The What I Wores

…is back! By no demand at all.


Two things.

The first: I’m beginning to wonder how necessary these bi-annual Fashion Week outfit recaps are becoming. I know in previous seasons you’ve asked for them and as a result, I have delivered, but I do believe that in addition to its sinister ability to deplete a human necessity to read stuff and instead nourish a surface-level hankering to simply look at stuff, Instagram is functioning as the street style blog heard — sorry, seen — round the world.

During fashion week, Instagram is effectively updated on the second, every second with both iPhone and camera-proper photos, documenting the people who traipse right before my eyes, as they are traipsing right before my eyes.

The second: I wore a lot of navy, black and white, huh? Last week was really, really cold which I do believe made functioning in the public domain and looking stylish or cool or whatever it is more difficult than it has previously been. But that is neither here nor there so instead, I will walk you through nine outfits that walked me through Fashion Week and leave room for you to deduce whatever you’d like and criticize me where appropriate. Ready? Okay.

In outfit #1, I stand face to camera against a Getty man wearing a thick navy blue turtleneck from Whistles London over a sheer black dress by Thayer, black jeans that have zippers at the ankle and some black and white Saint Laurent brogues. The bookbag is Olympia Le Tan.

Outfit #2 does not fall under the umbrella of Sage Decisions Made by Leandra simply because I am a wearing a blazer, not coat (Stella McCartney), over a t-shirt, not sweater (Zara). The jeans are real skinny and by Citizens of Humanity which offset my shoe pants, by Celine. The neck scarf is Peter Pilotto, the fringe-y ass handbag is Valentino and the sunglasses, a personal Hallmark of my week, are Oliver Peoples.

I direct traffic in outfit #3 which I am sure you have probably seen 101 times heretofore. The coat is Rosie Assoulin, the sweater is Uniqlo, the turtleneck is Christina Lehr (so good for an ample hair tuck), the jeans are Patrick Ervell and the booties are Alaïa. I got them on The Outnet four years ago for $325.

In this fourth outfit, I really, really try to marry the aesthetics of Fran Lebowitz and a little French boy I once saw walking down Rue Jacob in Paris. To do so, I combine a Céline blazer with a Uniqlo sweater, a white button down blouse by Valentino (collar popped at back and flipped at front), high waist Acne jeans which I cut, doily socks from Topshop and Stella McCartney loafers. The sunglasses are Karen Walker and in my opinion make me look like an alien in all the right ways.

This here fifth outfit is all about a good gorilla arm. The sweater is Sally LaPointe and finds itself worn over a Diane von Furstenberg embellished slip dress. The jeans are Blk Dnm, the shoes are Burberry and the handbag is Mark Cross.

Later that same day, I forgo my sweater, jeans and creepers for a white blouse, a leather jacket from All Saints, the same Elizabeth and James jeans from day one and white Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Outfit #6.5 includes an Ostwald Helgason jacket that catches my Prada sandals and a sweater/turtleneck combo by Caroline Constas. The skirt is by Opening Ceremony and the bag is by Charlotte Brontë.


Outfit #7 (worn on the same day at 6.5) includes a long blazer that I bought on Yoox by Vionnet and the same beige Uniqlo sweater from earlier. The high waist white jeans are Blk Dnm and the loafers, again, are Stella McCartney. That choker is by Paula Mendoza.

Finally, there’s outfit #8, which finds me immersed in the thick of Amy Pohler’s Vortex round 3526178318. I’m laughing because it’s funny but only in the same way that illness is which is to say, not funny at all. The hat is Maison Michel, scarf by Maiyet, pants by Helmut Lang, sneakers by Nike and handbag by Rebecca Minkoff.

Okay, now, talk to me; tell me your name.

All photos pulled from Pinterest though I do know a handful got there via,, The Cut and Collage Vintage.

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  • Sarah

    I always really enjoy these posts and look for them post-fashion week

  • leChat


    The only reason I didnt ask to see the What You Wores is because: a) I assumed you ALREADY KNEW that I was dying to see what you wore; and b) everybody hates a redundant dork, so i didnt want to keep asking what you wore.

    See ? DIG ME DADDY-O ?

  • zhanna

    Wow, on picture N7 I got absolutely ecstatic for one mere second thinking that Michael Jackson is alive! 🙂 You are one stylish chick, aren’t you?

  • Laurie

    The most important aspect of outfit number two is missing……the Boots! Deets please

    • Leandra Medine

      They’re Celine!

      • Laurie

        They are perfect;)

  • Marts

    You rocked this year. Actually my favorite.

  • Love all that Man Repelling action you got going on in all those outfits! But my fave has to be the last one! Wish I had such a white winter where I live to rock my fur like it’s nobody’s business 😉

  • Rebeka Osborne

    The fashion week what-you-wore recaps are completely necessary. Plz don’t stop. #kthx

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    …I was wondering when you’d post this, the official wrapup is much better than what can be found on the Instagram. Thank you 🙂

  • As someone who is also living/suffering through the shitty cold, it’s nice to see how the Man Repeller handles it. I, too, have been rocking quite a bit of black, white, and navy…mostly because you can’t go wrong with jeans, black boots (though mine aren’t nearly that high on the thigh), and whatever sweater is clean that day. 🙂

  • Kirsten

    I think these are your best out fits yet! Amazing!

  • Sharon

    Your style is impeccable, I’ll never tire of seeing all the street style shots of yourself.

  • CarleyFrost

    I’m obsessed with your fur jacket in look 8. Who is responsible for creating this amazing garment?

  • This was my favorite What I Wores of all time.

  • Morgan

    Instagram does not suffice! So thanks for this 🙂

  • I love every single look of yours, my favourite being the first two!

  • AA

    LOOVe that you repeat pieces which keeps you and your vibe super accessible to the rest of us – Celine ShoePant day takes the cake with the Paris du Jour vibe. Thanks indeed for the full wrap up and more please! 🙂
    And can you do a little taste of what us Californians can wear during our non-winter winter where we’ve have weird 75 degree weather: so non spring/summer heat where we can still give sartorial homage to a dying winter sun… <3

  • Celeste

    you may not be French but you’re sure as hell cool as the weather that graced New York last week.

  • Charlsey

    Enjoy the recaps and descriptions of each look. Channeling The great Fran is always perfection. I adapt her blue blazer over classic sailor stripes or white shirt with loafers or boat shoes often. Classic. Sorry to add to the workload, but keep doin’ whatcha doin’ here. Cheers!

    PS: I’m reading your book and I love it. So, yeah, there’s that. Add me to the fan club.

  • Quinn Halman

    Can you ask Rosie to make me a prom dress? I’m honestly obsessed with that coat

  • Kandeel

    I thought it didnt even need to be asked??? i could see your outfits everywhere (tumblr,insta) and was dying to know the deets!

    P.S need an amelia version of this ASAP

  • Between the Blondes

    Great looks (as usual), completely obsessed with the Rosie Assoulin coat 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Dude the jacket in #8 is unreal! Label?

  • Namrata

    Love how you carry the skirt over pants trend. The Paris clutch makes it more chic.


  • I love all the outfits very much, but my heart does a few leaps anytime I see you in THOSE shoes! Perfect.

  • Zoe

    Awesome looks! stay true but dude, you forget the most important in #8 most amazing jacket, the brand?

  • Georgia

    All the outfits are awesome! I love the Valentino handbag!

    Carpet cleaning Surrey

  • Filipa Moreira

    I always love your style options. But the outfit with orange coat is absolutely beautiful. I love it. Because it was snowing in New York and this vibrant colour in the middle of the snow, just gives you the idea of: Calm down, don’t get depress because of the weather, spring is coming:)

    xx Fi

  • claudia
  • Lucy Cowcher-Guthrie
  • Montserrat Sobral

    it´s true how Kingstagram Works (and I love it) but the blah blah blah is soooo needed…

  • Amy

    Too many random nobodies writing blahblahalkdjkdf about trends. Not enough time in the day to read all the junk. a) Because it’s not compelling b) There’s the New Yorker and c) IF one wanted to waste time, one could just look at Kim K’s instagram feed. (Did I just type that?) (No. No I did not.) THAT SAID, the what I wores are the best! They inspire and engender creativity and ideas! And not the least bit of voyeuristic fascination and purchasing competition. Some of us have jobs and friends and family we care about. We don’t have time to troll around the internet looking at everyone’s blogs and feeds for various fashion week photos. It’s best when they’re all in one place! Viva la what I wore! Great job!

  • I love your what I wore posts – you have such a unique style which we ALL love to see 🙂

    The Macadame. xx

  • pemora

    i’ve been in a steady uniform of black, gray and navy. i wonder if it is the nyc weather or if i really just really like those colors. after all, when my son was asked by his kindergarten teacher about mommy’s favorite color, he responded, “gray!” which is kinda true.

  • Oliver Lips
  • Sarah

    I die for the final outfit! Definitely my fave, but that’s possibly because it is snowing yet again. Grrrrr. Wish I were in London!

  • Maria

    Those Burberry shoes! I love them.


  • Alba B.

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the Thin(man)nest of them all?!!!
    Leandra, are you the model or the STYLE made person?
    Me and my bestfriend pray to god if it is possible to live for 1h on your boots….you know the same pray you ask god to be Beyonces’ family member.
    Great outfits even with all that snow…

  • Nics

    I love your blog and your outfits specially outfit four you look amazing

  • Belu

    I LOVE this posts! It’s true that we have i lil peek to what you wore, but I really like to see them all toegether in one place with all your witty comments. Don’t stop ’em coming.

  • Kori G

    The thigh high boots and “gorilla arm” Sally LaPointe sweater are to die for! Never stop posting your own looks–– a true street style icon.

  • Saakshi Kaushik

    LFW saw a MRwannabenevergonnabe wanting to be and never going to be something like YOU IN OUTFIT #2. BUT BUT BUTTA BUTT, I like to think Haute in Habit double took me because she tawtt tee taw Leandra. Love these photos. Instagram did justice in n number of ways, but you just hit the jackpot with n+1, lady.

  • sarahh

    yippee aye eh! when i make ‘not-so- sage- decisions’, its usually that i end up looking my age, my size, and boring and frumpy. not just cold. so outfit number two gets my vote for chic-ness. adorn. 😉

  • spain man

    Sin duda , eres diferente. Esto es obvio. Y la gente diferente, tal vez tarda en cuajar, pero cuando lo hace llega lejos. YO, desde España, te deseo lo mejor en el mundo de la moda. YO, aunque no trabajo en moda, la adoro, me apasiona y es mi real hobbie. Te vi en París entre finales d sept y octubre, no recuerdo el día y la verdad es que me parecista diferente. La proxima vez te diré: “hi.. I am from spain and i have talk with you in your blog jejejejej”

  • The Provoker

    I’m so obsessed with your aesthetic, the only girl I as a boy want to really emulate, or in your words, approximate!

  • Marcelo Jacob Santos

    I feel like I already expect you to wear baggy jeans, and I it love when you do, but when you don’t, wow.

  • Thanks

    I’m a natural critic/cynic but I have to give it up here and say that you look incredible. Gorgeous! I will note, however, that these looks aren’t really man-repelling in the original sense of the phrase. These looks are more classic with a Parisian and/or downtown influence vs. eclectically man-repelling in the way that you came on the scene years ago. We all grow and evolve I guess. At any rate, you look great!

  • Marley

    I am obsessed with the dress under the shirt whole situation. So different, but i think i need to try it.

  • You look so chic in them all! Especially love the one of you in the oversized blazer and liquid thigh-highs. Perfection!


    i love you Leandra. You’re are doing a good job.