Consider the Culottes

Not quite pants, not quite shorts either


Culottes! Of course! It was only a matter of time before the neither-pants-neither-shorts streamed into the fashion consciousness to stake their claim as Best Trend Ever and at last! Here we are! Considering culottes the way David Foster Wallace once did lobsters! Marveling in the notion that come summer, real summer, the respite from denim cut-offs might actually, finally be a pint of ice cream and some taffeta to cover the residual effects of the saccharine, dairy confection.

But why was it only a matter of time?

If you’ve got your walking sneakers, I’ve got the tools to help jog your memory.

On July 12, 2012, when I still occupied the same residence as two adults who bear the same last name as I do, who have heretofore convinced me of their status as my respective creators, I considered resort. (The season — not the beachside, temporary places of occupancy.)

There was Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam and of course there was Celine. Gucci got involved, too, and all these design houses, these prolific, reputable design houses, introduced a silhouette to the zeitgeist. One I mistakably derived from Italian culture and called “the cropped palazzo pant” when I should have known the word that is French-derivative is always the one that prevails.

Fast forward nearly two years and here we are + green Taffeta culottes + navy taffeta shirt (I swish when I walk) + ice cream.

I am personally inclined to vet in favor of the born-again cropped pants for two reasons. The first being fashion’s uncanny and always-inevitable ability to forecast itself. For every ten trends that fall off the same season of their inception there is always The Unassuming One. This one tends to come in like a lamb, allow itself to be shepherded until BAM! It’s a lion, disseminating its raison d’être faster than a Mexican mouse runs through the desert.

Trend specifically, the pants also seem to allow for a larger demographic of body types to participate in a pop-culturally accepted trend, which, by the way, may or may not hearken back to a vague and oft-misunderstood totem of prehistoric feminism with their meditated, look-like-a-skirt-but-split-like-pants appearance. Of course, there will be arguments running amuck both in favor and against the look so, who’s interested in delving into the meat of that? Say Bill Nye The Science Guy, I!

Go ahead, shop around. Our slideshow is optimized to facilitate your dropping it like its hot.

Photography by Matt Borkowski

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