A Wedding Outfit that Doesn’t Suck

Or at least I don’t think it sucks — you be the judge.


May is upon us. In exactly three days, the falsely pegged May Flowers, which come in the wake of April Showers by way of the nursery rhymes of yore will not start blooming but we will watch for them. And as we do that, we will likely also consider that with May comes the rancorous preparations for June.

If you are passively reading, it is likely that you’ve skimmed passed the adjective “rancorous” without so much as thinking twice. If you are reading more actively, the changes are higher that you’re wondering why in the good name of perfect, San Diego-esque weather I would describe the preparations for the month of June as anything less than delightful.

But there is a third option here. You could be reading attentively and have still glossed over the word in question without giving it much thought.

This, I assume, is probably because you’ve been the victim of at least a handful of June weddings. And every woman who has had to forfeit her right to basking in the romance of early summer weekends for the sake of not just attending a wedding you probably shouldn’t have been invited to in the first place, but feeling victimized by a strange urgency to wear a frustratingly awful dress, understands fine and well that with that experience comes only resentment.

Kate says that if you feel a cold coming on, you should immediately down a spoonful of elderberry syrup to nip your ailment in the bud and promote immunity. I say if you feel a wedding that is not your own coming on, you should nip the anxiety in the bud by subscribing to a suggestion outlined in this post: forget the dress. Why don’t you try a long skirt with a button up blouse you already own, love and have found has never once let you down?

If you can already tell you’ll probably hate the food they’ll serve, you can take a lunchbox masquerading itself as an “avant-garde handbag,” too.

Then, you’ll dance the night away.

CH Carolina Herrera blouse and skirt — try this blouse and this skirt, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Mark Cross handbag. Photos by Matt Borkowski.


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  • Brit

    Wearing white to a wedding!?

    • Well dudes get to wear white button downs to weddings, so that card’s already out on the table for everyone to play.

      • I agree! it’s a white shirt, not a white dress… this outfit doesn’t upstage the bride at all, i love it!
        xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

      • Guest

        Would wearing a white blouse with metallic trim on the collar and a silver skirt upstage the bride? I wore that once to a wedding, and I don’t know why I wasn’t able to find anything else to wear, and I didn’t think much of it at that time, but in hindsight I’ve wondered if that was okay. (I think it was at a super hot and sunny location, and I just wanted to stay cool, and the rest of my wardrobe is largely dark colors.)

    • jewelsc

      It’s ok to wear white to a wedding as long as it’s not all white or a white dress, in my opinion. Aren’t we living in the 21st century now when we can break some rules? When I got married 12 years ago white and especially white two-pieces were a big fashion hit and loads of my guests turned up in ALL white. But to be honest, while I was a bit peeved, how can upstage a floor length white gown? Unless you’re SJP or JLaw…

  • I’d have loved to have you as my wedding guest! 🙂 (I wore a wine red blouse with elegant frills and a light beige skirt …)

    I also wore a similar outfit as above to a christening (but it was a dress, not a skirt, and smaller-checked) only to make a few people unhappy, which I hadn’t expected – it was a beautiful dress and I liked it a lot. And your skirt is really gorgeous and exciting!

    OH and: “it is likely that you’ve skimmed passed the adjective …” ? Which one?

  • It’s time to dare! 🙂 Love the maxi skirt!

  • Oliver Lips

    This outfit definitively doesn’t suck! You look really pretty 🙂


  • Wee Ling Soh

    great outfit except that the bride of the june wedding I will be attending has stipulated “please no long dresses” (or skirts for that matter, I suppose). dang !

    • MargaretInArabia

      What a ridiculous request. Brides give far too many orders these days. A general direction is one thing (black tie or whatever) but skirt length ?

      • Melissa

        I agree, I would have never asked my guests to wear something specific to my wedding only answered questions on what my colors were and how formal the church was. The last wedding I attended although I was not a member of the wedding party I was asked to dress in colors that would match the wedding party in case I ended up in candid pictures. My husband was also told to wear jeans and exactly what brand and fit. (yes, jeans)

        • MargaretInArabia

          One color coordinates flowers, not guests. That instruction would have provoked me to send a gift and, regretfully, regret!

          I spend the best part of the summer sweltering in Arabia, in part to avoid US weddings.

      • I went to a wedding last weekend with the same request… and am so happy it was mentioned it as the reception was in a muddy field!

  • Elisa Taviti

    It’s really amazing!

    My Fantabulous World

  • gina

    ooh snacks in a purse, what a good idea!! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Natali
  • So fun! I couldn’t pull it off, but bravo to the lady that can.


    A reedited and refreshed Cinderella outfit, maybe? lol

    Like from http://lucslook.blogspot.com.es

  • B.

    i need, more than anything, a shortsleeved button up blouse. MORE THAN ANYTHING.



  • Patricia

    Ohh, yeah!! This is amazing! The best outfit wedding ever!



  • elizabeth

    How about a dainty blue and white ikat strapless dress, repellerized with a big ass white blazer? That’s my plan come June 14th.

  • RomyPaige

    I really, really, really wanted to wear a pewter, sequinned romper and a low waisted Chanel chain belt to a wedding and all my friends and boyfriend told me it would be inappropriate. It drove me crazy. Just because the romper was shorts it was considered to be informal, but if it was a dress it would be appropriate. I wish I didn’t listen to them!

  • Gallina

    I’ve been looking for a gold cuff like that. Where’s it from?

  • Nico

    That skirt is amazing!

    How to wear YELLOW (OUTFITS+TIPS) on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • rhiarhia

    I must know: which sneakers have you got on under there?

  • CarlotaLMorais

    let me see the heels you put with this amaziing look!!!

  • monkeyshines
  • MargaretInArabia

    Pretty, fresh, perfect for June. How would you pull off for a very formal wedding?

    • Last autumn I paired a long, black netted skirt with a black chiffon camisole for a black tie optional wedding. Everyone just assumed it was an evening gown!

      • MargaretInArabia

        Sounds divine.

  • Rougeuse

    This is an amazing skirt, love it! The bag is cool as well.

  • gimme dat skirt. and bag. okay shit. all of it. im obsessed!


  • exploringwardrobes

    i love it! sadly i have to be a bridesmaid at the next wedding i’m attending. i’ll be the one in layers of purple chiffon and ruffles. yep.


  • Androbel

    that’s a really awesome skirt. I don’t want to start going to weeding yet… too young for that!



    Androbel Insider

  • I think some weddings are pigeonholed into the idea of being a ceremony and not a celebration. The past few weddings I’ve attended haven’t felt like weddings, but big parties. Sure you’re gonna dress up, but why not wear something that makes you happy so you can celebrate happiness with the guests, bride and groom?

  • Amanda

    Fresh2def! Can you do a similar post for graduation please? (I need help on what to wear to my law school graduation and I missed your AskUsAnything)

  • You look fantastic Leandra! I love your cuff and your bracelets!

    Mafalda ❤

  • The Clusterfck


  • Mallory

    I’m completely obsessed with this look! I have 4 weddings (hopefully no funerals) this summer & I need all the ideas I can get 🙂


  • Laura Robinson

    Now I need an orange purse.

  • Zoe Brasher

    You always know how to put a twist on a theme…I would never normally have chosen something like this to wear to a wedding, but now I can’t wait to bust a shirt and maxi combo out…anytime! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  • miranda


  • Well dang!! This is a very fresh look and so modern. I would wear it.
    “MOD DRESS WITH AN EDGE” Blog post at:

  • Jake

    Love it, love it, love it. I think my sister can pull it off.


  • cristina MEDBLICK

    the skirt is to die for…amazing color contrast and powerful!!!




  • Habibty

    Sooo cute but maybe too casual??

  • Gablesgirl

    My husband’s niece is getting married next month. On a boat dock. In Florida. Is a one-piece with a sarong over it considered rancorous enough?

  • I love the skirt, though I think it is a bit too long. I would’ve hemmed it a bit, so that it’s not dragging on the floor. I would also pair it with a white or black shirt that is a bit more dressy than the one you have (not a button down, which I think is too casual for a wedding). You could also throw on a statement necklace to dress it up a bit as well! http://www.yaelsteren.com

  • disqus_kHkQi7Wx5N

    When it comes to wedding attire, I say gauge the type of wedding it is and fine tune that to your personality. For instance, I would never be that informal at a family wedding since my family is religious and my culture mandates formal attire at weddings. But I would dress less formal for a beach wedding. I once showed up at a (hypster) wedding in Prospect Park in NYC and was the only person in a dress and heels other than the bride. Granted, I’ve never really been to lessor formal weddings so I had no clue of what to wear in correlation to the other guests.

  • That skirt is Everything, and the orange bag is the perfect accent. Love the color combo… http://www.LEZU.com

  • Alden King

    Is it appropriate to wear a black dress to a wedding?

  • annesarah


  • For a minute I thought those were super wide-leg pants and I get really excited. A skirt is still cool ’cause THAT PRINT. But now I want that fabric as enormous pants.

  • Roxana Zegan

    this is stunning! absolutely love it.

  • Rebecca

    Probably the best wedding outfit I have seen so far. Very very fashionable. I love it! xx

  • Vivienne Marie

    i love the fabric!!

  • Jen

    OMG that skirt is EVERYTHING.

  • baconalyssa

    where can I buy this?

  • Quinn Risdall

    Will you do another one of these posts? pretty please? I have a May wedding to attend and don’t wanna look like a basic betch but also don’t wanna fly my freak flag too high. help! what’s a girl to wear!?