What’s So Bad About Wearing a Hat Indoors?

Religious figures do it all the time


Satya Twena hat, Paula Mendoza choker, Atea jacket, Steven Alan blouse, Blk Dnm ‘Tomboy’ jeans, Saint Laurent boots

Mark Twain once said that clothes make the man. I’m starting to believe that if that’s true, hats must make the woman. Twain continued by noting that naked people have little to no affect on society, and though I don’t believe that’s true about women who don’t wear hats, there is certainly an irrefutably admirable sense of hubris (untrammeled confidence must come with wearing a hat and wearing it well) and openness (to wear a hat is to make a statement and reveal private, nuanced elements about your demeanor) that comes with embracing the recreational form of headgear.

But see, wearing a hat in transit is one thing. Engaging with it outside the public domain is another. A girl in a fedora walking down the street might simply be wearing her hat because it’s raining. A girl in a fedora seated at her desk indoors is committed. To what? Who cares!

Recently, I became very interested in emanating this sense of commitment by way of a boater hat. I think my interest in the style of hat is seeded in a combination of one photo of Georgia O’Keeffe wearing a delightful felt version, and another of a model shot for Vogue Australia wearing a more traditional straw iteration.

Something about the way both women appear in these photos — delectably confident, vaguely quirky and frankly, personally styled in spite of their decided differences (one is an artist who is known for her sense of intent while the other is a model, wearing what’s been put on her as opposed to what she’s put on herself) — really stuck with me.

In my attempt to hyper-approximate the same sensation they’ve generated, I got my boater from Satya Twena and said I’d wear it indoors for at least one day. The result was a whole lot of Charlotte and Amelia not making eye contact with me because I looked like an asshole.

I thought about how judgmental I become in the wake of men in baseball caps and fedoras on either gender indoors and felt kind of bad about it. Sure, I was uncomfortable at first (I needed no shade from internal sunshine and straw is a weird fabric to sympathize with in the throes of April) but after two bathroom visits, which were decidedly comical (the stalls in our office building are Marcel the Shell-sized), that feeling subsided. So I kind of want to ask that initial question one more time — what’s so bad about a hat indoors?

Think about that while you think about these:

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  • FatFreeFashion

    As long as eye contact can be maintained and you’re not blocking anyone’s view (theatre, dinner table) I don’t see the big deal?!


  • Mimi

    Hats indoors look silly nowadays. Outside? Gorgeous, committed, stylish, in control. But remove your hat when indoors. You can keep it on if it’s pinned to your hair, but otherwise be polite.

  • Fawad Khan

    hehehe not bad
    i want to share a photo editor app which give your photo a new effects & style 😉

  • Johanna Emma Olsson

    I love hats everywhere and all the time. But it still has to go with the occasion, weather and the rest of the outfit. I probably wouldn’t wear a straw fedora hat in New York in April 😉

  • so interesting

    more blatantly than other forms, I think the hat-inside means you’re officially trying.

    now everyone knows that you think you look cool with a hat on.
    exit- effortlessness, enter- strange social dynamic in which everyone talks to you with that stange stupid smirk on their face

  • Nothing wrong at all in my opinion, didn’t Coco Chanel always worn hers indoors?

    Mafalda ❤

    • Hat Nazi

      Are you Coco Chanel? No? Then no hat for you!!

  • Kari

    I love my hats but usually take them off indoors, except in the airport when I’m walking around, on my head is just the most convenient place to carry a hat!

  • Hats always look awesome! Indoors as well as outdoors!


  • rosdays

    Couldn’t agree more!! I wear tones of hats – outside and in.. the perfect way to deal a bad hair!! 🙂


  • I once went to the butcher in a big, floppy hat – the stares were ample, conversations were put to a halt and the butcher felt awkward but I was the first one out of the crowded shop! http://www.madelienerose.com

  • Crystal

    You nailed it! I love hats and I think they take an outfit from average to amazing but I always struggle with the “over -the too iss” I feel indoors. Great commentary;)

  • I love this hat and think you wear it well, but I’m one of those people who think hats look douchey indoors. It’s like sunglasses indoors. Yes they can be stylish, but they’re intended for protection against the elements, be it sun or cold.


  • ShopmeRoma

    Hats have the function to protect you (more specifically to protect your head)… from the sun, from the rain, from the cold but we shouldn’t forget that is also a wonderful fashion accessory… so why not wearing it indoors?

  • ShopmeRoma

    love it… just hope my head doesnt get too hot if wearing it indoors for too long…

  • Léopoldine Dumas

    I wouldn’t as here, in France, it is considered as rude. It is like wearing your coat or scarf inside.

  • I tired the hat indoors experiment this winter with my felt fedora. It was an interesting social experiment because the majority of those I encountered thought I was jerk of the year. I checked into a hotel with my hat and was dismissed very quickly because my room “wasn’t ready”. So I retreated, took my hat off and re approached the biatch at the desk. Suddenly they had a room I could switch to right that moment. From then on I refrained from wearing my hat indoors.

  • Curse my big head…60CM. Hard to find cute hats these days.

  • Dancingcheektocheek

    What’s so bad about a hat indoors? The girl wearing the hat!

  • Thamsa

    i’ve felt awkward wearing hats indoors because when it was time to take it off, I never really know where to put it. Not every venue has a coat/hat rack or those handy ones that are underneath tables or are meant for your purse. It just feels weird holding it, so if I know I have to take it off when indoors, I just don’t bother putting it on in the first place.

  • Aubrey Green

    What about the women who do have to wear them due to religious reasoning? I suppose they are only in places that everyone would know why and wouldn’t care that they keep the hat on…

  • Laura Robinson

    I think that rules for women have always related to brim size. If we’re talking etiquette, a man should always remove his hat indoors and/or in the presence of a lady unless his head covering is for religious purposes. I don’t think many people worry about etiquette anymore though.

  • john
  • Balloon Celebrations

    ?*&^%$# rules! If you want to wear a hat–wear that hat! Or a tutu for that matter…

    • bella

      Such a great post! We have always wondered about the hat indoors thing. We really think that it depends on the style of hat. We love the big floppy hat look right now but it might be too much inside (so you still need to make sure your hair looks good) I think that small hats like a baseball hat is fine and not too hot inside.



  • myhatmine

    i have frizzy horrible hair and i wear a hat on the particularly bad days…so if im wearing it indoors, no way im taking it off sorry.

  • Goaty McCheese

    A hat indoors sends the message that you are willing to accept ones hospitality but not willing to fully reveal your face to them, which is rude. But to my knowledge, this rule only applies to men.