Your Legs, My Warmers

Getting the Prada look without actually getting Prada


I liked Prada’s spring 2014 collection just as much as the next fashion blogger did — the sequins! The coats! The crystals! The leg warmers! — they did all the same visceral things to me that make us want to exclamate, presumptively in spite of better judgement.

I am also, however, cognizant enough to understand that leg warmers are leg warmers — Prada or not. So even though I like to think I’ve been living by a self-inflicted decree that says: support a designer don’t knock one off, I’ll say something else one more time: leg warmers.

In trying to get the look without actually, you know, getting the look, I high tailed it over to my neighborhood American Apparel outlet store and found some striped camp socks. Then I came home and JTT’d — cut just the tips, which should not be confused with Jonathan Taylor Thomasing, a similar phenomenon in which you cut the teenage heartthrob’s head off his popular 90s posters and sleep next to it.

But I digress.

Once I put the now toe-less socks on, I realized that I didn’t think through my idea strategically enough — the sock heels remained on sock thus creating the illusion of curious, back ankle growths when worn.

This is a process of trial and error, though, so I continue on, errors and all, enter the sequined Theyskens Theory dress from a time when Theory still had the precursing Theyskens chained to it. The sandals are Jimmy Choo, will never let you down, and really bring out the red in my eyes, which is all I have to say about this except for: if you plan to give it a try, give it one with thigh highs, not knee highs, so you can be more liberal about your sock castrating.

Also, 28 degrees? Really? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to re-open the shit weather lament deposit box.

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  • M

    Awesome. I wouldn’t dare to, though!

  • Ida

    I loved this collection, but not the leg warmers…

  • Angel

    So original and chic ! love this look , very daring.
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  • looks good! love the way you’ve styled them 🙂


  • pinkschmink

    Never mind the leg warmers … THAT DRESS.

  • yet another trend for which I have to raid my dad’s closet

    it’s getting weird now

    • Leandra Medine

      THAT’s a story. Write it! Write it!

  • I like these! And you know what, the little heel growths sort of give them dimension and personality. Reaffirms that hey, not even Prada lookalikes are perfect.

    Also, that Theory dress brings be back to the days of LeanDelRa (is that right?).
    Vive le synchronized butter-spreading.

  • Elisa Taviti

    Amazing sandals my dear *__*

    xoxo Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  • Fantastic! And I am always amazed about how you turn a simple outfit post into such a hilarious matter. “cut just the tips, which should not be confused with Jonathan Taylor Thomasing, a similar phenomenon in which you cut the teenage heartthrob’s head off his popular 90s posters and sleep next to it.” – awesome!

  • This leg warmers trend is quite interesting to me. Strangely, I like it a lot! And your version of it….Hilarious!

  • you need legs like yours, which i decidedly do not. so living vicariously on this look. (that looks good.)



    I would go for it! 😉 loving the glasses too !!;)

  • It looks terrific on skinny beautiful legs like yours, but it wouldn’t on mine!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Legwarmers! I’m getting flashbacks to my days at the barre in ballet class when I always thought they were so annoying, but so fashionable, so I still wore them. Here we go!

  • I almost like the leg warmers better with the sock heels intact on the back of them- it adds a certain touch of whimsy.

    • Leandra Medine

      get what you mean — that sort of unfinished finish that keeps it cool and personal.

  • Speaking of Prada and prada login, I just saw that their Paris boutique is offering some custom shoe making thing.. does it still count as a Miuccia original though? more marketing ploy than genuine shoe owning experience, but cool nonetheless. So any of you men repelling ladies going to be in Paris, this could be cool. One thing they don’t mention is price, of course…

  • i really like the LW look. they always catch an eye or two

  • Anne-Dorthe Andersen

    That is so cool! Don’t think I could do it but rock it giiiirlfriend!

  • Kandeel

    Haha Leandra you are a little late. Roots Canada makes socks like those and theyre such basic style people wear them with uggs and leggings in Canada. However they are much shorter and are socks, not leg warmers so i actually love the look ! (ill be fine as long as you dont put a pair of uggs on)

  • Greer Clarke

    But where is the COAT from?!

  • I love everything about your outfit! Leg warmers included of course! These are totally sick!

  • Suzy Q

    Love the leg-warmers. If only I were so daring…

    On a side note, I have a pair of Jimmy Choo Ivettes (although your’s seem like “Lance”-s) are seriously hard to walk in…not because of the instep, or the fine stiletto point. As a a skinny-ankled person with very thin feet, my feet keep slipping forward despite tightly strapping the ankle strap…makes it hard to walk. Size up, and the shoes are too big! Non-refundable sales….*sigh*= first world problems.

  • Gabi

    I wore that in high school and i’m still embarrassed about it. So I don’t think I’m ready to try it again.

  • Madeline Taylor

    That outfit fucking rules.

  • It must be perfect to match with this dress(

  • LOL I see the back ankle growth. I remember I used to do leg warmers a decade ago! Probably won’t get into it again but looks cute on you! 🙂

  • Guest

    I just love socks, as for me, there was no need to cut it.
    Really like to use it in spring, with mini skirts, most of times shorter ones, the knee version seems too sporty for me.

  • Guest

    I like it! But I love socks so, as for me, there was no need to cut it. They are cute with sandals and mini skirts in spring…I use the short ones since I see the knee size too “sporty” for me, but I love to see them in other women ^^

  • NotU

    hmmm . very crossfit inspired!

  • Anamika Kapoor

    These leg warmers are simply amazing. Would surely like to one for myself.