Sochi, Eat Your Heart Out

New York Fashion Week, Day Numero DOS.


We’re not so different, Olympians and Fashion Weekers. Sure, they’re in Russia and we’re currently in New York. They’ve been in physically demanding training from dawn ’til dusk whereas we have…not. But still, if you think about it, we’re all just individuals coming together at the same time, same place for the same goal. They want to win, we want to see clothes. And all of us will ski down icy, snow covered slopes to do just that.


The models at Zimmermann wore dark lips, dark brows, and dark ribbons tied around their necks. For the most part their feet were clad in black socks and heavy-soled lace up shoes, meaning that the clothing in between head and feet looked consistently 90s despite new shapes and only a smattering of plaid. Two coats stole the show: a calf-length houndstooth menswear cut, and an unexpected camel coat with a blood orange print. The final looks leaned slightly goth, while the closing number took a sharp left turn into Downton Abbey territory. A stretch? Maybe. But all athletes need to stretch and this, as I said earlier, might as well be Sochi.

Sally LaPointe

Man do I love me a lady in a turtleneck, even more so when the neck in question transitions from day to night to fur sleeves. The Sally LaPointe woman this season is chic as shit with with serious swagger, and if I don’t find a way to immediately approximate the look with the slightly cropped black tank and long, floral skirt (with POCKETS) then I’ll just spend the next few months crying into a mirror while trying to copy the models’ perfectly messy low-ponies. Sally nailed it.

Cushnie et Ochs

Karolina Kurkova opened the show, guns blazing in a strapless, lace-trimmed black dress with a ten gallon hat atop her head — Cushnie et Och’s subdued answer to the rhinestone cowgirl. But before she started her focused walk that would lead an army of sexy (but never overtly so) women, the room was filled with a knee-deep fog, either foreshadowing that this might possibly be a body-conned homage to the Wild West (if the fog was meant to simulate dust?) or, perhaps, it was simply continuing the whole¬†night club trend. It didn’t end up looking like either so WHO KNOWS.

As for highlights, there were two: a heavy black coat with thick fur cuffs and a dramatic peaked collar, and on the lighter side, a white dress with precariously placed squared-cups. It’s not for the faint of heart, but I tip my own ten gallon hat to the woman who pulls it off.


Misha Nonoo’s fall collection is a bit more grown up this season. Where her spring/summer collection had zero black, this one introduced the dark shade only three looks in. A similar lavender (though perhaps it’s a tad more blue) from Misha’s spring show re-appeared, however, by way of a collarless coat with white fur trim.The vibe was well-tailored sportswear meets the workforce, and even Leandra said that the clothes made her wish she had a proper office job, to which I suppose she means one that has mandatory rules about wearing pants and covering belly buttons and what not. Still, while the Misha girl may have gotten herself a desk job, there’s a slight hint that she’s setting her alarm clock to catch 5 AM waves.

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