Magic Monday and Street Style to Boot

A celebration of clothes that speak for themselves.


Looking for more Monday distraction?   

Let’s hear it for the risk takers. Let’s hear it for the risk takers plus the rule breakers, the trend makers and the style shakers. Let’s applaud those unafraid of loud colors and saturated filters, of mixed media and clashing plaid.

Let’s high five those who laugh in the face of what’s considered normal, or regular, or typical, or usual, or quotidian. Let’s shake the hands of the girl wearing five types of plaid at once. The man in florals. The androgynous model in head to toe leather. The perfectly matching friends. The person in a monochromatic palette of darkness and her alternate-universe counterpart in all white.

Let’s bow down to the over-accessorized, to the woman who looked in the mirror and not only refused to remove two things but in fact added on two more, plus a red lip, plus a crazy hat. Actually let’s high five anyone who’s adopted crazy as descriptive adjective for beloved wardrobe possessions.

Let’s nod in solidarity towards the minimalistic wunderkids who’ve taken matronly staples and made them cool: the turtlenecks, the calf length skirts, the ankle socks, the sneakers.

Let’s chest bump anyone who found a voice through fashion, fist bump the late bloomers who found their sense of self through style, hip bump the ones who found a channel for creativity, and marvel at those who don’t give a flying fuck about getting photographed.

They just have a thing for weird ass coats.

But let’s also hear it for the photographers, the behind-the-scenes heroes who brave the elements to capture the perfect hint of blue. Why not be the people who wake up, admire our reflection, and decide the day’s going to be awesome by pure virtue of having fun with what we wear?

Let’s do it.

And since it’s a Monday morning that comes attached with a holiday (holla!), let’s do it with a song.

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  • Style Vacancy

    Flipping through the pictures with that song. . . so perfect.

  • Elizabeth Hawn
  • Peak 25

    Lovely photos!

  • Love this write-up 🙂

  • Is this your daily morning prayer? Because that’s what I’ll be doing with this.

  • Follow your dreams
  • Ana González

    This is a fashion celebration! Cheers!


  • wow, these are some beautiful pictures. the colors are not helping my hangover, though.

  • Marimar Nieves

    We’ll said my friend, we’ll said you can’t be afraid when it comes to fashion it’s just in your blood

  • Schoolrunstyle Mum

    In-spi-ra-tion! Love it, I want to be one of those people!

  • Charlsey

    Leandra, you really are becoming one of my favorite people. Thanks for the reminder. Eff the snow, I’m rocking sparkly red Chucks to the office tomorrow! BOOM,

  • Sofia Di Biasio

    jajajaj I think the same too, dress yourself and fuck the rest! Sofia (Argentina)

  • Ai-Ch’ng GB

    An absolutely joyful gaggle of wonderful, crazy dressers whose photographic capture is perfectly matched with the sound. Thank you to everyone involved for making it a terrific Tuesday for us Down Under.

  • Namrata

    Love the embellished blazer. Not easy to carry that off without looking tacky,


  • Kerry Conn

    I like the dress and skeaners combo. I wear that occasionally.
    Sneakers can look good with blazer,too.

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  • Gabe

    Michelle what’s her name…seriously come on now.

  • Such fashion bravery is so inspiring! I hope to harness some of this for my own use in the coming weeks. Thanks for sharing!

  • Between the Blondes

    Obsessed with the tutu/golden goose sneakers look 🙂

  • love the style:) kind of eclectic one

  • Alexa

    Not only perfect style but I love your writing style it’s so original and witty and amazing. I love your blog so much!

  • StyleMe Shea

    This is epic! Better risk takers than I. I esp. love the transparent shirt on a day that was like 2 degrees.

  • Very nice pictures love those

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  • These are my kind of guilty pleasures!! Great feel-good piece!

  • Sheetal Roy

    If you believe that street fashion is not worth than you are wrong,wanna say that there is also a better world of fashion if u.