The Best Fashion Advice You’ve Ever Received

As told by you.


They say that procrastination is bad. “They” have been saying this for as long as humans have had chores to do, homework to complete, deadlines to meet and awkward phone calls to make. It’s putting off the inevitable, creating a gap of time during which we stress and complain about the very thing we wanted to avoid.

But sometimes procrastination can be inspiring. A walk around the block can trigger an idea or provide clarity. Trolling the Internet can lead to the discovery of a song that releases endorphins and changes the whole day. For us at Man Repeller, some of the best stories come from not doing the other (probably urgent) thing it was that we were supposed to be doing.

Like writing, for example. Whenever we don’t feel like writing or shooting or brainstorming or yodeling — for some reason yodeling is a requirement at MR — you know what we do? We read the comments. (You can often tell we are really procrastinating when we respond to every single one from 1988, and Leandra wasn’t even born yet so I don’t know how that’s possible from an archival standpoint, but whatever.)

In fact it was the comments section of a recent Minor Cogitation that spurred this very post you’re reading right now. Leandra asked, “What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?” And clearly you guys were procrastinating getting a Brazilian Wax off a sharp cliff in Antarctica or something, because man on man did you answer.

We’re glad you did, though. That extreme waxing sounds dangerous. And as it turns out, the best fashion advice you’ve ever received is some of the best we have ever heard. One of you wrote, “Don’t wear it unless you can dance in it.” Said another: “Always check your scarf for crumbs after a meal.”

So if procrastination is indeed bad, then maybe we don’t want to be right. Who cares if we meet our deadlines? Thanks to your sweet words and the illustrations of one Charlotte Fassler, we’re all going to look as flyy as a frisbee on Friday.

And feel free to give us some more style advice to comment on. You know, for when Monday rolls around and we need an exceptionally good distraction.

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  • Every one of these are jewels to hold onto for a lifetime. Thanks for putting them together in this post. Now get back to work!


  • rebecca train

    Always check your scarf for crumbs after a meal. A+ !!!

  • Beautyandtheb

    Love the ‘underthink it’ one!

  • Is reading ManRepeller a form of procrastination?

  • Such wonderful advice! Also, thank you Charlotte for drawing all of these! I always appreciate your supplementary drawings. 🙂

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Emma <3

    • Quinn Halman

      YEAH! Shout out to Charlotte for the new laptop wallpaper

  • leonorjr

    if the shoes don’t fit at the shoe store, they are never going to fit.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      i have somehow still not learned this one.

  • Hahahaha amazing. I’m so honored. And glad I’m not the only disgusting one with half a bagel sandwich saved for later in the scarf.

  • officially adopting “everything matches if you like it” as my personal motto, and in the words of drake, I’ll be bout it every day, every day, every day.

  • Sabine

    Awesome article + Awesome drawings! This is just so true.

  • cable car chic

    THANK you for this!


  • I’ve been living my style life by a piece of advice given to me by one of my fashion professors. He said you’re gonna try everything when you’re young. But eventually, your
    jeans can cost $20 and your bag can cost $2,000. Figure out what’s
    important to your style foundation and go with it. My style relies on the idea that getting the essentials will help everything else fall into place.

  • Quinn Halman

    One of the only websites where the comments section is a good thing to read

    • True dat. I think the average IQ of a commenter on this site is higher than that of other sites. Discussion is key here!

    • Isabelle

      Yes and what I like best is that the MR Team responds!

  • Gi Na

    Dress according to the actual weather that there is outside, rather than according to the season’s temperatures that there are supposed to be.

  • TipsInnit

    If you feel uncomfortable in it, you’ll look uncomfortable in it.

  • Georgina

    It’s better to be underdressed than overdressed.

    • Avery

      I’ve actually heard that one the other way around…care to elaborate?

  • MCJ

    I have this green faux fur gilet that some of my girl friends absolutely hated. When I say hate I mean one of them even said it looked like turf.. I assure you it doesn’t. Anyway one night when we went to a friend’s for dinner, I decided to wear it and guess who were impressed with how well I wore it? With that being said, I would definitely say one of the best pieces of advise I have been given is to wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing. But do keep in mind that beauty is pain, ladies !

  • Maven

    If you go out without
    lipstick, you’ll catch cold. (My grandmother)

    • Kat

      Fantastic. New motto.

  • Maven

    Anything that feels like pajamas (or yoga clothes) is better than something that doesn’t.

  • Aisha S

    My favorites gotta be: well dressed girls make hard decisions in the dressing room, so they don’t have to make them in their closets. Well versed

  • amieK

    Wrap yourself in confidence and it will work.

  • If in doubt, don’t! Although I quite often do and then regret it. But mainly I think “Fuck it, if it feels ok just go with it and stop arsing about.” No one really cares 😉

    • Lisa Thomson

      Back to the ‘under think it’ advice. 🙂

  • Always ask yourself ‘what would I wear if I weren’t afraid?’ – and then wear that!

  • Elayne Kostman Slimak


  • Paula

    Love every single one of these advices and also the illustrations!
    xx, Paula

  • eleanor

    aw i love this!! the illustrations are so sweet! 🙂 “don’t wear it if you can’t dance in it” has got to be the best advice ever!!


    Before leaving the house, ask yourself how you’d feel if your ex or an enemy saw you in that outfit.


  • Annie

    Never buy anything without checking the rearview…

  • suze

    Are you gonna put up you under thought coachella outfits?? pretty please

  • Love this!

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  • Jawa

    Perfection! Must remember to under think it, always!


  • ShopmeRoma

    Make Sure You Can Walk In Them

  • ShopmeRoma

    wear nice underwear! Don’t Pretend It Fits and dress your age!!!!

  • Chloe

    Coolest sunglasses everybody is wearing at Coachella this year! Check ’em also on

  • Call To Style

    “Under think it” is also great life advice!

  • Sarah

    These are so perfect and the drawings make them even better.

    xx Sarah

    Loser Girl Wins // Bloglovin

  • mckenzie.collins

    Two things to love about this post: promotion of procrastination and fabulous advice. My favourite: “Don’t wear it unless you can dance in it.” It’s true, you never know when you’re gonna need to bust out a move.

  • Laura

    The most expensive clothes are the ones that you’ll never wear 🙂

    • zoe_whip


  • Lisa Thomson

    I love the one “well dressed girls make hard decisions in the change room so they don’t have to in their closet” Fantastic! Never wear shoes that PINCH.

  • I love the ‘everything matches if you like it’ one because I think people take matching too seriously. I love putting pieces together that to others may seem odd but to me, make perfect sense.

  • Emil Braasch

    This is really great! But please don’t buy all the menswear (there’s nothing good left for us boys).

  • Best Advice! Especially love the “under think it” advice. For more style advice visit

  • Julie

    As a student, I live by the motto, “dress well, test well”.

  • BONG
  • Customique Shirts

    Awesome Article!!, Loved reading this.


  • BelovedtheShop

    À la recherche du temps perdu…. Brought to mind Deeee ahna Vreelands “Why Don’t You?” column…

  • Julie Meowmeows

    If you’re trying something on, see how it looks/feels while sitting down, not just standing up!

  • Sibora

    always check your scarf for crumbs!!! that’s great. i love it.

    in my case, BE EXTRA CAREFUL with the coffee when you’re wearing white. and if all else fails, taking advice from my banker guy friends, who know a thing or two about looking put together, carry around a stain pen! have yet to actually do this. it would break other good advice, as in UNDERTHINK IT. coffee stain? what coffee stain?