The Adventures of a Lost iPhone

Slippery little mofos, aren’t they?


It was reported in the news last month that a man, upon dropping his cell phone into the depths of the L train’s tracks at the East 105th stop in Canarsie, leapt after his digital appendage into the vermin-filled darkness. I’ll insert an editorialized if not fictionalized gasp from the crowd here: (though really, if we New Yorkers have become so jaded that a free-jump into the MTA canyon doesn’t elicit some sort of audible horror then we really are all fucked), because what came next was a series of subway cars barreling through the station on their routinely scheduled stop. Miraculously — witnesses, are you un-jaded yet? Or are you tourists? — the man emerged with his cell phone in hand.

But had our hero not been slightly insane, the communication device would have been left at the mercy of NYC’s mysterious underground life, perhaps carried along by sewage water or maybe picked up at the hand of a rather enterprising rat. All of which is the world’s longest wind up to ask the very question I’ve wondered each time I have watched a cab drive away with my phone, battery languishing quietly in the back seat, presumably to never meet my cheek or ear again: where on earth did it actually go?

One can only imagine.  And that — no thanks to Apple’s “Find My iPhone” App — is precisely what we did in the storybook above.

Happy Friday!

Illustrations by Charlotte Fassler

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  • Ruth

    ah..I miss New York.

    • Eve

      I bet when you live in New York and your life somewhat resembles Sex & the City, people jumping in front of moving things to reposess their belongings is day to day occurrence.

      Remember when Sandra Bullock jumped in front of a train when her crush fell down on the rails in While You Were Sleeping? That just goes to show that Peter Gallagher was probably an equivalent of an iPhone in his time, or at least a very hot 90s cell phone.

      I wonder if the guy in question, the one that risked his life for a phone, would have done the same if it was a stranger that fell on the rails, and not something as dear and familiar as his mobile. I hope so…

  • Hannah B.

    What ever happened to “Let’s Talk About It?”

    • Ahh! You totally reminded me of their absence, and I miss them. I would assume Miss Mattie Kahn is busy with school currently (she’s a smart, Harvard cookie , after all), but perhaps they will come back soon!

  • Hannah B.

    Is the girl in the cartoon wearing Acne platforms?

  • Quinn Halman

    Obviously horses make an appearances but again you guys are fantastic.

  • Separated from NY for a mere 48hrs but by god do I wish washington square park becomes my makeshift campus for the next for years. NY just always feels right.

    • Quinn Halman


      • still logistics to work out but here’s hoping.

  • Reece Andavolgyi

    dropping it down the toilet is shitty, too.

  • Sarah

    This is seriously adorable. Total children’s book material for the modern age (ha)

    xx Sarah
    Loser Girl Wins // Bloglovin

  • The Civilian
  • People difficult to live without the Internet and mobile. For many it is the dependence. Sometimes this dependence is associated with the risk of their lives!

    Stacy from

  • Bob

    Just an FYI for everyone. Okoban stickers are another option for this problem plus they protect your stuff no matter where it gets lost, even non-airport situations. They allow someone who finds your lost stuff immediately contact you directly without exposing private information. I use them on almost everything I take when I travel after one of the tags was responsible for getting my lost passport returned to me in Rome one time. You can get them at

  • Sophie

    Ha ha amazing. Possibly the most relatable post ever. Apart from the dude who kept to his possible death. A tad dramatic of him.

    Sophie x

  • I got into the swimming pool while texting once. Couldn’t save it in time… still traumatized… Love the post, as always! Zuma

  • Isabelle

    Well I didn´t lost my iPhone but I almost lost my hope finding a label which sells a bag under $450… I´m so frustrated, can somebody please tell me some good labels?? (not H&M or Zara)

  • colette

    Love these illustrations so frickin much! Genius.

  • Agoprime

    Nice post! have a good day

  • Charmystique

    I loved reading this!! xx

  • Elle

    Believe it or not, my sister in NYC dropped her iphone in this way, chose not to dive after it (fearing life and limb and general ickiness) and … the NYC transit staff called her later in the day having retrieved the phone! Totally unexpected and wonderful.