Let it Rain

Umbrellas are the unsung hero of accessorizing


Lemons are great if you’re using them conservatively in hot water to promote fluid digestion (pun so intended). But if you’re just squeezing and squeezing to see how much juice comes out and then using that juice to promote not digestion (or lemonade) but to emulate the distinct facial expression of a sourpuss that transcends the boundaries of aesthetic grotesqueness, I think we should have a talk.

Not necessarily about lemons but definitely about why you’re squinting so hard.

I once spent a week in Mexico consuming constipation that knows no mercy in the form of Kosher for Passover nourishment while Amelia, still planted firmly at her desk in the depths of Noho, lamented about the wet weather of a less climactically fortunate New York.

I understand that it was easy for me, from my brightly lit vantage point, to wax poetic on the benefits of abundant rain and for her, in the throes of the anterior, to want to axe (less than poetically) my flowery prose in the face.

But as I ease back into a reality that comes replete with the same wet weather she (all of you?) has been admonishing, I maintain that rain isn’t that bad. Agriculturally, it’s kind of the da bomb. And while yeah, sure, the sun is out today, that is not a fact I was privvy to until I opened my eyes this morning to learn that the little cloud in my iPhone’s weather app done me wrong and this was already written. Then again, it’s March. And even the most primitive nursery rhyme knows that this month, more than any month, brings on begrudging showers.

But back to that point about lemons. We at Man Repeller love lemons and said love comes as easily as not perpetuating the fruit’s negative properties. So in the spirit of that AND for the sake of this remarkably sunny day (according to a very reliable meteorologist called My Thumb, it might be the last of its kind through the foreseeable future), consider this a pick me up pro rain, anti suede.

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  • Dominique
  • mmm, lemons. 🙂 It’s meant to start raining again here in San Francisco as well. I guess we can all wear our boots a little bit longer.

  • I may not be able to wear velvet smoking slippers which is a woe but I agree, rain is still da bomb! http://www.madelienerose.com

  • eleanor

    love this post! it rains so much in ireland a considered brolly to match your outfit is a MUST! 🙂


  • I pay more attention to rain boots than I do umbrellas. I think fun, colorful ones give me such a pick-me-up on gloomy days.


  • I’ve loved plastic transparent umbrellas since I watched Lost in Translation, actually bought one, I find them so cool.

    Mafalda ❤

  • monkeyshines
  • Down here in New Orleans, rain is often a welcome respite from heat so oppressive it could rule a small middle eastern country. Umbrellas are also a fantastic sort of tag and release program for locals, making us easier to identify for direction asking reasons. I stick with the good, old fashioned black umbrella that doubles as stylish weaponry to fend off unwelcome tourists or alligators or whatever (Kidding! I would never hit an alligator).


  • lavieenliz

    great post! I love the rain!


  • Angelina Elhassan

    Really great posts! It’s supposed to rain for us this week so thank you for the inspiration!



  • Eden

    Run-on sentence on run-on sentence. hard to follow your words sometimes, dude!

  • diane

    Here in Southern California, we covet your rain!

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Maybe it’s easier to welcome the rain after you’ve had a sunny, warm vacation from it. Over here in Seattle, I’m really over it.

  • Quinn Halman

    my mom and i have matching umbrellas because she’s my fashion best friend

  • afterout

    that’s quite impressive rainy collection, and high class to keep elegance even under the rain!


  • Victor

    Do you know spanish? Or do you have a little bit of mexican genes? Is just that i notice that sometimes you put words in spanish and i’ve read that you’ve been in México, since i’m mexican i have that question

  • I love the clear umbrellas! Almost invisible, just the way I like umbrellas. 😀


  • Umbrellas can be so chic… We would have many more if it rained in LA! http://www.LEZU.com

  • Olive

    Where would this beautiful jacket come from ??

  • I decided not to use my umbrella in the torrential downpour in Melbourne today as it would have ruined my outfit

  • bong