Street Style Superlatives of London Fashion Week

Class of Fall 2014


London Fashion Week is, as Leandra wrote yesterday, “unapologetically fun with a capital F.” The designers take risks. They make bold choices and shy away from nothing — save for, perhaps, conventionality. After all, this is the city that gave us punk.

But where “Anarchy in the U.K.!” was once the safety-pinned battle cry of those rebelling against the societal norm, “Fashion Week in the U.K.!” has become the present anthem, a banner carried by the new sort of punks: those who were perhaps not invited to the shows but snuck in anyway, who lingered about hoping to catch the attention of someone they admire. Those who follow fashion, care about style, turn away from what’s “wearable” trends and sport what is art.

And the industry veterans take part in the fun too. London Fashion Week is a time for editors to break out their most eccentric street wear — puppet pink coats, ball skirts, cartoony shoes and canine backpacks — because when the restrictively grown-up Milan is next on the agenda, a few days in London feel like one giant, jovial question of sartorial semi-rebellion: Why the eff not?

And so, even if the next time they’re photographed it’s apparent they’ve switched back to navy and cream — we’ve assigned superlatives to the loud and proud street stylers of London Fashion Week.

Wackiest Coats


Kate Foley takes the cake for wearing coats that actually look like cake (although the pink one on the right is a bit more cotton-candy-meets-teddy-bear-fur). But she’s a total pro.

Most Dedicated to Her Outfit


I love a woman who is so committed to her look that nothing — not sleet, not snow, not even a MISSING heel — could interrupt her look. (Just like a mailman!) She’s carrying on regardless, embracing the pimp limp like only the chicest of one-heeled women could. Go diva go.

Strongest Animal Instincts


Listen. I avoid cat paraphernalia at all costs because I already walk a dangerously close line to crazy cat lady, but that’s just me. I commend this kitty toting street warrior for not giving a hoot. The dog, on the other hand, feels like a real rarity in the sartorial kingdom, so as long as it doesn’t poop, glow for it.

Best ComeBACK


What better way to commemorate everyone’s favorite girl group and, need we remind you, one of fashion’s most buzzed-about designers (Victoria!) than by way of painted portraitures on a leather jacket? This song works too, but in the case of street style, leather prevails.

Most Nostalgic Shoes


Hold the phone and tell me if I’m wrong, but upon zooming into this picture I’m fairly certain THESE LIGHT UP. Shit girl.

Most Likely to Dress Like Brendan Fraser in Now and Then


Lambchop-lined denim jacket, vintage band tee, cargo pants…I never thought I’d see the day when I would find the combination of these things cool, and yet here I am, bowing down, wondering how the hell I can copy this while looking like her as opposed to, you know, Brendan Fraser as a vaguely creepy hippie.

Best Way to Get Street Styled While Remaining Anonymous


Having a weird face-day that sunglasses can’t save, yet wearing an outfit so glorious it would be a crime to not capture on digital film? We’ve all been there. Divert photogs’ attention to your back with the help of divine jacket detailing, a bright bag and festive fingers.

Best Use of Friendship


Fashion Week kills feet. Get a friend to give you a ride. (Also useful for puddle jumping and ice lunging!)

Best-Dressed Class Clown


This is exactly what I’m talking about: the definition of go big, wild, colorful and loud or go home.

Most Likely to Succeed


Shopping carts are so clearly the next frontier in hand bags. Leaf Greener, ladies and gentlemen, is the Bill Gates of accessories. She wins. Game over. See you in Milan.

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  • Hahahah this was great, Amelia! Would have to agree with you on your choice of all of the above. Big Kate Foley fan. And this is actually really timely, too, as our school is currently voting for Senior Superlatives.

    In an effort to get her friend to win “Best Dressed” in Round 2 of the ballot, one was telling people: “Emma wears old running shoes with dresses! with pants! with everything!”

    I guess they, uh, don’t read Man Repeller, if that’s something that is meant to entirely debunk my case. But hey, to each his/her own.

    • Quinn Halman

      At my school your group of friends will create superlatives for each other, the generic ones like “best dressed” don’t really work when we’re all in uniform. They actually are funny and thoughtful which is nice. A friend said mine would be “most likely to write a best selling book on how to cheat your school’s uniform”

      • Haha that’s awesome! But I guess for yearbook purposes, it’s kinda hard to do so when there are approx. 700 seniors at our school.

        As for having a school uniform, I don’t think I would last a day, but I suppose after the initial experimentation post graduating, you will be able to uniform dress with the best/French-est of ’em.

        • Quinn Halman

          No it’s such a blessing in disguise to wake up and have your tough decision to be tie or cardigan

          • preach.

          • I sorta see where you are coming from, but I guess dressing is just super therapeutic for me, and sometimes the only enjoyable part of any long, shitty school day. Like, despite the whole tests-in-every-class-on-the-same-day thing, I can seek solace in my crazy pants or vintage cape, y’know?

        • I wore a school uniform from K-12th grade. I went to college and everyone had SO many clothes. I felt so far behind! Probably because I dressed like a thug in high school, and wore the same trashy flared jeans with my bff’s boyfriend’s over sized sweatshirt that said “BROOKLYN” across the chest. I miss my uniform! As for superlatives, I got “class genius” and “class clown” in 8th grade…can you say identity crisis???!?!

          loved this post. i want to dye my hair the color of the rainbow now.

  • Quinn Halman

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Amelia, you are so damn funny. You should do a google hangout with all of us this Sunday for the Oscar red carpet. (it’s this sunday right?)

    • Amelia Diamond

      Just looked it up, March 2. Maybe I’ll live tweet the shit out of it, or set up a hidden camera so we can all laugh at my roommate doing weird couch things.

      • Quinn Halman

        Oops I’m going to be with the children of India during that time

  • Elizabeth Hawn
  • Oliver Lips

    The picture with the woman and the missing heel and the woman with a shopping cart as handbag are my favorites! Too funny.

  • Ching Llera Vilar

    London is BOLD! Love it.

  • mywhiteT

    Love the mixtures of flavors that many of these outfits have. Love the photos!

  • Nimue

    I have to say, that lady with the broken heel is just brilliant! I love her sense of humour and her perseverence!

    La Vie en Mode by N.

  • Kayla Seah

    Such a great way to present London Fashion Week streetstyle shots! I can only read 2-3 recaps before I get bored, but yours definitely stood out.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I like how the woman with the dog handbag is doing the small doggie cuddle hold with it, so the face is positioned like a real dog would be, peeping out over her arm.

  • Lilli

    Holy hell that woman must be a beast if she is soldiering on with a missing heel. The one time I had a missing heel I fell into a camp fire and burnt the clothes off my body!

  • LDN leads the way in fashion, it’s not arrogant, it’s science 😉 Love this article, so good!

  • Modupe Oloruntoba

    great set of photos and accompanying insights. I saw the heel-less shoe while surfing this week and thought my eyes were playing tricks! That woman knows how to WERK it.

  • LilyP

    really hysterical. LOL’d at the “Brendan Fraser” references.

  • milka

    Brandan Fraser style is back! Love it.