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The Manifold Ways to Wear White Jeans

Let them be your mother. She who tucks you in at night.


In collaboration with Madewell.

It is a universal truth worth reiterating that the best thing about jeans is that no one can ruin them for you.

Unlike an easily identifiable dress, or skirt, or pair of shorts, which can serve as the controversial condiment you place over, say, a slice of bread, jeans are that slice of bread.

Everyone likes bread. Everyone eats bread. It comes ripe with opportunity to manipulate, garnish, or simply consume as-is. If you don’t like how someone else eats their bread, that means absolutely nothing about the way you eat your bread. And the same can be said for jeans; they’re the Switzerland of clothing in that they are so damn neutral, sometimes you forget they’re even there. Which, surprisingly, in no way detracts from their untrammeled ability to speak to a woman’s sense of personal style, and man do they make getting dressed easy.

So, while we continue to perform our respective sun dances in anticipation of warmer days smacking us where the sun don’t shine, let’s play the 1 piece, 5 ways game and festoon what are inarguably the world’s best pair of jeans: Madewell’s Boyjean in white clover.

First up: there’s the purgatory look, which finds you clothed when it is neither winter nor spring. Try a white blouse with neckerchief (Madewell shown), because we’re nothing if not a legion of banditos, and white sneakers — red and blue stripes not obligatory at all, though they do make a red lip feel more tied together and oh wow, I’m doing that thing where I look like America even though it’s not the Fourth of July, huh?


Looks two and three are supposed to function as a physical manifestation of summer. First in the form of a casual evening appropriate outfit, replete with a corporate blue bralette layered over a white t-shirt and shoes that boast not one but two layers of non-Western fringe, topped with a see-through clutch, which incidentally arrived with a tampon inside of it.


The second summer look is also casual but decidedly day time (work?) appropriate, what with its classic sunglasses, white patent leather Birkenstocks and arm-tillery of bangles. The peplum blouse, sleeveless and v-neck, evokes summer with its insouciant perforations, while the trench coat can’t stop humming Lovefool with a deserved touch of pomp. Normsnore? I think not.


The final two looks hearken back to a harsh reality: that it is still cold outside. In the casual day look, I wear the white jeans with a cable-knit ivory sweater, an ankle length blazer/jacket, black socks, and Madewell lace-up Oxfords. The sunglasses are Karen Walker and make me feel crazy.


Finally, we’ve got a black leather denim-style jacket, worn over a sheer dress, worn over white jeans, worn over white patent leather pumps. Meanwhile, I continue to sound like a broken record player, singing, come on, spring. Show. Yo. Self.


It’s a damn good thing bread is not seasonal.

Part 1 of 1 in collaboration with Madewell, outfit credits (sorry, cRediTz) in slideshow.

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  • Jessica Rose

    My style tip for white jeans is this….never ever eat chocolate ice-cream whilst wearing white jeans…..

  • Lurch Hound Loves

    3 and 4 are perfection, love the birkenstocks and the sunglasses! x

  • Natali

    Yeah.. Spring showing up would be nice for a change… I love me a perfect pair of jeans and if they’re white and boyfriend cut ones – I need a moment to catch my breath 🙂

  • sialsiquiero

    Here you can see another original way to wear white jeans!

  • So creative, Leandra! Wish I had your artillery of bread condiments in the form of lil blue Bralettes and white Birkenstocks.

    Looks three and five are my favorites. The dress-over-pants-thing is still a good idea.

  • Great post! As Shosh would say, YOU.LOOK.AH-MAZE. So very true about jeans and bread. ALSO- I had a dream we bought white sneakers together last night! They were Nike.

  • Very nice post Leandra! I’ve always avoided white jeans…I don’t think they flatter me so well.

  • Well Prado
  • Elizabeth Hawn
  • MSD

    LOVE! Where are your bangles from??

  • Laurie

    I love that the jeans are not fitted. My tip for white jeans is to buy them casual like these so you don’t feel compelled to turn to the Brazilian Butt Lift infomercial when you catch a glimpse of yourself walking away.

    • Kate Barnett

      i could never quite put my finger on it, but you just perfectly described how i usually feel in white jeans. time to upgrade my silhouette!

      • I love your expression – ‘upgrade my silhouette’! I am applying this to my entire pants’ department, STAT.

    • Laura Robinson


  • Oliver Lips

    Manifold – a beautiful word 🙂

  • Royal Wang
  • Leslie Musser

    These styles beautifully emphasize the sleek and versatile nature of white jeans. Straying from a skin-tight look is essential in maintaining confidence and allure. The tulle overlay is another lovely way to breach your fear of white on bottom.

  • LaRaeRae

    I can’t even read what you wrote or look at the other outfits because I’m so distracted by that hideous blue Thakoon top! I normally love your outfits — even those that really push the boundaries of my fashion comfort zone — but that thing looks like a $400 maxi pad strapped to your chest!

    • Emma

      I agree. That blue top is hideous. I only like its color

  • Gooniecan

    You are truly the master of artful layering. Anyone know which brand those fringed high-heel sandals are?

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! There are Giambattista Valli from Yoox

  • lavieenliz

    love this all white look

  • there’s something about outfit numero five just makes me want to be a better person, you know?

  • monkeyshines
  • Love the way styled those white sneakers . very chic !
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  • Thamsa

    I’m so afraid to wear white jeans! I have an irrational fear that Ill wear them out, only to sit on spilt ketchup!

    • HMichaelH

      “…spilt…???” Did you mean “spilled?” I did not know women’s aversion to wearing white pants was ketchup. I always thought it had something to do with menstruation.

      • Thamsa

        As lame as it was, it was a joke (one from my pre-teen years). The joke is, if you wear white pants and sit on ketchup, it will look as though you’ve had your period. And “spilt” is an alternative spelling for “spilled”, though it’s not normally used in American English.

      • Suzee

        Spilt is actually an alternative but correct word ( I moved from US to Canada and struggled with their British version of adding “t” to words for past tense (learnt, etc). Different to me but still correct.

  • Quinn Halman

    You’re the coolest person on the internet, I swear

  • laurasusanne

    what’s the brand of your red lipstick?

    • laurasusanne

      and its colour! Thank you

      • Leandra Medine

        it’s a combo platter of a dior gloss and an armani lip maestro!

  • Emilyz

    Love 3, 4 and 5. Question: are these outfits divided over some time, or do you have a really intense day where you change your clothes 6 times in a matter of minutes?

    • Leandra Medine

      We block off full days to shoot errythang.

  • vanessa

    wow where do i start… absolute fav looks have to be 2, 3, and 5!!!! you continue to inspire me and my dreams for the fashion world. love love love it.

  • Gabi

    Yay you’re wearing heels again!

  • claudia

    Love every single outfit but the one with the nude sandals is definitely my fav!

  • Such a refreshing style. Love look 2 and 4!

  • Your version of how to wear the neckerchief is the best yet! Love it and that cable knit sweater combo. 🙂

  • Mackenzie Mancuso

    Awesome accessories!

    x Kenzie

  • Namrata

    I kinda like all the looks, but I like how different 2 and 5 is.


  • Total crush for your glitter sunglasses!

  • I love the 5 styles, it’s as simple as that!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Kirsten

    Leandra you’re seriously amazing at your job

  • Nicole

    The sheer dress look is amazing. Great idea layering the darker sheer dress over the white jeans.

  • Wow all of them looks great

  • Paola Sofia

    Hey Leandra! Where’s the blue peplum blouse from? Love it for the beach… XO

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! It is Viktor and Rolf

  • 4 and 5 are my favs!

  • I love the clear clutch with rhinestone detailing. It looks like a super simple DIY that you could make your own, maybe I will embrace that and post soon.

  • Killing it gal,
    amazing outfits once again

  • meeeee

    that last one is next lvl wow but would for shiz look weird on me. sad face. the acne trench is so good. where is the white t under the thakoon ‘business bralette’ from pls?

  • Tracy Wingrove

    I once stabbed myself in the thigh with an exacto knife whilst wearing white jeans (I’m an artist & I was making a chandelier from plastic vegetables for Barney’s Christmas windows). True story! BTW, I bled like a MF but it washed right out & the jeans have a little frayed hole & I have a scar on my thigh to remind me…

  • hello

    I love how your pics say F your mom/MF on the wall behind you.

  • Seph

    White and beige are great looks… for women 🙂

  • Stef

    Ahhhhh 3 and 5. The way you can be almost completely covered yet so well-balanced still gets me. I think it’s the silhouettes? Amazing.

  • Lucy

    The brand of the white (perfect) t-shirt under the cutest Thakoon top PLEAZE

  • Maya

    I loved the white jeans wit the sheer black. So chic!

  • KH

    You are to styling what Beyonce is to music.

    Love it ALL.

    • KH

      And I’m going to put these looks on my inspiration PinBoardT

  • Laura Robinson

    I have a hard time with white jeans. They make me think of… rocker chicks. But, not in a good way. Maybe I need to give the madewells a chance and take some styiing tips from the man reppeller.

  • Jo

    I was wondering where did you get you sheer dress from? Instantaneous femininity…Thanks!

  • HMichaelH

    Did they go out of their way to find a model who is spectacularly unattractive to picture their jeans? I guess this girl earns her living by modeling, but for me, I miss almost anything attractivve about her. I suspect anything she models is going to look unattractive, because you are distracted by her look.

  • Penny Dreadful

    my tip…don’t ! All the looks above are horrid!!

  • sma

    black women with a 36 inch wide backside in white jeans…yes! i have seen it,and it aint pretty.

  • Tamshan

    One must always be mindful of sitting on well scrutinized seat .

  • Those Oxfords are bangin’.