Convertible Clothing: The Denim Dress

Real talk: I think my duodenum is made of denim.


I am elated that I’ve identified and titled my travel disorder (for the uninitiated or tardy-to-read, it happened yesterday and it is called Stoop Kid Syndrome because I am afraid to leave my stoop. The stoop in question is New York and when I am pushed out, I lose not just my social cues but every cue I have heretofore accrued be they related to style, beauty, intellect, sink faucets and the like).

I’m sorry that you’re probably going to have to hear about Stoop Kid Syndrome for the next 75 days but as is always the case with another disorder, Peanut Butter Syndrome, identified by my friend Rosie but exploited here (you know what they say, good artists copy, great artists steal), this too shall grow tired and nauseating and frustrating to talk about. So let me ride my wave, would you?

In packing for Paris last month, I had this idea — which seemed great at the time but proved constricting upon European contact — to take one denim dress and wear it six different ways which would take care of three full days of outfits during the course of my eight day trip. I think I executed the task fairly well but then again, you are the metric that gauges my achievements so in an attempt to win your favor, here are three (fine, two, the first is just the dress free-balling like a weener in boxer shorts) of the six looks recreated on American soil.

In de-festooned, snooze-fest-central look numero uno, I’m wearing just the Mina + Olya denim dress plus pumps. When I wore it, it was to a small dinner hosted by a magazine followed by a big dinner hosted by no one and then a third dinner where the sun don’t shine but the fries are cooked in duck fat.

Look numero dos is closest to an outfit I wore to shows. It features a white turtleneck plus navy cashmere sweater.Β Both tops are worn over the dress and tucked into the back which is concealed by the overarching leather jacket. I wore socks and those Nicholas Kirkwood pumps (fine! I didn’t! I wore flat loafers!) that vaguely make me feel like a J. Crew model.

And THEN, then there was the time I put a red and black flannel shirt from Uniqlo over the dress and only buttoned the top two buttons so I could loop that Saint Laurent bow tie through the collar and cloak the sausage-making in a black leather matrix style jacket by Calvin Klein. I wore Golden Goose white sneakers and a Mark Cross fashion lunch box that comes replete with no food at all.

Brb, gotta go eat breakfast.

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  • EtralaLondon



  • Versatile garnments like this denim dress are the best!

  • Natali

    Such a gorgeous dress! I love it!

  • Lurch Hound Loves

    I love your love of layering. Currently reading your book and I have fallen in love with how effortlessly it has been written and how amusing your stories are. Definitely loving the leather and navy layering combo with the roll neck <3

  • Nico

    Inspiring, love that dress and how u styled it!

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  • Megan @ Meganmumbles

    The dress is adorable although I’m not sure I could pull it off! I’m also pretty sure I would be fired from my corporate job hehe

  • That dress is really cool and I love your bob, it’s gorgeous!

    Mafalda ❀

  • lavieenliz

    love all the looks!

  • monkeyshines
  • I’m sorry to keep using Sound of Music references on here, but you look like a really effing cool Maria von Trapp, and yet again, your lack of bunching up in the layering leaves me in awe.

    ONE LAST THING: that picture of the dress twirling is amazing. dining room wall worthy, or like, the background of my cell phone.

    • OMG. i have peanut butter syndrome with the sound of music!!!!

  • Natalia

    the little denim dress that could

  • hurley

    That dress is AMAZING. Just looked up Mina + Olya they have some fabulous stuff!

  • I adore outfit 3 but am “not impressed” by the socks in outfit 2, my brain cell insisting there must be a better version – unfortunately, my brain cell is an independent being, so there’s nothing I can do. Also, the cashmere sweater makes the belly pleats look … like a messenger of something that surely isn’t there – sorry, my brain cell whispering again.

    The dress itself is gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  • firstbornunicorn

    The denim dress is adorable, but the bodice fit is horrible. I love the way you style it, it’s a great versatile piece, but I can’t reason the price with the fit of the garment. It even looks bad on the Mina + Oyla website. Cute idea bad execution.

  • Nice Clothing Combinations !

  • Elena Panayi
  • I love the bottom portion of the dress, it is mimicked in a lot of midi pieces however, the top is a little ill fitting. I think vintage looks amazing when it fits you perfectly, otherwise it just looks like you’re wearing clothes your found in an attic from a few decades ago.

  • In the third look, I don’t know if it’s the fashion lunch box, the longer dress paired with sneakers, or your delightful bobbed head or perhaps it’s really a combination of all three, but it fills me with nostalgia for awesome childhood outfits circa the mid 1990s.

  • When I saw the first few slides, I was wondering when the ManRepeller layering would kick in. Did not disappoint. πŸ™‚

  • I love all the pupil-esque outfits especially how the plaid sleeves puff out like that and the A-Wang way of wearing the shirt. And that bow too. Except I would look like an anime character if I wear a bow like that b/c of my genes. The primary colors in that outfits add to the purity mode of a kid.

    Haha that moment when you confessed you didn’t actually wear the heels is what happens to me probably once every week. I’d be like, time to post an #ootd! And my pumps would look bedazzling in the ‘gram but then I switch shoes to actually be able to leave the house…

    And the denim dress’s link doesn’t seem to be working for me but maybe it’s just me…


  • BudgetSai

    It’s you! (Bette Midler voice in First Wives Club) πŸ˜‰

  • the third dinner sounds incredibly kinky.

  • Lewk 2, Lewk 2, LEWK 2.

  • Cristina Feather

    This soooo makes me wanna buy 30000 denim dresses!!

  • Perry

    Question: is a dress still a dress if the upper-half is covered and only appears as a skirt?

  • guest

    Why is the dress over one thousand dollars, and were you gifted this dress by the designers in the hope that you would post about it with a link so we would all buy it? I, who spends full price on Comme des Garcons frequently, laughed when I saw its price.

  • alexinwonderland

    I love the idea of pleated denim and actually just wrote an article about pleats ( However I’m not too sure about the dress ‘free-balling’ as the top half of the dress seems a bit ill-fitting…but the other two looks are superfun!

  • Amanda Michille

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