Peanut Butter Syndrome Strikes (er, Skirts) Again

Give me that jar or give me death! (Just don’t give me both.)


The last time I mentioned peanut butter syndrome, I eschewed its power to boast about the gumption, conviction and rigor with which I wear double-breasted blazers. This skirt over pants trip I’m on, though, which I can’t seem to shake off (blame fashion? Blame fashion week? Blame jeans-as-jeans becoming increasingly boring?), I don’t know. Am I going to look back at photos of myself a month, a year, two years, decades from now and think: what the hell was I thinking?

Frankly, I hope so.

That would have meant that I tried something out of my comfort zone, that I experimented with the accoutrements that cloak my body and most importantly, that I found a freshly alternative use for my pants through at least the former half of 2014. At least! But getting it right can be tricky (if not completely impossible — the jury is still out on this point) so here you’ll find two different skirts (dresses, actually) that evince different personalities worn over pants and delivered to you, by me.

In the first look, I’m wearing a striped Vince sweater over an incredibly 90s-inspired dress that is actually floor length with spaghetti straps on top. I pulled the dress’s waistline up and pulled the sweater down to create this dropped-waist effect and then put on pink Aperlai mule/pump hybrids, coupled them with an Olympia Le Tan book clutch and posed for you. The skirt is slightly fuller and certainly quite formal so a striped sweater and ripped jeans seemed equal parts an opportune and dichotomous compliment.

In the second look, for which I used an old, decidedly more casual neon Proenza Schouler dress (this is slowly but surely becoming another round of Make an Old Dress New Again, eh?), I paired said neon with a blouse-cum-pinstriped blazer by 3.1 Phillip Lim and black pants by Mina and Olya.

Then I slipped me’baby-sized feet into white mules by Tibi and have been trying to convince myself that I look like someone who might wear head-to-toe The Row through the lens of someone on Acid.

I, of course, can’t determine that, so…




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  • You are an expert, if not THE expert, at making your outfits not look too “bunchy”. It looks like it all just flows so smoothly! You rock this look almost as good as Tabitha and Loretta Broderick!

  • Natali

    You just amaze me all the time! Im speechless! That 1st outfit is to die for!

  • kriss

    snow PLUS naked feet? damn girl, i want your immune system… never worked for me!

  • Sophie

    I always find this… that I’ll love an outfit and even by the next month start to doubt it, and therefore my instincts.

    Who gives a damn?

    So long as you feel absolutely fabulous on the day… that’s what the material is there for.

    And, I love the skirt on jeans combo 🙂

    Sophie x

  • Aba shel Esther V’Lev

    CHA – MU – DAHHHH !

  • Laura Alksne

    ever since this: I’ve put on my to-do/wishlist to buy, make, or whatever, something black and sheer with ruffles to put over my skinny jeans, and now you doing again. god dammit, love it. now let’s just pray it looks half as good as it does on you!

    • Leandra Medine


  • Love both the lewks, but I must say that look 2 is prime. I need to find some more sheer dresses to pair over pants.

    I’ve never done Acid nor do I plan to, but I would assume that the neon of the Proenza aids in the aforementioned ‘lens’ and that those proportions are undeniably The Row.

  • EtralaLondon

    In theory it shouldn’t work… but on you it does!!!

    London sends its love 🙂

  • Might I say, that is very Man Repeller-y and may be my favorite.

  • Curvily NYC

    You are my pants with skirts muse. The second look is sheer perfection (horrible pun intended).

  • Aubrey Green

    I love the Aperlai shoes!!

  • Cassandra Vallée

    These Aperlai pumps… Left me speechless. Sartorial pornography!

  • They way you styled is awesome. Your outfits look so awesome cool but not trashy. Awesome styles!!!

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  • jaclyn

    ok… first outfit blew my mind, that sweater is everything I have been looking for. Second outfit those Tibi mules are pretty much what dreams are made of! So in conclusion RAD fits girl!

    check my blog:

  • I love this look on you but don’t think I could pull it off!!!

    Like it Haute


  • The Aperlai pumps are sick! <3

  • Johanna

    Looks great on you. I Think I should try it myself! I still laugh about the “peanut butter syndrome”. It’s hilarious!

  • Angel

    LOVE THOSE SHOES ! your style is so chic and classic.

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  • Where is the book/clutch thingy from? I’ve seen those in previews looks and I LOVE them

  • Chan

    Obsessed with the 2nd look!! Those mules <3

  • You look completely fab and totally YOU. And do you ever regret your outfits? You don’t seem like the regretful type.

    That said, the amount of wear you get out of that yellow Proenza Schouler dress constantly reminds me that I should have bought it and gives me total anxiety producing envy. No amount of Ebay stalking has yet produced one in my size, but I’m not giving up hope.

  • I have no idea how, but those mules on those feet are actually making me consider the virtues of their practicality. I guess I was always scared they wouldn’t stay on my feet for some reason. I don’t think I’d worry about that with those, though. How are they for walking?

  • claudia

    I love how you style skirts with jeans, it looks so cool!

  • nanny

    This looks like a child playing dress up in Mom’s closet.

  • I liked both outfits. It looks really relaxed and funny to wear, so why not? I’m all about creative sartorial choices.;) Way to go, Leandra!
    Thanks for sharing! Do you have a jar of peanut butter there though? I’m at Starbucks and am now craving for some… eheh!

  • Erika

    I”m loving the first look and those baby pink Aperlai pumps? I DIE. AMAZE-BALLS!!!

  • pinkschmink

    I remember a million years ago (in the 90s) there was a brief trend, in the UK at least, for A-line skirts over skinny bootcut pants. You could even buy garments that were basically those two things already stitched together, and I believe I owned one. As a result, skirts over pants have haunted me ever since.

    Having said that: if anyone were able to change my mind on this score, it was always going to be you. Mission accomplished.

  • mariah serrano

    i’ve been doing this all the time and i haven’t figured out why yet

  • Stefanie

    I’m curious, when you say that you pulled the skirt’s waistline up- did you use any kind of device to fasten it in place? I’d love to know your trick!
    I used to think that jeans and skirts together were just too much fabric to fuss with, but you are definitely starting to convince me otherwise.

    • Leandra Medine

      I just pulled it up and hid the bunch in the body of the sweater (if the fit is oversized enough its relatively easy) — would totally suggest using a discreet belt though if the skirt’s waist won’t stay up on its own

      • Stefanie

        Oh well that’s easy- I was imagining a safety pin type situation. I guess the sweater proportion is key. Thanks!

  • Brett

    You never cease to question the way I think about fashion – it keeps me coming back for more! The Proenza dress under the Phillip Lim blazer though….stunning.

  • pick a name

    the first one is cool…the second one you look like and escape from a mental institution who woke up from her nap and headed for the hills lol!!

  • Those Tibi shoes! SO much love for those! 🙂

  • Dinnah Turner

    I love this outfits. Just wondering what size of that tibi mules do you wear? I got one but couldn’t decide if it’s small or it fits right. I think I’m being blinded by the beauty of the shoes and making myself believe that it fits even though it doesn’t. Thanks!

  • I love the striped Vince sweater and skirt. I love the shoes.