The Value of Investing in The Right Trench Coat

Is chiefly about how well it can be moonlight as three different coats


Once again, that’s: the value of investing in the right trench coat is chiefly about how well it can moonlight as several different coats. Metaphorically, this theory works fine — you should absolutely be able to watch your coat metamorphose from work appropriate to fitting for the nuances of recreational living and even to be convenient for the sake of dance-the-night-away-ing.

When it can literally be three different things though, which as fate would have it, the one photographed here can be, you’re actually at the hand of six different coats.

Why? Because the metaphor does not get lost on the facts.

So figure the above three looks as reasons to consider the break-away trench and allow me to expound.

Look #1: This is the trench coat in full motion, featuring what will become the vest and the cropped coat as worn over a set of white pseudo-intimates and paired with a fringe necklace, reflective lensed sunglasses and completely out-of-place, though decidedly befitting velvet sandals. This look seems to say, “I am going to Coachella in two weeks.” Should you prefer your look not to say that, I’d suggest forgoing the sunglasses and the necklace and instead carrying a brief case.

Jk about the brief case.

Look #2: Here, the trench coat finds itself reverse-guillotined and worn over an egg shell colored crop top from Zara that has seemingly time traveled from 1995. The combination of a) vintage Levi’s jeans and b) bona-fide mandals give the look an air of norm snore but I’d like to remind humanity that the concept of paradoxical and ironic under and overdressing predates the term that has recently become chained to it.

This look says, “I am a small coat, hear me roar.”

Look #3: Here’s the vest, which can also work as a dress, or a knee-length blouse as evidenced by the appropriated photos. Wear them with big white pants if you’d like, or a pair of culottes that say, “loins on fire” in that special dialect that only initiated women speak. Try a button up blouse + sleeves if you’d like or just approximate this because for a reason unbeknownst to me, I feel (incredulously) writerly and maybe you want to feel that way, too.

And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Other than this:

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  • Natali

    Could there be any more perfect trench coat than this one?? First outfit is so amazing!

  • natalia

    the third look (sigh)

  • Christina

    care to share where such an AWESOME trenchcoat can be found??

    • Christina

      Nevermind, found the link.

  • Kat

    Basically, the one item you can wear with anything and that is why it is worth splurging on.



  • Edith


  • lavieenliz

    that video is soo good!! and Yea I need to get a good trench!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!

  • Emily

    That Lion King chorus was amazing. If you knew the words to the song and had been there, I could totally see you singing along. Just kidding. But I could see you dancing in the back.

    • Leandra Medine

      I’d have *totally* sung along

  • Leandra Medine

    Mid 50s. Bring sum wool.

  • The first picture is my favourite, you look sublime Leandra!

    Mafalda ❤

  • What sorcery is this coat though?! Very clever design. (The link is unfortunately not working on my phone so I can’t see who it’s by.

  • sam

    big bad bloated queen

  • Amelia Diamond

    holy shit that video made my damn week.

    • Amelia Diamond

      but also, dat trench

  • you know when people say , omg this is EVERYTHING!!!! it applies to this post right here and as its shown in literal terms too!

  • monkeyshines
  • Maya

    AAGHHH!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!! loved the video!

  • Absolutely love your style! Look #1 is my fav! Where are the sunnies from?? Also, thank you so much for sharing that video! It put a smile on my face 🙂

  • cupcake6

    the individual pieces on the second outfit are great but all together kinda yuch or maybe its just because your pants look like they are going to fall down. LOVE the first outfit though.

    • Leandra Medine

      Those jeans look like they’re going to FALL DOWN or SLICE MY VAGINA RIGHT UP?

      • cupcake6

        now that you mention it…

  • We love all of the captions on your photos… Hilarious! And such amazing looks. So many simple and innovative ways to rock a trench. Love!

  • ashley

    guuuuuuurl u showing me some hootchie momma realness in look #1. looking daaaaamn fine lee lee. abe is getting lucky tonite

  • Caroline D. Gomez Lassalle

    I’m obsessed with the third look but I can’t get over the reflective sunglasses. Are those Chanel or (I beg you to say this) are they great off brand sunglasses?

    I die for this trench coat, sucks that I live in a tropical island.

  • Lauren Connelly

    omg. dat trench.

  • Victor Machado

    What is your secret to be so fucking cool and stylish??


    I need a trench coat so badly!! thank you!

    check out my fashion blog –

  • Courtney Cartier

    I love love love the first look. I recently splurged on a trench myself, but unfortunately it does not transform. :/


  • must know

    WHERE ARE THE SUNGLASSES FROM? I’m sorry for yelling but i clicked every link on the article and none let me to it…

    • Leandra Medine

      hey!!!!!! they are Spektre

  • Love this post. A perfect trench coat is a staple for spring weather. They never go out of style!
    xo Tia |

  • fashion altitude

    Love the third look, the full work: vest and the huge white pants. Makes me think of a pair of white jeans hiding somewhere in the back of my closet….hmmmm gives me ideas..I need this vest now to pair my flare white jeans!!!
    well you rock …as usual..

    • fashion altitude

      I mean I need this trench coat!!!

  • ASH
  • Holly

    what brand are your reflective sunglasses?

  • Rika Soeharjono

    A trench coat is a staple piece! And the first look is super cool. Just need that necklace!

  • Sarah

    HELPPPP the bona fide manuals link is not taking me to bona fide mandals. where do I find them??

  • dukemaryellen

    PLEASE! The trench link does not work, no matter how many different times I try. Who makes it?!?!

  • Wow that is one amazing trench. Need!

  • Fantastic!

    Both looks


  • Sara Johansen

    Why did I just find this when I need a 3 in 1 trench coat so badly? Waaah.