a beauty queen (no judgement, please – it’s actually rather difficult). This was something that highlighted to me that by contouring and highlighting and all of the other stuff, you become a new version of yourself, a version that was not really me. It’s not lazy, it’s not two-fingers up at the world, it is a choice of being and that is not a bad thing and it is kind of beautiful. Ugly as fuck, I think not…

  • timeless

    I feel the guy is a complete idiot and he needs a good injection of manners…no makeup rules…

  • Modern Woman

    Congratulations….and thanks for sharing your truth. P.S. You look great just the way you are.

  • Nice, I wrote an article about this before: http://www.ethosinternational.co/why-dont-you-wear-any-makeup/
    I think it’s liberating not to wear makeup all the time. I now wear it only on occasion. I’m just not interested in spending that kind of time covering “my flaws” and “beautifying” my face. This is me and it really doesn’t matter who likes it or not.

  • Imogen

    I don’t wear makeup either. Neither do my 3 sisters. (And no, we don’t live in the back woods or live off the land, nor are we hermits. We’re all urban “folk” and live in separate states.) Something I’ve noticed over the years…and since i’m not the only guinea-pig (testing out the long-term affects of not wearing makeup)…it seems..based on our small sampling, that makeup + all of the makeup removing products + everything else people smack on their faces = (or seems to equal) a face that ages MORE, not less. (p.s. but lipstick? Yes!)

  • Imogen

    p.s. smart + funny trumps product every single fucking day of the week!

  • Lisa

    You’re awesome Leandra. Make up or no make up does not determine beauty. What radiates from the inside is what beauty is. And that’s the honest truth!!

  • diadelosgatos

    I think about this post a lot. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I am so ugly and sometimes I think I am adorable. But ultimately, I know it is subjective and doesn’t really matter and get on with my day. Thank you for writing this and sharing a horrifying story of the cruelty we fear. And reminding us to not give a fig.

  • Cristine

    Amazing and inspiring! Rock that natural face. You’re kick ass in anything anyway

  • 🙁 That’s just horrible to have to read. But in the end it makes you stronger because you have to step back and take a long hard look at yourself and your habits. Then you either change or just accept you are fine with yourself as in. Then next time you’ll brush it off easier.

  • jaya

    i totally agree with u… we share the same thoughts…..beauty lies within ourselves…..coverin ourself with makeup is lyk wearin a mask….. appriciate the true beauty…every girl is beautiful…

  • Mimi

    It’s so deeply, achingly sad that now, because some gross-on-the-inside guy made a stupid comment that he cannot possibly believe is actually true, this woman – who is clearly smart, talented, and, let’s face it, very pretty – now somehow identifies with the descriptor “ugly.” “Ugly” is a shitty thing for a person to describe another person’s appearance as even in the privacy of their own home, whispered to their best friend; it is a word with heavy karma, a word that wield its own significance against the user with each utterance. Women whose looks fall outside the realm of traditional, “photogenic” Western beauty are already at a real disadvantage by the common use of this word to describe a woman’s appearance. And now, a woman who falls WELL WITHIN the requirements for most men to take a look and say “Oh, I’d hit that” – pathetically, but, biologically, an assurance most women crave – may forever, whether she admits it or not, or even believes it or not, hear that word ringing from time to time. Real women, whether deemed “babes” or not, have their looks critiqued all the time, and women in magazines, movies and TV, for whom physical beauty is literally a full-time job, have their looks critiqued and venomously so all the time. Anyone who would use the word “ugly” to describe a woman, whether she looks like a pin-up or much different, whether she is seen hosting the local news or walking down a runway or rushing to her next class, does more harm to their own psyche (and eventually, visage) than they could ever do to a woman. Unfortunately, they can do a lot of harm to a woman.

  • Christina

    Hopefully the jerk who wrote that is on the receiving end of karma and is a sony employee. You’re beautiful, girl!!

  • Kristine Cappo

    I too was told by my mother in law, who I love dearly and is basically a mother to me that I should wear makeup. I took her very seriously and began finding myself buying out the shelves of the local Ulta. My husband noticed and said “you don’t need makeup, I like the way you look better without it.” He’s right. I’m just not one of those women who really call for the need. I take care of my skin, people never believe my age, so if it’s a special event Mascara and some blush and a lip gloss work. Day to day why bother? It takes away from the “wow” when I do wear some. Rock on, take care of your skin, your body and your soul. It will show in your face.

  • T

    Killin’ it! I also choose to go makeup free the majority of the time, because after years of covering up my face, I finally am comfortable with what I see in the mirror.. naturally! I have a specific night and morning skincare regimen most importantly. Women are the fairer sex for a reason… We’re sexy ya’ll! And if a natural face repels some man… Good! Go fuck yourself bro.

  • Nona Soumy

    I wish I looked like you without make up on!! You look great, and you do have lovely bone structure!

  • Heloisa

    Wow! I afere with you. If you are happy doing things the way you are doing them, you have no reason to change it. I love when people stay they are happy on their own skin. That’s just how it is supposed to be… an even tho this post as written a long time ago, it made my day to read it. By the way, I think you are beautiful. Your beauty is very unique and I find that to be very interesting. After all, it is so boring to look lime everyone else! You have gorgeous eyebrows and I love your nose as well… The fact is: you are happy and nothing else matters. Have a lovely Holyday season. Xxxx from Brazil.

    • Heloisa

      I agree* with you. Lol (Portuguese corrector)

  • Flo LaBrado

    I love you for this post. I think people are missing the point – you choose to not wear a lot of make up but you are not dissing others who choose to wear more.

    (I do think you are beautiful and not just because of being smart and funny but because you are physically beautiful, too.)

  • Louise

    What a beautiful testament of confidence and acceptance of yourself. Really inspiring. Thank you 🙂 I want to swipe of all my makeup and breathe. People need to stop criticizing this article of promoting this or that, it is simply a statement of how one person feels beautiful. What’s the harm in that?

  • You’re beautiful and that guy has shitty taste. The end.

  • whatever

    I think you are incredibly beautiful.
    If I had your skin tone & radiant eyes, perfect eye brows, I wouldn’t wear makeup either! I’m insanely jealous that you look FABULOUS with no makeup . unless you are a master of the “no make-up Look” & this post is a Big Hoax – then who gives a F* what all of those people say .ROck ON girl.

  • sonjacasey

    Screw everyone and be happy. If you’re too lazy to wear makeup, all well. I am the same way and get comments too…and for me, with super dry flaky skin, makeup doesn’t always look good!

  • MsAnge

    If you want to wear makeup, great. If not, great. Really who cares??? As long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.

  • Ivona

    You are beautiful!
    If someone needs eyeshadow on your eyes and mascara to see it, then that person has a vision problem.

    You have a beautiful large eyes, full lips and a delightful smile. Why anyone needs concealer around your eyes? Or color on your lips?

    I have nothing against make-up, personally rarely use it because I like the way I look. Sometimes I put make-up, because it’s fun to paint myself, but I do not want to paint myself every day.
    I’m not blind, I also see what’s color on someone’s face and see what’s underneath, never consider a person is prettier or uglier because of the make-up or lack of make-up. I’m surprised if people in the 21st century are not aware of it.
    But I am surprised that guy considers you ugly. I really can not understand it.
    If he needs concealer under your eyes to notice your beutiful eyes, then it is indeed a problem in his mind.

  • vettevet2002 .

    something tells me that despite your rather refreshingly laissez faire attitude toward war paint, you are quite “younger girl” cute, in the way John Sebastian once put it;

    and you’re fooling exactly no one in that while you don’t go around every day looking like one of the “Three Little Maids” from “HMS Pinafore”, on those formal occasions what call for it you don the appropriate makeup like you do nail polish and nylons, and are probably just as cute-to-die-for as the next woman, and infinitely more fun than her to be with;

    man repeller, indeed!

  • Guest1

    “Ugly as fuck.” Really? People are nuts. I’ll admit it – I didn’t know what you looked like, Leandra, so I did what any normal person would do and Googled you. You are in no way “ugly as fuck” and I find it appalling that someone would use that phrase to describe you. Shouldn’t we save that for … now that I’m typing it, nothing. Why should we describe anything as ugly as fuck?

  • JN


  • Mini Rose

    I’m afraid to show my makeup-less face. I think it would be so liberating to be that free. I envy you.

  • Loro

    Dear Leandra , i loved your article. I’m a huge fan of your style and sense of humor. Sometimes i think we are pretty similar, so you are far away for ugly as fuck! I am also very lazy for makeup, but i love the fact people surprises when i use it and they talk about my face when is different, because it look prettier with make up, and not really ugly when i dont wear it (Kind of celebrities without make up comments).
    Your are really pretty! People is just jelouse that you feel comfortable.

  • Lizzie
  • Linda Kenyon

    I can’t believe someone would say that. Leandra, you have a beautiful face, And you always look like you’re about to speak and deliver a real zinger!

  • Para Vieja

    Lazy beauty is the best. Skincare is important, make-up is not.

  • Sophie

    You are so inspiring. Each to their own anyway, we could all stand to learn not to judge others just because they do something a little differently.

  • Ang

    You just gained a true fan. And I think you’re honestly good looking, just fyi. People completely trip me out.

  • I forgot about this post! Really nice to read it again. Leandra, you are very beautiful and inspiring. Your confidence and intellectuallity is inspiring.

  • Donna Navarro

    I also don’t wear makeup, only on special occasions. I find when I do this I stick out even more and become more approachable because everyone wants to make a comment about how beautiful or glamorous I look. I do it for the shock and aw of it all! I love taking people off guard, it’s a great ice breaker.
    Clean is beautiful but there is nothing wrong with looking like a master piece once in a while.

  • Kell

    You’re awesome. Thank you for that

  • mea7397

    I love wearing makeup, but I don’t wear it every day and I don’t cringe (unthinkable in my 20’s) if I walk out without it on. Nor do I worry endlessly while not wearing anything on my face other than sunscreen and moisturizer, what other people are thinking about me. Make up is fun, but it doesn’t define who I am – it is what it is and believe me I spend the $$ to prove how much I love it! I’m 53 years old, I only wish I had this confidence when I was younger. Good for you to stand up for what you believe! I only hope he regrets what he said and has learned a two lessons. 1 – don’t judge someone on their looks or make exception for it (ex. funny, but ugly – so incredibly mean, how old is he 12? and 2 – be careful what you say and do, what goes around comes around. I would like to add an expletive, but that wouldn’t be nice now would it!

  • Libby

    I know this is much later than the posted article, but thank you for addressing this. I have been wearing less and less makeup as of late, out of laziness, as you said – it is absolutely discusting to me, the idea that I should feel less confident because I am not wearing a layer of makeup on my face. Thank you for confirming I am not alone in my changing of attitude. And – for the record – I know many who think brown eyes are beautiful. (So this brown eyed lady has been told)

  • Arrow Bast

    Yes, this is a ladies topic sorry , but the antagonist described here is a male , so I’m a guy here , and I mostly dislike women( and the tiny minority of men) with make up – – it feels like you have something to hide – absolute turn off. The ladies look great – just natural – without the thyroid and hormonally disruptive effects of ‘make-up’ -which seems in retrospect a clever marketing ploy to induce guilt and force you to spend money and time on things which majority of real guys don’t care about – and it seems women do ‘make up’ just to impress each other.

  • Bori

    I just stumbled upon your blog and this was the first post that I read and I really enjoyed it. Based on how you described yourself and on how you were described, I was expecting someone totally different though. Then I checked your photo, and I just can’t put these two together in my head. I think you are gorgeous, you have nice and interesting features and your whole appearance and face give off this vibe, this impression of a very kind woman. While I like to wear makeup to enhance some of my features, I honestly respect those who can be confident enough to go out without one and feel good about themselves. Cuz overall, I think that vibe, kindness, honesty make people beautiful and these attributes mean so much more than a face that is generally deemed beautiful by society but there is no content behind it. Beauty in itself is hollow and sooo not enough.

  • You are beautiful inside and out!

  • Yasmina

    I love your style so much that I haven´t even noticed that you are not wearing any make up!:) So silly! 🙂

  • Bee

    Christ, I think you’re beautiful. If people think you’re ugly as fuck then I am horrified to contemplate what they are thinking about me…

    • Bee

      As a side note, the vast majority of these ‘no makeup look’ pics entail the use of shitloads of makeup. Loads more time and product invested there than in a 10 second red lip.

  • Paola D’Ugo

    you are cool as fuck!

  • Kelsey O’Donnell

    I never noticed you didn’t wear make up. You are beautiful.

  • Nora

    Miss Medine, I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly at a Paris store opening (i live in both Paris and NY). You are one of the classiest lady i have had the opportunity to meet. When i mentioned your blog, you responded very kindly with a gorgeous smile. You have beautiful features and grace. I am not trying to make you feel better, i genuinely think you are a beautiful, gracious, elegant woman, a modern day mix of Katherine and Audrey Hepburn. I read this great quote one day, it said: “There is no such thing as ugly women, there are only men without proper vision”. I feel sorry for this guy, poor vision indeed. be blessed. Nora

  • Joanna

    I’m sure you’re not ugly at all. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m also lazy to wear makeup and a clean skin is more beautiful than a badly made up skin, for sure.

  • Heidi

    Preach sister! Love this. I didn’t wear makeup until I was 32 and I regret starting everyday.

  • Pink

    You are Not ugly. I do believe our perception o