Is It Just Us or Does Zara Look a Lot Like…

This comes up every season, but still.


I know, I know, no — I know, that this comes up almost every time a new Zara lookbook leaks and that the last time I waxed poetic on the topic of its clothing and us — its consumers, an argument about my closing question erupted. I asked: if choice is a luxury and Zara purports a sense of choice, is the real luxury in shopping fast fashion?

See but the reason this keeps coming up is, quite frankly, because it keeps being mentionable.

So maybe you’re wondering what is mentionable, right? But just as I tweeted yesterday: if you’d told me this look book was actually Céline, I’d probably just nod in agreement with your remark and say something like, “So good,” in that mindless way fashion girls mean to say something to the effect of, “The crochet work evident on that masterful bolero seems derivative of Byzantine culture.”

Because I know it is Zara, though, I am more like, “So cool!” (which means “Woo! I can buy you!” plain and simple), and because five out of the 17 looks are currently languishing in my digital shopping cart, I do believe it’s time I start tugging at what twists the proverbial knickers of Internet commenters and ask this: should I feel morally conflicted about indulging in a blatant adventure in copyright? Do you?

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