Because It’s Saturday

And! Wee! Warm Again. So maybe you don’t know what to wear


We’ve been languishing in 2014 for how long now? Three months? And in those three months have you so much as seen promise of a brighter — literally — future? Because I have not. I mean, I almost did earlier this week when the sun came out and the temperatures were high enough for me to forgo sixteen additional layers of dismal black and grey but that was taken away from me faster than the rights of an indicted criminal out on parole.

And so I was angrier than Squidward.

Now, look — I know. I get it. I’ve been talking about the weather with such obsessive conviction for the last week and change. So much so that you are probably feeling inclined to check the fuck out but frankly, this conversation (or is it a monologue?) is chiefly a function of the fact that it is both the most infuriating and fascinating conversation to have right now. You can’t blame me for that.

It’s been an aggressive season chock full bad jokes (see: Amy Pohler’s Vortex, The Polar Whoretex, and several comments on piss-flavored snow cones) but I think I am actually kind of maybe please-don’t-shoot-me-for-observing-this-Cunter-Nature coming to see the light because…

The sun is out! And it’s not 20 degrees! There is very little wind and as a result of my having been in desperate hibernation, terrible, terrible clothes notwithstanding, I am faced with a very trivial debacle that I would like to pass down and subsequently solve for you too.

So, ready for it?

Now that it’s not winter winter, what should we wear?

Today, I’m vetting in favor of a jean jacket (this one by Acne, but I like this version by Asos, too), a white cotton poplin blouse (this one by Celine, from Yoox, though I really like version from, yup, Asos, too) and a pair of vaguely cropped, loose-n-dreamy palazzo style pants. I don’t think I can stomach another pair of capable-of-fitting-into-boots skinny jeans so I am all about lettings my thighs free ball like unconcealed weeners or something.

The shoes are Nicholas Kirkwood and make me feel like I work at J. Crew (+1) and the sunglasses are Shipley and Halmos. I don’t know where you could find them in the event you want to find them but I did some puny market research and found this similar pair. The bracelets are Dannijo and that smile on my face? That smile is the shit unilateral, ephemeral and conditional happiness is made from.

Soooooooo….is here where I say: unleash the power of the sun?

OH! Also! Happy (???) Ides of March.

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