I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Kidding! I am just kidding!


You almost lost all hope in me, huh? Between Friday’s dissertation on wearing hats indoors and the prospect that this here post could have moonlit as a plea to persuade you to start wearing sunglasses at night, I don’t blame you but I do take offense.

JK. We cool.

But there is an elephant in this grand-looking ballroom sometimes referred to as “The Internet” that I do believe deserves to be addressed. After spending an entire eight months and change lamenting rather violently about the meteoric woes of somewhere far above, affecting us severely way down below, why is it that no one has so much as tweeted at Mother Nature to a. restore her name to its natural order (not sure if you remember this, but for the fourth time, we renamed her Cunter Nature earlier last month) and b. thank her.

The sun has been shining and so clearly, the heavens are smiling.

And what does one do when the heavens smile, the sun shines and therefore sets on the badasses that we have accrued by way of organic, gluten free, raw-vegan jelly beans, mixed nuts and spirulina chips?

One buys sunglasses.

Why? Because the sun don’t set on a badass if said badass is appropriately armed.

But also, because they make us look cooler but are not permanent, which means if you want to default back to your natural state of un-cool-ness, you can liberally do that at your discretion. It’s a difficult point to refute and if you want to, I’m widely open to listen (my ears! Not legs!), but I’m also fairly certain that I will not only want to stick to my guns on this one but I’ll also persuade you to buy into my ammo. Or something like that.

In spirit of it being Tuesday, let’s shop!

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  • As far as I’m concerned, I tend to stick to my favourite pair: Ray Ban Wayfarers, but I also have a cool pair of Jimmy Choo sunnies, when I want to look like a fly!
    Mafalda ❤

  • Kyla

    I was just wondering, does anyone else peruse the blogs that people post down here in their comments? I do it pretty frequently just out of curiosity- I like to see what everyone else is into! I don’t have my own blog personally, but I find it interesting to see others and check out how you are going. I think it would be good if blogs like the manrepeller did mini features every so often on good (smaller) blogs that need exposure in the same way that lots of blogs feature new designers. As long as they were good quality, I think it would be interesting.

    (Also great post Leandra, but you should know we all adore you by now :3 )

  • love the array of sunglasses featured above- in my opinion, life is too short to wear basic black wayfarers!


  • Jhake

    I love myself a good pair of glasses. I love my raybans but Dolce and Gabbana has taken over my eyes for the past month or so.


  • Diane

    I wear my sunglasses inside restaurants! Did so the other day while lunching at a beach-side restaurant where the glare was too much. Thankfully for my lunch partner, they were not mirrored glasses!

  • alex

    It snowed in Detroit today. She is still Cunter Nature in my book.

  • Chloe

    I’ve found them! These are the cool sunglasses everybody is wearing at Coachella this year! http://bit.ly/1lR7Eam Check ’em also on http://www.instagram.com/stunvenezuela

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I love a good pair of sunglasses. I’m obsessed with finding the latest cool shades.
    I am so glad you said you were kidding about the sunnies at night.
    You almost did lose me….

  • Aw yiss. Those Asos cat-eye sunnies are calling my naaaaaame.

  • Irene Laura
  • Joyofjl

    I havent tried the sun glasses at night thing, but this has be kind of convinced!

  • Hendrixlisa

    I don’t use sunglasses in night but the above shades are looking nice so trying it will be good decision . Thank you for these stuffs . Cheap custom sunglasses are more in demands now days

  • john
  • Debvrat Chaturvedi

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  • John Harris

    The x-ray specs with the yellow lipstick is very eye catching.

    If you don’t look cool in sunglasses.. then you’ve lost half the fun! Pure Life Glasses