Spring is Springing

Because nothing says “come at me! Amy Pohler’s Vortex!” like a 60 degree Tuesday.


I have known for a long time that my mood depends on the weather. What I have just recently come to know is that this is the case because the weather controls what I will wear.

See, when it rains, I must forgo suede — that and the ceramic promise of decent hair. When it snows, I’m forced to abandon my clothes all together in the name of feeling like a plastic duck, plowing through the depths of chilled, indigenous-to-bathtub waters, wearing not just rubber but rubber that is warm.

And when it’s cold — when it’s cold, who cares what I’m wearing behind my coat? No matter how much I may have liked the cloak when I initially obtained it, the inevitability that it will stay on through the duration of the season starts to sting at month three, leaving me at the intersection of disgusted and in utter hate.

So, that’s that.

When it’s warm, though, when the sun comes out and the ice coffee flows like beer at a frat party or green juice at a Millennial get-together, I’m given the freedom of choice. No longer delimitated by circumstantial climatic woes, I can choose suede or not. Skirt or pants. Long jacket or short jacket or no jacket at all.

In the case of today, the first of its kind since the balmy days of yonder, I chose a long sleeve crop top faced with a terrible case of identity crisis in that it is from Zara but so clearly once was Calvin Klein. The jeans, so high waist the zipper takes a full minute to reach the button closure, are Blk Dnm while the trench coat, lightweight and linen and manipulated heavily by tiers of drawstring is Acne. The boots are Saint Laurent and make me feel vaguely western but only in the same way that bras make me vaguely feminine.

I’m not cold at all and that makes me want to jump, jump, so, I’m going to do that.

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  • Such a slick mix. Absolutely love that trench.

  • Natali

    Incredibly amazing and chic as always!


  • Amelia Diamond


    • Leandra Medine

      Shut up, Amelia.

  • sialsiquiero

    In love completely with your sun glasses

    Sí al sí quiero

    • XIGOZ

      I think those are Peter Pilotto for Target

  • Cátia

    awesome! love the gif 🙂


  • Elizabeth Hawn
  • I love your outfit and this post!

  • love the outfit. The weather controls what I wear too. Cold: jacket. Hot sunshine: jacket! 🙂

  • That’s Not My Age

    Nice boots

  • The Provoker

    Your words are always soooo well written: ‘Ceramic promise’, mind if I use it? I’d (not ceramically) promise I’d credit you. P.S. Nice look as always, anything with some Olympia Le-Tan book clutches is pretty formidable.

  • jen.sword7@gmail.com

    Love that outfit. Though watching you jump without a bra is making my boobs hurt.

  • Claire

    Love the shoes, any similar options for a girl on a college budget?

    • Leandra Medine

      try Madison Harding or Madewell!

  • Nps

    Can I just say Lol, and that’s not so good cause everyone plus the baby is sleeping! I heart that this is my last thought before bed. Fingers crossed I dream of suede booties and if not crop tops and YSL will do. Best laugh of the day! And to that I too will (in my head quietly Jump!). Xx

  • Belen


  • pinkschmink

    Girl gives good gif.

  • girlinmenswear

    Love the all-white look and the pop of colour on the clutch…can’t wait for Summer to arrive so we can all abandon layering in favour of light weight fabrics again!


  • Charmaine

    Leandra you’re such a cutie, would love to meet you IRL!



  • Erica M

    I’m in love with the white on white ensemble! And you don’t need to look feminine, as long as you look strong, and loving the GIF on the end!

    Erica’s Edition

  • LizaZ

    I am an avid follower of the blog, but I have to say lately it seems to be very depressing to read. The outfit posts now consist of very expensive garments, where as before it was more of a mix of high to low and felt that it was more obtainable.

    I would love to see a better mix of semi-affordable clothing.

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey Liza — The crop top in this post is from Zara and the jeans, purchased on Yoox, though not “cheap” by nature only cost around $45. I also deliberately placed more moderate priced items in that shoppable-bar-thing-y. Totally understand your point, though! Will keep working on it

  • addy

    My hair leaves the house looking like Gweneth Paltrow and returns in a Grace Coddington-esque manner. Story of my humid life

  • Love the trench! I recently posted a look for less where I was able to find a Burberry inspired one for $30 while the original was hundred of dollars.