The Best Fashion Advice You’ve Ever Received

As told by you.


They say that procrastination is bad. “They” have been saying this for as long as humans have had chores to do, homework to complete, deadlines to meet and awkward phone calls to make. It’s putting off the inevitable, creating a gap of time during which we stress and complain about the very thing we wanted to avoid.

But sometimes procrastination can be inspiring. A walk around the block can trigger an idea or provide clarity. Trolling the Internet can lead to the discovery of a song that releases endorphins and changes the whole day. For us at Man Repeller, some of the best stories come from not doing the other (probably urgent) thing it was that we were supposed to be doing.

Like writing, for example. Whenever we don’t feel like writing or shooting or brainstorming or yodeling — for some reason yodeling is a requirement at MR — you know what we do? We read the comments. (You can often tell we are really procrastinating when we respond to every single one from 1988, and Leandra wasn’t even born yet so I don’t know how that’s possible from an archival standpoint, but whatever.)

In fact it was the comments section of a recent Minor Cogitation that spurred this very post you’re reading right now. Leandra asked, “What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?” And clearly you guys were procrastinating getting a Brazilian Wax off a sharp cliff in Antarctica or something, because man on man did you answer.

We’re glad you did, though. That extreme waxing sounds dangerous. And as it turns out, the best fashion advice you’ve ever received is some of the best we have ever heard. One of you wrote, “Don’t wear it unless you can dance in it.” Said another: “Always check your scarf for crumbs after a meal.”

So if procrastination is indeed bad, then maybe we don’t want to be right. Who cares if we meet our deadlines? Thanks to your sweet words and the illustrations of one Charlotte Fassler, we’re all going to look as flyy as a frisbee on Friday.

And feel free to give us some more style advice to comment on. You know, for when Monday rolls around and we need an exceptionally good distraction.

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