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What About Your Lips?

We spend so much time talking about face care, but earth to Dolly Parton! Our lips want care too.


In collaboration with vbeauté.

I think I too often overlook the importance of moisturizing my lips.

I say this only because I have spent substantial time in the last six months priming my face with creams and serums to ready it for the disaster that is gravity — calamity set to strike at any moment between now and the time that I am, let’s say, 35.

I have woken up at least as many times as I can count on both my hands to face a mirror that exposes a reflection that tells an accurate tale of transience. If when Beyoncé sang, “I woke up like this,” the this in question was regarding her changing face and the new lines and marks of (dis)color(ation) she finds with each closer look into a micro-mirror, I can totally get behind her sentiment. If she means that she hasn’t aged a millisecond since her 17th birthday, though, excuse me while I shriek into a pillow.

Just kidding, I’ve edited my thesis. I may have previously believed that my maintenance mantra should mandate that I do not contract wrinkles but I’m already ready to throw in the baby-face towel and let those skin-constructed barcodes assume my upper lip and cheeks and nose so forth.

I’ve had a series permeating my forehead for years now and you know what my dad has to say about that? Those are indentations of knowledge. I think he’s right.

Here’s the thing about my lips, though. I’m using them to tell my story and while, yes, the supposition is that said story should and will get better with age, that can only be the case if I’m editing and reworking and maintaining the plot line. I think my lips deserve the same treatment and frankly, not since the last time I purchased Lip Smackers have I felt so compelled to innervate these babies. Enter vbeauté’s Lip Spread Anti-aging Tinting Lip Gloss. I know it sounds vaguely like it could be hummus, but it’s not.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — I thought the same thing.

Anti-age, what?

Tinting, what?

GLOSS? What?

But here’s the thing — lips crack and dehydrate and get burnt and get really pissed off when we don’t have humidifiers counterbalancing the climatic woes that come with winter. So, applying some rendition of a balm really is in our best interest. Furthermore, too, using one that is of the tinted variety, but not quite as abrasive as that Moroccan one we tested last spring, discharges the spirit of youthful glow. In the case of vbeauté’s, the gloss reacts to your pH balance and offers a tint indigenous to you, which, if you think about it, makes it not unlike an iPhone or an iPad or any Apple product really. Why? Because while the lip gloss is uniform and accessible to all, it reacts to your use.

lX570M on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


Finally, on the topic of gloss, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to appear better put together without actually, you know, getting together. I’ve hit a ceiling with my capacity to withstand the demons of Instagram telling me that I look like a meth addict or to put some damn makeup on. And as canvassed in last week’s post on red nail polish, I’m not sure I want my lips to continue on the red hue trajectory. Integrating a fairly diffident lip gloss to my upkeep program seems like a viable option.

This way, the next time Beyoncé sings, “I woke up like this,” I can just be like, ditto.

Part 1 of 1 in collaboration with vbeauté. Photographed blouse from Asos.

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  • lavinia

    its so important to keep lips healthy but its also difficult in this harsh new york cold. i cant wait for it to get a bit warmer soon (thanks global warming)

    i woke up like this.

    dry lips and all.

    nars gloss is perfect too.

    i write fashion columns.

  • CDJ

    It’s going down, I’m yelling TINTINGGGGG.

  • Dale Janee

    I’ve never heard of this brand but I love the way you wrote the post and if it’s anti-aging – I’ll definitely try it for my lips. 🙂


  • as soon as I read this I immediately applied my chapstick. but yeah, i wish i could be singing “i woke up like this” too.

  • Kirsten

    Completely unrelated to the lip gloss but… You hair looks f-ing amazing!

  • Iliyana Licheva

    wekk, i just use my products for the face on the lips… i guess that’s not ok …


    Love it! Never underestimated my lips, so important!!!;)

  • Alaxandra Rutella

    I cannot lie…the entire time I read this post all I could do was bite the dead skin off my winter weathered lips as I stared longingly at the stupid green EOS egg sitting on the counter next to me. Goddamn it New York snow! You’re killing whatever beauteous au naturale my already thin lips posses (which is not much considering they’re nothing like yours, Ms. Medine) Thanks for posting as always! I will now throw this little mini colored egg thing that I’ve somehow been conned into thinking would moisturize my pucker into the icy abyss that was once the roads of Manhasset, NY. I will be marching to the nearest beauty counter to purchase this ASAP! The tint is always a plus also.

    • k@t

      OMG my stupid green mini egg is staring at me beside my laptop and I fear this little bugger is making my lips worse…..massive disappointment as I had high hope that this product would be my winter lip savior….wrong…..thanks for finding a replacement…bye bye mini lip chapping, mint flavor egg.

  • Cant look past your rings 😉

  • Marty

    Love this, need this! xx

  • Quinn Halman

    kind of unrelated but as a study break last night and to prepare for semi-formal this friday i tried to put on red lipstick but I ended up looking like miranda sings

  • Wandering In Heels

    Uh oh. I’m a teenie tiny bit of a huge lip stuff addict. Specifically balms and glosses! I’m forever on the hunt even when something good is already in my pocket. I guess I know what I’m ordering in the next 15 minutes…

  • You look absolutely gorgeous, and you have a beautiful mouth!

    Mafalda ❤

  • NAILEEchic

    Very important suggestions!! It should be a basic for my lips


  • Paniculata Cinco

    Love your style!! Those products are sacred hahahha!!

    I´ve been going in your page a lot of times & followed youuu for months :)!

    I am a fashion designer starting my way in this fashion world, i would love you to go into MY UNIVERSE PANICULATA I also have a blog where i talk about trenes and post pica of my clothes!!!

    If you do go in i hope you enjoy ;)!!!!


  • CarlotaLMorais

    I had to take pills to dry my skin when I was about 12/13 and suddenly I got addicted to lip balm, so you name it, i’ve had a looot of lip care stuff. I really like EOS.

    LEANDRA, if I read it correctly, you said that people have insulted you via instagram?
    Well…….all i can really say is fuck them. You dont NEED makeup, like you said, a few TOUCH UPS only! Your Clothing is so unique, and your face is so unique that if you had tooonnns of makeup it would not benefit you nor your style.
    I personaly love your super natural look.
    Keep doing your own thing 🙂

  • chelsey drewery

    Anyone know where I can get this in the UK?!?! Need it in my life. x

  • Clare Marie


  • Annie

    I really like the color it gives and it doesn’t seem too glossy. I tend to avoid most glosses for this reason however this one seems like the perfect balance. The fact that it is anti-aging doesn’t hurt either :).

  • zuzu

    i cannot stop watching that gif. does it really change your lip color just like that? how does it know? god that’s cool.



  • Anna Malcolm

    For those on a drugstore budget, Aquaphor is the answer. A dermatologist recommended it to me 12 years ago and I’m still using it.

  • Leandra, you a model, bb. For REALLZZZ.

    Wish I had eyes and lips that big. My features are rather……..plain.

  • This is so funny, I have recently been wondering how to keep your lips smooth and supple because recently my lippy has not been looking as good!

    I think it comes down a light exfoliation then a lip moisturiser! I might give these glosses a whirl!

    The Macadame. xx

  • Chelsey Drewery

    This looks brilliant – anyone know where I can get it from in the UK? Feel like I need it in my life! x

  • That’s such a pretty tint!!