Mastering the Art of Repurposed Sweaters

Start now, there’s a long sweater season ahead


That yesterday and Tuesday provided spring-like temperatures nearing 60 but that today has dropped back down to a rude 27 plus potential snow flakes seems cruel and manipulative in only a capacity made possible by one female entity who commonly goes by the moniker Mother Nature.

We’re tired, we’re cold and though we need them, we are definitely not trying to buy new sweaters, enter an alternative first pioneered by Amelia a few weeks ago when in a bout of unilateral competitiveness, she was determined to wear the same L.L. Bean sweater for what seemed like months but was actually just a few days. Photographed above you’ll find it in its intended state — navy blue and featuring little white somethings that may or may not (probably not, but then again this is Amelia we’re talking about) be sailboats.

At some point midway through the week, she started wearing the sweater inside out thus creating a brand new sweater (now it was white plus little navy somethings that may or may not have–you get the point), which got me thinking about all the other ways you can take your old sweaters and make them new without having to buy new ones during this last, nasty hump of winter.

So, without further ado, there’s:

The Cardigan: while you may be used to wearing it open and with something underneath it, why not try a) wearing it as a blouse with nothing underneath it? Add a fox face because why not? Conversely, you can also pair the sweater with any choker or necklace of your liking and pull the shoulders down to create an off-the-shoulder confection which is very right now if we may suggest so ourselves. (The sweater in this particular instance is by Fine Collection).

The Cropped V-neck: It’s true that this sweater is bad-as-ass-ass-(ass) on its own but sometimes that v gets in my way. Especially when I want to pair layer cropped sweater with a shirt underneath it or something. Why not just try wearing it backward and layering or delayering as you see fit? (Sweater by Rick Owens). Jackets work, shirts work, heck, try throwing a banjo in.

The Ol’ Changeroo: Take your favorite knit and wear it inside out. If anyone calls you out, just make like Alan Arkin and tell them to Argo-fuck themselves.

Did we leave many tips off? Tell us how you repurpose your shit in the comments below and leave photos for reference because you get to see us all the time and we have no idea what you look like.

Fair is fair.

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  • Love what you did with your black cardigan little fox!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Ariella

    The mask is for Purim, right?

  • dustUP

    you can wear a cardigan as bandeau top over button up or other sweater. sometimes i button up two cardigans to each other ( same model but different color) and end up with handy extra pair of sleeves to play around with.
    No visual evidence, sorry, but I’m speaking honest, oral truth.

    • Ivana

      a bit like this maybe? I tried it too, and it worked great 🙂

      • dustUP

        yes, exactly like that!

  • LeChat

    Winter blows dead goats.

    No sweater tips to share, but just had to kvetch about this never-effing-ending winter(!)

  • s

    i refuse to buy more winter gear!! reinvent the preexisting? i’m down


  • Isabella

    Amelia’s hair is the god of all reds. Please do tell what color you use.

  • Charlotte Mainprize

    This is a geniune question rather than a passive-aggressive criticism: doesn’t wearing an extremely low cut top kind of clash with the concept of man repelling? Obviously we should all be dressing however the fuck we want, but I feel like wearing a top in that manner might have been subject to criticism in an earlier iteration of the site?

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! This isn’t an answer so much as it is a comment but I’m fairly flat chested which leaves very little to the imagination when I do wear low cut blouse. Independent of that detail though, I think the answer is in your question — man repelling is really, really not about actually repelling men. It’s about wearing what you want to wear, when you want to wear it, and maintaining that philosophy in a capacity that is untrammeled and completely devoid of second/third/fourth party influence

  • SabrinaSL Nyc

    I love the off-shoulder effect with old V-necks,too!!!
    haha lookbook post from last week!

  • pinkschmink

    I used to have a mid-thigh length long-sleeved v-neck cardigan that I would wear as a dress at times like these. Sometimes, if I really wanted to mess with people’s heads, I would wear a little waist-length three-quarter-sleeve cardigan over the top of it. Men’s cardigans often work particularly well as oversized cardi-dresses. Never forget to shop your man’s closet.

  • Valentina Siragusa

    I think that cardigan version off-the-shoulder could be a great chance to remain naked … but if you’re standing stationary, the effect is very cool 🙂


    i love chunky sweaters they are so awesome and can u say COMFY <3


  • I love the off-the-shoulder look….very Prada F/W 2013.

  • Sarita Williams

    I love what you did with the cardigan. Unfortunately God blessed me with too much front padding, so I’d end up looking like a hooker if I tried to do that, but you definitely pull it off.

    Now, while I didn’t repurpose a sweater, although I definitely plan on doing that very soon, I did repurpose my jean jacket. What do you think?


  • Maria Marques

    “and tell them to Argo-fuck themselves.”
    Okay, I just laughed so hard at this that my cat looked at me like “what the hell is wrong with you, girl?”. I will surely use this ’cause people tend to be stupid enough. And I’ll make this my tomorrow’s purpose: how to re-style sweaters for this assfuck weather. And I’ll be posting it here (promisse!)

    Lots of love,

  • therealdp

    i looooove to wear my cardis off my shoulders because i am so slooty!!! great idear. hi amilli. (i know you’re not really back)

  • Georgia

    DESPERATE – any tips for cashmere loved enough that the elbows have worn through?? I can’t throw it out but it’s definitely unwearable in current state.

  • Serena

    Love the off-shoulder sweaters. They are very feminine…wow! 🙂

  • martine

    LOL! Argo-fuck? Lordy. Thats funny. I’ll just wear my cardigan over a tank top, or not at all, but that made me laugh hard. I want to tell someone to Argo fuck themselves. I do.

  • charmystique

    It is always sweater weather, even when you live in a country with a temperature at 37 degrees celsius (about 98 degrees fahrenheit). Case in point: In love with the V-neck cropped sweater turned the other way around!


  • Nancy

    I love revamping an old knit – found this giant minty one the other day!

  • Lucy

    Amelia’s hair is just the perfect red, and I’m an Irish girl who’s seen a lot of red hair. Is it dyed, if so, which colour? Also, I’m loving the jumpers. x

    • Amelia Diamond

      thank you! i think it comes out a bit more red in pictures than in person. i do get it died because i am essentially going completely gray on the left side of my head. i’ll ask my colorist next time what she uses!