Fashion BFFS

I like your shoes. Will you be my friend?


Back when fashion was a world closed off to everyone except those who inhabited it (no livestreams, no Instagram, just pictures on pages and expensive trends trickling down from Paris), the industry must have seemed like a place more impenetrable than this season’s ground hog’s hole.

It definitely did to me, at least, when I first started. I had Google, Vogue, and high speed Internet access, but coming from a liberal arts school rather than from a place where my education was in design, my foray into the field felt like the aftermath of running smack into a glass door: idiotic, painful and of constant reminder that I don’t know everything. Like designer-name pronunciation, for example. Or how doors work.

But the way I moved up was all thanks to my friends — specifically, the new ones who worked in fashion beside me.

During internships we bonded over late nights, lost samples, garment bag muscles and complicated coffee orders. During our first jobs, we collectively lamented about the state of our lives and kept tallies for each time we messed something up. I met one of my closest friends during a hot streak of 10 mistakes in 9 days when, at 11 PM on a Friday I called her cell (she worked at a magazine I was supposed to send a gown to) and said, “I’m just gonna be real with you. The dress isn’t coming.” We laughed, and that was it.

The best part was watching the promotions begin, then observing as career switches were made between print, public relations and web. Each year we moved up together, like freshman becoming sophomores and then suddenly, juniors. The teachers were our bosses, our editors, or directors. They offered friendship too (though perhaps with a bit more tough love), all of them graduates of the same life-school system, familiar with our current spots as they’d been there/done that years ago.

It’s true that not everyone was nice. Some were straight up mean. But there isn’t a world where that’s not the reality, and on days when it feels like none of us will ever be Anna or Grace or Phoebe or Marc, it’s kind of nice to hum a little song and remember that, as with anything else but perhaps in fashion especially, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Happy Monday, and if you don’t feel like working either yet, why not share your work/school/camp BFF story or pasta sauce recipe below.

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  • Élora

    I like your shoes too. I’ll be your friend.

    Also, pasta sauce recipe: tomato juice and butter. Best prepared at 3am with a best friend.

  • Threadbare

    I loved reading this. What you describe going through is my dream and it has helped me keep on keeping on with my goals in sight. Thank you for sharing x

  • Mia Weber

    I’ll be your friend, if you like my pasta sauce recipe 😉 It’s tomato juice with
    basil, oregano and thyme.

    Carpet Cleaner Merton

  • It’s nice to see that this exists. It can be hard since some of my best friends work/study different fields than I plan on doing. But I guess friendships come with more experiences and sharing drinks with people who can understand my problems. But anyway, there’s the Internet where I can pretend like everyone is my friend.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • I can’t keep fashion friends because they always end up stealing my clothes.

  • To many of us mere outsiders, the world of fashion can appear to be an impenetrable and haughty community, where mispronouncing a designer’s name may be an apparent crime and worthy of banishment. But then there are lovely reminders, such as this very blog, that fashion is always welcoming of those who wish to learn, admire and create. It is in fact a community comprised of delightful weirdos, free spirits and the like. Alexander McQueen once referred to himself as the “pink sheep” of his family, and for many of his fellow pink sheep, fashion is the meadow that lets us graze with our herd. Too much metaphor? Perhaps, but it is such an endearing image!

    • Amelia Diamond

      so glad you feel that way here! come to MR and be weird as possible, we love it!

  • Agoprime
  • Leandra Medine


  • therealdp

    omgggg its me!!!! love you amilli

  • fashion altitude

    I am currently making may way into the fashion world…what I like is the passion I share with the girls of the Couturier department, the endless discussions about shoes, bags, uplifts my spirits when I feel low…a kind of sisterhood..

    a pasta recipe: Organic Penne rigate, home made tomato sauce, parmisan ( loads), olive oil and basil, italian parma ham, and for dessert ice cream, flavour capuccino, yummy:-)

  • Can’t forget this one!

    xx Ella

  • lavieenliz

    bff!!! #gossipgirl

  • Rachel

    Missing Blair and Serena!!!!!!! (gossip girl)

  • I have a fashion best friend and we can spend hours talking about clothes, shoes and makeup, then start talking about serious stuff, or mix the two subjects in a conversation, which might sound a bit odd. She is wonderful and despite the fact that she’s 14 years younger than me, she’s kinda my soulmate.
    Mafalda ❤

  • lola

    Friendships never go out of style. – Carrie Bradshaw

  • Kayla Barnes

    Kate Moss is always amazing no matter what friend she’s with. I recently started a fashion blog, and views or suggestions would be helpful.