Kim & Kanye on the Cover of Vogue

Of note: it’s technically not Kim’s own cover.


There is a hashtag on the cover of Vogue.

The word “selfie” is on there too, right next to the shoulder of one very radiant Kim Kardashian who is wrapped in the arms of Kanye West. And yet somehow, after our initial bout of shock at the news, it was the ampersand between their names that stood out most saliently.

An ampersand is old school. It’s right above the 7 if you hold down your keyboard shift key, but in the year 2014 our pointer fingers have a much easier time locating the number 3’s pound sign. The former signal feels like a relic from the days of handwritten invitations, or something quaint that’s reserved for Pinterest boards and wedding announcements.

Kim and Kanye, though, they are modern. They’re what the fashion world likes to refer to as fresh, because even though they’ve been around for a while there’s something intoxicating about the idea of a controversial rapper and an even more controversial reality star-turned-style icon coming together on the industry’s most time-honored magazine.

Most prominently because it was just last spring that rumors soared through the Internet regarding Anna Wintour’s decidedly unaffectionate feelings toward Ms. Kardashian. That she was subsequently invited to the Met Ball seems like a decent coup on the part of Kanye West. That she has finally landed her own cover of Vogue — arguably the most viable piece of real estate in fashion and beyond — is much more a testament to either Wintour’s business savvy and amenability or Kanye West’s position as a much larger cultural icon across a landscape that has heretofore seemed impenetrable.

And that’s the thing. For an individual to lock in a Vogue cover even after public statements have been issued vetoing his or her role in the relevant stratosphere seems like an impossible task. So what do we make of the news? Has Kanye won and Wintour softened her grip? Or is she simply just so damn brilliant and so many steps ahead that this is flying over the heads of whoever has had the pleasure of basking in Kardashian’s flowing Instagram leak earlier today?

Is it worth mentioning that Kim’s seemingly dressed in the same gown Carrie Bradshaw wore on her fictitious Sex and The City cover? And what exactly are we to make of the fact that this issue has been dubbed “The Shape Issue”? So many questions. Will we achieve answers?

Frankly, we’re vetting in favor of both Wintour’s shrewdness and Kanye’s power. But then again, in the grand scheme of success, popular culture and the driving forces of those who keep it afloat, who is really to say that this cover — or any cover — is the end all be all of anything?

What we will definitely not ask is the following: do you have access to the unretouched photos?

Good on you, Kimye.

— Written by Leandra Medine and Amelia Diamond

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  • So CUTE ! I honestly think there a cute couple despite what others think.
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    • NYC Know it All

      Angel, if you like that cover, you offer nothing as a fashion blogger.

      • Angel

        I simply said they are a cute couple , not that I loved their Vogue cover. Maybe know it all you should school me in fashion , cause reading isn’t your strongest ability ! 🙂

        • Guest


          • Cherie

            Lol, so cool

  • Anne


    • bay

      im still hoping this is an april fool joke

      • elfus

        so am i

    • less is more


  • Rebecca

    What I don’t seem to understand is how such a controversial pop star and the path to their fame has opened doors to become a style icon and land a cover on Vogue that has somehow strayed a bit from celebrities – that are not entirely respected in the public eye – and is such an elegant, innovative magazine in today’s society. It really boggles my mind.

  • I’m not a huge fan of them, but I actually like this cover, I think it is very tasteful.
    I’d say this is all Wintour being a genious, but I guess we’ll never know.

  • I’m not going to lie keeping up with the Kardashians has been my guilty pleasure for a long time and whilst I agree that Vogue is leaning more towards celebrity culture than high fashion, both Kim and Kanye are hugely influential figures and Kanye particularly in the fashion industry. This may have been a controversial move for Vogue but it has definitely going to draw a lot of press attention!

    • I agree with you. Vogue is def. leaning more towards celeb culture, I’d argue out of necessity and staying relevant. Art reflecting current culture, and all of that.

      This is a smart move for Vogue to stay on the tips of our tongues. Just look at all of these comments!

  • I don’t see why this should be a problem, they’re a nice and trendy couple, and I find the cover beautiful. I never imagined Anna Wintour would accept that though, I’m fairly surprised.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Savannah

    All I can say is that I can’t believe Kim got a cover before Kerry Washington. Vogue is known for featuring well known actors and actresses on the cover, yet some how the idea of having Kerry grace the cover completely flew over their heads, despite the fact that Scandal is a pretty big deal right now.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Sorry can’t join the lovefest…vile.

  • Quinn Halman

    Honestly, I don’t get Kim. Can we all remember the whole reason she’s famous is for a sex tape!!! I find it super frustrating when I listen to her speak and frankly, if Vogue wanted to shoot a power couple with attractive kids, where all members of the family are stylish (without a stylist, may I add) then they should have come to my family.

    • Lilli

      The sex tape might have made her famous, but it’s certainly not what has allowed herself and her family to achieve such success and longevity in the media and fashion industry.

      • Dee

        What has allowed this “success & longevity” then? A combination of shameless self-promotion on their behalf, and a disturbingly voracious appetite (on behalf of a vaguely “empty inside” populous) for endless tabloid fodder, and base-level entertainment. I’m not sure what disturbs me more…the fact that they have managed to stay “relevant” long after the sex-tape, or that because they have worked really, really hard to stay relevant (and I don’t mean that as a compliment) they suddenly become worthy of our admiration and/or respect.

      • Liz

        But that is just public prurience and does not equate to any kind of fundamental merit in what she and her family are doing.

    • liz

      I wouldn’t really care how she first came to attention if she had done anything at all that was I the slightest bit meaningful, interesting or thoughtful in the years that have passed since…

  • Rachel H.

    I can respect Kim and Kanye for their respective endeavors, but I cannot respect this cover for Vogue. If Vogue had reached out to Kim and Kanye then it would be a different story. The fact that Kanye pestered Wintour into landing this cover for Kim really says a lot. This practically screams, “We never wanted you on the cover, but the only way Kim can be on there is if Kanye is too.”

  • Selena Delgado

    Vogue must be having a slow year.

    • Faye Wood Bailey

      I wouldn’t buy a copy if it cost only a ‘penny’! Disgusting!

      • elise maiberger

        What aspect of this is so disgusting?

        • lolabird

          To place a woman who allowed a man to pee on her on the cover of Vogue.

  • Helga

    Finally kanye got his way with Anna wintour….. Too Bad for Vogue, the photos are flawless though..

  • bay

    one word, trashy.

  • Cass

    I mean, lets be real. American Vogue jumped the shark a long time ago. Time to brush up on my French I guess. #disappointed

    • Jokes

      Subscribe to The Gentlewoman if you’re not already. American Vogue is the Myspace of women’s fashion magazines.

      • fashion altitude

        I totally subscribe to that and to The Gentlewoman, too!

    • Stefanie

      Totally agree with you, Cass. In my mind it happened with Lady Gaga’s first cover, not because I have anything against Lady Gaga, but because that’s when I realized that instead of setting the trends, Vogue was simply waiting to see what was popular and then jumping on board once it was safe and sure to sell. #yawn.

    • Justine

      I think you’re right about that. But I must say I got dissapointed in Vogue a long time ago, when I bought a copy that had about 3 articles and the rest was all ads. It’s not a magazine anymore but a brochure. I bought the march issue this year and saw that the first article was over the middle of the magazine, and the first half was ALL ADS. I’m never buying it again. And sadly, french Vogue is almost the same.

    • I agree with you, Cass. Vogue was once the primmest of prime fashion real estate, and years back it just… wasn’t anymore. I see its path now as tactics for trying to keep readership up, circulation up.

      My opinion is based on zero knowledge of readership or circulation. Just mine.

  • Liz

    The real question is, what does Grace think of this?

    • Sara

      Yep, exactly my words.

  • Jordan Houston

    I think they both look great! And that baby is delicious. Honestly, why shouldn’t they be together? From what we perceive as the general public, they have similar interests; fashion, entrepreneurialism, family values, both have slightly smarmy personalities.There’s far worse pairings out there!

    • WorriedFortheFuture

      Family values? Only worse pairing is cheap wine and rotten cheese. There seem to be a lot of comedians on this comment log, yet none who realize it’s not april fool’s quite yet. #morons.

  • Arianna

    Vogue US just lost all its credibility in my eyes.

    • Cole

      Could not agree more! Strictly only purchasing international Vogue from now on. Such a disappointment. She’s not a contributing member of society, unless endorsing toxic laxatives (“Quick Trim”) counts. Like sorry, but any CHIC woman would never endorse a purple diet-i have to shit my pants, like now-pill nor own Intermix II. Shout out to the original embrace cover. Bound 2, Lofficiel Hommes..

    • People who don’t know

      Vogue US lost credibility ages ago. Look at any Vogue in Europe – leaps and bounds ahead in creativity and editorials.

      • Belen

        Not the Spanish Vogue. It is also a trash. The March Issue has been the worst of the history :((

  • Stephanie

    APRIL FOOLS!!! Lupita N’yongo is on the cover.

    • Cass

      !?!! Please be right

      • Stephanie

        I wish I was, I really really wish I was.

  • Bria

    I’m no fan of Kim or Kanye but the pictures are nice. Boring, but nice. I still don’t understand all of the outrage. Although it’s still considered the “fashion bible,” American Vogue hasn’t contributed anything fresh or innovative to the fashion world (IMO) in years. So the fact that all of you are supposedly canceling your subscriptions over this one cover is stupid. Where was all of this outrage when Kate Upton was on the cover? Or when they had that racially insensitive cover with Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen? Bottom line is that Vogue is a business and they need to sell magazines and Kanye and Kim are going to do just that (hence the reason why they switched from models to celebrities).

    And can you PLEASE stop referencing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape as a legitimate reason for her not deserving respect. That is the epitome of slut shaming.

    • Arianna

      Kim doesn’t deserve respect first and foremost because of oh-so-intended-to-go-public sex tape, then for not being able to assembly one complex sentence, third for participating in an embarrassment trash excuse for TV and for, and this one is the most relevant one in the context of this article, not having any personal style of her own but the one that stylists make for her (did you all forget that “prollo” (that is what we call people here in Austria who dress bäääähhhdly, perhaps closest to your “rednecks” :)) clothes she was wearing until she met Kanye (who I don’t respect either btw.). Sorry Brie, money can get you all the clothes in the world but NO CLASS AND/OR STYLE. Sorry for any mistakes, English it my native language :).

      • Faye Wood Bailey

        THANK YOU…… for hitting the nail on the head!!! No class!!! A waste of paper in my opinion.

    • Jade Bossom

      Maybe if she wasn’t a slut she wouldn’t be shamed duh

    • Jessica

      Thank you Bria, so well said. Vogue has had celebrities on their cover for a loooong time now. Who’s to say they are more “worthy” of Kim and Kanye? Because they took the more “traditional” route of being pretentious, attention seeking, narcissists? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. And sure, yeah, I’m not a fan of Kim, but do I know her personally enough to call her names like all of you are? Of course not. Because i’m not an internet troll who gets off on putting other people down. Vogue has been sucking for a while now, but I might actually buy this issue now that I don’t have to see another typical skinny white actress on the cover.

  • Jokes

    Much elegant. So culture. How fashion.

    Kardashians = Crass. This cover is what desperation looks like. Maybe they’re the “#worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple” because Kim K and her family work 24/7 to make sure they’re always in the media? Just a thought. I mean this is the woman who at 30 something years old with a newborn instagrams photoshopped pictures of her butt. #stayclassy.

    American Vogue desperately needs an overhaul. They need new content, art direction, (new editors), everything. It’s so dated. This cover looks like an ad for David’s Bridal.

    Fun Fact: If you wanna know what Kim K will look like in 5 years google “Big Ang.”

  • Aubrey Green

    Their baby is ridiculously cute/beautiful.

    I’m not really bothered by any of this.

    • macz

      Like Anna Wintour says Kimye is so like cover-worthy, and that she chooses people, you know, like who reflect the culture in our time. She is soooo playing her fiddle while Vogue burns…

      I asked myself why…why Anna, why? Why reflect the dregs of our culture when there are so many cool and interesting people that can reflect more humanity than these two crass people. The Kimye reflect hedonism, gross self-promotion and the ultimate in narcissism.

      You just couldn’t resist opening Pandora’s Box!

  • albequerque

    This cover enrages me. Like, who’s next? Duck Dynasty?

  • The cover reeks of desperation to revive print. There’s a 27-character hashtag used without a hint of irony, for crying out loud! It’s a bad attempt to make up for all the years other magazines were embracing digital media while Vogue clung to its name.

    Oh, and Kimye look good. Well, Kim does. Kanye looks really tired – exhausted, no doubt, from trying to make this cover happen.

    • Faye Wood Bailey

      Shows what money can buy!!!

  • earlyholo_scene

    Leaving the whole sex tape-reality show issue aside… the real problem here is that Kim Kardashian is not, in fact, a woman of style. And certainly not one that belongs on the cover of Vogue. Unfortunately for her, she has documented every moment of her celebrity life, putting her constant fashion faux pas on full display. There was an entire episode of her show that documented Kanye decimating her closet and literally overhauling her ‘style self’. While her fashion choices may appear more compelling since her relationship with Kanye, they are decidedly forced and she never seems comfortable or at-ease with her current wardrobe. Its because it simply isnt her natural state. Deep down she would prefer to be in stringy extensions, a hot pink Juicy tracksuit, and furry Uggs. This is not a woman who should be on the cover of Vogue.

    • Rachel


  • Eva S

    I don’t know why she’d deserve a cover over so many other hard working and talented women – she wouldn’t have gotten it either if Kanye hadn’t pressured for it. What is she famous for, other than a sex-tape? What makes her special? Or unique? Style? So many other women have that. The new Marilyn? I don’t think so. She lacks poise and sophistication. That needs way more work than just a reality show. I’d rather see women there who REALLY changed the world. My Vogue subscription has been canceled.

  • Blake

    I’ve never been those two’s biggest supporter, but the cover looks cute.

  • Carey

    Somewhere in New York City Anna Wintour sits muzzled and bound to a chair in a closet guarded by Kris Jenner.

    • sarah

      oh hahaha. they’re all so tragic.

  • sarah

    as covers go, it’s pretty boring. i have zero respect for a woman who after having given birth to a daughter, still posts “selfies’ for the world to see, in her lingerie. wrong on so, so many levels. mind you, she did marry him, so i can’t pretend to be surprised. no love from here. anyway, american vogue is pretty dull these days, i think they are strugglng to keep ahead of the game, this feels like yet another attempt to be cutting edge, unfortunately they’re just old.

  • Chan

    RIP Vogue.

  • Joey

    Just like Vogue your credibility has just gone out of the window. I would’ve preferred a decent, balanced write up, but this gushing tripe is just too much.
    Everything seems so half arsed and lacklustre these days

    • Spare me

      Right? “Good on you, Kimye?” Okay, Leandra. Keep lying to yourself. I guess in the fashion world one mustn’t offend the Wintour. This write up is just a formality and the lack of authenticity shows.

  • Anna Torres

    I personally would have liked to see Kim K on the cover of Vogue America by herself, or with her sisters. Whether people like it or not, The Kardashians have taken reality tv to another level, and it’s amazing what they have build from it. I find it extremely ridiculous that this cover probably only happened because of Kayne West and not because Anna Wintour finally decided to recognize Kim’s work. If anything, she should have embraced it the fact that Wintour never took her work seriously , and worked with people that did.

  • anna

    I think the problem is that Vogue relented to a couple that has been actively campaigning for a cover. Why now, and weeks before the wedding? Why didnt Vogue set the trend by putting them on the cover when they first started dating or after North was born? Why wasn’t Kanye featured after he’s first collection was shown in Paris? Wintour’s editorial note made the whole affair look even more sordid and suspicious.

    And I also get the feeling that cover never really was about Kim, it was always about Kanye wanting to be on the cover of Vogue and in some way being associated with it. Now he got his entire family on there.

    They’ll be gunning for the Emmys, Globe and Academy next.

    Miley Cyrus will be on the cover next. She deserves it more than Kim. But yet again, she was too controversial for Vogue right after her MTV performance.

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  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxqyz

    and from now on I will only buy Vogue Japan and Vogue China, just cancelled my US subscription.

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxqyz


  • kirbybee

    I’ve read these comments, streams of tweets and comments on various news and fashion sites and I think the problem with this Vogue cover is the level of vitriol of the people judging it. It’s a cover on a fashion magazine, they haven’t won a Nobel peace prize.

    And since when did those featured on the covers of fashion magazines have to fit some stereotypical notion of success and beauty and intelligence? Is there only one right way to carve out a piece of the world for yourself? And furthermore, for how long do we have to pay for our mistakes, to be humiliated and denigrated because we did something stupid or that veers outside of ‘normal’ – whatever that is.

    Maybe, instead of tearing Kim down because her road hasn’t been straight, we should give her props for creating what is an incredibly successful business, a business that is only successful because millions of people follow her and her family and buy whatever they might be selling – even if it is themselves.

    Anna wrote in the April editors letter that part of the pleasure of editing Vogue was being able to feature people ‘who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it.’

    We can deny Kimye this status all we want, but the mere fact that we all have an opinion – albeit an incredibly nasty one for some – only serves to prove Anna’s statement correct.

    Good on you Man Repeller and co for not joining in the Kimye bashing.

    • Spare Me

      It’s about having standards. It’s what Kim Kardashian and her family represent in the world. Arrogance, entitlement, lack of substance, lack of humility… shall I go on? Their fans are a bunch of misguided sycophants. If we wanted to praise her business sense then perhaps Forbes would’ve been a better choice? Bashing/Opinions. The whole “everything needs to be political correct” act is sooo boring. People disapprove of a glorified pornstar being on the cover of Vogue. How shocking. Shall we all just keep our opinions to ourselves now?

      • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

        Extremely insightful and well articulated. Thank you.

      • HolidayGuest

        Yes – THANK YOU!

    • earlyholo_scene

      People can sniff out disingenuity like bloodhounds, and Kim K. reeks of it. She is like a Coke Zero: perfectly manufactured and designed to be like the real thing, but it just isnt right. The backlash isnt merely a result of the sex tape, reality show or any other ‘Kim’ branding, its a visceral response to the artificiality of her entire being. People respond to those who exude true originality, especially in the fashion world. There is a reason we put celebrity ‘fashion naturals’ like Lupita Nyong’o, Cate Blanchett, Kerry Washington and Tilda Swinton on a pedestal. We even respond to those who were previously rough, but have had some genuine metamorphosis, like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie. But Kim Kardashian? You can point a horse towards minimalism and a neutral palette, but you cant make them drink. Nothing about her fashion revelation feels innate or genuine. You cant blame people for not wanting to reward that. Forgive us for not slow-clapping at her so-called Vogue cover success.

      • Julieanne

        Wow, very well put! Wish I had written that! I agree with you whole-heartedly. Kim K has zero personality and appears dumb as a bag of hair which is annoying but forgivable but her greed and narcissism is a lot harder to move past along with her sense of entitlement which I found abhorrent.

      • pamb

        Hey now, I love Coke Zero! Don’t sully my favorite drink by comparing it to KK! Other than that, I agree with you 😉

      • HolidayGuest

        Niiiiice! Perfection!

    • kirbybee

      @Spare Me earlyholo_scene

      I wouldn’t be too quick to align standards to American Vogue. After all this is the same magazine that profiled the wife of Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad, but we’re all getting shirty about Kim and Kayne on the cover? And what about that controversial LeBron and Giselle cover? The bizarre photoshopping of the Lady Gaga cover?
      If we expect a fashion magazine to uphold standards like substance, humility and reality we’re probably going to be disappointed.

      You cannot deny the cultural and social impact of the pair, and according to Anna’s own words that’s why they are now on a cover. Precisely because their presence stirs things up, which I’m sure Vogue is hoping means sells lots of copies.

      I’m also not suggesting we don’t have opinions – I’d never speak if that was the case – what I am suggesting is that success, beauty, intelligence and yes even style are subjective. We don’t have to like it, that is absolutely our right, but some of the language I’ve seen today has been borderline offensive – which is what I mean by ‘bashing’.

      Let’s be honest, in a few days or weeks this cover will be irrelevant. But I’m sure we’ll still be talking about Vogue. Mission accomplished?

      • Spare Me

        They have an impact on bottom feeders, trend chasers, and misguided youth.

        And you’re right, Vogue is not the bible on substance and morality — it’s a fashion magazine. But in terms of publications aimed at women, you can’t deny they held higher standards than the others. Oh well. And I’ve read through these comments but didn’t see anything so offensive to be considered bashing — but that’s just a difference of opinion. And I don’t know but maybe these two are worthy of the criticism they receive?

    • Dev

      Look, the world of Fashion is just as fickle, jaded and false as Kim (but Kim features more minorities) and based on a fantasy and a lie. But, the difference is that Kim is making no attempts to change the path she has created. Kim is almost living a double life by trying to be a fashion icon in print and a two bit reality start with no brains onscreen, whereas Vogue is at least trying to move with the times. And appeal to a bigger demographic, her transition over the years hasn’t quite happened she’s more suited to the cover of hustler than Vogue

    • candice

      perfectly said!!

  • Are Vogue’s sales suffering in a major way? Lena and now Kimye? Really? Who’s on top in the fashion world if Anna loses her bitchy edge?

    The dead giveaway to me is that “shape issue” thing – that has NOTHINGGG to do w the photo. Not to hate on Kim’s shape or anything… But usually this cover features some notoriously fit celeb (Rihanna?) in a super revealing outfit – you know, actually showing their shape? Lol
    I feel like that floating random “shape issue” draws MORE attention to the fact that Kim’s ample curves are literally in a white sack.
    This cover is embarrassing to everyone involved.
    Love how y’all subtly made fun of it, all that ampersand talk while never actually saying the word irrelevant…

  • anna

    Anna Wintour could care less about these two. The strategy was to get people talking about Vogue. That mission has been accomplished. It will always be about Vogue at the end of the end. They are never going to cover Kim’s activities after this.

    • grammar police

      you mean “could not care less”

  • Lamia

    What’s next, Snooki?

  • Harper

    I am genuinely disappointed with Vogue’s decision to put these two egomaniacs on the cover. Not to mention Kanye’s continued bad behavior and let’s not even get into what made Kim ‘famous’ in the first place. Is this what constitutes being qualified for a Vogue cover? i’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription. Vogue seems to be pandering to the lowest common denominator and doing anything for attention. that is not something that I ever expected from Vogue.

  • diane

    I am really disappointed in your take on this. The only good thing about American Vogue anymore is that it is an institution that still celebrates an elegance in fashion–in other words, the antithesis to everything these repulsive, self-promoting people stand for. Even with all his money and power, he couldn’t make a go of it in the fashion world, and she relies on a stylist to dress her in an inauthentic way: What in god’s name do they have to do with genuine style and fashion?

  • Anna Wintour jumped the shark.

  • OK, so I don’t do Kimye or Vogue (or any other fashion mag) but … if that was my photo, decorating the cover of one of the most famous fashion magazines, and I was presented as someone’s bride in a generic wedding dress, I’d be … insulted? I mean, I certainly am someone’s wife, spiritually and legally and happy about it, but when it comes to representing a visual symbol of something, for the masses who buy such stuff (aka dreams), surely being simply an attachment of someone else is not a nice connotation, regardless of the real life situation? Naughty, naughty Anna … 🙂

  • Lacey

    I am obsessed with this cover! I am struggling to understand why people are saying they will no longer buy Vogue, because of one cover?! Surely you have not agreed with every single choice up until this point? Don’t be so petty!
    Yes, ultimately Kim did become famous for her sex tape, but how long ago was that now? Seriously, get over it! Look at all of the things she has accomplished from then! And tell me you don’t wish you could achieve the same things?
    She and Kanye are extremely involved in high end fashion, and I think with each day they look/style themselves better and better. If only people could let go of the past, and embrace them for what they are today; a very beautiful, compassionate, and classy couple.
    I personally can not wait to receive my copy – if I were the editor of Vogue, I don’t see why I would decline having them both on the front cover, and for every ‘follower lost’ – two more will be gained.

    • Julieanne

      “Classy”? “Compassionate”? Lacey, do you even have a clue what those words actually MEAN? Compassionate about what exactly? When Kim auctioned her clothes for Haiti she kept 90% for herself for “overheads”. Hardly compassionate, especially considering most of the clothes were given to her in the first place. They NEVER do any charity work or give money to anyone or organisation, they are greedy, self-promoting, fame hungry, attention grabbing, narcissistic classless media whores with egos the size of a small country. He is a megalomaniac and she is dumb as a bag of rocks who can barely string a sentence together, whose every second word is “like”. I wouldn’t even call her beautiful – she looks like a hobbit with a huge arse.

      • Lacey

        Yes, I know EXACTLY what those words mean. I can tell from your post that you too, are a media whore. Do you even have any of your own opinions? Or do you just read stories online and instantly believe them and use them as basis for hatred and arguments?
        Let’s make a list of all of the millionaires in the world who don’t give money to charity. Oh no wait, there is not enough space here. Kim and her sisters are forever giving 10% to different charities around the world. They are happy to do so, and the charities are more than happy to receive these donations, so why would you even bring that up? Why are you even complaining? Why is it your business? It’s not.
        Also, if she can’t string a sentence together – why does she have a number of very successful businesses?
        Yes, they are in the media every single day, on the cover of every single magazine. Is that entirely their fault? Or is that the ‘journalists’ who are extremely un-educated, and terrible at their jobs.
        Also if you are looking at Kim Kardashian and seeing a ‘hobbit with a huge arse’ then something has gone terribly wrong, it’s also a very upsetting way to describe someone.

        • Julieanne

          Well Lacey – back at you hun. The irony of calling me a media whore when I obviously read the same mags you do is not lost on me, although it undoubtedly is on you. However, im not here to get into a arguement with you, especially since you are obviously a rabid fan so lets just agree to disagree. You like the egomanical twerp and his hobbit and i dont so that’s that. BTW – its a fact that she took 90% of the money as the charity disclosed that wee fact and let me assure you that they absolutely DO NOT regularly donate 10% to charities, what tosh. You sound smart – can’t you find someone more worthy to idolise?

          • Lacey

            I may read the same magazines that you do, but I certainly don’t believe everything that I read. Yes, it’s a fact – well done! But people only seem to care because the media made it into a negative point, and thus everyone follows. Would you be happier if she gave zero money to charity? That’s how it seems.
            Please don’t try to assure me. You have to idea what you are talking about. Khloe and Kim both do Ebay auctions regularly – Khloe has a live one at the moment, and guess what! 10% of that is also going to a charity of her choice. I also believe that the family will support charities in other ways, without it being made public.
            I do not idolise Kim Kardashian. I like her, and I like her fashion.. I just don’t enjoy that so many people hate her, based on what they read. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, just make sure you have an actual reason.

          • HolidayGuest

            Kim admitted to the 10% on her blog! It isn’t just the media. She actually tried to make hr gullible fans believe that minimal amount is standard for EBay. Wow.

          • Lacey

            Haha! I’m aware that Kim wrote about it on her blog. I don’t think she tried to make anyone believe anything. I think she just tried to defend herself, and why not? Having lots of money does not mean you are required to donate to charities. She does it because she wants too. Others don’t. Please stop making it a negative thing.
            Yes, they do sometimes show their charity work within the show, what’s wrong with that? But it’s also very possible that they have monthly subscriptions for other charities, like most people do.
            I’m unsure where you learned that it was scripted, and fake.. Also unsure of your point! Some of it will be real, and some of it will probably be planned. That’s just the way reality TV is. All of it.

          • HolidayGuest

            And as much as Kris is on any network that allows her to dispel rumors, if they were truly donating more there is no doubt she would make sure we ALL knew about it! It would probly be taped for that scripted, fake show of theirs.

          • Julieanne

            Lacey, I thought my actual reasons were clear. I apologise if they are not. So, my ACTUAL reasons for not liking EITHER one of these two are as follows: I believe they represent everything that is wrong with the human race today. We are celebrating people who have done nothing more than air their dirty laundry ( and in Kim’s case her arse re: sex tape ) to the world and we throw money and adulation at them. There are folks out there changing the world, finding solutions to the worlds hunger problems and water shortages and teaching kids to read in Africa etc etc etc and yet we celebrate these fame hungry empty headed twerps who have about as much charisma as a chair and who really don’t contribute much at all. They are in a position ( god forbid ) to make a fucking difference and they DON’T. Their priorities are appalling. Kayne and kim spend an inordinate amount of money on themselves and live shallow materialist lives driven by greed and the overwhelming need for fame. Now, they are certainly not the only ones, I give you that. But the other vacuous fame whores aren’t on Vogue. Put them on In Touch or Famous or even cosmopolitan or Elle – I don’t care. But Vogue? It’s SUPPOSED to be the last bastion of high fashion and good taste and they simply do not belong there. If you must have a “celebrity” on the cover howsabout Charlize Theron? She’s doing loads of good in Africa. Or Ange and Brad, they do loads of good everywhere. Or Oprah or Matt Damon for his Water Project…..the list goes on. I simply do not care for what these two represent and while I have no objection to them being on any OTHER cover I feel that being on Vogue is a major slap in the face for all of society. I appreciate that you adore them. Good for you. I don’t, I’ve explained why and now I’m done. But have a great day and thanks for not getting nasty and rude like some do when disagreeing. Kim and Kanye are lucky to have you as a fan.

          • Anne

            YES. YES. YES. Julieanne, you just nailed it. I suppose Vogue wanted to stir up some controversy but really they just pushed a lot of people to the breaking point (both of the magazine and the Kardashians). Well done, Anna Wintour.

          • HolidayGuest

            ^^^^ THIS

      • Jokes

        Girl, you just made me spit out my coffee.
        People act like Kim K is this remarkable entrepreneur. Oh how amazing of her to shill low end beauty products and clothes that are marked up like no one’s business. Her business sense is hardly awe-inspiring. (Especially when you have business partners who handle all the brainwork for you.)

        And Kanye’s ego… ? Wow. Wasn’t he supposed to bring Louis Vuitton down when he told his minions to boycott them? Oh how successful that was. Kanye, babes, Jessica Simpson is more influential in fashion than you so check your ego. Isn’t he supposed to be the Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Howard Hughes of our time? Yeah, still waiting for any signs of that.

        • Julieanne

          Sorry about your coffee! Yea, still waiting for the great ‘Yeezus” to do something awesome instead of awful. Loooong wait….

        • HolidayGuest

          I’m waiting for both of them to be actual parents to IgNori! We only see her with either of them when it’s a photo op. She’s out and about town, traveling in and out if the country several times a month and that baby isn’t with her. Among her many many lies was her proclamation to stay home and cook for her new family. Psh.

      • HolidayGuest

        THANK YOU!!!!! You have just given the absolute best response to anyone still wondering why there’s backlash and for those who believe it has to do with fashion. Because it’s so much more than that.

        • Julieanne

          Thank you. I sincerely think he has a serious mental health issue, his ” I am the greatest” shtick used to be vaguely amusing, now its actually troubling. The Taylor Swift incident tipped him over the edge for me. Like attracts like so its no surprise that such a megalomaniac is hooked up with a vapid airhead who thinks she’s all that and a bag of crisps. I blame the Mother personally. If she had taken the time to instil good qualities into her children as she has the continual chase for the dollar and fame then they might have turned out terrific. Too late now though’, they’re screwed. Still, give it time. Paris Hilton was ubiquitous as few years back ( on the cover of Vogue 3 times I think ) and every time you picked up a mag or turned on the TV there she was, beaming vacuously out at you. Nowadays its “Paris who?” So……lets just give it time!

      • HolidayGuest

        And the fact that he has yelled and ranted like a toddler that Kim “deserves” to
        Be on vogue’s cover in multiple interviews explains it all. Class is waiting to be asked…not throwing temper tantrums and threats until you get it.

  • lavieenliz

    omg this is so bad

  • Lisa Thomson

    I fear for her when the end of the marriage happens. He will take divorcing a narc to a whole new level But then again, she will, too. I’m a little off topic and I apologize for the negative tone.

    • pamb

      Well, they’re not even married yet! Believe me, the prenups will be solid on both sides.

  • Jan2606

    Kim and kanye look amazing even though there not good role models so I don’t understand how Vogue made this decision..It’s suppose to be a fashion magazine.

  • I think they’re cute. Confidence is sexy..and they sure have it xx


  • I would have liked to see Kim on the cover without Kanye, but I guess that’s just my feminist side thinking she deserves a solo cover.

    Pretty in Python


    • pamb

      Curious as to why she would deserve the cover on her own. If it’s because she’s a ‘successful businesswoman’, Jessica Simpson has made much more money, and her lines are carried in many different stores, vs. Kim’s Sears line. I don’t think Jessica will be on the cover of Vogue anytime soon.

      She is on the cover because Anna likes Kanye (whose fashion line is no great shakes either).

  • RP

    Popular culture, Love it!! here an idea for the May issue!

  • I think Jenna Jamison should be next. At least she knows where her fame came from. Please, forgive the pun.

  • Anne

    OMG! LOL! I agree, what’s next, Honey Boo Boo on the cover?!

  • Charlotte

    I love the mother style and sisters too, Kendall she’s amazing! Kim she’s tacky! Sorry :/

  • may

    worst. cover. EVER.

  • Julieanne

    American Vogue just bit the dust. I’ll stick to French and Italian from now on. Anna Wintour ( who I used to have the utmost respect for ), I have one word for you – RETIRE.

  • Carly

    Such a slap in the face to all of the incredibly hard working models and actual industry professionals who have worked their way up from the bottom after years of perfecting their craft and who are far more deserving of a Vogue cover.

  • No. Just no.
    Anisa – The Macadame. xx

  • I am really torn about this decision. On one hand I feel like they are undeserving of such a title based on their controversial identities. Yet, they both are increasingly active in the fashion world. Who would have thought Kim Kardashian would have become such a style icon? I recently wrote about this same topic on my own blog.

  • Mar

    I personally don’t like to see them on the cover – I’m not that interested in their life. However, I think this is a bold and smart move from Anna. She knows what is it that people want to see and puts it on Vogue. If that doesn’t make her a genius, what is it then?

  • Why?

    Anna Wintour should simply retire. Kim’s photo shoot in CR magazine was brilliant. The K&K cover is just ridiculous. Mrs Wintour it is time to retire, you lost it. You are simply triing to copy Carine Roitfeld on his one and it just does not work.

  • pamb

    There is much to talk about with this cover. The relationship of the ampersand to the cover is… not one I would have thought of. Yes, it is a stylistic mashup between ‘selfie’ (and Kate Upton, again?) and hashtag, but I don’t think of wedding invitations when I see an ampersand. In fact, the ampersand doesn’t belong anywhere near a wedding invitation, but then I am Old School. Spell out ‘and’, spell out the state’s name and no abbreviations for ‘street’ or ‘road’ when addressing invitations, either.

    Now, get off my lawn ;)!

  • Mk

    Vogue and Anna don’t care about anybody’s opinion. They just want people to talk about the cover, whether it’s positive or negative. And it’s clearly working!! And to their eyes, that’s all that matters in the end of the day…

  • Tizzylish

    Yuck, yuck and more yuck…What is this world coming to?

  • I like the James Franco/Seth Rogan cover better.

  • Penni Tursi

    What I’d like to know is how much they paid to get the cover.

  • fashion altitude

    I am not in the least interested in Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West. Maybe I am totally outdated but I don’t understand the media ballyhoo about them. They are a couple ok, they have a baby fine, they feed the tabloids with so called news. They landed a Vogue cover. Good for them. It’s a nice picture, beautiful dress..not going to change the world though…

    Love your writing and your wit and style, Leandra and Amelia, you rock:-))!!

  • Laura

    I’m not a fan, but look how many people are talking about this cover. I don’t read Vogue or watch the Kardashians on TV, yet I’ve already read several posts about this — it’s everywhere. At least it’s working in terms of marketing. (Possibly at the risk of losing readers.)

  • marie a


  • Tracy

    Kim looks stunning, I am not a big fan of the couple but I really like this cover!

    • Carl

      You must be tripping, Dear… She looks like a wool bale with a rope tied around it!

  • The Civilian
  • Great post!

  • Laurel Kay

    Anna is all about revenue. I’m sure Kanye made a BIG contribution to her new Met Costume Institute and/or paid for the Vogue cover in some other way.

  • leah

    I miss the days when fashion magazines put proper models on their covers….Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of how lazy our society has become..she’s famous for doing nothing but act like a moron on tv…although it is a guilty pleasure to watch and Kanye West, while super talented as an artist is a megalomaniac who can’t shut his ignorant mouth….they contribute nothing positive to the fashion industry and this is why so many designers are struggling to stay afloat…gross.

  • liz

    Style icon? Seriously?

  • Maura

    Disappointing because it’s an “anti-fashion” decision to feature them on the cover of Vogue. Kim & Kanye, at best, are consumers of high-end labels (in a very conspicuous way), but I would hesitate to say that they translate, transcend or even create trends. Referring to Wintour as a genius is a bit of a stretch too. Pragmatic businesswoman – absolutely. Let’s face it, celeb rags such as US, People and In Touch have an enviable readership and it seems that Anna Wintour is not above pandering to the lowest common denominator to sell an issue. As far as dollars and cents go – smart. But I wouldn’t call it fashion.

  • Nicole

    Gag. The end.

  • elise maiberger

    Why so much hate? I still think a lot of it is racially motivated but few will own up to it– except the hardcore racists. I like them as a couple, I like seeing a mixed race couple on the cover of a magazine that doesn’t often feature people of color, and I like that a truly curvy woman is considered stylish. #NoHateHere

    • diane

      This has nothing to do with race, and she is not a stylish woman.

    • Julieanne

      I can absolutely assure you 100% that it is NOT racism that fills me with horror at seeing Kimye on the cover of Vogue. I’d love to see Jourdan Dunn ( my fav model ) on the cover, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and a host of other women of “colour” ( hate that saying – we’re ALL coloured ) on the cover of Vogue, not to mention Denzel Washington, which would be HOT!. The reason I don’t want Kimye on the cover is because they are a vacuous self-absorbed narcisstic couple of media whores who do not contribute anything of worth to the planet ( supplying tweeter with endless “selfies” doesn’t count ) and just simply don’t deserve to be on the cover of one of the worlds most feted magazines. Now, I agree that probably MOST people don’t do a whole lot for the world in general, we’re ALL a pretty self-absorbed bunch really, but these two take it to dizzying new heights and there ARE a lot of people who ARE doing stuff – even if its only fashion stuff – that make a difference and a impact. They are NOT fashionista’s – his mens clothing line dived, Sears stopped stocking Kardashian clothes, she is OFTEN on the worst dressed list and squeezing ones big arse into clothes three times too small ( her ) and having a ego the size of Americas Debt ( him) should NOT be enough to land on the cover of the most highly respected fashion magazine in the world. Let their mugshots adorn In Touch, Us Weekly, even Elle and Como – just NOT VOGUE. And, you know, 70% of the population who give enough of a shit to vote on the endless polls everywhere – agree with me. Sure, there will definitely be racists out there who would hate ANYONE of colour being on the cover of ANYTHING but I think most peeps just find this abhorrent because of who they are, not because of their pigment.

  • Tamara

    Honestly I still miss having models on the covers of these magazines. No disrespect intended to the entertainment industry, but, to me, celebrities are consumers of fashion, not makers of it.

  • Emilie

    All those comments of yours are the reason why they are on the cover 🙂

  • Based on the pose, I think that Kimye is kind of being made fun of…does her hair smell so good, kanye? “kanye can you please sensually smell Kim’s ear?” I have seen so many photos of people doing the “prom pose” as a joke that I can never take it seriously. Is Vogue in on this awful positioning? I’m not trying to sound cruel, I just can’t help but feel like the cover is so…posed…but not in a creative way

  • unicornhunting

    I think Anna is crazy like a fox! How about the fact that March features Lena Dunham. A bright, young, creative achieving fame with her incredible talent and mind. April gets KK–also youngish, but has found her fame with well…a sex tape. Which is modern feminism? or both?

    • anon

      i agree. Kim used her sexuality and made a career out of it…if thats not modern

  • LilyP

    i guess “shrewdness” and “power” now double as the new substitutes for “style”, and “class”. a sad day for fashion, design, style, and creativity, imho.

  • zia

    We really can’t tell what really happen behind the making of this cover but one thing for sure, I’d say this is just Anna Wintour being a genius…

  • Jane

    All I have to say about those two.

  • Jane
  • Sarah

    Vogue is a fashion magazine and these 2 are in fashion.

  • elise maiberger

    Chill people, it’s Vogue not the Bible. If every celeb that did something rude, gross, illegal or disrespectful (to self or others) were banned from magazines covers …well, you get the idea. The issue isn’t Kimye, it’s that people have made celebs so important when they are not. They are not better than you or I, in most cases they are worse. They just have better trainers and more money. Whatever she has done in her life, publicly or privately, I still can’t muster that much hate for someone I don’t know personally. I am officially bored with this topic. On to the next …

  • Halley S

    When you call Kim a style icon, it should be put in quotations. Cuz like, according to whom? Just because kanye bought her Givenchy? I don’t think so.

  • jane with the noisy terrier

    “Style icon?” Uh, no. When left to her own devices and not dressed by a stylist in head-to-toe designer clothes, Kim looks like a hot mess. No.

  • I do like the editorial however I am not a fan of either of Kayne or Kim. I think the reason this has so much power is down to the fact this is new and has baby North is it. Pure exclusivity. A couples fashion editorial in the likes of Vogue where they get to show off their little one (very Kayne and Kim). I do believe Anna Wintour is being smart about this one, it will not be remembered for the incredibly fresh editorial, with unknown models, incredibly cool styling and art direction it is completely about Kim and Kayne, it doesn’t embody Kimye as a step ahead in fashion as I think Kayne would have wanted, its lacking that fresh perspective.
    I think that Vogue embraced it (you can tick that off Anna). It is all about Kim and Kayne (if it was unknown models in their place it would be quite boring) Quite rankly it seems a win win for both sides but I don’t see it being repeated.

  • Brittany B

    I honestly think this is a business tacit. Kim and Kanye are the world’s most talked about couple and Vogue Is the world’s #1 fashion magazine. So why not put the two together. Also, there’s a shock factor to the two being on the cover. Everyone loves a good scandal. I can’t wait to see how this one sells.

    • Brittany B


      • Devante

        Lol, Awesome!

  • MarieMarieG

    The golden shower queen with zero sense of style (serious case of body-proportion-distorted-vision included) got the cover! Barf! Diana Vreeland must be turning on her grave! …can someone please promote Grace already!

  • rm

    I just need to ask, how is she relevant? (oh yeah she got knocked up by one of the most popular rappers in hip hop). And what has she done that is so innovative in the fashion world? Hello! Kanye dresses her and she only gets it right half the time. I get Kanye on Vogue but Kim is just along for the ride, and to me that makes it all the more pathetic. Plus I have never heard her hold a conversation about anything other than herself. Really, is this the kind of “interesting” and “controversial” we are promoting in our society. What happened to feminism people!

  • Vienna

    These comments are incredibly crude. I find it disappointing how so many of you can say such hurtful, distasteful things about another person you don’t even personally know, the only person that looks bad is you.

    If you are truly interested in how the Vogue cover came to be, maybe you should take the time to read Wintour’s Editor’s Letter. She clearly states that although the rumors are flying that Kanye BEGGED her to put his fiance on the cover, that is incredibly far from the truth.

    I support all of this, and I’m not afraid to say I’m a fan of Kim Kardashian. SO what, she made a sex tape and it was leaked…She was what, like 20 years old? Move on…she has incredible style and taste, and dominates all of our conversations…isn’t that really what Vogue is about?

  • Lorena E.

    The cover is just awful!

  • Carl

    Kim looks like a wool bale with a rope tied around it!!!

  • Waseem Abbas

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