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Messy In a Good Way

The hairy looks of Fashion Week


In collaboration with Bumble and bumble.

This might be a personal impediment so I won’t make a blanket statement, but is it just me or is the importance of a “hair do” sometimes overlooked when considering style or more acutely, actually getting dressed?

I discovered The Magic Hair Mix about two months ago after I started using a shampoo that is actually a cleansing cream and therefore does not generate soap suds. It left my hair softer than a baby’s cheeks and sleeker than its usual poodle-like frizz. I would hair iron it once it dried because intrinsically, I still live in the year 2002 and after that was done, I looked like I’d just left a salon that specializes in Japanese hair straightening.

So, without using products, I’d fold my hair into the most ambitious buns it could withstand hoping it might crease until I realized — earth to Leandra — that using a combination of Bumble and bumble’s surf spray (volume, waves, the whole enchilada) coupled with their new Cityswept Finish (stringy, flatter, the French way) after the ritual cleaning cream + hair ironing would find me at the intersection of jovial flocculence and cool much sooner than a temporary up-do would.

So then I got to thinking, what other product cocktails could I bind to make my hair do stuff? And with the help of one Bumble and bumble’s mixologist, we created three that, in my opinion, offer a real run for the alcohol content of any mixed drink. And what’s more? No hangover, boom!

I test-drove the hair + lewks during New York Fashion Week and surmised the following. In the first selection of images you will find my combover dilly-dallying against a deer print (but not skin!) Bambi, ankle length coat which is cloaking a black prairie-style dress and Prada sandals. Figure this the equivalent of something you might wear to an after-party in the event Amy Poehler’s Vortex isn’t obstructing your ability to not just dress, but walk.


The products used to strike this balance are first, Bumble and bumble’s thickening full form mousse for texture and shape then surf spray for waves and finally, the Cityswept Finish to cheat the appearance of lived-in curls.

For our next trick, we imagined a “day on the run” that would include the typical “editor garb” — with a houndstooth Stella McCartney jacket and meme-brand denim and plaid shirt underneath, plus a pair of vintage Levi’s jeans, black cap toe booties and a Paula Cademartori clutch that vaguely looks edible — and, of course, calls for an mid-do. Yeah, girl! You work that mid-do!


To get this look right, first, my hair was teased at the crown of my head, leaving the sides flat but creating volume where it counts. Then we used mousse to create a rough, air-dried effect and added dryspun finish for texture. We pulled random strings of hair out of the pony tail to make it seem less contrived and then pinned that pony up into a bun Cityswept Finish is the last step and it makes your dejected strings of hair even piece-y-er. You are now practically French. Or a J. Crew model.

And finally, there’s the sleek, I-can’t-be-bothered-got-to-get-to-meetings lewk. I’m wearing a pinstriped jacket (Zara, folks) because why not with a silk wrap blouse by Max Mara and a Monica Sordo choker that temporarily impairs neck movement. The pants are high waist and by Mina+Olya and because I was French the last time around, I’ll evince the spirit on an English girl this time with my white sneakers and bowler hat by Borsalino.


I haven’t seen my hair this straight since I was in 7th grade but now I have to ask myself why. To get it broomstick straight, we first used Bb spray de mode which protects hair and then Cityswept Finish for separation. Finally, we imparted some semisumo to the tips and scalp to get rid of flyaways and have it appear slightly greasier.

Now, I don’t know how you do with deductive reasoning but the common denominator present in all three cocktails is the Cityswept Finish. Figure it the agave to any number of your tequila drinks. And in the name of focusing on hair since it’s impossible to dress in this weather, you should know that later this week RIGHT NOW Man Repeller readers will receive free shipping on any Bumble and bumble product along with a hair kit through February 28 with promo code: BbxMR.

Part 1 of 1 in collaboration with Bumble and bumble.

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  • Perry

    Hasidic Judaism “lewk” for the win! Also, Hannah Horvath has taught me the art of advertorials, which, is what I think this is.

  • Na z

    Love the different hairstyles and your outfits

  • Jessica Rose

    You do look messy in a good way…..having said that….when you have legs as long as yours…who’s looking at your hair!?! ;))

  • f-bombs & cupcakes

    love this shit, your hair looks perfectly imperfect!


  • Sophie

    Mmm I’ve been deliberating over these products – they look so good in the shop but then I worry they’re just the same as any other product. You’ve swayed me. I’m trying them, and on your head be it (literally) if they fail me. Okay that sounded threatening. Non intended.

    Sophie x

    • Amanda Rose Gilbert

      I’m a hairdresser and there’s no volumizing mouse like Bumble and Bumble’s! And city swept finish is really cool. It’s pliable, controllable which is most important bc if I don’t want too much “dirt” in my hair for that ‘do I won’t spray as much.

  • you’re making me want to dye my hair darker and cut itttttttttttttt. damn.

  • Quinn Halman

    ugh yes! I just cut off like 5 inches of hair this is so helpful you’re a light in my dark storm of curls

    • Amelia Diamond

      pics or it didn’t happen

      • Quinn Halman

        you’re so aggressive
        please note that I also HATE the act of selfie

  • That deer print coat is amaaaaaaazing!

    • ok..I am agree this lines.

  • Leandra you are the hottest. All of these lewks are so on point, and I think it you’re trying to look English instead of French, you actually look very French in the last look. Perhaps the Going-for-something-else quotient helped in that it extracted the effort from an effortless look. Well done — and your hair was on point this #nyfw, too.

  • Natali

    That 2nd outfit is everything!! So inspiring!

  • So many beautiful things in this post esp. the Paula Cademartori clutch. And your hair pulled back is my fave.

  • I’m very guilty of hair faux paux! Never styling or trying. In fact, I just bought a brush two weeks ago and I’m trying to build a habit. So thank you this hair post! It is part of the entire fashion equation.
    Happy Vday!



  • Pamela

    First look is fab and I do love the coat print. But what is this cleaning cream that leaves your hair softer than a baby’s cheek?

  • rhiannon

    love all the hair styles! the surf spray is my fav product.

  • zhanna

    You have a lot of hair, and not just hair, gorgeous hair! In addition to that you have these divine naturally beautiful eye-brows and all those in black color underscored with a bright red lipstick, it is getting to that point of SKY channel NO COMMENT (but in good sense) ! Zhanna

  • Aubrey Green

    You and red lips are amazing.

  • T.

    I like the new messy, wavy look much better!

  • now I want to chop my hair shorter again. love the first look. I’m all about the messy chic. but that second…kinda liking the mid-part. also the deer coat! so good.

  • Dee

    Leandra, your hair in the first set of pictures looks amazing! I’m not a big hair product person, like Amelia, I too have junk food hair; but that full form mousse seems very tempting for someone like me who doesn’t have thick hair.

  • shosh

    Where is the plaid shirt from

    • leChat

      I *think* it might be Stella McCartney (and the blouse she wore in yesterday’s bed video with Abie). But, I ultimately defer to Leandra to confirm/deny my guess . …

  • Brand/name of cleansing cream, please! xx

  • Erika

    Hi Leandra!

    I think you are A-MAZING, your style and writing make me drool! 🙂 Thanks for the hair tips it’s definitely the last thing I think of when putting an outfit together but than makes it all right or allllll wrong when it wants to. I am IN LOVE with your oxford booties seen in look two. I’ve been on the hunt for some oxfords for years now… seriously… but can’t find some I like. Where did you get them?

  • Looks so effortless! Messy, that’s how I like my hair too

  • Tyson Chak

    Nice, really messy but well organized. Guys, you are welcome to see for party wears and style ideas.

  • Namrata

    Hair is very important to classify any look and to complete it I suppose. But straight hair is always win win.


  • April


  • Call To Style

    That thickening mousse is awesome for fine hair too

  • Fiona Flanagan

    you say “bambi” coat, i say “hamburger bun”….and i’m not saying’ that’s a bad thing

  • Bumble and bumble is the best! Ever since it was used on me at a photo shoot more years ago than I’d like to admit, I’ve been obsessed. Damn it if they aren’t the priciest products out there, but so worth it. Really interested in the new Cityswept Finish…

  • I love messy in a good way! I always look at your hair/make up – it’s always so perfectly understated. Nothing worse that over done hair!

    The Macadame. xx

  • Cassie

    Where are those cap toe booties from?!!

    • Chris Ten

      I second this inquiry

      • Leandra Medine

        They are Chanel. I am putting money in the douche bag jar as we speak.

  • Amanda Rose Gilbert

    The second I got the B&B email MANREPELLER on it I immediately went out and bought cityswept! I love it and my hair is naturally softer than a baby’s bum and slicker than the bottom of a garage. Ew. But this works great, even on my dark baby hair that naturally gets oily 24 hours immediately after washing.

  • Alejandra

    Im emailing this article to my dad who says im the only person in the world that wears product to make their hair look messy…

  • nanny

    It’s hard to find the *right* vintage Levi’s. Those are the right ones.

  • AGL

    Leandra- what’s the brand name of the cleansing cream you reference in the “magic hair mix”?!

    • ALEX

      Yes, tell us what it is!?!

  • Danielle E

    got mine at Cutler Salon —
    looks exp compared to alternatives but the bottle has lasted me a while since you dont need much 🙂 no more frizz for me

  • ~RHONDA~

    I have wavy long auburn hair that B&B Surf Spray has made look amazingly sexy everyday! There is NOTHING else like it on the market, & I have quite the grave yard of “damn it don’t work” products. Can’t wait to try Cityswept Finish!

  • This is best look and smooth nice hair style.

  • watchesandmore

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