Bad Gal RiRi Gets CFDA Recognition

And we be like, can we stand under your umbrella?


Rihanna is being presented with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award at this year’s ceremony for the annual accolades that highlight and celebrate distinguished talent across the fashion stratosphere. Previous recipients have included Nicole Kidman (I see it, I get it), Johnny Depp (I am it), Kate Moss (I want to be it) and most recently, Lady Gaga (Wuht.).

The news comes not even a full 24 hours (if we’re only considering work days and keeping weekends where they belong: in a sacred, preserved incubator of gilded lilies and hazelnut chocolate raindrops) after that of Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover, which is important to note for two reasons: the first being Vogue’s involvement with the CFDA, the second being that Kardashian and Rihanna are arguably the two most talked about celebrities in the public consciousness right now.

And similarly to our reaction to the anterior cover, we’re not particularly surprised.

After all, she was the most photographed, talked about and enigmatic entity at Paris Fashion Week this past season. And frankly speaking, she really does go for it. She takes risks. With a pretty penny and in full looks, yes, but risks nonetheless.

Her style is like a piñata that leaks all sorts of delights when whacked– some you love at the disappointment of your dentist (grillz!), and others you hate but can still respect because the spice of life is predicated on the concept of variety. She’s also incredibly famous. Like, identifiable-through-the-lens-of-an-older-gentleman-who-has-never-left-North-Korea-famous, which, of course makes the scale on which her impact resides fairly extensive, but that’s just it. The fame thing. Her access and her confidence and the way in which she carries herself as a result of those two things makes us want to talk about this.

So, p-p-p-lease, weigh in. Eh? How do you feel about Rihanna receiving this incredibly valued award for Fashion Icon of The Year? Is your reaction as visceral as it was to Kimye’s cover?

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  • Rosaly Pagan

    Finally this bitch gets recognized! She’s not only the most bad-ass person but she can wear a table cloth and still look hot. CONGRATS BAD GAL!

  • I very often hate what she’s wearing, although I find her beautiful and talented. She can look pretty vulgar, but I have to admit that she looks great on those pictures. So why not?

    Mafalda ❤

    • Leandra Medine

      Here here on the vulgarity note. Question is whether its feckless or with purpose. Bc, you know, if its with purpose, it’s conceivably artful

      • Liz

        Somehow she manages to expose both breasts and make it look strangely wearable. It doesn’t look shocking like lil kim’s seashell covered nipple, even though I’d say it’s showing quite a bit more.

  • Jennifer Fisher

    Rihanna to be clear….

  • Luz

    Finally!!!! Well deserved. xx

  • The girl is TALENTED. Owns her style whether flop or not. She’s bad ass and vulnerable at times. Definitely, a force to reckon with in fashion. (BTW, Love her 5th look there clad in Altuzarra)

  • mywhiteT

    I love her styles and fashion trends she starts. She deserves it.

  • Anna

    Pfsht. Can you say stylist?. Pretty obvious to me.

  • Danielle

    Rihanna has always been my style inspiration. Such a BAMF. She deserves this.

  • DNA (designers+artists)

    I feel it’s well deserved, and I hope hope hope that she fully acknowledges that the award really belongs to her stylist, Mel Ottenberg.

  • LilyP

    this is so stupid. it basically renders the award meaningless. i am so sick cleavage-down-to-the-navel and basically looking like you got dressed by picking your wardrobe up off the floor dubbed worthy of a CDFA award. Why not give the award to some unknown creative or stylist, behind these looks the celebrities are wearing???!!! those are the people who really deserve it. Rihanna – What a tool.

  • ppbuan

    Though im not quite sure if her outfits are the work of a stylist or she was the one who chose it, i commend her for taking risks! I love it! It’s not the usual outfits that celebrities wear. Congrats, Riri!

  • Savannah

    I personally don’t think she deserves that award. Mel Ottenberg, her stylist, deserves that award. Most of these celebrities don’t have a “style.” They wear what their stylists envision them wearing and then reap all the benefits.

  • Shopopal

    What I love about her is how versatile her style is! She can wear anything and make it look good.

  • Maha Danyal

    though it may be stylists who put her look together, I think it’s her charm and flair that make her worthy of being a style icon. It’s not just about the clothes; it’s how she wears them with confidence and poise without looking trashy, despite the apparent vulgarity. To me, she is flawless!!

  • Ameeen to this, the thing I love most about her is her ability to play with all different levels of the style spectrum and own it every time. Well deserved, Riri.

  • She’s a fashion icon for sure, but I prefer more personal approaches to fashion…

  • fashion altitude

    I am a bit confused about the fashion recognition and award received by Kim and Rihanna…they are both on the scandalous side celebrities, so what?

  • It’s about time. I love what she wears. She really isn’t afraid to rock anything. I feel like that whole Paris Week situation sealed the deal for me, she wasn’t trying to hard because we already know she will take the risk.

  • Diane

    Much more deserving than the Kardashian robot on the cover of Vogue.

  • Claire

    At least Rihanna takes risks – whether it’s a hit or miss in your eyes. Isn’t that what true fashion is about? Risk taking? Kim K wears the same uniform: oversized coat, pumps, tight pencil skirt, and tight crop top. That’s not a fashion renegade.

  • Erica M

    I think she definitely deserves the award! Unlike Lady Gaga, I feel like she wears the looks because they describe her more than just for the shock factor. Her crazy and radical style is definitely putting the attention on her, but she handles it all so well and still manages to stay true to herself!

  • Sarah

    I actually love this. Rihanna has been a style icon of mine for years now. She does take risks and switches up her style frequently, but always stays true to herself. I just can’t get enough of her.

  • Diarrha Ndiaye

    Not as visceral as this catastrophic Kimye-Vogue situation, but I get it. Rihanna is really into taking epic risks-mostly in the nude-and she’s certainly a supporter of designers, as she sees fit (aka inline with her badass ‘brand’). Given her recent flood of campaigns and badass street/front row style, I totally see it all. Yes, she is probably styled down to her manicures but she is –arguably– not looked down upon as much as a Kim K. Like we would have DIED (again) inside if Kim K was on the cover Vogue all by her vain self. Rih Rih, not so much, as we recently witnessed with her last cover. Ya feel me?

  • Diarrha Ndiaye

    hahaha. exactly Jennifer. We all see she rocks the SHIT out of your epic line. #HereForRihRih

  • Anna J Martinez

    She deserves it. 9 out of 10 outfits she’s photographed in are worthy of full-blown worship.

  • Alex

    Her stylist did a good job. Her style is only good at the basics, just remember her River Island collection, a primitve nightmare of camouflage, cropped tops and slutty shoes.

  • holly

    The artistic expressions Rihanna showcases are not her own creation, so in effect the person getting an award ought to be her stylist.

  • julieta videla

    I’m really happy of Rihanna because she’s evolve through the years and she’s reinvented herself in so many ways it just takes my breath away. She’s been my style icon for many years, she’s a risk-taker pioneer and that’s so inpiring about her. Every trend she wears or interprets, she’s taking two steps foward what’s next. Some people claim that Rihanna’s stylist is the person who really deserves the award, but I believe that’s just a part in a bigger picture, she’s created a persona who is so strong, sweet, badass and hypnotizing that it would be very hard to impose a look against her will. I think she’s a vissionare who picks great part of her outfits. Congrats to her!